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  1. I can't afford to take a break from work and travel freely all over the world. But traveling 1-2x per year makes you appreciate it more, so I generally don't complain.
  2. Yeah, my thoughts exactly yesterday when I saw that someone got the trophy so fast, usually it's one of the absolutely hardest trophies in any snooker game. I wonder if it'll get patched.. And how is the game in terms of difficulty (are the aiming lines always on?) and general mechanics? With the World Championships round the corner, it would be fun to play this game alongside (from what I've seen the players' animations are quite poor but to be fair it's not the most crucial part of such a game).
  3. Thanks for your comments, the controls are one of the things which I'm worried about - I heard it mentioned in some video that the gameplay feels clumsy with the controller. Also, I find it surprising that there is a lengthy discussion of the game on the steam forum but there's literally nothing about the game on the main console sites.
  4. Can anyone who has played this game write something about it? Is it fun? How's the difficulty? How is it trophy-wise? Also, are the DLCs worth it? I'll probably pick it up anyway as it has a decent price tag on it right now and in the videos it looks interesting, but I'd appreciate hearing from someone who has played it before.
  5. Here's hoping that at least the Golden Week sale next month will be good as usual, I can't wait.
  6. That site is essential, especially with the lowest price information.
  7. Kevin, the first guy with the plat for this game, did the wheelie on the Firebase Faceplant, he let the plane at the end take off and wheelied his way to the finish line.
  8. Some best trials players are currently streaming a lot on twitch, so if there's nothing else, you may want to check out their VODs and see how they completed these races (e.g. Raon_GT4 is one channel where you will probably find the relevant race but it may take you a while as he's just finishing a 24h-stream in which he wanted to get all the diamonds - and he did, in fact, got the majority of them).
  9. Haha, it gets to the point where inferno iv seems like an easy track for beginners This below is considered to be the hardest track in Trials Fusion, but it's custom-made and absolutely not mandatory, it probably takes at least a 1000 hours of practice and still only two players in the world have passed it (if it's not evident, the track is almost entirely back wheel only, if you touch an obstacle with your front wheel, you need to start over):
  10. Not too many people got the DLC just by looking at tracked owners on this site and those who did probably knew a little better what they were coming in for, i.e. they were better riders. But I agree the WOTM is harder than Inferno IV (which is only hard until you figure out how to go past the first CP consistently and then maybe the wheel-to-barrels CP :D).
  11. Fapping is weaker but the fender grab seems much more generous and it is possible to ride vertical walls with the Helium , as in here: Also, it has been suggested that the full game may be a little different from the beta.
  12. Which track did you get the Diamond on in the beta? And also, what are your impressions from the beta? Some Fusion veterans complain about certain things (such as the stiff front wheel which makes certain ninja techniques impossible) but this may be because they expected a Fusion sequel and the developers keep saying that it's a different trials game, not to be mistaken for a boosted-up Fusion version. As for trophies, they definitely look easier than in Fusion unless the full game proves us wrong
  13. Have you seen the Inferno V yet?
  14. Those of us struggling with the Trials franchise may appreciate what could be regarded as an impossible feat - last night for the first time ever a ninja level 7 (those who do not know what it means - it's a track at least a 100x more difficult than an extreme) was 0-faulted by arguably one of the two best trials players in the world, RJ Burger (the other one being GT4). If anybody wants to see it, the video has been uploaded to his yt (same name) and, be warned, it's pretty insane once you realize how crazy difficult it is.
  15. Well, there is a trophy for completing an extreme track on a zero fault run anyway (well, technically the trophy is a bit different but in effect it means you have to be able to run an extreme without faults). That said, I think ninjas will be incorporated differently into this game.