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  1. It's definitely working for me in league mode. I'm up to 60% after completing another two races.
  2. I don't think that this is ranked only. I have this 40% complere (different platform) and have only done private league races online.
  3. I was considering doing the same thing to get more heads, but wanted to get at least one first and make sure that was working. I may just leave the AI playing the Survival Tower today while I'm working and just restart after the first four rounds.
  4. Finally, got a head. I started, once again, against another opponent. I used the Klassic Towers and the Survival Tower to help speed things up, as it's only one round (as mentioned above). I let the AI play for me at first because I was fed up of working on this. I got to about 53 finishers, the majority of which were fatalities, but I don't have exact numbers. I then took over and doing them manually as I was a little quicker. After the 67th kill, all of which were fatalities from that point, I got the head of Kabal.
  5. I'm losing my patience with this now. I decided to start again against a new opponent as things were clearly not working against Johnny Cage. Over the past couple of hours I've beaten Erron Black in Klassic Towers 57 times. 53 brutalities 4 fatalities. Nothing but currency stuff to use in the Krypt and some time crystals after levelling up.
  6. Thanks for the info you've provided so far, @BlessTheDead. It's the most consistent information in the thread that we have to work with. This video focuses more on impaling the skull in the Krypt, but from the start we can at least see that they earned the skull after a fatality was performed, so this does confirm that brutalities alone aren't required like initially reported.
  7. I'm starting to think this game is trolling me now. I've passed 100 matches with either a brutality or a fatality in Klassic Towers against Johnny Cage. About 75 minimum were brutalities done manually. No skulls.
  8. Thanks for the info. It's good to know that a mix of fatalities and brutalities will work as that means I can let the AI do the next 30-ish to make it up to 100 while I concentrate on other stuff, and I've at least not wasted a few hours grinding away at Klassic Towers for nothing. Hopefully that will work out in the end.
  9. Do you know how many matches it took to get a skull? I'm at around 70-72 against Johnny Cage in Klassic Towers, changing between Very Easy, Easy and Medium and got nothing.
  10. Is there anyone else who can confirm earning this in Klassic Towers? I saw it mentioned above and I did about 70 brutalities against the same character, but so far no head. Also, some people say fatalities count, others say brutalities only. Is there any confirmation on which it is? If both count, then I'll just let the AI do it from now on as I've spent enough time already, but if it's brutalities only I'll do it manually to make sure they get done.
  11. I eventually managed to get it using an approach I cobbled together myself from parts of various guides. I had been able to do every other one without the use of guides, as I've played this game so much on iOS and PC, but that Fungus stage was screwing me over big time.
  12. Still no joy with that method either, @IxXFinnyXxI. I got up to evolving Drug Resistance 2 and while waiting to get enough DNA for Environmental Hardening, the cure percentage rocketed from 50% up to 100% in no time.
  13. Thanks, I'll give it a try. It looks similar to one I may have already tried, but I've gone through so many that I've lost track now. I wish I had only tried 10 times, but it's been quite a few more than that. It always ends up the same, with the infection getting to around 90% and the cure at 95%, and the cure always wins. This one thing has held me back the most. Congrats on the plat, by the way.
  14. @IxXFinnyXxI I saw you have the trophy for beating all diseases on mega-brutal difficulty. Do you have any tips for Fungus? I've had several close games, but every time the cure just beats me to it before I'm able to 100% infect everyone, no matter which method I try. It's driving me crazy!
  15. Great, glad to hear you got the trophy!