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  1. Well, the game saves after each mission so once you've completed a mission, you press the Playstation button (on the Vita) and then upload your save to the cloud by clicking on the top right Plus icon (I believe you need a PS+ subscription for that), then return to the game (it only takes a few seconds as the game does not need to be closed). If you die, you load the save from the cloud (which takes a minute or so as the game has to be shut down and restarted). In the case of this game, you will probably not have to load the save many times as the difficulty level is not too high. That being said, completing all 100 levels without dying would be a good challenge as it's easy to make a silly mistake. EDIT: I looked at your profile and I see that you're playing on PS4 - the process there is similar but you'll find the option to back up your save somewhere in the Settings if I remember correctly (Manage your saved data or something like that).
  2. I started playing the game with no intention of platting it but got hooked so much that I earned the majority of the non-mission-related trophies without even trying, they came naturally. The only grindy trophies were the one for 100 missions (backing up your save file makes it very easy yet still a bit time-consuming) and maybe the one for 25x multiplier in the Survival mode (just need to get lucky with Aerial Steals as these can be finicky). I only played on the Vita and the gameplay was very smooth with barely noticeable loading times, overall I spent about 10 hours spread over three days with this game and I highly recommend it!
  3. What's with the difficulty in the third stage? The first stage is very manageable and it's easy to get a high score but the third stage is pure hit-or-miss - does anyone know if there is any narrow time frame during which to press the right buttons or is it just luck? Or maybe there is some other trick to this stage?
  4. Well, in Poland a lot of people do, although personally I am more familiar with his older brother because of his involvement in politics. Fun fact, his brother used to be the first professional boxer with a PhD (well, maybe he still is, I don't know).
  5. Patience is key, I messed up a bunch of times because I was going too fast, it pays to take it slowly and also have some luck as on the huge map you may end up having to guess the locations of some bombs.
  6. Probably not the kind of game you had in mind when you asked for it, but still I'd like to mention a game I've recently stumbled across that brought back memories - it's Minefield, nothing else than the good old Minesweeper, which is free on both the US and EU stores and even though it's only a 100% trophy list, it's very quick and painless and... well, I might've just mentioned it, it's free The trophies are mildly glitchy but the workaround is very simple (it's advised to quit the game and restart it after popping a trophy). In fact, I completed both the EU and US stacks but that is mostly because I really enjoy it for what it's worth
  7. I wholeheartedly agree and the worst part is that I may still want to finish it some time.
  8. You sure know how to convince people into joining this discussion 👏 😂 As for the question, though, I got a Vita a year ago and the only thing I'm considering now is whether I should get another one in case this one gets broken (it appears fragile, especially the joysticks). Shame on Sony for killing such a great platform.
  9. Hi all! This game that you've been referring to may be Railroad Empire, although it has more than a 1000 owners on this site (1670 to be exact). I had been eyeing this game ever since it was announced but 60 dollars on release seemed steep, then a couple of months ago I bought it bundled with Burnout Paradise Remastered for the equivalent of about 15 bucks each, which was definitely a more acceptable price I was eager to play this game because I can still remember endless hours spent playing Transport Tycoon back in the late 90s and on first impression the game looks very neat and well-designed. Also, it seems that the devs listen to the community and they've made beneficial changes to the game after release (that's what I read somewhere). Finally, they keep making DLCs with interesting content (again, from what I've read), although the DLCs are quite pricey and they haven't gone on sale yet. Having said all that, I can't really say much more about the game itself as I haven't yet given it much "proper" gaming time. I've attempted playing it twice and I got a few trophies, but it's one of these games that require quite a bit of commitment (mostly time commitment) and I'm still waiting for the right time to start playing it properly. Seeing that I also started God of War (well, I am 15 minutes into it ) and continue playing Trials Fusion in anticipation of Trials Rising next month, it may be a while before I can be more articulate about Railroad Empire, but it definitely looks like a fairly polished game right now with every trophy fully obtainable and no multiplayer - I know you take that as a good thing
  10. Can't agree more, although I don't mind listening to people like VaatiVidya presenting their interpretations of the story. Another lore which I enjoyed immensely was in The Witcher series, but I may be partial here as, for one, I am Polish, and also I was familiar with the books (well, at least some of them).
  11. I think it's been mentioned somewhere that it was possible to meet the criteria for trophies in the closed beta where there were no trophies and then when trophies were implemented in the open beta, they would all pop, I may be wrong though.
  12. No, PS Plus is not required for Track Central (custom-made tracks). And in case there is anyone who still doesn't know it, this game may be tough for trophies (though probably about 50% of trophies are not too hard and some even very easy and only 10-15% are very hard) and it has a steep learning curve but once you get the hang of it, it provides hundreds of hours of extremely enjoyable content (I mostly mean the custom-made tracks which are being constantly added and come in a number of difficulty tiers which you can adjust to your current skill level). What I'm trying to say, I guess, is that it is a fantastic game that should not be passed on only because of its infamous reputation as being super hard
  13. Looking at my platinums I realize that I don't have many indie ones, probably because quite often they are too hard for me. However, from the ones that I have achieved I will definitely pick Transistor (my first platinum, I remember being absolutely overwhelmed with the huge variety of options plus the mesmerizing soundtrack and an intriguing story), then Salt and Sanctuary (this game greatly surpassed my expectations, I had immensely enjoyed Bloodborne just a few months earlier and then got a 2D game which, to me, delivered a comparable type of experience) and finally Cosmic Star Heroine (probably not a masterpiece but a solid turn-based RPG, not difficult but making up for it with excellent humor). An honorable mention goes to Apotheon, which I also had a great time with.
  14. 3608hs total playtime across 209 games The Last of Us - 680 GTAV - 532 Stardew Valley - 160 Don't play any of these games anymore but definitely have fond memories of Factions (TLoU multiplayer), it's absolutely unique. As for Stardew Valley, lots of these hours were just idling but still a great game.
  15. I've been meaning to buy this game for the Vita for some time now but I am confused as to the need for the purchase of an additional online pass. In the game description it says that among its features you can "Wage intense multiplayer warfare in battles for up to eight players online." This makes me think that buying the game alone is enough to use the multiplayer, but in the ps store they also sell the network pass for the ridiculous price (well, it's ridiculous - higher than the price of the game - when you consider that it's for one trophy only and the multiplayer is likely dead and the trophy can only be boosted). So, can someone clarify whether, when purchasing the digital copy of the game, the network pass is necessary or not for the online trophy? EDIT: After some searching around I understand that the digital version of the game does not require an additional network pass, still it would be nice if someone could confirm it.