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  1. You may be referring to the tranquilizer gun and the trophy attached to it - but I was just able to get the trophy in the botzone, I actually started a new topic, where I described it (it wasn't my original idea how to do it but the trophy guide here says Spangled cannot be obtained in the botzone, so I cleared that up).
  2. Funnily enough, I also got an error (after about 5-10mins) on the very same level, haven't had a chance to reset the level and try again but it's odd as the other levels worked just fine. EDIT: Level 3 Hardcore required about 3-4 tries and it was very taxing for the processor (98% processor usage), level 4 square was actually very fast and with no problems.
  3. The good news is that the irritating trophy Spangled is possible and fairly easy in the botzone (contrary to the guide) - I found out about it on another forum and got it on my 3rd try (or rather in the 3rd match). What you need to do is change the bots' AI to 2x Gold and 2x Silver (probably not necessary, but this is the setup that was mentioned and that I used) and choose Refinery as there are many different levels of play and it is more likely that once you get tranquilized, the bot will not get to you (although, in the end, I was tranquilized from a very short distance but the bot got distracted with another bot from my team).
  4. Thanks for the suggestion, I may do it at some point although the problem with this specific game has been mostly solved with the patch and with other games I think the Vita works fine - I've only been putting games on the memory card for the past 4 months or so (which is when I bought it), so maybe it hasn't clogged up yet, but definitely something to do in the future. The data on the card are not affected in the process, right?
  5. Good job, looks like you got it in the end - I lost my patience (after searching for the last item for hours on end) but maybe at some point in the summer I will give it another try.
  6. If anyone is still wondering, the servers are still up and for the most part it's not difficult to find a game - also, I have to say that the multiplayer for this game is really enjoyable and if anyone has this game but haven't played it yet, do yourself a favor and try it. In all fairness, though, the game drains the battery more quickly than your average vita game - just a reminder for those who play games while traveling, etc.
  7. Works great and is very user-friendly, cheers!
  8. I was literally going to write this but searched first and found that more people thought the same - after all, it was a mobile game to start with!
  9. I'd never suspect that it is one trophy only but at least one trophy per day every day for eleven days; however, if still in doubt there is a similar thread about it where someone posted Ask Playstation UK tweet reply which confirms that you can get as many trophies a day as you wish so that settles it then.
  10. Haha, that's one way of looking at it
  11. The games can all be bought cheaper in physical editions, as for the rest I am not interested, although I don't feel that the deals are particularly attractive.
  12. Just what I wanted to hear on coming home!
  13. At least you got to play through most of the year, I am stuck on Spring. Anyway, ConcernedApe tweeted today that they're working on the patch but no details when it will be out. Originally was planned was last week but people on reddit and the official SV forum found quite a lot more bugs so they probably want to address most if not all of them and not just the trophy crashes. Fingers crossed it will be before the end of the week!
  14. The video below helped me a lot as I also struggled a bit with this mission - not after I tuned my car as shown in the video: