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  1. Too easy, it's almost unfair 😂 Now you need to find the flow on the Rock of Rages and you'll get the last trophy in no time! But please, don't walk away from this game right after you get the 100% - there is a lot of challenge left in the game and I am sure that you'll get plenty of satisfaction from completing a couple of ninja tracks. I will be more than happy to send some reasonable suggestions your way
  2. Maybe the future they are talking about is more like 5-10-15 years or more from now, when the quality of the Internet connection won't be a thing any more. When it comes to playing streamable-only games, I find it uncompelling now (never even tried PS Now as it's not available in Poland), but I guess my attitude may change over time - 10-15 years ago I never watched movies online (admittedly, there were fewer options and the Internet quality was much worse), these days with Netflix and HBO GO I don't remember when I last actually bought a movie on a physical disc (though I am still old-school when it comes to music and buy quite a lot of music CDs, often times only to convert them to MP3s).
  3. I don't watch speedrunners religiously, but every now and then I enjoy watching HeyZeusHeresToast (Bloodborne), FaraazKhan (Sekiro), AnthonyCaliber (TLoU) and matte27_ (Super Meat Boy). And maybe Elaijaz (depends on the game). It blows my mind, though, how you can play the same game day in day out without going crazy (especially if you're a small streamer and don't do it for money).
  4. Well, the Butcher's Circus is out and it's still up in the air if it will be released on consoles or not (the dev said today it depends on the reception on PC). If it ever does, however, it will be rather time-consuming without boosting (as expected in this game) judging by the steam achievement list (most notably, Win 100 matches or Cause 150 heart attacks). Edit: Just noticed that the game will be free this weekend on Steam and seeing that the DLC is free, there is a chance to try it out.
  5. Thanks for the good tip about season pass 2, without Green Cities the other two expansions currently do indeed cost less than the whole pass.
  6. Damn, that's a nice time, thanks for the video, maybe I will return to get the speedrun trophy but I got put off by missing 1 hidden note, I remember that I checked all locations a bunch of time.. Probably if I followed the video now, I'd find the missing note at some point. By the way, this is a really enjoyable indie game.
  7. Don't forget about the countries where PS Now is not offered On topic, though, Mafia I remains one of my best gaming experiences ever (played it when it came out on PC, still remember how I felt when I saw the ending) but I am a bit sceptical about playing a remastered version almost 20 years later - will probably skip it. Mafia II interests me as it came out during my 10 year break from gaming, so I know nothing about it - but it really depends on how well the remastered version is done. And finally, I wonder what they will do with Mafia III (which I really enjoyed), I should still return to it as I got the Season Pass at some point. Funny that the news came just when I am in the second season of the Sopranos (also rewatching after some 10 years).
  8. You are almost certain to get the invisible bike trophy on your first attempt (just make the first jump 😂), so really it's down to whether you want to have it over with and focus on the last two challenges or whether you want to do the hard work now and then cap your Trials challenges with something easy.
  9. Thanks! I bought it as I've never stopped feeling nostalgic for Transport Tycoon Deluxe, but so far I've approached this game twice and both times got distracted very early on (not unusual in my case). But I will definitely start playing it properly at some point.
  10. Thanks for the info - but more importantly - thanks for reminding me that this game exists, I've tried a few times to start playing it but I still can't get into it, even though I would probably enjoy it. Another thing is that it's one of these games which keeps churning out pricey DLCs, which is annoying (unless they are top quality, but I wouldn't know). Did you enjoy the game?
  11. Not that it matters, but Shady did get the 100% in Fusion, in fact he platinumed all extremes, which is not too shabby. I don't follow him closely so had to look up his channel and it appears that for some strange reason he only has a video on him failing Top Roach, but then there is also a video where he cleans up the last challenges and gets Is There Anyhing You Can't Do? Now Shady has never been a top speedrunner nor (even less so) a ninja player, but as a self-proclaimed instructor he's been solid enough to become involved in the development of the tutorial section (the University of Trials) in Trials Rising, I'd say he definitely earned his spot there. I catch his streams from time to time (he's a small-time streamer as side activity) and I quite like him for his very friendly personality. Also, in a different context you mentioned that you play on a monitor now - this may actually be (very?) helpful - the "pros" play mostly on monitors due to less lag, I would be curious to know if you see any difference!
  12. I don't think there are many pointers when it comes to these two challenges other than watching other people's videos and trying to imitate what they're doing, unfortunately (well, it may go without saying that the Roach is easier for Pipe Phobia unless you're very experienced). When it comes to consistency, it comes with practice (duh 😜) and speaking for myself, on Pipe Phobia at the end I was consistent enough to get through the longest pipe section roughly 1 in 10 times (not really consistent but at the same time it only takes about 20 seconds to get there, so overall not too bad) and for Top Roach there were only three CPs that I wasn't very consistent on, the other ones were super consistent for me. That is on the Roach as the Pit Viper is super consistent on each CP and a zero fault run is very easy (a very fast zero fault run is of course harder). Yeah, for this I don't know where to begin. I can't help but admire what various people have achieved in the Trials series. Sadly, I can't say that about myself as I've never passed anything harder than a level 2 and even certain 2s I find too hard - I guess I've never pushed myself too hard and maybe I'm too old for that game (born in '81). Still, it's super entertaining what the likes of RJ Burger, Scottah, GT4 and others have done. Unfortunately, most of the god tier players have stopped playing actively and the ninja scene in Trials Rising is almost dead, basically one serious player in it, but - incidentally - next weekend is the semi-final of the first Trials Fusion ninja tournament in more than a year and RJ is in it (he hasn't played in around a year and still almost passed the hardest level 8 [Wraith] the other week - he only choked on the very last CP, and yesterday he casually passed a very hard level 7 on stream in between tournament matches). I think the video below is a good comment on the skill-ceiling in Trials Fusion. By the way, the video was made by @Kevinnummer1, who must be the best ninja player and trophy hunter at the same time (though it seems that he's retired from both currently). The video showcases the greatest achievements in Trials in 2018 and then there is another video on his YT for 2019. It's a great watch and it shows quite well what this game has to offer on top of 100% 😀 (a zero fault run by RJ on Luscious was included in the 2019 recap video as it happend in February, if I remember correctly). Also, notice the ninja level 6 pass by Kie2K8 with 111 faults at 20:07 mark - Kie just uploaded a zero fault run on this track the other day 😂😂 EDIT: What do I do to embed the video so that it shows up here?
  13. Good job on RedLynx to the Sword, so you're entering the final phase of the road to 100% Do you know the order in which you'll be cleaning up the remaining challenges? One note on Pipe Phobia - don't be surprised if - when going on your back wheel, especially at a lower speed - your bike will suddenly lose all speed, as if the wheel hit some invisible obstacle. This is a well-known tire glitch, which happens in this game quite frequently (apparently it was already present in Trials Evolution, a predecessor to Trials Fusion, but is not so much of a problem in Trials Rising). It's not a big deal for us, casual players, but a heads-up in case it happens to you - it did to me plenty of times, as a matter of fact.
  14. Howlongtobeat dot com is also a useful site to check average completion times, it has a lot of statistics and 100% for PS4 stands at 65 hours, which is not too far from what you're saying.
  15. I don't mind posts like yours as these indie game can really fly under the radar and people's recommendations can be helpful. If you enjoy Rogue Aces, then I suggest that you try out King Oddball (if you have it from PS+), it's different but it fits the scenario where a game quickly loads up, is super addictive and can be played for short bursts of time. King Oddball is not a plat though, just a 100%, but has two separate lists for the Vita and PS4.