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  1. @Briste Happy to report I'm officially done with Darkest Dungeon. The third playthrough actually turned out to be the quickest one, too (it took me less than 60 weeks) and the cursed (probably just for me) Strict Mode trophy popped without problems. By far the hardest trophy was 300 kills in Color of Madness! I wonder what they will come up with in DD2
  2. Why am I not even surprised? It's sad that the trophy side of this game has never been free of bugs. Probably a patch will fix it, but still..
  3. Yeah, that's what I mean, you will probably get it despite the broken counter. Btw, is the counter still broken once you've reset the game?
  4. Nope, I didn't encounter anything like that but seeing that one counter still works fine, you should get the trophy anyway, right?
  5. I'm really itching to play AC: Odyssey (I enjoyed AC: Origins quite a bit), but whenever I turn on PS4 (which is no so often in recent weeks and usually not earlier than 10pm), I end up playing Trials Fusion (I guess you've heard that before) and before I know it, it's very late and time for bed. I also want to go back to Far Cry 5 and continue playing Just Cause 4. I've just bought the gold edition of Hitman 2 and I think that Titanfall 2 is something I would enjoy (I've had it on disc for 2 years, still unopened, but now that it's in PS+, it's more convenient). I keep working on the 3rd playthrough of Darkest Dungeon as I only need one more trophy to be done with it and I've almost finished Monster Energy Supercross, which is actually, surprisingly, reasonably enjoyable and when it gets boring, the rest can be cheesed.
  6. Have the trophies been revealed? Nothing here yet..
  7. I am trying to understand (but it proves way too hard for me) how Sony profits from not putting Vita games on sales (at least in Europe for quite a long time now). Sure there are some people who buy these games at their regular prices but I imagine the majority of us, especially at this late point, only buy Vita games when they are discounted - easy profit for Sony (requiring zero effort), and yet, for unfathomable reasons, we hardly ever see these sales these days.
  8. Putting the grind aside, is it a well-made game and do you enjoy it? I have to admit that the premise is super interesting and it looks like a game I might want to play at some point.
  9. HowLongToBeat reports one completionist time of 60 hours on PC but it's just one person and I don't know if there are similar achievements etc. No matter what, it does look like a fairly long game (some people here have been playing this game for a few days now and no-one is at more than 40% completion).
  10. I'm considering Hitman 2 Gold with an extra 20% discount (which I got by email from PSN), but at the same time it costs exactly that (25 bucks) on the US sale right now, so I don't know if it's worth wasting the discount code (then again, there is nothing in the Christmas sale and it's hard to say if they will add anything else by Dec 19, which is when the code expires). Decisions, decisions
  11. Well, I hope you won't get screwed, but to be perfectly honest, I'm on week 30 of my 3rd playthrough (on Darkest this time) and I don't mind it too much, especially that I am just one trophy away from the platinum trophy and don't have to worry about anything else than finishing the game. Also, this time I'm playing on PS4 and I have to say - much as I enjoyed playing DD on the Vita - the game runs so much smoother on the big console.
  12. I just saw by chance (on Twitch) the reveal of the new reserve in Spain, oh man, this game keeps growing, it will have over 100 trophies now. The reserve is coming to PC on Dec 10th, probably somewhere around that time it will be released on consoles, too. All those who have 100% completion now will have to put in some extra hours to get back to 100%, but I'm guessing they won't mind as it's such a great game, too bad it's so time-consuming
  13. Look at Cassy's profile and you'll know the answer
  14. In any case you can opt not to activate DLCs, so it doesn't really matter. In fact, activating the Crimson Court DLC makes the game significantly harder, so it would be unfair if new players were forced to play with the DLCs activated by default.
  15. The same happened to me, it seems that the trophy is awarded for bringing all characters to resolve level 6, don't know if it's any different on PS4. In the end it didn't matter as I killed all bosses anyway, but I also remember being surprised. I don't know yet, before entering the final dungeon I uploaded the cross-save, so maybe I will replay it on PS4 to see if the trophy pops - I've read online that for some people it popped after Stygian, but for others it didn't, maybe it's worth trying. It helps that the last dungeon isn't too bad. And by the way, I hope you're feeling OK now, pneumonia actually sounds quite scary 😬