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  1. I've seen a lot of posts on these forums where people are asking for help with certain trophies. After many hours of grinding dumb ones myself (like We Are the Champions, etc) I found 1 tip that has really helped me speed things up. Instead of grinding these in "single player," grind them in "multiplayer hot swap" instead. Set the games with whatever settings you want, but make it only 2 player, with the "second player" being "human." Basically, you will have full control over everything. As player 1, you do whatever you need for the trophy, and as player 2 (on the same controller) you can set up the player 1 trophies by either searching for stuff with scouts, or setting up settlements in specific areas, etc. I hope this advice helps! I just started doing it this way and have been unlocking trophies like crazy, don't have to rely on much luck anymore.
  2. Thanks for the tip, worked like a charm! One thing I did WRONG the first time was I built a mine that I shouldn't have. As a tip to anyone who is doing this, don't build ANYTHING but what he/she has outlined in the guide. THanks again!!!!!
  3. Can confirm this works as of 12/9/19
  4. NBA2K not having glitches, omegalul
  5. Hi, I'm not really sure where a post like this would be appropriate but I wanted to talk a little bit about my trophy addiction and to ask for help or advice. These forums felt like the best place to go, from what I've seen we have a great community here. Let me first start with my problem. I dont care about having a high trophy level, it's actually more about having 100% completion on games. I used to spend way too much money on games back on the 360 and would never beat anything. About 5 years ago I started a family and didn't have time or money for that so I made a new ps4 profile with 2 rules - only buy games I WANT and get my money's worth. The best way I figured I could get my money's worth was to get 100% trophies for it, that gives most games a definitive end point for me (with the exception of stuff like call of duty which I play endlessly with real life friends). At first it was pretty easy but as all you trophy hunters know, there are always roadblocks. The first roadblock for me was dlc. As games release dlc, they release trophies, making my game no longer be 100%. This really triggers me, like a lot, and has ended up costing me way more money than anticipated. The next problem was I couldn't even keep my original commitment to myself... I LOVE nba2k but havent been able to play in years because the lists are basically unobtainable, which would ruin my 100%. I'm at the point now where I hate gaming sometimes. Who wants to hunt every species in red dead 2? No one. I loath destiny 2 but had to earn a triumph seal for a dlc trophy. You think a casual game like the sims 4 is easy? Think again and say hello to pure rng (I'm looking at you triplets). Its easy I'm sure for people to look at my problem and say "just dont go for trophies then," but then I feel like I'm wasting my time gaming because i dont have a goal, because of the habit I've built over time. It's a vicious loop and I'm sure it sounds psychotic but this shit stresses me out lol I envy my friends who can pick up spiderman and beat the main story in a weekend then move on with their life. It's a little hard to explain, but I hope even 1 person understands what it's like and I'm just curious if anyone has went through or is going through something similar that has a best practices I could implement to fight this neurotic behavior. Or even share your story if its therapudic for you.
  6. Yeah it's funny, after posting this yesterday or the day before (Whenever it was at this point) and after reading some responses I actually came to the same conclusion. I was like am I being serious right now flipping out about completionist shit? I immediately downloaded a doom/wolfenstein 2 bundle that i always stayed away from because of trophies and just jumped right into doom. i want to game like i did as a kid again, life is too short! Nah, I've never loved trophies more than games, I think maybe you missed my point. You can tell from my list I don't just go buy easy trophy games, I will buy games I want to play... I just ended up getting addicted to the trophies in those games lol Totally true man, I'm a fixer and a perfectionist. I love being loved, can't help it. Regarding your question - I don't even know why it's important to me. It's really not I guess, it's just a "rule" I made for myself and being the perfectionist that I am, I treated the rule too strictly. I'm not sure it really goes beyond that, but I'm feeling better each day I'm not sure how to really respond, I'm shocked that you remember me from posting Division stuff back in the day because I rarely post on the forums... I'm def more of a lurker! I'm 31 at this point in my life, been through college, have kids and a wife, and I will tell you I was always a weirdo in school too man. You're still young and have a full life ahead of you so please don't do anything to hurt yourself, this is the only life you have. Even if shit feels real heavy sometimes man this is all you got, make the most of it. Video games CAN be a release, it's what World of Warcraft did for me in college. Just like I'm working through this addiction right now I'm happy to see you're also willing to share, that was the entire point of posting this. If you ever want to game together or even just chat then hit me up - I'm mostly into Call of Duty, NBA and other random online games - just peep my list I guess. I'll be on Borderlands 3 a lot when it comes out too! --- In general I want to say thank you to everyone who gave me tips. Just after these last couple days I feel way better, like a burden has been lifted. I'm sure I'll "relapse" and have fits of anxiety over my games, but I'm ready to beat it... Plus Fire Emblem comes out in a few days for my Switch, so having a dope game like that without trophies will probably help I'd love to keep the conversation going on here if anyone else has a story they'd like to share, and I may occasionally update my "journey" if you want to call it that, but also any of you are more than welcome to friend me on PSN, we can play some games together.
  7. Yeeah I'm not sure I'd classify myself as OCD but it sure feels like it sometimes. Good luck to you! I would like to say as well, for anyone interested, I have decided to turn off trophy notifications for a few days to see if that helps. Maybe if I'm not exposing myself to it then it will nag at me a little bit less, who knows.
  8. Thanks for the thoughtful response. I think part of the problem is I'm a completionist with things in life in general. If I get into a fight with someone, I can't just give it time to cool down, I have to try and fix it and it usually makes it worse. With my job I always have to be the best and be chasing some type of goal, I'm never happy with just what I got. I think some of your suggestions will help. I have to figure out what is right for ME, but it has certainly given me something to think about. I always have thought about what I could do more with my gaming. You blew my expectations away man, thanks a lot!
  9. Yerp, preordered nba2k20 for that reason lol
  10. Great suggestion! I have a nintendo switch and gaming pc but something that prevents me from getting more into those is that none of my friends play them. when im on my ps4, even if i playing a single player game, i can jump right into a party with buddies to chat. Interesting idea. I've been trying to do this with RDR2, I haven't even touched the online mode and will attempt not to to break the habit. I would do something like rayman thats time based but I already played the living hell out of that game on my other console so I can't do it agian lol There may be another issue for sure, but I don't want to say that someone on here won't be able to help. Everyone has experienced many different things in life and maybe this will speak to 1 person who is going through or went through the exact same thing, and I think that still makes the conversation meaningful. To your point though, I definitely need to fight his OCD by attacking the root cause. You don't wanna play OC Odyssey?! I loved the game! What's funny is I was going through a phase similar to now where I was like "I'm not going to care about achievements anymore, I'm just going to buy a game and play it blind..." and that game was AC Odyssey. I naturally unlocked most of the trophies without even paying attention. Is all the stress worth it? Probably not, but it's a compulsion at this point to continue. Most people smoking cigarettes don't want to do it, but they keep doing it anyway. Now, regarding seeking professional help, I'm not sure I'm there yet lol I live a relatively healthy life. I have a decent job, I support a family of 5 by myself, I work out, this is like my one vice I'm not proud of. Let's see if getting some ideas from the forums works first, and if not, I'll check out a therapist ;-) Really good tips on how to save some money. I can't say that money is my main problem, I make a decent living and don't buy a metric ton of games, I just hate spending money on stuff I don't want (like dumb DLC). Thanks for the comment! As much as I'm invested into this account like it's my baby, I have seriously thought about it. Maybe a fresh start where from the get go where I don't track trophies would be the best way to handle it. I know that might some dumb to some but I like things to have a process and a place in the world, for everything to make sense. And to me, this makes sense. I appreciate the comment man! Not sure if this will convert me to believing in God but I can tell you mean well, appreciate it! I didn't always see it the way that I do now, I used to agree with you. I'm just at the point now where chasing trophies I could care less about really bothers me. I actually read that before posting this forum post funny enough. Lot of good points in there, nothing really spoke to my completionist mentality though, it was more about just chasing achievements in general which I don't do. Ni No Kuni 2 is one of the games from my nightmares lol I bought it not even really liking JRPG's to begin with, I just wanted to give it a shot, and regret every second of it. Skipped every cut scene, hated the combat, and the DLC... Good GOD the DLC was ALL sooo BORING AND GRINDY. I feel your pain with that game. I keep pushing through it, but damn, I hate it lol. I like the idea of having a second account but I just don't think I can personally do that, I like just having 1. It's like my identity in a weird way, I don't want two of them. Yeah I don't let that influence my decision, but what I DO let influence is if it's broken or not. NBA2k series for example comes out broken every single year, and that's just too risky for me. I feel like you're really missing out by not playing RDR2 - the story was great! But I could you could just Youtube is all and get the same effect lol
  11. This sale kind of sucks. Nothing I'm particularly interested in. Shadow of the Tomb Raider, sort of, but I've seen that price lower.
  12. I appreciate the ideas and suggestions folks! A few people have commented on my profile not "looking too bad" and that's because I don't buy games for trophies, I only buy games I want to play. The problem is a lot of those end up being time dumps with tons of DLC, I have a lot of really tough or at least time consuming games on my list. I thought about the idea of two accounts but decided against that, I like the idea of ownership as nutty as that sounds. It's almost like having a mistress - I could cheat on my main profile to have a side piece, but I'll get bored of the side piece eventually. What I haven't seen suggested and what I've been thinking about doing is just plunging into the deep end head first. By that, I mean I'm going to buy NBA2k20 when it releases and that game will undoubtedly be a trophy nightmare and I'll be forced to just deal with it. I'm not going to give up years of digital purchases and hard work to make a new profile. I'm hoping that by putting myself in an uncomfortable position (having a game I'll never complete) that I'll get more used to it and can be a normal person soon. Us trophy hunters are actually insane lol or maybe it's just me 😈
  13. Yeah I was an idiot and didn't think about the DLC component when I originally started.
  14. NBA2K19 I started it without realizing what I was getting myself into. Sony refunded the game as well, double bullet dodge!
  15. Considering I get 100% for every game I play, I'll say which ones I keep playing even after 100%. Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Apex Legends Rocket League Overwatch
  16. The last island that I needed was a small one off of Samos called "Kradia Isle." Moments after stepping on it I got the trophy. The tricky thing with this island is even if you haven't stepped on it, it'll be labeled and kind of look like you stepped on it even if you didn't. If the island looks "grey" on the map then you haven't got on it though, it should be pretty lush. I hope this helps someone who might be lost.
  17. I'm so over this game. Seriously I regret no purchase more than FFXV. I want to stop playing it, this feels like groundhog day!!!
  18. This seems to have more PVP focused trophies than the last one, but none that are necessarily that difficult.
  19. just kill people and play with a team mate that's willing to share. i got this done my second day of playing and could have easily got it a few more times before that had i been looking out for it. looting them off of bodies is the fastest and more efficient way to earn these items.
  20. kingdom hearts re:chain of memories may as well finish the last game on that disc!
  21. After years of going for 100% on all my games, I'm done. I want to play games without guides again. I've disabled trophy notifications on my system and moving forward will only play until a game is no longer fun. I have a very high completion profile with a lot of hard games and no blemishes, but it's got the point where playing games has become a chore and I'm too obsessed. This needs to be a stress relief, not a second job. Gaming now is a lot weirder than when I was a kid. I remember playing through Ocarina of Time without knowing anything about it. I don't think I've done that since the early Xbox 360 days and I'm tired.
  22. i like that the list doesn't appear to have any unreal trophies. i know battle royale as a genre in general can be tough to get into, especially with some of the trophy lists out there, so people should be grateful that this one is so do-able, with or without a plat. maybe it'll be a chance for people who don't play the genre to actually play/enjoy for once.
  23. Why is everyone so triggered about not having a plat? Do people even game to actually have fun anymore? I think the list looks fine. Still debating if I want to play though.
  24. This weekend there is triple infamy rewards, meaning with a good group you can fly through the gambit rankings. They also increased the spawn rate on the meatball boss. For anyone going for the triumph gambit seal, this is a perfect weekend to grind this out. I'll be doing it all weekend as well if anyone is interested.
  25. seen in once in like 50-ish games