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  1. I just got it. I intentionslly left couple waypoints for later. Taking the Last one triggered the trophy
  2. Got de blob and atari flashback classics v.2 as a bundle in local store and persona 5 steelbook edition bit earlier, still havent played any of these :/
  3. I was quite surprised with this movie, i would rate it 4ish/5. I recommend.
  4. So some time has passed, At least i got 2 of the 3 games platted that i was aiming for (Wildlands and Hellblade). Now i'm slowly going for: Fallout Shelter Mad Max Far Cry 5 Also one game i'm thinking of getting and platting is Conan Exiles, been playing it since release, so far +200h in, should be easy to plat if i decide to get the game. We shall see again what is my progress in couple months from now
  5. Waterworld.. Decided to watch this classic again, I just like it. Wonder why many people hate it Next up i might watch The Postman.
  6. Mattress Stuffer Collect 1000 caps Started my journey in the shelter
  7. If you mean that your progress get reset to zero every time you start the game. Try changing your OS language to english. It worked for me. Theres a bug in game that resets progress if your OS language is not english.
  8. Yeah all good.. but hey, lets change the jump mechanism for crash 1and 2... just wait for the same treatment for spyro.. I personally refuse to play the N. Sane any more, because i hate when remakes/remasters try to change something core to the originals.
  9. Hmm, i got alot games in progress, but mainly im now going for: Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands Don't Starve Together Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice Then there's couple games that are "close" to plat, but just haven't got the time to finish them: Paladins Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Remastered These past 2 years have been great for gaming.. I think too great, so many good games released, that just take too much time to play. Also the games i mainly like are those that take +50 hours. So it feels like it takes forever to plat games and then to start new ones, and i if start a new one, some others go on "hold"
  10. My backlog is daym "huge". There are like 20 games on my shelfs that still have the shrinkwrap on. And like 40 games that ive bought 2nd hand but yet to start playing. Too many good games keep getting released :D... 1 month till my 1 week winter vacation from work, hoping that i can finish multiple games then.. Yeah that life is strange plat is haunting me, gotta do something about it.
  11. Platinum trophies #1 - 10 Platinum trophies #11 - 20 Platinum trophies #21 - 30 Platinum trophies #31 - 40 Platinum trophies #41 - 50 100% Games without Platinum trophy
  12. Museum collection is such pain, +200hours and still missing 1 item..
  13. #35 Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell Scorched Savior (13,02%) | Difficulty: 3/10 | Score: 6/10 | Yet another game out from my backlog, Nothing much to say, i think its above the average, some bugs and glitches. #36 Marvel Heroes Omega The Beyonder (0,62%) | Difficulty: 5/10 | Score: 9/10 | Wow, for a free game this one is good! Its like Diablo, but much more fun! Also i managed to get the platinum in top time, 1 week 3 days, beating the previous record of 2weekish. I could have have gotten the platinum even faster, maybe 4-5 days faster (had a lot other things to do as well so they prevented me to play it faster). This game also marks the first under 1% platinum trophy for me. Would totally recommend this game to anyone liking action rpg's!
  14. I'd like to share a quick tip to other players that helps with time spend on leveling the artifacts and alts heroes as you can earn exp for 2 at the same time. Use local coop, if you dont use the other second controller, the character will warp to you if you go out of bounds, meaning you can do the Latverian Crypt for both characters. IMPORTANT, the other character that follows you must have some type of auto attack, like Kitty Pryde or Angela has so it gets the exp too. Heres what i am doing: 1. I have Angela on Cosmic and artifact as player 1 2. I have any other character i wish to level aswell as player 2 3. I keep playing as player 2, doing the Latverian crypt 4. When i have swapped back character, i use Angela's bodyshift to get back to Latverian crypt entrance (due shes the only one that i have unlocked cosmic with) Hope this helps
  15. Catherine Ducktales remastered Metal gear Solid 4 These are my top picks.