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    Japanese language, history and culture.

    I have been studying Japanese both in class and at home for 4 years solidly now and I am totally in love with the language, just as I am the culture, the history, the food, the sense of humour, the people, the quirkiness and of course the entertainment.

    Update from September 2017: I have now started my 6th course: Intermediate Japanese.

    As of this time my Japanese is at the equivalent level of GCSE A* for those who understand how the English system works and we are now currently studying A level material.

    As a result of my studying my trophy count will not go up all that quickly but I do try to game when I can, studying is my main concern and takes up a lot of my time, I wouldn't have it any other way.

    My most favourite video game of all time is Shenmue. I have backed the kick starter project and I cannot wait until the game gets released, also my big box of goodies for supporting the project.

    I also update my You tube channel with games that I play from time to time.


    Feel free to add me on PSN if you want to.

    PSN: JapanimeGamer


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  1. In a word no. In several words no no no. But... I WILL be doing this for the Xbox one series X.
  2. Here is the latest word on all of this... https://jp.ign.com/ps4/35928/opinion/ ^^Original posting on IGN's Japanese website I will translate some for you... ''The postponement of Shenmue III, which was scheduled for release on August 27, to November 19 was announced on June 3. About two and a half months later, because it was in the distance likely to reach, many fans had already started counting. "Shenmue III" will be on November 19 (probably). It will be 167 days from June 4th. If there is a sudden postponement the 'Time to wait' will increase. Looking at this the postponement will likely change again yet. My gut feeling is for a December 3rd release.
  3. There should be some new videos coming from E3 this week, maybe even a mention of a possible Shenmue 4. Better to wait for something thats worth wating for than to be dissapointed in being impatient.
  4. Well as the thread was asking for PS3 games and those are PS4 games...
  5. Stunned that no-one has mentioned Yakuza 3, 4, or 5.
  6. I made several posts about this as far back as a year+ ago on this site where I outlined why Sony could not allow PSN names to be 'freed up' and exactly how PSN name changes would happen, everything I said then, is true now. Let's just say, I knew. Basically what I said then is that the only way (and I must stress the ONLY way) that PSN name changes are possible in the first place is that the original name chosen must stay attached to that account forever. All Sony has done is to allow a 'layer' to be placed over the top of that original name by masking it so it would appear as a new name. This was the only way PSN name changes could be achieved. What they have allowed is a change of publicly displayed PSN name which is all that matters really, but on Sony's servers you will always be known by what your original PSN name was even if you or anyone else can now only see your new name. This will never change, it simply cannot, old unused names cannot be 'freed up' whether you are the owner of them or not, they will remain permanently attached to the account that created them, indefinitely.
  7. I can't imagine why I would ever dream of changing the best PSN name
  8. When Yakuza 3, 4 and 5 are complete. This is not for some time as they are not on my immediate radar. Maybe 2020-21. More realistically 2022-23.
  9. PSN: JapanimeGamer Feel free to add me if you want.
  10. God of war (It's on my to do list)
  11. That's one wish / prediction nailed on the head. Just PSN name changes and PSVR tweaks to go for the hat trick
  12. No. But I would guess 2 weeks from now? September 4th? I would be surprised it beta 3 lasted only 1 week so thats why I am punting at 2 weeks time.
  13. 6.00 beta 3 is 447mb in size. Seems pretty much like before regarding stability (very good). Edit: My Summer lesson games are now listed in English not in Japanese. 1 of them was already previously but not the other 2. But now all 3 are listed with English trophies etc... this suggests to me that a western release is imminent, but who would want to play Summer Lesson in English is beyond me as it completely defeats the object, that said, plenty will I imagine. Either way I own the JP version as it really is the only way to play this game in my opinion.
  14. We have always been able to search for game titles on the PS store, granted it was via the scroll down through the letters method but it has always been a 'thing', looks like at least 2 more weeks of beta before the full version drops.
  15. Gamescom 2018 trailer...