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  1. About the flag designated Alteric game...

    trictly speaking, I wasn't a Vita tric mistake, but Vitatric is still a legitimate one because of the bugs in the "Alteric (Eu ver) game".., 

    so I only backed up save files, erased the game, and reinstalled it. I've repeated it over and over again and I was to turn on the Wi-Fi to back up the save file. I confronted the bug in the game and eventually defeated the boss who had a bug.

    After synchronization, only two trophies obtained during the treatment of Platinum and the final boss appeared.(You’re incredible!
    Complete Chapter 3 & Alteric Platinum
    Good job! Completed all tasks!)

    In other words, all trophies except two were applied to "CERS-UK" (U.K. deputy account) that played the game. It's neither intentional nor a mistake. It's a system defect.




    Compare the two. You can see that I did it right away.


    In order to fill 100% of the trophy again, I had to play the hellish Alteric game over and over again in a legitimate way to win platinum.

    The two trophies were mixed, but I played fairly. From the beginning until now, I didn't cheat. I'm a user who plays alone.

    What I want to argue is that trophies are often messed up because they do not burst due to systematic defects in PS4.
    The same goes for other platforms.

    Don't judge simply by looking at the time.

    My efforts went down the drain.

    Don't judge simply by looking at the time.

    If you can get out of that devilish game that's flagged, I'll fly away.

    Since then, I have been under so much stress that my chronic disease has worsened.I had to fight against the disease for a while.
    I was very sick. Please don't give me a hard time anymore.

    I know it's still a problem that won't be solved. I hope a miracle will happen to me where the flag of the devilish game disappears.

  2. 3472443638980479541?type=m1280_1280_2&nocache=4123181202


    Here's someone who deliberately removed the trophy timestamp.

    It still appears in the rankings.
    This cannot be reported.
    There is no punishment.


    On the other hand, I...
    Platinum acquisition time is incorrect and the flag is still not removed.

    I had to hide it in the end.

    As a result, I lost 100% of my achievement rate.




    Cheater manager, You've  already admitted that I didn't mean it.
    Someone is still avoiding punishment.

    It is very unfair if the flag is not removed simply by looking at the acquisition time.

    I just hope that the flags of people like me will be removed.

    1. lasthit565


      Once again, the game is called VITA (EU)"alterc" game.


      Now I hid the game and 14 trophies are hidden.


      There was a bug in the last boss game in the game, and I made a mistake turning on the Wi-Fi while trying many ways.


      Unfortunately, some of the trophies have been synced to other EU accounts.

      When I got Platinum, I already had only two platinum and bossy trophies in my account.


      If it weren't for bugs, this would never have happened.


      I hope it ends here, but Cheater Manager raised the issue in another game, PS3 CAPCOM ARCADE CABINET.

      There was a conflict and no one believed me, so I had to leave a video of evidence of winning the trophy.


      I was exhausted, stressed, suffered, and hurt by you.


      Once again, no one is helping me.


      Another manager made another problem, but it still hasn't been solved. 

      He didn't even apologize to me.


      Still, I sometimes play VITA/PS4/PS3 at the same time.


      Once again, everyone can do that and I've been playing honestly until now.


      For ranking, or out of curiosity, some people are still using vita trick, aren't they? I think strict rules should only be imposed on people who abuse.
      (True Cheater Users, Illegal Users.)


      At least one forgiveness should be tolerated for those who do not.


      I still feel unfair. I am suffering from the actions you have done to me.


      You've been playing a lot of games, and you've been using vita trick, don't you think?

      I hope you don't still doubt or laugh at me.

  3. While making the video, I didn't have any friends to shoot for me, so I had to make the video with difficulty by hanging a band on the chair alone.


    I'm a lonely trophy hunter.
    No one is helping me.
    There is also no account sharing. That's because I don't want to.

    Sometimes I play PS4orPS3 and VITA Nobel games at the same time.


    I made a mistake because I had a bad memory. I apologize for that.

    1. lasthit565
    2. Kittet3


      I thought you were unflagged for this game? 

    3. lasthit565


      At first, I had a conversation with the manager and I was memory confused.

      I checked that arcade cabinet game was  flagged yesterday.

      It was an old game, so I had to find my memory.

      Yes, it worked out well.  unflagged for this game

      but, Another manager quoted me again.

      The thread is locked and I posted my thoughts here.
      I'll stop here. Thank you.

  4. I heard that for similar reasons, the game was flagged, classified as a cheater, sent a protest mail, and flag & cheater released
    Then why can't I unflag the game?

    It's a second platinum, but... I finished it from beginning to end.
    In the last stage, the boss was not finished and could not win the chapter 3 trophy because of the bug.
    I tried to update the game by turning on Wi-Fi even though it was a short time.
    But it didn't work, after googling and I had a day or so to finish the boss, and I was able to solve the game bug, and after I got the platinum,
    Synchronized successfully.

    Yes, that's right. Only the final chapter 3 trophy and the Platinum trophy appeared.
    I posted the thought to the Korean community where I work and immediately initialized Vita.
    I finished platinum from the beginning again and synchronized.
    I got messages from people with tangled timestamps like me. I could mention the ID, but I think you know the precedent better.
    I want the flag removed like them.
    I lost my trophy life.
    So I don't play games for a while.
    I'm thinking of retiring.
    Everything I've been doing has collapsed. If I'm lucky, there's no other way but to release the flag.
    Please set a precedent for me.


    I am studying English, but I am not good enough.

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    2. Arctic Cress

      Arctic Cress

      This game, correct?


      There's no way to reverse a flag on the Vita trick going wrong, so a dispute will not help. You'll have to hide the game via your console.


      The following thread has instructions on how to do this.

      After hiding the game, earning another trophy in any game, and syncing your profile here you'll be back on the leaderboard again.

    3. lasthit565


      In the same case as I did, there was a case where the flag was flagged and then released.
      I had to present it as evidence.
      I couldn't speak logically in the dispute and said there was no other way but to hide it.
      So why? There's a precedent for removing the flag from the same case as me.

      That's vita alteric(EU) game. The thread is locked in the dispute and you can no longer raise an objection. Unfortunately, this is the best I can do right now.

    4. DaivRules


      Stop bringing your disputes out of the Disputes section. Private Message the Cheater Removers and take it up with them. 


  5. I put everything down. I fell to the floor. Flagged game [VITA]Altic(EU)
    I'll do anything if I can unflag the game. Give me a chance.Please give me a mission to make up for it. I'm confident I can do anything. I can prove it.

  6. I didn't make a mistake on purpose. In the final stage of the Altric, i had to challenge the bug for more than 10 hours.
    The boss didn't die, so I had to erase the game in the end. I erased the game, installed it again, acquired platinum, synchronization with the Vita trick, and only two final-stage trophies were left. The rest of the trophies turned on Wi-Fi and re-downed the game, I think they were imputed to the uk account.
    You used a trick once, and it's never two mistakes. The synchronization went wrong and  i had to reset Vita and get Platinum again.
    Because of the bug, I had to reacquire platinum after initializing vita NA version Altric game.
    I think it's too unfair and I can't believe it's all in denial.
    If my story is right, I hope I can show up on the leaderboard again. Due to the pressure of concealment, all games installed on PS4 have been executed. I'm under extreme stress right now.

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    2. lasthit565


      To me, luck is to show up proudly in the leaderboard rankings with the designated flag off.

      I don't want to delve into corruption and discuss it.
      I hope that good citizens will not be harmed.

    3. starcrunch061


      Is it your first flag? Just hide it, and you'll be back onto the leaderboard. No need for this dramatic status, or its inevitable follow-up.

    4. lasthit565


      Somebody's flag has been lifted.But I... Not All right.

      Okay.Nevertheless, if there is no way, I'll finish everything here.

  7. Hey, I saw you got the GGXRD: Rev plat recently. Was wondering, if you had any tips for getting the plat and the online trophies? :)