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  1. I've been meaning to buy this game for the Vita for some time now but I am confused as to the need for the purchase of an additional online pass. In the game description it says that among its features you can "Wage intense multiplayer warfare in battles for up to eight players online." This makes me think that buying the game alone is enough to use the multiplayer, but in the ps store they also sell the network pass for the ridiculous price (well, it's ridiculous - higher than the price of the game - when you consider that it's for one trophy only and the multiplayer is likely dead and the trophy can only be boosted). So, can someone clarify whether, when purchasing the digital copy of the game, the network pass is necessary or not for the online trophy? EDIT: After some searching around I understand that the digital version of the game does not require an additional network pass, still it would be nice if someone could confirm it.
  2. Well, then I also have a potentially silly question - are there good reasons to turn the Vita off? I never thought about it much and I almost always keep the console on, sure the battery's drained every now and then (although keeping the Vita in the stand-by mode for a week or so usually doesn't bring the battery level too low) but seeing that I use it mostly at home, it's not a problem.
  3. Yes, I've just realized it was something bigger but now logging in works fine.
  4. I'm having the exact same problem right now (the Vita has been left unused for about 2 weeks or so and now it won't log into PSN returning the NW-2304-9 error codes), do you remember how you solved yours? EDIT: Nevermind, there was some global issue with PSN.
  5. Whether the leak is true or not, it's definitely some food for thought for the next 27 days. Let the countdown commence
  6. Spider-Man
  7. Stardew Valley may be an enjoyable title for grinding, and it features different kinds of grinding (mining, fishing, maintaining relationships, crops).
  8. Through the fires of hell I am really happy about this one, took me forever but one thing that has to be said about Trials Fusion is that the game is really rewarding and once you've improved enough to pass a hard track, there is a sweet sense of accomplishment waiting for you. Highly recommend this game
  9. Finally beat the Inferno IV level in Fusion Trials, man, it's so rewarding. The funny thing is that all my time-outs (probably six or so over 2 weeks) were on the same checkpoint, with the transition from the wheel to barrels, and once I've finally more or less figured out today how to do it, I was able to finish the rest of the level without too much trouble :D Such a fantastic game, I will definitely try to improve more at it.

  10. I am not sure if the question is directed at me or the OP but I'm considering getting a spare Vita in case my old one stops working and for all I know the new ones are only still manufactured in Japan. Also, knowing that their production will be discontinued, this maybe a good time to get one. Since I got my first Vita second-hand, I wouldn't mind going for a brand new one this time.
  11. I hope the OP won't mind if I ask a (somewhat) related question here: what would be a reasonable (price-wise) place to order a Japanese Vita from?
  12. If you can't report a person, it usually means the person has already been reported.
  13. Last month I got a platinum for theHunter: Call of the Wild, I was the 25th person to get that trophy, now the number stands at 31. The game is a bit difficult, but more importantly, it's very time-consuming and requires a great deal of patience, if I didn't happen to start playing it in the summer, when I have more time, I don't think I would have obtained the platinum trophy for it. Also, some trophies were glitchy, which prevented a few people from completing the game; however, a patch has been released which has apparently solved the problem so maybe more people will finish the game now.
  14. Wow, this year has seen so many good 2D metroidvania titles! Great news!
  15. Sorry if it's somewhat off-topic but matte27_ has returned to grinding for (this time) sub 34:30 on the Dark Ending (on twitch) and it's quite enjoyable to watch for a bit but, more importantly, maybe some people here may pick up some strats for their runs that will prove useful. Be warned, though, his streams are high-adrenaline, unlikely to put you to sleep if that's what you watch twitch for