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  1. Without online 'boosting', it would take 2 playthroughs to get back to pure white character tendency from pure black because there is only +5 available per playthrough. The fastest route is not to go negative on character at-all until getting to pure white. Don't screw up the monumental conversation, say yes, and to get to pure white, get the ally ring. Then turn kill everything you need to get to pure black and foe ring before NG+. Keeping in-mind doing any successful black phantom invasion is a negative, and if you do any of that you'll have to make it up online or NG+ (and defer the pure black stuff until then if you want less hassle at that point).
  2. Yep, had some someone pointlessly argue with me over this on reddit. How do people try to justify a disposable item was going to be significantly better than a new ring? Just because it's not spilled on a wiki doesn't mean it's not in the game naturally. Look at the person who found out how to open the 1-3 door, that took quite some time and dedication. Knowing what we know now with neutral tendency being swept, and crow trades. I'll bet it's related to pure white or pure black world tendency, and no one wants to sweep all the maps for this because that also takes up resources.
  3. I prefer to kill him immediately in 1-1 when he drops down to help you. You don't lose any character tendency getting this out of the way now, along with not risking him dying and losing the key that playthrough.
  4. If you can pick up the dragon bone sword on a hill in-front of Dragon God, that's how you can tell you have Pure White Character tendency in World 2.
  5. This comes up way too often, if you care about PWWT and don't want to do any extra work: A) Do not play the level at all in body form, unless you are absolutely sure you will one-shot it all. There is also the risk of playing online as body, and getting invaded can turn you -1 if you lose that invasion. If you are having a hard time with HP or adjusting to playing in soul form, equip the cling ring once you get it. Second, kill demon, return and kill yourself in the Nexus immediately.
  6. Can just do massive damage trophy first run and do a second playthrough clean like I did. It's an enjoyable game to come back to.
  7. You cannot say no to the monumental and get the ally ring that playthrough. You must say yes, and you have until killing your last demon to answer it and achieve PWCT otherwise you need to do it in NG+ Basically if you don't want to put in 'extra work' on pure white character tendency do not invade and kill players, and certainly do not become the old monk and kill the player.
  8. I did it in NG+ easily, just make sure to wear thief's ring. Didn't get shot at all when he was down either.
  9. I have the trophy, I don't need a lesson. The PBWT tendency black skeleton is 4-2 is still better for the Pure Bladestone.
  10. 99% is a bit far fetched. Considering Pure Black World Tendency is needed for two of the new rings, and even the trophy at the end of the game is not even the same.
  11. "Value of platinums". That's a joke right They haven't been worth anything since 2008. Randy Pitchford of Gearbox was right on the money when he explained their trophy philosophy in Borderlands 1. There is a sales incentive to not be too difficult with the list.
  12. It's possible if you make them bleed to death while they get hit by a mob, and that counts as a killing blow.
  13. I can certainly confirm you really need to land the "killing blow" and get a negative character tendency change. My first invasion the person ran away from me when they were almost dead and got killed by a mob, that didn't count, nor is that a character tendency change. Second one was the old monk black phantom, where it feels like half the people in this game just die on the way up. Those won't count, still has to be a kill.
  14. Bluepoint specifically said they were getting rid of exploits in a previous interview, and re-doing the entire UI system obviously rectified that one.
  15. I got hit once and it was fine, it should pop right at the machine. I didn't think it could be recoverable but wearing the lightest gear possible surely did.