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  1. There are guides on Steam and quite a lot of discussions / FAQ - these may be helpful.
  2. The plat is currently very manageable, probably 4/10 with save backups, but - even more importantly - the game is super ultra mega hyper enjoyable
  3. From time to time I am tempted to try some more to get the remaining 9-ball and 8-ball trophies (in both modes I am one final match away from the trophies) but then I remember how infuriating this game gets Also, the temptation is weaker because 100%-ing this game seems impossible to me - I don't think I can ever make a 147. I am truly impressed by anyone who's got it. But from the tips you're offering I also noticed that snookering the AI can be exploited to an extent - even if it means making a deliberate foul after the break to tie up some balls.
  4. Happy birthday! Really nice to see you're still enjoying video games and trophies at 40 and can successfully combine all that with real life - I hope I will, too (and I will know for sure later this year though I still have full 7 months to go). My current profile is a mess that I could care less about but I am considering starting a new profile (when I started my profile, I didn't even know trophies existed, now I would have a much better idea what I'd like to put on it) if only I can convince myself to stop playing Trials Fusion Also good luck with future milestones! It's quite amazing how meticulous you are about them! Your updates and reviews are always a good read!
  5. Speaking of addicting, after playing the game on PS4 I just got all the achievements on PC and got the second character to A20 (the Ironclad was first, now the Silent). What a game!
  6. If I am not mistaken, sometimes the dlc trains do not add miles to the total count - it's a good idea to check the stats from time to time (before and after a service) so as not to "waste" mileage.
  7. Did you do the backwheel stuff (Pipe Phobia, the backwheel skill game in Rising) with the D-Pad as well? Personally, I can't even imagine playing the D-Pad in these two games as there's so much nuance to how far you lean back / lean forward which is fairly easy to do with the stick, but I know it must be possible with the D-Pad if it's possible with a keyboard (and there are top tier PC players using the keyboard). @Arcesius Ha, looks like we were asking the same question at the same time and you beat me to it 😆
  8. I really sucked at Pipephobia, but now I can get it almost every time, and bw tracks have become my favorite type - it's just a matter of practice, though I must be an exceptionally slow learner as in my case it's probably over a thousand hours 😂 The good thing is that I've enjoyed most of it (90% of that time playing custom ninja tracks). I never completed Anger Management legitimately (the only thing I cheated in Fusion and Rising), but I see no point - the track really made me mad and once I learnt of the exploit, I was glad to move on and forget about it. But riding the Roach on the Way of the Machine is actually a very fun challenge that didn't stress me out at all even though I needed more than one try - I guess I don't handle well tasks where I can't take my time doing something
  9. I confirm that the game is at ver. 1.00, no updates.
  10. Are you tempted by its sale price? It's never been so low
  11. Looks like a global issue, who knows if it's a minor problem or something serious.
  12. Right, I see what you mean now, so basically it sucks, but at least it's not a deal breaker, you just have to make sure that you're not trying to rack up 10k miles with a loco that doesn't track the global stat
  13. I didn't know the answer to your question before but now I see that you've earned the trophy for the kilometers driven in Class 20 - did you get the mileage on another route, or tracking started working somehow?
  14. Glad you've found a way to move on. I've noticed that sometimes this game is hit-or-miss, like I could load up a scenario and all the on-screen information (with HUD and what not) wouldn't be properly lit but only dimmed/barely visible, reloading usually solves it. Or the train won't start no matter what (as in "no power"), but again, a few tries later everything works fine. Still, I wouldn't call the overall experience bad, for the most part everything works fine, just these occasional hiccups every now and then.
  15. That's very strange, I also bought the DLC only a few days ago and the training module started without any issues, also got the trophy. If nothing else helps, maybe try re-installing the game?