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  1. The question is how much you enjoyed Trials Fusion. If you enjoyed the previous game a lot, then you may safely grab Trials Rising as the game is actually very enjoyable. If you only get it if you think that you'll go for the platinum, then think twice as full commitment will be required. The trophy guide is not really necessary as the trophies are straightforward (though sometimes quite hard) and you'll find YT videos if necessary.
  2. You mean the retail version is often on sale? Because the digital game is definitely not, though the game is not too expensive to begin with, and definitely worth the price. As for DLCs, I doubt there will be more, but regardless, the game is very well-behaved in terms of how trophies unlock.
  3. Hey @Cassylvania, is Slay the Spire anywhere on your list of games to play? It's the only game that I've played quite a bit lately, also on PC, and I have a feeling that it's the kind of game that you would really enjoy. The platinum can be quite challenging (I don't suppose I'll ever get there) and definitely time-consuming, but I am very confident that you're more than qualified to get it 😎
  4. Well, too bad there is no complete DLC pack for those who got the base game, but still the complete edition is a welcome decision.
  5. It speaks volumes about the quality of the game if it keeps you coming back to improve once you've earned all the trophies! Good luck on your pursuit of music game perfection! It will be an interesting one to follow
  6. Even if I have no intention of playing TSW 2020, it seems that the best deal is to buy the base TSW 2 and TSW 2020 when it is on sale for 15 bucks - it comes with 2 DLC routes instead of one in TSW 2 Deluxe. Even better, though, would be to wait a bit and get TSW 2 at a discount, too 😂, especially that it probably needs patching.
  7. This game has long intrigued me and I can see that currently the deluxe edition comes with a small discount - can someone say how much content comes with the the Preserved Collection route East Coastway? Does the base game offer a lot of content?
  8. Could you briefly say if the multiplayer makes anything easier? Though I've spent an awful lot of time in this game, I never played in the multiplayer.
  9. @MatThaRiPP3R84 think the trophies are fixed now, but it will take hundreds of hours to 100% it. The platinum itself took me around 100 hours or more - but even though I have nothing to do with real hunting, I still think this is one of my favorite games on PS4. I will probably never complete it as I want to play other games as well, but I gladly return to it every now and then and I strongly recommend it (though patience is required). As for difficulty, it's probably 4-5 (base game probably 4), many trophies come from normal gameplay, but there are missions with more detailed requirements which require some skill (but even more so, as mentioned before, patience).
  10. I should have made my point clearer - what I meant was that at some point the devs fixed the bugged collectible trophies but it always required starting on a fresh save-file. In my case, I am still on the same save-file that I used to platinum the base game, which is why (I suppose) one of the trophies bugged out on me.
  11. I may be wrong but I think that the Medved-Taiga collectibles are fixed, it's just that you need to start the game on a fresh save-file, which sucks (traveling across the unlocked map is super tedious). In fact, I am missing one collectible in that reserve and I am facing a restart, which I've been delaying for a long time now.
  12. Definitely possible for someone who has played this game to death on a different profile or a different platform. When it comes to the said profile, it does look strange but that doesn't amount to much, in all fairness.
  13. I've no doubt you'll manage Mein Leben just fine (actually, either one of you) - it's funny how the other day I caught quite a bit of @Floriiss streaming his (successful as it turned out) Mein Leben playthrough on twitch and two days later he already 100%-ed the other version of the game - but it's probably smart to do it back-to-back (his vod is still available on his twitch channel, Mein Leben took him less than 4 hours).
  14. Having to get a Diamond on an actual track, not a skill game, brings back memories of going for RedLynx to the Sword It's just a single track, though. True, at all times the only thing I wondered was whether I was getting the gold medal first try or not - and I definitely didn't get gold on Inferno V first time trying. As for beating your time, I have little intention of competing for times, but with Inferno V I was curious to see how it feels after a few months of not playing it - I am pretty sure that I could easily get a much better time on it (I would first have to learn how to get over the see-saw obstacle consistently), but I feel no incentive. I also replayed some UoT tracks and improved a few of my times. Yeah, it's all about time - each faults gives you a 5 second penalty, so if saving would take longer, it's not worth it. Btw, you can compete against people from your friends' list or anyone else - go to leaderboards and click on a person's name - it will open a menu with a player's profile, a replay and a possiblity to race against that person's ghost. I actually beat the Orange Belt yesterday, and I even had to do it twice as the first time around I skipped out on the contract and upon completion it wouldn't unlock the Green Belt, which I found disappointing I doubt that I will beat the Green Belt but the first DLC ninja is definitely doable, I got quite far into it and maybe I will try to complete it as well.
  15. Wow, you've topped the leaderboard for this game, good job! Do you think the other trophies are obtainable, just take an insane amount of time? I'm only asking out of curiosity as I don't even own the game but - as I said in the previous post - I hope you'll be able to finish it (and you'd be the first and only one, that'd be a nice touch, too ). In fact, is this game actually enjoyable?