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  1. Hey @Cassylvania, just thought I'll let you know that I've bought two games that you've completed before, so I may have some questions at some point, although one of them (Everybody's Golf) is probably a distant memory for you as I see you played it 1,5 years ago. The other one shouldn't be a surprise, it's The Long Dark - actually I bought 4 games because first I found TLD at a good price, but then to get free shipping I added Everybody's Golf, Doom and Spintires: Mudrunner. I see how there is some very twisted logic involved in all of this - the actual shipping would have cost me only a fraction of the cost of those extra games, but the truth is that they were all offered at very reasonable prices and I have considered playing them at one point or another. Actually, it's Everybody's Golf that is the oddball from the bunch and it was a spur of the moment purchase (and also the priciest one of all four at 20 bucks) but it's also the one which I've installed first and I like how it plays a lot, actually it brings back memories of Leaderboard Golf that I played in the early 90s on Commodore 64, which I remember I was fascinated with (I also played some Tiger Woods' game in 2004 but that didn't leave such a lasting impression on me). I may want to platinum EG, but we'll see, it's too early to say if it will grow old on me or not but something tells me I may enjoy it for a longer while. I searched for your older posts about EG and it looks like you quite enjoyed it (maybe except for a few grindy/luck-based trophies). As for The Long Dark, I am really excited about this game though it may have to wait at least until July as time is scarce for me this time of the year and the game requires a solid commitment that I probably can't make right now. I will surely have another look at what you said about the game once I start it. Also, I will probably finish up Fallout 4 these coming weeks, I've got to say that it was my first Fallout game and I'm thoroughly impressed with it. I am one easy trophy away from the platinum but I'm not rushing it as I actually want the 100% on this game - though one of the DLCs is supposedly a grind-fest and I still haven't started it, so I can't be absolutely sure whether my motivation will last long enough. As for why I've had a blast with the game so far - well, it may have a decent story (nothing out of the ordinary but it's not super cheap and it doesn't feel like dragging unnecessarily) but it is the sheer amount of freedom the game gives you that makes it extremely enjoyable for me. Everything in this game can be customized, modified, crafted, apart from the varied apparel you also have a power suit, which again is fully customizable, the tree skill is mind-boggling (at least at first), exploration feels satisfying and on top of everything else there is a base-building component, which basically adds a whole new layer of complexity to the game - I could probably go on, but the long story short, this is just the right game for me and if anything, there is too much content in it to fully make the most of everything. On an unrelated note, the temperatures in central Poland for the past 2 weeks have been at around 35 degrees Celsius, which translates into high 90s Fahrenheit (probably more in the sun). It's hot. I guess that's another reason why I should wait with The Long Dark - cognitive dissonance would become all too real
  2. Haha, that's quite a story, and it's great that you've managed to get it all sorted out, in fact I may install the Wolf Among Us just in case because even though the completion percentage is not my greatest concern , it is a game I actually want to play at some point.
  3. I actually realized something which may make my situation different from yours - I do actually own this game (not through PS+ but I actually purchased it) as it came with the Telltale bundle, which I wanted mostly for the Walking Dead series. No matter what, this is a very strange situation, I wonder if contacting Sony's customer support could help you.
  4. When I found the game in my PS+ library and clicked on it, it only showed Episode 2, but once the game downloaded and I played it, in the episode menu I was able to click on all the other episodes and they downloaded without problems.
  5. OK, I can confirm that the game works fine for me, after finding the game in the store I could only choose Episode 2 to download, but then from the game menu I could click on the other episodes and it would take me to the store site, where the download button was available. I also started Episode 2 to make sure everything was fine and it played without problems. I wonder what's up with your game (for the record, I am in the EU region).
  6. I will download the game and report back on its status. I would sure be very surprised if a PS+ game became unavailable without any prior announcement.
  7. When I first read it, I didn't think much of it, but I am just looking at the Playstation Store right now (trying to find some Days of Play deals) and can confirm that so far there have been 6 DLCs for Railway Empire which cost the total of 62 dollars (never been on sale so far) and none of them is just cosmetic, they all come with expansion maps and trophies. So all in all the game is really expensive (I got the vanilla game for about 25 bucks but still haven't gotten round to it). As for the US store Days of Play deals, I think I'll get Detroit: Become Human, as it's currently priced at $7,99, which is more than 2x cheaper than it's ever been in the EU store. Also, the price of Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition is outrageously low, but I already have it 😀 My more general observation is that while the European sales are better for the most part, every now and then there are quite incredible prices on a few selected games in the US store! (And what's with NBA 2K19 for $3???).
  8. Congrats on your ultra rarest platinum! And thanks for the heads-up on one of the challenges issue - I need to look into it as I am fairly convinced that I will play this game, probably in the summer - last summer I played theHunter and I actually had a pretty good time just wandering in the wild, and even though the two games are actually totally different, the Long Dark somehow has a similar type of appeal to me, we'll see. However, I was close to getting this game digitally and now I may have to change my mind - the game is actually quite cheap on disc, too (around 12 dollars) but I don't like physical editions, too much hassle juggling different discs.
  9. Yeah, that's what I'm wondering about, too - I guess they could make it really hard (and boring!) by making the in-game time match the actual time, but I doubt that's the case.
  10. @Rammstone Can you say something more about the game (seeing that you currently have the highest completion percentage)? Is it that long or that difficult that after a couple of days no one has gotten the platinum yet? Are the missions varied or repetitive? Do you generally recommend it? I hope that's not too many questions but I've been eyeing this game these past two days and can't decide whether to get it now or not (it's not even about the price as with the PS+ discount the price is very acceptable, it's more the question if I should add it to the already existing large backlog).
  11. Despite your making it very clear that the game has serious flaws, your descriptions are very vivid and make me (and maybe others, too) want to find out more about this game. I actually admire your super-immersive approach to games, do you always create this extra layer of narrative to relate to the story even more or is it mostly for us, readers? Either way, I really like this creative gaming of yours!
  12. I can't afford to take a break from work and travel freely all over the world. But traveling 1-2x per year makes you appreciate it more, so I generally don't complain.
  13. Yeah, my thoughts exactly yesterday when I saw that someone got the trophy so fast, usually it's one of the absolutely hardest trophies in any snooker game. I wonder if it'll get patched.. And how is the game in terms of difficulty (are the aiming lines always on?) and general mechanics? With the World Championships round the corner, it would be fun to play this game alongside (from what I've seen the players' animations are quite poor but to be fair it's not the most crucial part of such a game).
  14. Thanks for your comments, the controls are one of the things which I'm worried about - I heard it mentioned in some video that the gameplay feels clumsy with the controller. Also, I find it surprising that there is a lengthy discussion of the game on the steam forum but there's literally nothing about the game on the main console sites.
  15. Can anyone who has played this game write something about it? Is it fun? How's the difficulty? How is it trophy-wise? Also, are the DLCs worth it? I'll probably pick it up anyway as it has a decent price tag on it right now and in the videos it looks interesting, but I'd appreciate hearing from someone who has played it before.