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  1. fair points, guess i shouldn't have posted a video that's a couple months old here. my style has changed a lot since this video. see point above lol thanks for taking the time to watch even if you weren't a fan. i think my newer content is more appealing and addresses all your points, but in regards to this review, fair feedback for sure. thanks for taking the time to watch
  2. thank you for the feedback. protip, if you pc game at all, just subscribe to the xbox pc game pass, its only 5 dollars a month and has all the xbox exclusives, this included. hard to pass that up!
  3. im just going to post my newest one here, i posted a single old video in another relevant thread. if me posting on these forums is just going to be me defending myself then ill delete it and move on with my life. not worth it to me. thought the reception would be a little different
  4. i like the people here i like getting feedback im proud of my content and want to share it we're all gamers here, why NOT?
  5. Hey, I reviewed this a couple months ago. I think my content has improved since then, but I'm still pretty proud of this video. Check it out if you have time!
  6. Hey everyone! I used to be more active here but have been BUSY working on content creation. This is the only community I've really posted to in the past, so I wanted to share what I've been working on with folks here. I'll use this topic to post updated video reviews from my YouTube. I'm not looking for fake subs or views, just genuine engagement if you like my content and REAL feedback. I hope you all enjoy! Ori and the Will of the Wisps | Review
  7. Hi everyone. Made a video review for this, it's my first posted review. Any feedback or views would be appreciated. Hope to have a lot more up in the future!
  8. I could have got the plat myself in the time it took me to read that! JK, well done article keep up the great work!
  9. Yeah I didn't correct my audio very well. I messed it up during compression then never did any bass/treble compensation. Thanks for the feedback!
  10. Hello everyone! I'm not sure if this is the right place to post something like this - I hope I picked the right spot. I just started a Youtube channel like, yesterday, and made my first video. If anyone could give me a view and then maybe post feedback for me here on this thread I would appreciate it! I'm new to video editing so for my first video I'm proud of how it came out. Anyway, here is the link to my first video. Thanks in advance for all the positive feedback and criticism.
  11. I did quit hunting trophies. I made a post a few months back about being "addicted" to trophies, and have since quit. I still get the impulse to do it every now and then but like any addiction I just have to fight the urge. Trophy hunting for me is a bit unhealthy. I have a family of 5 that I support, a 40+ hour a week job, and a budding Youtube hobby that I just started. There isn't room for trophy hunting anymore.
  12. I've seen a lot of posts on these forums where people are asking for help with certain trophies. After many hours of grinding dumb ones myself (like We Are the Champions, etc) I found 1 tip that has really helped me speed things up. Instead of grinding these in "single player," grind them in "multiplayer hot swap" instead. Set the games with whatever settings you want, but make it only 2 player, with the "second player" being "human." Basically, you will have full control over everything. As player 1, you do whatever you need for the trophy, and as player 2 (on the same controller) you can set up the player 1 trophies by either searching for stuff with scouts, or setting up settlements in specific areas, etc. I hope this advice helps! I just started doing it this way and have been unlocking trophies like crazy, don't have to rely on much luck anymore.
  13. Thanks for the tip, worked like a charm! One thing I did WRONG the first time was I built a mine that I shouldn't have. As a tip to anyone who is doing this, don't build ANYTHING but what he/she has outlined in the guide. THanks again!!!!!
  14. Can confirm this works as of 12/9/19
  15. NBA2K not having glitches, omegalul