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  1. The Hand Cannon from Dead Space 2
  2. F1 Race Stars, MW2...
  3. Final Fantasy XV Comrades, AFTER the server closure. Damn, what a pain.
  4. I had this error about two month ago, in the end I made a backup and restored the console.
  5. It's a Pendulo Studios game, there's nothing else to say. I played every single game they released, never felt disappointed once. I definitely recommend this
  6. #189 - Catherine: Full Body


    Masterpiece, just like the original one.

  7. Your Crash Team Racing list is pretty messed up...
  8. I don't see anything wrong about his list. Maybe the reason could help.
  9. Yesterday I managed to find another player, and oh boy... Unable to move at the start, infinite falling, annoying delay in the inputs, disconnection after 10 seconds. That's really a shame, the online portion was the feature I was most interested of.
  10. Am I the only one? Every time I try to search for a ranked match, the game remains stuck on the finding player screen. Since the beginning of the month, I encountered only one player after 20 minutes of waiting, a couple of days ago. It's been only a month since this game came out, I don't think the servers are already dead. Any explanation?
  11. Did you use the mid-save feature?
  12. If I remeber correctly you have to reach the objective position in order for this trophy to pop.
  13. #186: God of War
    #187: Deponia Doomsday


    Man I'll miss the Deponia universe...


  14. I found a method for this trophy but I can't guarantee that works for everyone. Basically, out of the 5 photo needed, you have to do only the first one with Rufus, and it's mandatory in order to advance on the game. For the last four photos just let McChronicle do the shots, all in one sitting at the end of the chapter. This SHOULD work.
  15. Bound is pretty easy to be a 0.63%, I even made a thread about this a while ago. It's not hard by any means, just a bit of practice for the speedruns and that's it.