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  1. I found this strange stacking in his Ratchet & Clank Into the Nexus' difficulty-related trophies. I checked some profiles, including mine as well, and usually these trophies pop within 5-6 second each other, but in this case the gap is well over a minute. There might be some explanation about this, but I think it's worth mentioning.
  2. There's the Zero Escape creator behind this game. Insta-wishlisted, hoping for a price drop.
  3. #185: WipEout Omega Collection


    Great game, I had a ton of fun platting it. The Zico trophies though... D:

  4. Try to disable Windows Firewall, that worked to me.
  5. All the Pendulo Studios games released so far, the Runaway Trilogy above all:
  6. Reported for F1 2012 too.
  7. Time ro re-platinum this masterpiece again
  8. #181 + 100%: Final Fantasy XV

    IT'S FINALLY OVER! Comrades was a huge pain to play, god I'm so happy right now!

  9. This looks strange as well:
  10. Asura's Wrath 🤔
  11. You're my savior, LAN connection solved the problem! I also got this error and I was almost giving up.
  12. #182: Forgotton Anne


    An underrated gem.

  13. #180: Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled


    It's a drug.

  14. ... damn, too late, I paid that Drake's Fortune DLC over a month ago 😢