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  1. Glad you've found a way to move on. I've noticed that sometimes this game is hit-or-miss, like I could load up a scenario and all the on-screen information (with HUD and what not) wouldn't be properly lit but only dimmed/barely visible, reloading usually solves it. Or the train won't start no matter what (as in "no power"), but again, a few tries later everything works fine. Still, I wouldn't call the overall experience bad, for the most part everything works fine, just these occasional hiccups every now and then.
  2. That's very strange, I also bought the DLC only a few days ago and the training module started without any issues, also got the trophy. If nothing else helps, maybe try re-installing the game?
  3. Years from now we will be telling our children and grandchildren how difficult times we had to live through, waiting months for a new generation of consoles.. I agree, though, the situation is a joke.
  4. I suggest that you look for an answer on the DTG (Dove Tail Games) forums, they are very active and have a dedicated PS4 section. Personally, I don't have the Arosa line DLC but many people are complaining about bugs.
  5. Nice! How do you like the game? There's not too much information about it.
  6. I looked at this scenario and I see that I completed it (it must have been in the last two weeks), so if there's a bug, it's random and doesn't affect everyone - but I'm not very suprised as I also hit a similar bug in a different scenario (on Sandy Patch Grade), yet after a few restarts I was able to get past it. That's what I would suggest here, too, restart the mission (more than once, if necessary), also I assume you tried putting brakes to shutdown and then release again? The good thing is that I haven't come across many bugs these past couple of weeks that I've been playing the game - though I bought a few DLCs from the Preserved Collection in the sale and I immediately found a major bug in one of the tutorials.. Still, this game is an acquired taste but I find it very enjoyable.
  7. Believe it or not but the reason I never got into Railway Empire, though it's very much up my alley, is because my PS4 Pro would go crazy every time I played it I already have a list of games I will only play once I get PS5 😂
  8. Thanks! How challenging are the speedruns?
  9. Any news of the patch? The game is at a 25% discount in the current sale, but with so few active players it's hard to say if the broken trophies have been fixed.
  10. Just a heads-up that for Train Sim World 2 there are quite a few DLCs, which are also discounted in the current sale but not listed above (nor on psprices).
  11. Am I doing something wrong or is the feature of selecting your own livery currently unavailable? I have created a basic livery for the 1972 stock, saved it and then created a scenario for Bakerloo, but no option for a reskin was available when selecting a train. Yet, I see that people earned a trophy for that only a week ago, so perhaps I'm missing something? Update: The case is solved - it turns out that your own created livery can only be played in the Timetables mode.
  12. I've done quite a few of them, but just the other day I completed the Way of the Machine on the Roach - quite challenging because of a few obstacles, but ultimately very doable. The other track I completed on the Roach (also one of the challenges) was Meteorain, but that was a while ago and I think it was easier iirc. Also on Meteorain, make sure you back up and complete the secret level from Trials Evolution, I find it laughably easy now, but it wasn't so when I first played it.
  13. Just keep at it a little longer and you'll get it without problems, this trophy is actually much more forgiving than it may initially appear.
  14. Very impressive, congrats! A few annoying trophies in the DLC, but nothing to worry about too much!
  15. From their FB: The New Zealand Reserve DLC, Te Awaroa National Park, is set to release on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on Tuesday, February 9. This will also be accompanied with a neatly packed Improvements and Fixes update including but not limited to Multiplayer, TruRACS, animal scoring, and various gameplay quality enhancements.