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  1. Thought PS4 PRO only did 1080 and 4k, not 1440??
  2. Had 4 to 6 ps3's going 12 hours a day for 3 months with no problems.
  3. All Bond games are down now!! 😢😢😢😢😢
  4. Just tried and can't get onto servers!!
  5. I just restarted the story, played through all 100 levels again and trophy popped thankfully!!
  6. PS4. Seems like the game just stopped following my progress.
  7. Ok so I finished all 100 levels and trophy never popped? I did get the 75% trophy when I completed level 75 but not the 100% even though I have 100% completion in-game. Also I completed a level with a custom character and that trophy never popped either. I searched around and can't find anyone else with this problem.
  8. Hotline Miami.....
  9. You need 7 players to start a game for certain trophies like Bomb Defuse.
  10. I hope this is temporary aswell! Whats frustrates me like hell is that i just got a 4th copy of the game and was going to self boost the online trophies and when i tried to get on last night i got stuck in "searching for game" on all 4 accounts at the same time. I could get ingame in a private match but couldn't invite my other accounts either. Seriously how hard is it to give some notice of server closures????
  11. Just noticed that aswell, multiplayer works just fine but all progress doesn't save. Hopefully its temporary......
  12. This sucks. Whenever a game closes online servers or makes online trophies unobtainable, they should make them autopop! They still charge a premium for BO2 but dont give you the full experience of playing every aspect of the game. This is why BO2 will be the last Call Of Duty game i ever buy again!
  13. Me too..... Bought it for $2 from EB, need another 2 copies to self boost.
  14. Cry Spy - Crysis 2
  15. Cars Race-O-Rama .......Woot!!!