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  1. Snake Eaten I get this Platinum after a long time due to I haven't had enough time to play
  2. I hate too the online modes in games, the only game I have really enjoy playing online was Freedom Wars, there (at least while I was playing it) the players were helpful and collaborative, on the others, the players sometimes not support you, or are a burden when they only join the lobby to earn points or finish the game without helping, or spoiling the game playing like it was single player, I the versus games, some are cheaters, you have no-one closer and in an instant, a foe appears from the nothing, or the male you extremely much damage but your attacks makes them nothing or teletransport you to another place or the game gets lagged at that moment, that happened a lot on BioShock 2 when I was playing it, I wanted to get the 100% of the trophies, but because of that, I only tried the Platinum. I wanted to play Heavenly Sword, but I haven't found it, that looks interesting, maybe if I found it, I will try it Maybe is good then don't to try Blades Of Time, maybe is the Online mode is empty.
  3. The graphics were good, it was on 1080p and It looked amazing on my TV, maybe you played it on a different resolution, the music was good, maybe it was easy, repetitive and was easy to get lost because some rooms are interconnected on the same place and the game has no indications in that parts (I returned to some previous rooms on my first playthrough on the part were the ghost appears without knowing that until I release the situation), Blades of Time was better, but with Online mode (I hate that modes), Ayumi had now some more clothes (if you hated the other style, to me, the first suit looked good in her), the game have more characters, with voices and better bosses, it's ok if you didn't liked it, each one thinks different, like I hate God Of War franquise because of the damn camera, awful gameplay and many bugs it have on the enemies and Kratos (he always teletransport from a initial place to another), many others may praise it, but to me is overrated, I don't know if you like it or hate it too, it only a example about a personal opinion
  4. From the current Sale: God Eater: Resurrection
  5. This collection is very troublesome, it also uses to not unlock throphies since it's loaded for the first time since the system is power on
  6. If I'm wanting the cores before I complete the main story, should I try them as on the trophy list appears?, I get the Daiitoku's core before I could get the one from Gouzanze (I always defeat her before I could cut the 2 rear legs and the mouth), as how appear,on the trophy list, If it's on that order, to wait until Gouzanze becomes the last one
  7. Gregorian - Engel
  8. God Damn - Avenged Sevenfold
  9. It only popped in my Vita when I saved her with a time of more than 20 seconds (21 to be exact), when I saved her with less time, it didn't pop
  10. Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1 (The game was easy, but the 100M Credits trophy was annoying, I could have unlocked the platinum years ago, but that Credits trophy was too long, fortunately I could find the Gain Credits Up Plan, War Chip and unlock the Millenium Laberynth's Clione the last week, in that way, I could get the enough credits and raise all the characters level to 399 in a week, now I will try the Lily Ranks from Hyperdevotion to get my next Platinum)
  11. Thanks, and yes, it's strange, I haven't found someone with that problem Good, it's weird my bug, I'm the only one that had the bug so far, but at least it didn't made me lose those trophies (But my plan was to get them before defeating Delphinus =/)
  12. Superdimension Neptune VS Sega Hard Girls (This game was not as good as I wanted, and my copy have many bugs at the collectibles, Symbol Attack chance, sometimes it got frozen, and the only good bug, the Lily Rank boosted earlier that the right moment)
  13. Yes, I had all before I posted the topic, all were crowned I had unlocked all the dungeons at that moment, also the multiple balls and medals for the dungeons with more than one zone and the ones that must be collected all again after the expansions, also I wasted more than 4 hours checkingmany possible collectible missed (I didn't found any one, I saw the ball tip guide at part of that time) I have finally gotten both trophies, looks like the game has bugs (at least my copy had :(), at the third playthrough on the Dreamcast era first expansion plan I needed to get for second time all the collectibles as same as the ball of the Macarasco Troll Depth from the Sega Saturn Era, again, i get all the collectibles possible from the first playthrough and the ones were you can find Delphinus, I wish the bug allowed me at least to do that on the first NG+, also other bugs in my copy are that sometimes the game didn't get me Symbol attack when that must happened (on that moment the game was kind of frozen for few seconds and get me Surprise attack, when I actived Absolutely Symbol Kills, it sometimes didn't work, the only "positive" of that bug was that some Lily Rank levels were boosted earlier than when should be (17 foes=1 Lily Level was commontly at Toypolis Floor 3, when the bug happened, the Lily Rank was boosted earlier)
  14. ガヴリールドロップアウト (Raphiel is so beautiful, also Satania is amazing) 小林さんちのメイドラゴン
  15. Hello, I was playing some moments ago the game, up to get those trophies I mentioned earlier, the only zone I haven't completed the medals and the ball was Macarasco Troll Depth (Mega Drive Era), I completed that last one and the trophies didn't pop, I checked all many times and I have all of them, also from the dungeons that you should collect all of them again after completing the expansion plans, does someone has/had the same problem?, does someone knows how to solve it?, also I nave a problem with Delphinus, it doesn't take any damage when I face it, do I need to do something in special?, thanks