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  1. F1 2011 and F1 2012 are the games affected by this problem. For 2012 there's still hope since the VIP Pass will expire in the next year, so if you manage somehow to find a new sealed copy, you're still fine. For 2011 unfortunately this is no longer the case, and the only way to get it is trying to find a good soul who has it and is willing to lend their account :/
  2. Awesome news for me, although I don't understand why they couldn't apply a second trophy list just like Day by Daylight. Oh well, now I can only hope to mantain thay juicy #1 spot on the fastest achivers' ranking
  3. Here's all my dead runs, enjoy my pain 1. Chapter 1: Martha, during the cart sequence. 2. Chapter 1: I jumped but Blake didn't grab the ledge. 3. Chapter 1: Martha, during the cart sequence. 4. Chapter 1: Martha, during the hook sequence. I hid from her, but she saw me for some reason. 5. Chapter 2: Nick & Laird, first encounter. I hid in the grass, waiting for him to pass away, but he came straight after me. 6. Chapter 2: Nick & Laird, second encounter. I tested a strat I thought was safe (I practised it beforehand), but didn't go as planned, of course. 7. Chapter 2: Nick & Laird, second encounter. I didn't avoid his arrow. 8. Chapter 5: first encounter in the mines. This was painful, because I got stuck in the wall while I was ready to escape. 9. Chapter 2: Nick & Laird, third encounter. I got stuck and an arrow got me. 10. Chapter 5: Last chase sequence in the mines. I ran out of battery and couldn't see sh*t. 11. Chapter 2: Nick & Laird, third encounter. Bad enemy position. 12. Chapter 1: Martha, during the cart sequence. The RNG here was awful. 13. SUCCESS! GOT THE
  4. Well, as it stands this might be the very first F1 game with an unachievable platinum, and 2012 might be the next one due to this Pass VIP thing being implemented as well.
  5. Wrong. Deadlocked has a PS3 HD port, a pretty bad one, but a port nonetheless.
  6. CTR time trials are not as hard as the people tend to claim. It's just learning that 2 or 3 techniques that once you get the hang of it, you'll never forget. In WipeOut and GT5, on the other hand, it's all about brutal difficulty, no techs to save you., just straight optimization to go faster every time, Oh and btw, I platted all three games, and GT5 is a league on its own.
  7. Road to the Olympics and Winterfest are pretty straightforward, Extreme Pack is pretty challenging due to "The Extreme Ten" trophy, but fortunately it requires only 10 challenges to gold, and not all of them.
  8. #226+100%: Assassin' creed Odyssey

    #227: 11-11 Memories Retold

    #228: Persona 3 Dancing in Moonlight

  9. How much will it cost? Asking for a friend, of course ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  10. Of course is Day one. I hope for a physical reales even here in Europe.
  11. Yeah I can confirm the servers are still up. Even if I couldn't find anyone, I could still navigate through the multiplayer menu.
  12. CoJ Bound in Blood is p2p. The server thing was likely the Uplay portion.
  13. shary96 - Face the press (F1 2010)
  14. Try to switch from Wi-Fi to LAN. It did the trick for me.