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  1. UPDATE: hi everyone! So I tried to buy from that site, and at the end the only way to do it in a "safe manner" is with a credit card, but i can confirm that only accept Brazilian credit cards accounts, so i was not able to made the purchase! Leaving a side the secure level of the site, i think you will get the code, but if you have no brazilian credit card, no chance to try. Good luck to everyone!
  2. So, anybody had luck with this site?
  3. Hi guys!!! Just to confirm up to this day this still work, and I can confirm it worked on the latest updated version 1.02. I have the collection on disc, but I updated before starting the hunting on this game, so for all of you worried about if it worked on the updated version as me, go ahead and enjoy the ride. Just to confirm, I did the entire base game trophies first, included 1999, then all the clash of clouds trophies except the ribbon one, and then completed Burial 1 and then 2 and it popped up, just after the finishing the story in 1998 mode. Cheers, and happy hunting!
  4. After hours of using multiple videos and guides, this works perfect at my first attempt!! Thank you so much! I confirm it worked today!! Happy Hunting!
  5. Thanks Stan! I have the same, I bought The Collection on Disc in US and later on I will buy the standalone version on the US store. I will update here after!! Happy hunting
  6. Hi StanKicka, So, just to understand, the collection you had completed previously it was on disc or digital version? And now this new trophy list that stacks on the new standalone digital version are from the same region you had the collection edition or did you buy it on a different region store? Thanks for all the help!! Cheers
  7. Was exactly the same for me.....what a pain in the /(%")¿ I restar the game, played almost 5 hours, buy the cheapest paint in Venice, then the cheapest paint in Florence and it pop up immediately!! Hopefully people will read this before going the entire game before start with the clean up!