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  1. Be careful, though, this game may suck you in and you may not want to play other games again.. it's not like I don't know what I'm saying 😆😜
  2. I whole-heartedly second you on this recommendation, this game can be 100%-ed in probably +/- 120 hours (on average, I am sure there are people who can do it much faster), but it can easily provide hundreds of hours of entertainment to those who enjoy card games. And it doesn't go on sale very often, but even the full price is more than worth it.
  3. Well, for a long time I stayed perfectly indifferent to the idea of PS5, but now I realized that if anything, I would really enjoy playing some PS4 games on it that I put down because they made my PS4 Pro sound like a jet ready for take-off, like Gone Days, Far Cry 5, Just Cause 4, RDR2 or Death Stranding (not to mention better framerates). For that I will probably get it, not day one though, but maybe within the next 6-9 months (a package deal with a double controller, which is pretty expensive for the 5th generation, would definitely be tempting). On the other hand, I've only played two games for the past 3 months and it's not just because of the sounds (I do have headphones for that), so is it worth it...? 😁
  4. I just got extremely lucky with a deck containing 2x Defend+, Demon Form+, Bludgeon+ and Shockwave+. I was really surprised that so few block cards got me through Act 3, but I had Snecko Eye after Act 1 and quite often I could play these high energy cards on turn 1, especially that I also had a relic for +2 strength and +10 block turn 1, and an Ice cream relic for conserving unused energy between turns. Also, I got a relic for all removal costing 50 and after Act 2 I picked up +2 str (enemies +1). All in all, I felt very strong and it was a very satisfying run
  5. I got to Ascension 20 with the Ironclad. As someone mentioned earlier, it's definitely the easiest class to learn, it can also be quite powerful once you can put all the pieces together (ideally, Barricade, Impervious, Entrench, Shrug It Off, Dark Embrace, Block Slam, etc. - maybe all that with the Snecko Eye, though the possibilities are countless). I think I would enjoy other classes as well, but Ironlclad was naturally the first one I started playing and I just stuck to it. What an incredibly entertaining game! Definitely one of the best "bang for your buck" ones!
  6. There must be countless ways how to beat the game with a single relic but what helped me a lot was the starting Cursed Key relic, which I got from the initial boss swap. This specific fourth energy relic comes completely for free in a single relic run as you're not going to open any chests anyway, but of course it may take a while to find it (as for the boss swap option to activate you need to get to the end of Act 1).
  7. Wow, you were beyond lucky in 80 hours I have poured into this game so far I only once had this event in act 2 But it doesn't matter as this game has already made it to at least my top 3 best games ever, and I still haven't even learnt all characters
  8. Does anyone remember what deck you got this trophy with? My best so far is the Ironclad class with an 8-card deck, with Rage, Rampage, Pummel, probably one defense and a bunch of Bites, unfortunately I got screwed by events and shops in act 3 and couldn't remove more cards - but in a small deck like that Rampage becomes a real beast, especially if you can draw it the second time in the same turn with Pummel. I know that it's possible to go infinite with Dual Wield, Dropkick and something for Vulnerable, but it may require more luck, I don't know. Any other ideas? Or ideas for other classes?
  9. Did you try earning a trophy? There is a video buried in this thread where a guy first earns a trophy and only then the new scoring system is applied to your level.
  10. This game is quite popular on Twitch and it's actually super chill to watch, if you look for Merl61, he plays the Watcher as his main character and even if you prefer to figure things out on your own, you may want to watch a playthrough or two just to get an idea as to what kind of synergies are most optimal. As for myself, I am trying to get the true ending with the Ironclad but last time I played, I got to the Heart and was obliterated as I diddn't have enough block. I imagine that this game is perfectly suited for a portable console, too bad there's no Vita port.
  11. Haha, Fell Seal has just gone on sale
  12. The question is how much you enjoyed Trials Fusion. If you enjoyed the previous game a lot, then you may safely grab Trials Rising as the game is actually very enjoyable. If you only get it if you think that you'll go for the platinum, then think twice as full commitment will be required. The trophy guide is not really necessary as the trophies are straightforward (though sometimes quite hard) and you'll find YT videos if necessary.
  13. You mean the retail version is often on sale? Because the digital game is definitely not, though the game is not too expensive to begin with, and definitely worth the price. As for DLCs, I doubt there will be more, but regardless, the game is very well-behaved in terms of how trophies unlock.
  14. Hey @Cassylvania, is Slay the Spire anywhere on your list of games to play? It's the only game that I've played quite a bit lately, also on PC, and I have a feeling that it's the kind of game that you would really enjoy. The platinum can be quite challenging (I don't suppose I'll ever get there) and definitely time-consuming, but I am very confident that you're more than qualified to get it 😎
  15. Well, too bad there is no complete DLC pack for those who got the base game, but still the complete edition is a welcome decision.