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  1. same here but on ps4, psvita was fine untill yesterday. already did rebuild. thinking about formatting my ps4 now
  2. FFS, can't even line up the games from price low to high. How the fuck do i keep track of the best deals for the hundreds of games i still want to buy without this and without a wishlist. Not even talking about my multiple accounts in EU, US and HK. For fuck sake this is a big big downer for me. No fun in trophy hunting like this anymore if you have to put more time in searching crappy stores on all your consoles with all your accounts. Will take you more time then platting most games nowadays...
  3. i own a horipad ps4 turbo controller for as long as i can remember now but i didn't now you can use autofire on 2 buttons at the same time?? you really sure this is possible? i really think you can only assign 1 button at the same time for auto fire...
  4. Thnx for the info m8
  5. Ah i see there are 2 versions of the game in the store now indeed. Thanks for the info i'll be waiting for the optional version to sync.
  6. So is this one playable without the VR or is it required?
  7. Is this playable without the VR or is it required?
  8. Is the VR required for this one or can you play the game without the VR?
  9. Oke thnx for the info
  10. Can this one be played without the VR? Is it required?
  11. i noticed i can't backup my saves files to usb stick no more. First i thought it was my usb stick, but i tried lots of sticks and they all fail. I get different error codes, all meaningless if i look them up. now you could say my usb port is broken but my ps4 got more usb ports and they all dont work, with different sticks. kinda sucks so i believe sony is behind this. personally i don't need plus right now, got a shitload of games in my backlog and i first wanto finish tat. but now i had to grab plus just so i can backup a save file which was need to plat a game. sucks... anyone else have this problem too?
  12.,searchweb201602_3_10065_10068_319_317_10696_10084_453_10083_454_10618_10304_10307_10820_10821_10301_537_536_10902_10843_10059_10884_10887_321_322_10103,searchweb201603_55,ppcSwitch_0&algo_expid=063423b1-ec59-4988-b14f-9896971860fe-1&algo_pvid=063423b1-ec59-4988-b14f-9896971860fe&transAbTest=ae803_5 I've had troubles with a lot of vita games too. I bought this little thingy.. It helps a bit sometimes..
  13. is this game VR required or can you play without the VR?
  14. Having trouble also. I’ve been running through the game in 25 minutes now but i keep getting 97% so i seem to be missing a collectible. What do i have to get beside the 30 minute goal. - All sigi signs - all caves - the collectible at the tree base - the apple hanging in the tree - the crown on top of that statue like thing - the collectible in the cave in level 19 right? *edit* nvm figured it out. i forgot the chimney collectible at the little house, apparently i got the trophy for that without even trying so didn't know there was a collectible to get there..
  15. You made this look very easy. I'm gonna have to unlock the crossbow first, seems like its a very good weapon. Thnx for the vid gonna trie this