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  1. Seeing condoms in Karen's bag at the motel ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Wonder if she's a cougar? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) To answer seriously, David at the desert + the photo of Chloe and Max was also my most unexpected moment. Didn't think he was THAT David and eavesdropping on the phone call was cool!
  2. I really want to love Control but I agree 100% with OP! Falling to death, check. Getting insta-killed by a boss, check. Repeatedly killing the same mobs after dying, check. Framerate issues, check. Such a shame because the story and setting are solid. I'm afraid this plat will be one of the most frustrating ones...
  3. At last!
  4. It was a PS+ game offered in November 2016, wish I had a subscription back then...
  5. You won't get any if you already have 30 chicken legs (that's the limit). What I'd recommend is throwing 25 legs at the Hilltop Mausoleum, then purposely getting your remaining chicken stolen from an imp. After he comes back, kill him, go to the gargoyle where the ghost pianist is playing, and buy the chicken back (you'll have 30 again as they will be replenished for some reason) For the cage, break the barrel with your arm, as mentioned above
  6. whittle181, Lord_Bane999, RigbyIsWashed439, thanks a lot guys!!!
  7. Could someone please explain to me how to get the Driveclub content from the US store? I heard it's complicated to create a US account, what with all the different taxes being applied to different regions...
  8. This is hilarious. First, they lie about delisting the content on 31/08 at 23:59 BST by removing everything nearly 48 hours before the set deadline. To add insult to injury, this is what is displayed when you access Tour Mode for the delisted content (pics below) So I'll always have Driveclub Bikes stuck at 60% completion... This is definitely not the first time Sony screws over their players, we don't get any rewards for loyalty (PS+ getting more expensive and offering 3 times less games being a great example). Maybe I should quit trophies and buy myself a Switch...
  9. What a bunch of lying twats Sony are... Clearly stating that the content is available until 31/08 at 23:59 and then removing it more than 24 hours beforehand. Assholes.
  10. Yes, everything will disappear after 31/08/2019 23:59 BST
  11. I'm interested in playing this game too, but it seems like such a hassle to 100% it... Delisted DLCs, delisted VIP pass, delisted this, delisted that...
  12. Witcher 3! Love that game, I'm not skillful enough to finish it on Hard Mode unfortunately...
  13. Most trophies pop after completing an event, I was confused at first too.
  14. *Cough* PT *Cough* Dunno if the exploit still works
  15. In. 9 online trophies remaining. Add me