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  1. 3472443638980479541?type=m1280_1280_2&nocache=4123181202


    Here's someone who deliberately removed the trophy timestamp.

    It still appears in the rankings.
    This cannot be reported.
    There is no punishment.


    On the other hand, I...
    Platinum acquisition time is incorrect and the flag is still not removed.

    I had to hide it in the end.

    As a result, I lost 100% of my achievement rate.




    Cheater manager, You've  already admitted that I didn't mean it.
    Someone is still avoiding punishment.

    It is very unfair if the flag is not removed simply by looking at the acquisition time.

    I just hope that the flags of people like me will be removed.

    1. lasthit565


      Once again, the game is called VITA (EU)"alterc" game.


      Now I hid the game and 14 trophies are hidden.


      There was a bug in the last boss game in the game, and I made a mistake turning on the Wi-Fi while trying many ways.


      Unfortunately, some of the trophies have been synced to other EU accounts.

      When I got Platinum, I already had only two platinum and bossy trophies in my account.


      If it weren't for bugs, this would never have happened.


      I hope it ends here, but Cheater Manager raised the issue in another game, PS3 CAPCOM ARCADE CABINET.

      There was a conflict and no one believed me, so I had to leave a video of evidence of winning the trophy.


      I was exhausted, stressed, suffered, and hurt by you.


      Once again, no one is helping me.


      Another manager made another problem, but it still hasn't been solved. 

      He didn't even apologize to me.


      Still, I sometimes play VITA/PS4/PS3 at the same time.


      Once again, everyone can do that and I've been playing honestly until now.


      For ranking, or out of curiosity, some people are still using vita trick, aren't they? I think strict rules should only be imposed on people who abuse.
      (True Cheater Users, Illegal Users.)


      At least one forgiveness should be tolerated for those who do not.


      I still feel unfair. I am suffering from the actions you have done to me.


      You've been playing a lot of games, and you've been using vita trick, don't you think?

      I hope you don't still doubt or laugh at me.

  2. While making the video, I didn't have any friends to shoot for me, so I had to make the video with difficulty by hanging a band on the chair alone.


    I'm a lonely trophy hunter.
    No one is helping me.
    There is also no account sharing. That's because I don't want to.

    Sometimes I play PS4orPS3 and VITA Nobel games at the same time.


    I made a mistake because I had a bad memory. I apologize for that.

    1. lasthit565
    2. Kittet3


      I thought you were unflagged for this game? 

    3. lasthit565


      At first, I had a conversation with the manager and I was memory confused.

      I checked that arcade cabinet game was  flagged yesterday.

      It was an old game, so I had to find my memory.

      Yes, it worked out well.  unflagged for this game

      but, Another manager quoted me again.

      The thread is locked and I posted my thoughts here.
      I'll stop here. Thank you.

  3. It's not someone. It's a post I posted and I knew it belatedly. Clearly, memory is mixed. It's because you first claimed it was Gunsmoke. Wow, I can play Play PlayStation 4 PlayStation 3 at the same time. I'm a solo user.I'm so embarrassed.No one is helping me.I'm getting the trophy by myself. Anyone can play with a ps3/ps4 and vita at the same time. That's Novel game.! I don't share an account with anyone. No one helped me not with this. I didn't write a post because I prohibit writing about cheater in my korean community. After this arcade cabinet dispute, I didn't notify and didn't get help from anyone.I had to find and prove my own memory.
  4. There is an error in the translation. After the Gunsmoke game was completed, and within 23 minutes, the Arcade Legend Trophy pop up. in the 23 minutes of winning the legend trophy, I was confused about what game I played, and I thought I would have played Gunsmoke once more on the assumption that it was Gunsmoke game. Before the conflict, the manager said it was a game of Gunsmoke. The manager said the other game's trophy didn't show up and the only one was Gunsmoke. So I thought strongly that I played Gunsmoke one more time. You said the only thing that's possible without locking another game is Gunsmoke. I belatedly learned from my Korean community bulletin that I won the first shooting game Vulgus game. I don't go on, but in the first shooting game at once, i said he won the NOCONTINUE arcade legend trophy. 2017/09/29.17:13 So I made a video and proved that I could get an arcade legend trophy video. The first shooting game Gunsmoke Side arms not either. It was the onley Vulgus game.
  5. I made a play video that proves that I am innocent. It was the first shooting vulgus After I installed all the games, Vulgus appeared. It will be uploaded soon. I'm uploading a YouTube video.!ApK6tniF_dAjg2wPOYpoWwpONM2-?e=pvju4H I won the arcade legend trophy in the Vulgus game. Here's a screenshot of the evidence. I proved the possibility with a Vulgus game without a trophy without unlocking other games. Please let me go. I insisted because I thought I played Gunsmoke one more time. I had mixed memories. I found out later that I won the legendary trophy without dying in the first shooting game in my Korean community post. I didn't know what the game was, but after all the games were installed, the game appeared. That's right. It's the Vulgus game.
  6. Vulgers is a game without a trophy in the main game. If you broke it without dying, the legendary trophy will appear with you.I have fully demonstrated the possibility. Would you hide a legitimate game that you have completed? That's unfair. I'm so angry. I said this in a comment I left in the Korean trophy community where I was active.17.9.29 17:13 The No-Continue game won the first shooting game without a not x trophy. I said I finished the game without dying in the easiest shooting game without a trophy. Then, I can't remember well in the circumstances, but I think the Vulgers game will be the most likely.
  7. I installed the Capcom Arcade game, but it didn't show up. So I thought it was a game without it. But as you said, if you had practiced for the first two hours, it would have been practice and you wouldn't have cleared it. I think it would have been possible if i cleared Gunsmoke and did this without dying. I am confused in my memory. We've finished Gunsmock and started shooting games, but we've got to figure out exactly what the game is. This video explains it.8:50 That is the final boss.Then isn't this almost a strong evidence? It was belatedly confirmed that I left a comment that I played the easiest shooting game without a trophy. 2017.09.29. 17:13 If Vulgers is the easiest game to play, it's likely to be this.
  8. No, I completed Side Arms, but the trophy didn't pop up. I remember completing it more than twice. Assuming it's not Gunsmoke, What's left is different games. I don't remember anymore. I definitely completed the game without any tricks. I haven't hidden all game so far. I've been shown to play 100 percent of the game fairly. Please stop giving me a hard time. Shikhondo: Soul Eater I also hold the world record in shikhondo is shooting games.I am a hard-working person who practices hard enough before starting a difficult game. I have a professional background in Korea. My full name is CERS and I made my name known widely in the game that needed control. It was a PC game. The PlayStation Profile site is the first time I feel betrayed by my efforts. I haven't slept all night. I might die. Please let me go.
  9. One thing that is clear is that I honestly completed Gunsmoke and left reviews and targets. If you go to the corresponding red circle board position in the 10th boss, you will not be damaged. I learned it late on my own. I left it as a tip.!ApK6tniF_dAjg2lo8wlqc0nBJTCP?e=aPxmAi!ApK6tniF_dAjg2rjosmrTBXT5A1i?e=8b8SmH
  10. I had made it clear to the honest trophy community where I work. I post has been found. No-Continue won the first shooting game without a trophy. I'm not fake at all. Please help me. xl0Y1hcZnRLY2FmZ 비넷 & art = aWN50ZXJSjanR1W50NWXJYWCwtYW50ZXJSja eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiJ9.eyJjYWZlVHlwZSI6IkNBRkVfSUQiLCJhcnRpY2xlSWQiOjY4NzQxLCJpc3N1ZWRBdCI6MTU5Nzk0MDQ3NDkwMSwiY2FmZUlkIjoyMzQ3OTgyNX0.AQjxZWltfdo8o9bFGskdeLC4WixDJB8GQJI53PRfd58 및 초점 = 35,885,120 2017.09.29. 17:13 I have conclusive evidence that I won a legendary trophy without Continue in the first shooting game without a trophy Please let me go now. i think it's because we didn't get the trophy on the game itself. Perhaps this is the most likely one. If you don't get squid and bulgaris by the end of the game, you can't get a trophy for that game. But from my memory, it's definitely a shooting game, so it could be SIDE ARMS of the original basic game. Apparently, the first time they completed, they didn't win the 500 Red Cross trophy, and if it was a system error, then test control. Defeat the final boss, Bahamut Centipede. (SIDE ARMS) I remember not winning that trophy at once. But as far as I remember it could be SIDE ARMES of the original basic game because it's obviously a shooting game. Obviously, when I first completed, I didn't win Destroy 500 enemies Trophy, and "Pest Control" [Defeat the final boss, Bahamut Centipede.] (SIDE ARMS) I remember not winning the trophy at once. It must be a system error where the trophy doesn't pop up. It became a strong candidate to win the legendary trophies in two games. I don't cheat.But I have mixed memories. I'm not kidding.
  11. I am thinking of Raiden4 as the 1500th Platinum.It will also leave a replay and a video of evidence.But I see you not only suspecting the game I've completed in good shape but pushing me to the brink.If the Leiden4 Platinum video doesn't solve this problem,Do I have to manage Gunsmoke in less than 30 minutes? It's pain.If I can prove it by playing it again, I will. There is only one condition. Please release the flag even for an alteric game that is unfairly flagged.I'm a pure soul. Please let me go, if not in extreme ways.
  12. Oh, I want to die now. I didn't use any cheats and I just played it right. Why are you denying me?
  13. Oh, I'm going crazy. My U.S. associate account is rlfgms6. I've practiced. I'm so angry. Why doesn't anyone believe me? I'm now facing a difficult problem that I don't want to play games in other problems. Do you have to drive me to the edge of the cliff like that?
  14. I don't remember, but I would have played Gunsmock one more time and won the legendary trophy in 23 minutes, or otherwise completed the shooting game that wasn't on the trophy list as no-continue.
  15. I have recently been practicing (raiden4 over kill) the game This is the result of more than 20 hours of practice. I have a good point in shooting games. But I try harder than anyone else. Raiden4 is made a video of the replay. But I don't have a capture board. The cabinet game is old and hard on me. In the Gunsmoke game, I practiced for 48 hours. Please don't underestimate my efforts and don't deny what I've done. Reason: Capcom Arcade Cabinet • Reason: “Arcade Legend” unlocked without any individual game’s trophy unlocking. The Arcade Legend Trophy was acquired within 23 minutes of the completion of the Gunsmoke Games. I've practiced enough. I am a Korean who lacks English. I argued that it was not a problem. Please help me.