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  1. You'll always get Momentum Stealer if you do everything correctly as the Los Angeles Rams, home at SoFi Stadium. As it has a defensive stop momentum bonus and that'll always be enough to get over the edge. Plus they have Jalen Ramsey, lightning 92 speed to get that INT return (FSU baby!).
  2. There are handful of games that require DLC to even platinum, and the practice still continues to this day in some niche games. You can look up the threads here on PSNp for those games and discussion months ago. This is because of live-supported game era where patches and DLC can also affect the base game, and may have made previous trophy requirements obsolete.
  3. Never underestimate people's OCDs that don't make sense. There are people who don't support DLC, but will buy and plat 100+ games in a year even if they are 10 minutes and cost $30.
  4. There were no collectables in 2.x, so if you didn't craft/gather since then you likely have not touched a collectable and that is why it's a 0/8000. Collectables have the box next to the name, and always are gathered with the collectable UI
  5. Buying a game is a paywall.
  6. You should just stop digging your heels into this. Games ship with Day-0 patches all the time because DLC are part of the project plan well before the game goes "gold". Then you have the problem of your PSN cloud saves only being compatible with v1.05 of the game, not v1.00.
  7. Leveling does take some gil if you want to go fast, but on the other hand you can generate gil now as well. If you don't have the capacity to craft your own gear, I'd compile white scrips so you can buy the current blue i500 tools/gear and then you can craft most current stuff available without having to overmeld and spending into that. Yellow scripts allows you buy master recipe books, and you'll want those to make gil, glam, or whatever you want. Custom deliveries for NPCs are practically free to get both scripts but you get only 12x/week and anything outside of that is normal collectables. I use a botanist retainer to get me parts for crafting collectibles, allowing any self-gathering to only be collectables. This is how you can double the focus unless you want to spend gil or extra time to gather. Normally I'd use her to get parts for making raid food. Of course there is the custom deliveries route to craft collectables mentioned earlier. Where you could make say Zhloe's deliveries in Idyllshire for two clicks and throw away what you don't turn in. But there is no benefit to this aside from gil drain. Personally I'd go with the vendor script turn-ins in the lower levels that don't require more than 3-4 cheap parts. It's definitely it's easier to craft for turn-ins than to throw away because you can mass turn-in everything in seconds, and keep chugging. Not to mention a route to making gil.
  8. Yep, Wally World sucks for video games in-general, typically no better than Gamestop. You never see a B2G1 deal ever, let alone B1G1 50% off games. The only time you see something decent is when it's marked for clearance and that's strech. Target on the other hand, top-tier. Those deals come around every now and then on Target Circle.
  9. Difficulty is always a relative question. Like for me you could sleepwalk through FFXIII even though it's long, cause I remember falling asleep to grinding traps. The challenges you have to play a little more optimal for a few fights for trophies so it's just a smaller part of the game. The guide here has it as 5/10, quite fair. Most people rate it in the middle. Naturally with FF7R you cannot sleepwalk through a hard playthrough, with no items, and If you don't swap out materia often, you're just going to have a harder time. The game can go up in difficulty like you mention cause of this. You can run through a chapter with elemental+fire against mobs, and then the boss is lightning and if you didn't swap or come in with the right strat, the fight will feel like it's 7/10. This kind of management is not 4/10 difficulty. Bahamut simulation is an example of materia management will completely change how you do that gauntlet. If you don't bring reprieve, you have to manawall to live through megaflare. Some preferred to focus and squash Ifrit when he first lands. Whereas I prefer the fire+elemental armor setup and have Ifrit as a healer you while everyone is on Bahamut so you can put all your resources into damage, and then kill Ifrit last.
  10. Net platinum % on PSN on recent FF games. Let's be real. PSN is a more realistic picture, not PSNp, which tends to skew towards trophy fans. FF7R 2.9% FFVII 7.1% (3/10) FFXV 8.7% (3/10) FFVIII 9.2% (3/10) FFXIII 2.2% (5/10) FFXII 2.7% (5/10) Now you see how 4/10 looks silly? 5 or slightly above is about right. Two playthroughs, challenges, instead of just the token difficulty trophy things in previous FF games. That is enough intangibles to move the needle.
  11. I think they confused me saying they are initially playing the game in hard mode, and I didn't think you can. Only classic, easy, or normal until you unlock it. Although normal isn't a push over like easy is. So maybe they actually meant that if they aren't using combat cooldowns and materias well. I didn't even max every materia in hard, but every battle certainly moves the needle and made you stronger, along with combining AP-ups on things like elemental materia asap so you have some bosses practically healing you. I'd say the Whispers and phase pushing is the most annoying in the game, for a series of fights like that.
  12. The battle system is awesome, there is nothing clunky about it. Getting interrupted less is totally within the player's control on mastering the game's aggro lock on the controlled character. it's not worth playing initially on hard, the game finally forces you to do things right in each big fight from Chapter 9 onwards, and have the appropriate materia equipped. Which of course makes it easier in NG+ aside from previous knowledge of every fight. Fights like the Coliseum House, the first real challenge in hard, are best controlled by Aerith. Not to mention utilizing big cool downs when they are up, especially Tifa's.
  13. You realize they just recently changed the gathering collectable interface to what it is now just a few patches ago. It was meant to make it easier to do a rotation for quality, and it is. Do custom deliveries, it's 12/per-week for collectable turn-ins to NPC you can easily always gather more in the vicinity for minimum quantity if you'd like. Second if you don't gather regularly this is your best option because you can get white scrips for little effort, and you can spend that for any materia you need or for i500 gathering gear. Can outfit yourself, and your retainers for practically no gil. As for crafting, I always got my bulk collectables during ishgard restoration, and made a ton of gil since everyone wanted the lottery stuff like the casual set when that came out. If you are still on the road to level 80, then it's worth doing, not to mention for skybuilders currency.
  14. I think the list is almost perfect. Now it's listed as Final Fantasy XIV, allowing them to reflect current times, and allowing them to continue to add more trophies going forward as they formally mentioned in the PS Blog. The Shadowbringers list is one bronze trophy short of max points, probably to prevent spoilers, and they can simply add the last story trophy around patch 5.57. It would have been cool if they added the Bozja raids, they probably knew as much as we do that battlefield content is rather time-limited. As getting BA done nowadays you'd have to hit up one of the discords. It'll be fun to see where they take the list going forward, could they add the Endwalker 6.1 Ultimate, or will it be just be level 90, story, alliance raid, and savage progression. Lots of opportunities now. Can just complete any quest and everything you done previously will unlock to that point.
  15. As long as you gather collectables they count, custom deliveries are available anytime, not timed.