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  1. Steep also requires the physical disc (specifically the Winter Games edition) as the Road to the Olympics DLC is no longer purchasable from the digital store.
  2. You can find it on psprices and click on the link there. However, it's no longer on sale.
  3. From the line-up of the semis, Trump vs. Higgins is no doubt the best match-up, and I imagine it's gonna be a great battle. However, t's not like like Higgins beat Bingtao with ease, at least the final score does not suggest it. Now for the final, I'd pick Trump skill-wise, but as we know, the mental game is equally important and at least in the past I remember it was Higgins' strong suit. In any case, it looks like there won't be too much gaming for you today The UK Championship is up next and I am pretty sure that this one is covered by Eurosport (it was in the past). I don't mind the larger field as you get to see some fresh faces, which often makes for a much needed break from the players you get to see all the time
  4. Haha, yeah, I can fully sympathize, but no snooker for me this time - I only get to watch snooker on Eurosport and sadly Champion of Champions is not part of their license. As for pool, it's basically just YT or occasionally some FB live broadcasts as it's not present on any major TV station in my country. So, who would you like to see in the final? I wouldn't mind seeing Trump vs. Higgins, that's almost bound to be entertaining BTW, what happened in O'Sullivan vs. Higgins, was O'Sullivan in no mood for playing, or was he so much outplayed by Higgins?
  5. What a mess with these editions! As a new player, why would I want to buy the 2022 edition which lacks so many of the previous add-ons? Why can't they make the yearly add-on bundles? Well, we know why...
  6. Good job, especially on Anger management, this one is really annoying (Speedcuber only slightly less so) Have you tried "Three birds, 1 stone" already? It's really not too bad, though it is a bit intimidating at first.
  7. Unless you got this time on an insanely lucky run, you'll almost there and you'll get the run soon!
  8. I would still suggest Incan Duels, but in any case you can go to Leaderboards and watch a replay of the slowest Diamond pass, or race against the ghost of that rider, so that should help.. I hope you'll get it soon!
  9. Good to see you back, even if in limited capacity - reading your thread has been very entertaining and I do admit that I've checked up on your profile quite a few times this last month. It sucks to read that you've been going through some hardships - I do hope that things will take a more positive turn for you soon!
  10. I'm experiencing the slowdown in loading times on the forums, too - good to know it's not just me. Off topic: I never heard this word "treacle" before, but just learnt its meaning
  11. Thanks for the heads-up I also just got it (a new copy) but it will only arrive in a few days.
  12. You're right, it would be great it someone could test it.
  13. I've been eyeing up the Season Pass for this game for quite a while, but it is only now that I learnt that the last DLC is not even included, that sucks. Not to mention that it has been delisted, but at least in my country you can still buy the physical release with the Road to the Olympics DLC for 10 dollars.
  14. I'd say that doing it legitimately is the hardest thing is Rising, although I also hated Trials Wars, which for some were easy.
  15. Excellent job on building up the suspense so far! Somehow I still remember the term 'epistolary novel' from my literature classes in college and this reads like the first installment of a modern one (the one we read was from 18th c. and came in the form of a succession of letters). And a great cliffhanger.. 😁