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  1. I just think about it as clever marketing from Sony. I mean, while the PS4 did lose a few exclusives, unless I'm mistaken, aside from Horizon Zero Dawn, every other game that stopped being exclusive was not developed by a studio owned by Sony. For example, Detroit: Become Human was developed by Quantic Dreams, Death Stranding was developed by Kojima Productions, and the Yakuza series by SEGA. I wouldn't be surprised if Persona 5 would be the next to lose the exclusivity status. Now.... Why do I think Horizon Zero Dawn is just a clever marketing strategy? Simple! Horizon is without a doubt one of the best games of this generation, and with the sequel being one of the first major titles on PS5, having more people (the PC audience) playing Horizon Zero Dawn is a way to get those who enjoyed the game to purchase the sequel (and the PS5 in the process).
  2. I checked both my accounts and didn't even get the email on any of them, and I made sure a while back I set the options so that Sony would send me these emails. If you are not going to use the code, I would put it to some good use as there are a few games I want to purchase in the christmas sale
  3. Something like this happened with Uncharted 4 and Uncharted Lost Legacy. Lost Legacy has the same multiplayer as Uncharted 4. For this reason, even if you don't own Uncharted 4, you can unlock the Uncharted 4 MP trophies by playing Lost Legacy. Square could easily do something like this (standalone Comrades unlocks comrades trophies in the FF XV list), but currently there's no confirmation if this is the case.
  4. To be honest, I think people are jumping to conclusions way too early. According to a post on the Reddit, Old trophies will not be available via the old version effective upon release of Comrades (standalone). I think this means you will no longer be able to obtain old trophies (the trophies we curently have available) via the old versions of Comrades (the expansion), but maybe you can obtain them via the standalone version. It wouldn't be the first time something like this would happen, as Uncharted 4 and Uncharted Lost Legacy work this way. Even if you don't own Uncharted 4, if you play the MP component of Lost Legacy (which is actually Uncharted 4's MP), you will unlock trophies in Uncharted 4, not in Lost Legacy.
  5. Trophy that I'm glad it didn't glitch on me - Auf Wiedersehen Petrovic (Grand Theft Auto IV) This trophy is known to be very gltichy. The requirements take a lot of time, even when boosted, and I heard of situations where people had to repeat the requirements three or four times in order to unlock the trophy. Trophy that glitched on me - Collector Extraordinaire (LittleBigPlanet 3) Another trophy that is very glitchy. However, luck didn't smile on me this time around. I easily repeated the requirements (by deleating the save file and starting from the beginning) at least five times, and never once the trophy unlocked for me :(
  6. No, this item doesn't show on the map. Taking in consideration that there people missing other items, it's possible that there are collectables like the Antique Knife that don't show on the map.
  7. Found it as well! Finally got the platinum Not sure about anyone else, but this side quest glitched for me, and I was able to complete it without doing anything, hence why I never collected the dagger.
  8. My save file shows the overall percentage is 100%, all individual regions are at 100%, but I have one of my artifact sets at 87%. Got the completionist trophy, but not the Dr. Croft trophy. Not sure exactly why this happened though. Edit: Also wanted to point out that I'm sure I didn't do the challenge at the Croft Manor, and I think (not sure on this one) I didn't collect any artifacts there as well. Edit 2: Just checked, and I can confirm that the Antique Knife and the Tumi Knife are not the same item, which means the Antique Knife must be somewhere else.
  9. I also have the same issue. Collected everything, every map is at 100%, but I have one of my artifact sets ( Pantheon of the Gods) currently at 87%, which means I didn’t get the Dr. Croft trophy. Some people are reporting similar issues as well, so we are not sure right now if it's a glitch or if some items don't count as collectables but count for the artefact sets. Edit: Despite this issue, I did get the completionist trophy, it's really just the Dr. Croft trophy that I didn't get because the overall map shows it's 100% complete while one of my artifact sets is incomplete.
  10. Trophies are definitely glitched. I already finished two nightmare missions using only the fists and got no trophy either. I'm pretty sure that the Building Character trophy is also glitched, as i'm certain I already survived 30 challenge rooms. Not sure about the two other trophies currently at 0%, since both require quite a bit of grinding and wouldn't be surprised if no one managed to get the requirements to get either trophy.
  11. Just to save anyone the trouble, don't try doing this on Nightmare mode. Although this mode has more enemies, the game for me gets stuck everytime i finish the last wave of porcelain figures. Not sure if the trophy was supposed to unlock at the end of the level, but I killed way more than 25 porcelain figures in this mode.
  12. I did just to be safe. But to be honest, I'm starting to think it was just some kind of glitch. This time around, on my main account, I wasn't actually playing, I just left my PS4 on and went to do some other stuff. When I got back i saw that i was logged out and had that message that someone had logged in. I don't know how long before that had happened, but if it was indeed someone hacking, they would have surely had enough time to change passwords/email and other stuff. Anyway, like you said, changed both passwords when that happened.
  13. Something weird has been happening with my PS4 and i'm not sure what is going on. I have two main accounts on which I play games, my main account where i play for trophies and another to casually play MP games. A few weeks ago, when I was my secondary account (the one where i play MP games), I was randomly kicked off PSN and got the "another user has logged in on a different ps4" message. The thing is both my accounts have the 2-step verification, which means that it's impossible to access my account without my phone, and I didn't get any SMS with a code to begin with it, so I assumed it was just a glitch. However, today the same things happened again, this time on my main account. Again, both accounts have the 2-step verification security and in neither case did I get a message on my phone. I also checked if it was working properly (tried to log in on my account via PC) and the 2-step verification is indeed working as I received the message this time. Has this happened to anyone? Do you think it's just a glitch?
  14. Portugal and Spain got that game for PS+ because of a videogames talent event take took place in Bilbao, in which the winner was Dynasty Feud. Don't know the full details, but that's the reason we are getting an additional PS4 title.
  15. Wow, the exact same thing happened to me as well. The game crashed and all trophies popped while I was on the PS4 UI, except the world bronze trophy. I just needed to replay the last boss once again to get the trophy, so it wasn't that bad