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  1. I played this game on PS4 system, can be difference. Also it was ~ 3 years ago, they was able to change something in bad way with patches.
  2. IBadDriverI, Thanks for Walkthrough Video and your job. Great and Easy to follow as Always with your Guides.
  3. You need to "sync” the save game with their server on PS4 - then synchronies your PS4 save on PS5 while in game's menu. All very simple.
  4. FULL AUTO POP Trophies SOLUTION for PS5 Version, EVEN IF YOU DON'T Have Anymore PS4 Disc GAME 1st and IMPORTANT - THIS IS NOT my SOLUTION, all CREDIT goes to - RealDaleCooper - Thanks to him SOLUTION by RealDaleCooper : "For some reason the trophies do auto pop despite official word to the contrary. You do need to open the PS4 version of the game first though to “sync” the save game with their server. Good news is, if like me you have since sold/traded the PS4 version, you can download the Free Trial version to sync the save. Everything popped for me minus the Upgrade All trophies and the Craft 100 items trophy. The latter can be achieved quickly by restarting checkpoints when you have enough resources. I just reloaded my Chapter XV mission, crafted about 15 items then reloaded. The last 2 you can still use the glitch from the PS4 days. Load Chapter X while holding down the touchpad. Then hold R1 while in the upgrade screen and craft one item while your select an upgrade you don’t have with the left stick. It will unlock the upgrade instead of crafting. Do this for every upgrade you need." SMALL ADD to SOLUTION from me - You need to Load last chapter/Epilogue - XVII - "For Each Other" chapter on PS5 - all trophies then AUTO POP up Except 2: Alchemist Trophy: Craft 100 ammunitions and Platinum. Just Tested this - WORKS. Enjoy. About Items/upgrades glitches in this game - don't know how they works, never tried. P.S. FOR Last 2 Trophies Game can be played and Enjoyed story again - not a hard to get those 2 last Trophies (Don't need to worry about collectibles and missable miscellaneous chapters/story specific trophies) Game Definatelly Deserves to play PS5 Version - Awesome Game with Great Story.
  5. Thanks, this very helpful info.
  6. In Compact version was very hard and annoying (for me). If am I not wrong, was long time ago - on Mugello track.
  7. Thanks.
  8. Thanks for your advice. It worked, strange about killing NPC but got the Platinum. I never before killed any NPC in this game (always in games trying to be peaceful agains them), but now followed your suggestion and "cleared" out 2 cities from NPS, guards and what were moving. And Hybrid was very "happy" about my decision for killing harmless people/NPCs.😲 Thank you again for this strange, but great suggestion. P.S. Really strange requirements in this game. Risen series liked much more.
  9. Hi guys, Found Nothing on any Forums about this glitch. Anybody had this problem also - "Cold value has reached 90" but Trophy - Not unlocking ? Tried in different ways: with Natural Elex, with Elex Drink/Potions, Strong Elex drink/potions to increase Cold, tried little increase Cold trough Dialogs with NPS and etc. Increased before Hybrid fight again Ice Cold status for different ending - nope - Nothing Helped for Trophy unlock. ❄️ Reinstalled game. Tried also to reach max Synthetic status as well - nothing also. Old saves deleted and Now began new game without update - reached with Natural Elex Ice Cold status - Nothing. Updated the game but - again nothing. Any suggestions and advices will be appreciated. Thanks
  10. If somebody also will be wonder where this "Forge" is - for "Forge 10 different items", description of Trophy Requirements is Not correct - actually for Trophy you need simply to craft 10 Different Items on Lord of The Forest location, ~ 6-7 Items to craft are story retailed, so you will need to craft 3-4 only, must be crafted Different Items. Hopefully this Will Helps for somebody. Good luck.
  11. Will share my experience also. Game unfortunately for now has many glitches and bugs. (For example - to repair turbo - cost for me now ~ 18 millions + of credit - very "cheap" ) I got "A Familiar Face" - 4000 Points in ETRC just now with Full Season Contract - With Team "Don't Touch Racing" - contract with them gave ~ 2850 Points for full Season, before had ~ 1470 from weekends races and Champion title. What gave more then needed ~ 4320 together. Trophy unlocked. What looks Trophy unlocked in normal way. (Last two races skipped as well to finish season faster) This definitely Not a solution. KingGampe got in one way, I in another. Only share how I obtained this Trophy. We can only hope for soon Patch which fixes those all bugs and issues. Otherwise game is interesting - another drive experience only now with Trucks. P.S. For money I did also in different way - when began a full season 1st time, made backup save - if in first race didn't got any Credit - used backup save to start Full Season again - on 3rd try began to earn in game Credits/Money. How I remember - For me Not worked 2nd or another place, only in First places. For now racing in World Championship - finished in different places - as began from "0" and still ZERO. Also Never earned any money/credit in weekends contracts. Was able only to won credit as mentioned above - in Full Season Contract only with backup save use. This how I earned trophy "Rolling In" four days ago. So looks for everybody this works in different ways. You can try this also. Good luck.
  12. Can confirm also - this only how it works for now.
  13. Looks very interesting platformer game. Somebody know Release Date ?
  14. If somebody also wonder - why Trophy not unlocking in normal way: Sink 1000 balls - Must be done in one session (without leaving the game) and better on new save.
  15. You need to accumulate 2000 Miles in Career stats, not in main menu overall stats. For all my friends and other players worked, so for you will unlocks also.