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  1. Hi, I just completed the Remastered version on PS4 and want to go back and continue on from where I started on the PS3 version. I would appreciate it immensely if someone wouldn't mind joining my game and dropping me a variety of stuff for the trophies (rare weapons, materials, souls, covenant items, etc). Thank you so much in advance. :-)
  2. Yeah, I tried that literally 15 minutes after I made this post, and it worked XD. I'm a bloody idiot. Although, I don't recall you having to start a new game to access Brutal on Uncharted 2 (you could just select it from the chapter select if I'm not mistaken). But that's still something I should have fucking checked.
  3. I've just beaten Uncharted 3 on Crushing (playing the physical game and not installing the update), and yet, when in the chapter select, the highest difficulty I can play on is still Crushing. I've beat all the chapters on Crushing (starting at 2 to 22, then went back and did 1, then back to 22 again to unlock the trophy), then tried installing the update thinking that might solve the problem, it hasn't. Has anyone had the same problem/could maybe suggest some ideas? Much appreciated.
  4. Always have combination boosts activated, level 5 heroes to 60 first, then concentrate on the miscellaneous for your preferred hero.
  5. Did purchasing Points get the trophy to pop?
  6. Is Forma.8 classified as a Metroidvania?
  7. Not sure, might like FromSoft's BloodSouls games, not 100% certain though...
  8. Injustice: Gods Among Us... Injustice 2 is doable, Injustice 1 can fuck RIGHT OFF!
  9. Bloody nice Ryan! You've plated/100%ed (for the games without platinums) every game par pinballistik, so... I guess that one? You should try and 100% Dragon Age: Inquisition, it looks like you already have the DLC's, and (from what I'm to understand) the trophies are relatively easy to get.
  10. Metroidvania Warrior: Guacamelee Guacamelee Super Turbo Championship Edition Teslagraad P.S. isn't Sundered a Metroidania?
  11. Apparently all the trophies have been fixed in this latest patch. I'll prestige a character and edit this reply on the outcome.
  12. You need to dodge the balls the monkey/ies through at you. Eventually they'll stop, you destroy all the jars, and an angel monkey appears.
  13. As well as Venom and Elektra. You could make the argument that Winter Solider and X-23 are villains as well I suppose...
  14. Dissapointed at the lack of innovation from the previous Spiderman games (Amazing Spiderman, etc.). Still excited and going to play it.
  15. TMNT Mutants in Manhattan? Bebop wearing glasses and Rocksteady wearing some army helmet... thing. PlayStation All Stars/Move Heroes, as both games feature Sly Cooper and Bentley the Turtle?