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  1. Wrong, there is actually an in-game freeborn event in Burnout Paradise that directs everyone to go to the Wildcats stadium as the goal. Can be done completely naturally and I have done it several times.
  2. Incorrect, local player 2 can earn trophies on PS4. It requires signing into a unique account.
  3. You implied it's a Playstation issue and it's not. My trophy card speaks for itself. White Knight Chronicles is online co-op and all 4 players get trophies, progress, money, and drops. Even a more simpler game, Dungeon Hunter Alliance on Vita everyone gets progress and drops.
  4. False. White Knight Chronicles every player got drops and money, all online data was saved locally.
  5. It's a fun game, and glad they added a no death type of trophy. The mansion isn't infinite respawn. If you stay put in the first room once inside on the first floor, almost everyone on the first floor basically tries to come at you one by one. It's almost hilarious, then you can go safely go upstairs without a peep. Upstairs doesn't work the same, the first room sucks so it's best to push forward until you get to the TV room then kill everything that comes towards you.
  6. Not early, game is released in Japan today.
  7. Just buy a nice pair of Sony earbuds. Even on trains and planes you can turn the volume low enough to still hear people.
  8. Hard choice, I'd say BLOPS2 I guess. Used to like COD games, but the cost/value of their DLC over time gets more lame.
  9. BattleFantasia. Good ole Metronome trophy, I really outta try it.
  10. Yeah, that old cheat which may or not be intentional will bite a lot of people, and correct that it is not a hack. I have the SOCOM mistake myself. Its been on my fastest platinum slot and we didn't even need red tape to point that out. I'd always answer and take responsibility for it, and yes I wish that stain was never there and stats erased. Regardless of a flag, I don't need to question a pal like MainComp above, people's character and trophy histories will speak for themselves. I thought Sly was going with a partial-flag since that was the direction headed in the last thread, but I'm not complaining. In-fact I'm glad something was done to weed cheater spam out of the recent lists as it bothered everyone, including myself. Even my WKC platinum earned in 2010 is more rare, so of course i'm on-board and know what it feels like. Thanks again Sly.
  11. Its a good idea Sly, if anything it would make completion percentage a little more accurate. Most DLC is in the form of bronzes/silvers because of the points that developers are allocated for each installment. That proposed change won't penalize those who might be a few bronzes away from 100% that much as compared to now. The way most of us see completion is that that platinum trophies have no meaning in the equation. It is 100% or bust, and if that means having to sink into DLC, so be it.
  12. According to the JP Vita site, it fixes a screen freezing issue when using the camera in Dream Club Zero Portable.
  13. When you start a career race, choose select car. You'll have access to all the cars and upgrades you have unlocked at that point.
  14. Yeah, the EU profile scraping has not been working lately, other things don't get updated either.
  15. Nice list. GR11 in WKC1. Not much equipment you can make at that GR, and most of the drops you end up needing are rare. But GR12 is definitely something to look forward to! Axe was my favorite class towards end-game. Good luck on your journey to the Platinum Crown!