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  1. Of course you don't need need to play offline. What I meant is that you need to play offline in the sense that it's a much safer method that doesn't rely on Blizzards sucky servers. And, if by any chance you die by accident, you can restore your character from a cloud backup.
  2. Thanks for the heads up. I went ahead and mopped up all the requirements I needed to complete for NĂºmero Uno and the rest of MP Trophies... with the exception of Decorated. I'm a few Platinum Medals short. I'll get the one for lap dances, which is easy though repetitive and frankly creepy, and I created a custom team deathmatch map that spawns every type of weapon to farm kills with them. I really don't like these time-consuming Trophies in online games...
  3. If only the console versions had chat and you could enable /playersX... That'd make a world of a difference. Hopefully Blizzard implements that option somehow, because it's a glaring disadvantage of the console version.
  4. Yep. What really sucks is that PS4 and PS5 can't use the same local characters. If that were the case, you could create a local character, back it up to the cloud when you were one Baal run away from level 99, level up on one console, download the character on the other, level up again. But unfortunately you can't. That means that, at minimum, you need to do 2 full level 99 runs with two different characters if you're planning on getting the Plat on both consoles... and you do them with a Hardcore character, since you also need level 99 in Hardcore (assuming it unlocks both hardcore and softcore trophies!). Otherwise it's 4 full level 99 runs. Hardcore is another massive issue. You need to play offline, since you can back up your characters. Otherwise you risk losing a ton of progress by dying or rollback due to server instability. The problem on console is that chat in unvailable, meaning that you can't use the /players 8 parameter to simulate an 8-player session. That means, in turn, that you'll be earning EXP at the standard rate, not x8 as you normally would. You either do that, or play with an online character, risking death and rollback, and having to find 7 other players who are willing to farm with you. Not worth it, IMO. I'll try to go for the Plat in these games, but I think I'll just play them at my own pace, abusing the cloud as much as I can. And then... grind Baal runs and Cow Level runs as much as I can. At least killing the Cow King doesn't block you out from the level on that difficulty anymore.
  5. Ugh, it's a bit disheartening to see that the milestone progression related to Trophies doesn't seem to carry between platforms. Other games do it (FFXIV, Destiny 2, etc.), so I don't feel there's a technical limitation. And I guess it's the same for PS4/PS5... I can stick with one platform and put the blunt of the work there, but it sucks for the Hardcore trophy. I was hoping I could play on PC and then load my character on PS4 and PS5 and get the respective Trophies on each platform.
  6. Hi! I know the game is cross-save if you are playing an online character. I honestly prefer to use keyboard and mouse to gamepad for this game (I grew up playing D2:LoD on PC). I tried socketing an item on PC and loading the game on PS4 to see if that would pop the Trophy, but no luck there. I assume that every Trophy that requires you to perform a certain action won't auto-pop, but what about progression-based milestones, like beating Act I? Has anyone tried that?
  7. I literally just got my Platinum #133... DOOM II (PS4) And just before that one, DOOM (PS4).
  8. If it makes you feel good, go ahead, but there is absolutely no need to be snide with your reply. If you actually are interested in having a conversation, and not just look "cool" with a sarcastic comment, my main problem is that up until June, the official Twitter account was claiming that the servers would be reinstated sooner or later, that Trophy hunters would be able to get all the Trophies, etc. Then they stop giving updates for three months and out of the blue the situation is so dire that everything needs to be burned down. They could have said something like "Hey, we are trying our best, but the issues are harder to solve than we initially thought. We'll try to get this back up and running, but we can't promise anything." That would have been enough to let people know that things weren't as temporary and light as they had said before. Couple that with the absolute shitshow that was Sony's messaging about the PS3 and PSV stores... I hope you can see why I'm disappointed in the way these companies have been communicating. Not that you actually give a damn, I guess. You got your cool post, though. I consider myself owned. Really makes you want to interact with others in these forums.
  9. I bought LBP 1 and 2 when Sony announced they would shut down the PS3 and PSV stores. I had never have a PS3 before that and the fear of missing out on everything I hadn't tried during the past 10 years pushed me to finally get the system. Then they reverse the decision and almost immediately, the servers for LBP go down. Leaving the MP Trophies aside, what really bothers me is the terrible communication, or even lackthereof.
  10. Eh, they were talking about about the servers for all the games. It would be a really shitty move to now say "no, but we actually just meant LBP3 on PS4!". My only hope is that this being a first-party game, Sony can let MediaMolecule quickly patch the Trophies to make them obtainable in singleplayer. MM seems to be a player-facing company, so I wouldn't rule out a gesture of good will... fingers crossed.
  11. Well, Russian Subway Dogs (PSV) received an update last week or so, if I'm not mistaken, and Pushy and Pully in Blockland is scheduled to receive an update to remove an unobtainable Trophy (the Vita version doesn't have co-op, meaning the Plat is no possible yet). Ultra Mission, another PSV game, was patched shortly after it was released as one of the last batch of games for the system. These are special cases, but I'm sure Sony could do something for a first party game. Besides, Media Molecule promised they would do something to enable people to get online Trophies...
  12. Dang! That's too bad to hear. Hopefully they can release a patch like Gumbo Machine did with Ultra Mission.
  13. Hi! Maybe it's a dumb question, but I can't find the option to star the multiplayer mode on the Vita version. I assume it's ad-hoc and/or online, but I can't see how you do it. Any help?
  14. The devs themselves are saying the Trophy is impossible, hence the Platinum also being impossible. But, yeah, sure: my problem is that I'm jealous. You're so transparent. Who are you trying to fool?
  15. There's no way the user with the Plat didn't cheat to get it. The dev is saying it's literally impossible to get the Plat down to the code of the game.