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  1. For those that don't understand brazilian/portuguese, he's basically saying that he earned the trophy for winning 20 times on its first race. He was playing with 5 other players (probably boosting) and the popped after one race for him but not everyone else. He doesn't have a reason for why that happened, but he states that it may be related to the fact that he used a European copy of the game (I don't know anything about the game, but i don't think this helps much as an explanation). Edit: Not sure if it will help or not, but the trophy is glitched and while most people needed 20 or more wins, there's apparently one person that got the trophy after just 3 wins.
  2. I may be wrong, but i think obtaining the golden knife isn't mandatory to finish the case. I played the game a long time ago, but I think i had the option to accuse someone without finding the golden knife. Besides, the trophy guide at PSTrophies says this trophy is missable, so i think this should be lifted.
  3. This! Besides, I just can't understand why people can't accept the fact that trophies can! glitch, even if we are talking about trophies that have never been reported before as trophies that can not unlock when requirements are met. In addition, all seems fine with that list with the exception of that trophy in particular. Accusing him/her of using hacks/cheats is just ridiculous as you are just making up evidence.
  4. Yes, you have to clear all chapter 15 story missions. After you complete story mode you will unlock the three remaining character episodes.
  5. There's 3 more character episodes: Livie and two others. If i'm not mistaken, these episodes are unlocked after you beat the game.
  6. Although both trophies are linked to the same action (althought in different difficulties), the trophies in question are in the different DLC packs. Funa-guy could have purchased DLC Pack 5 (contains the Fly On The Wall trophy), but not DLC pack 2 (contains the Hanging on trophy), and it's possible to earn Fly on the Wall before Hanging On. Besides, the timestamps confirm this. The trophies of DLC Packs 1, 3 and 5 were all earned in 2012, while DLC pack 2 trophies were all earned in 2014.
  7. Real World Winner, it requires you to win 5 Interactive League matches.
  8. roxas21691 FIFA 09 To be honest I dont remember what happened here, we are talking about something that happened nearly a decade ago. I have never glitched or used any way to cheat to get trophies and you and can check my whole trophy list if you want to. I think it's unfair to flag me for one trophy, one that according to what i have been hearing , it was glitched to begin with. I also saw in another topic about how it could be related to EA servers, maybe that was the case. Last year there were some problems with the servers on Splinter Cell Blacklist that prevent players from meeting certain requirements for a trophy, and it wasn't until i talked with Ubisoft that that was fixed. Not sure if it's a similar case or not. Anyway, i never cheated before, and you can check that all trophies earned in every game i have are legir. If there's nothing else that can be done, i will remove the game, i just think that's unfair for me and many other people that are being accused for this.
  9. Does anyone know where i can find equipment 049? It's the only one I have left and using the mimic trick isn't giving me any results.
  10. I guess sending an email to Ubisoft's support page actually worked! Managed to get both trophies already. I advise everyone to get these trophies now just in case the challenges dissapear again.
  11. Is anybody having this issue again? I can't check the daily or weekly challenges at the moment.