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  1. While making the video, I didn't have any friends to shoot for me, so I had to make the video with difficulty by hanging a band on the chair alone.


    I'm a lonely trophy hunter.
    No one is helping me.
    There is also no account sharing. That's because I don't want to.

    Sometimes I play PS4orPS3 and VITA Nobel games at the same time.


    I made a mistake because I had a bad memory. I apologize for that.

    1. lasthit565
    2. Kittet3


      I thought you were unflagged for this game? 

    3. lasthit565


      At first, I had a conversation with the manager and I was memory confused.

      I checked that arcade cabinet game was  flagged yesterday.

      It was an old game, so I had to find my memory.

      Yes, it worked out well.  unflagged for this game

      but, Another manager quoted me again.

      The thread is locked and I posted my thoughts here.
      I'll stop here. Thank you.