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  1. Agreed, I hope they give everyone's dog fleas and leave the toilet seat up after using the bathroom
  2. Fairly certain the Japanese version never got a trophy patch either. There's also the issue of the EU and US versions being localized by two completely different publishers, I believe it was actually Aksys' decision to add the trophies into the US release
  3. I'll sign up as a Verse Maiden. Agarest War Agarest War Zero Agarest War 2 Cross Edge Fairy Fencer F Omega Quintet (JP) Sorcery Saga
  4. It's the other way around. The series has been designed for portables from the beginning, with console ports coming later. F 2nd has been the only game in the series so far to have the console version release at the same time as the portable one (I think with the western release of F they might have released at the same time, I can't remember, but in Japan they were like six months or so apart) Edit : Not implying that the console ports are shitty but rather they were developed on portable first and then ported to console rather than vice versa
  5. No online trophies. Some things are better experienced all by yourself
  6. Yeah it's pretty much a tri-Ace tradition. Gabriel has been with the series since the beginning and EQ migrated over from Valkyrie Profile, not much of a surprise to see them both back again
  7. I think I have found your problem, not the fact that you are a mannequin but that you are made of rubber and therefore immune to being tasered. You may have to resort to more drastic measures such as placing your hands behind your head and loudly proclaiming "I am not resisting arrest"
  8. If you live in the United States, simply being a minority in the wrong neighborhood may be sufficient. If you are white it may require somewhat more effort, I would recommend a peaceful, non-violent protest as a decent starting-off point
  9. Names are tentative, do not crucify me if they are off or different in the English version. Story spoilers, possibly.
  10. That sounds... considerably worse than what I had anticipated based on the information I had at hand. I suppose there is always the possibility the drop rate on it was nerfed in the PS4 release. Or the RNG has a vendetta against you. But at least one other person has unlocked that trophy so it does still exist
  11. New platinum : Bullet Girls (#13)
  12. Disclaimer: It has been an extremely long time since I played this Most of the trophies seem to be from story progression, clearing the various sidequests, and other random tasks that shouldn't pose any problem throughout the course of normal play. Sidequests can be easily overlooked if you're not diligent about talking to NPCs, some might be missable if you progress too far in the story but I cannot remember for certain which ones might be affected by this I do not think any of the Tiny Gears (collectables) are missable Level 70 might take a little bit of grinding on Bad Poetry Golems in the final dungeon. The Q of Hearts is a rare drop off an enemy that only shows up in the final dungeon and one specific boss fight and might require a little farming Altogether it's fairly short and not particularly difficult, I'd say around 25-30 hours or so would be plenty enough to do everything
  13. Chance of Seven Pirates getting a western release is effectively zero but Moero Chronicle/Moero Crystal (both from the same series) got / are getting english-subbed Asia releases so it's safe to assume there's a decent chance of the same with this one Cyberdimension seems to be based on the in-universe MMO "4 Goddesses Online" (can't remember what it was called in the English version but it's the online game Vert is always playing), so I'm wondering if it's gonna be a Sword Art Online type of deal. Maybe Vert will finally get to be the main character
  14. I liked the Surge, it was a pretty good drink. Shame they got rid of it Vault was kind of an okay replacement I guess but it just wasn't the same
  15. My link in the "participants" section seems to be pointing to the person directly above me in the list by mistake It's not a major deal but I had considered simply editing my original post with updates to reduce clutter rather than making a new post every time I finish game X or start game Y, so a direct link might be convenient