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  1. Thanks for all the responses, at least I know that it's a common problem and nothing specific to my Vita. As mentioned, switching between consoles is extremely easy so I will probably play the big maps of the Crimson Court on PS4.
  2. I've been playing this game for quite some time now exclusively on the Vita and I've occassionaly experienced slowdowns in the base game, but I've only now activated the Courtyard and the framerate very often drops to low figures in the first epic quest, especially when there are four enemies. Can anyone confirm that this is how the game plays on the Vita?
  3. How I wish there was one sale with games that haven't gone on sale for at least a year or more.. there are literally thousands of games on the ps store and yet every sale it's the same titles over and over again.
  4. Good job and congrats on 100%, whoever played this game knows that it doesn't come easily
  5. The Vita version of this game is actually not on sale, which is unfortunate as I would gladly buy it. Maybe it's an oversight on Sony's part as it is currently discounted on a parallel sale in the US.
  6. So is Dead Cells, which is why I asked But I will probably end up getting both 😆
  7. Hey, that was a great review of Hollow Knight (I only got to read it now), I haven't played it yet but I definitely will. However, I would be curious to know how you compare HK to Dead Cells, which was also highly praised on release - are these games even comparable? Also, I can't wait till you start playing Trials Fusion, I've been playing this game for about 10 months or so fairly actively, consider it one of the best games I've ever played and I find it fascinating to see how differently people approach it - I believe there are very few insanely dexterous people with ultra-quick reflexes who can finish it fairly quickly but for most people a huge deal of patience and perseverance is necessary to get through all of the challenges for the meager silver trophy. Personally, I belong to yet another group (I would imagine this group is not so small) of people who just concentrate on steadily improving their skills by playing custom tracks and I will get back to cleaning up a few pesky challenges when I feel I'm ready (e.g. one of the most infamous challenges is Top Roach, which is about a fault-less run on one of the extreme tracks with a lesser bike - when I first passed the track with a better bike I was in the range of ca. 300 faults, I tried it again a few weeks ago and I got 6 faults with a slower bike - I am sure I would get it if I started grinding it now but - as I get disheartened quickly - instead, I will just enjoy custom tracks for a bit more and try again in a month or so). If I were to offer you some advice about Trials Fusion, it would be to go beyond the trophy requirements - play custom tracks from Track Central (the hub for custom tracks) and see how your skills slowly (or quickly) improve - it's one of the most rewarding feelings I've had in video games.
  8. Hey, I just came back from holidays and saw the poll for which games to choose: I don't know many of the games but I've recently played Dragon Sinker and it was definitely a pleasant experience, although 1) you'll probably find it very easy, 2) it's not exactly a quick game, the guide says 25 hours and from what I remember it took me at least that, if not slightly more. I guess it can be finished more quickly, but still a reasonable time commitment is required - while it was worth it for me, I wonder if a seasoned turn-based RPG player like yourself will enjoy it enough to warrant the time investment. Bastion is a good game but I finished one playthrough on the Vita and I was a bit worried about the life expectancy of the console given how hard I had to smash the buttons so I left it, forma.8 I only played for a few minutes and forgot about it, Nom Nom Galaxy I wanted to get into but failed, and I got the platinum for Goat Simulator but I didn't care for the DLC trophies because, in all fairness, I thought the game was very poor.
  9. I got my first Vita more than a year ago (the Fat one), then got another one a few months ago (the Slim one) and never once regretted the purchases (each time I got pretty good deals around 120 dollars with memory cards and extra games). The only downside is that the right analog stick might have been faulty in the Slim Vita as it broke down after a very short time - the repair was the third of what I paid for it - so you should test it well before buying (the right analog is actually harder to test as not every game makes use of it).
  10. Thanks for the info! This method actually works, the ingenuity of whoever found it is impressive!
  11. No, I don't have the game, though I will likely get it when the price goes down a bit more.
  12. How long does it take to level up in this game? I hope it's not as tedious as in Pure Pool, where reaching the final level means 100+ hours.
  13. These past two days I've been actually racking my brain to remember some really bad movies I've watched but nothing memorable comes to my mind (most of the time I know what I'm about to watch so it's unlikely to come across utter garbage). Sure, there have been plenty of movies that have come short of my expectations but nothing particularly stands out (I've also watched some campy/B movies, but I guess these shouldn't count as their trashy aesthetics and/or kitsch are fully intentional). But I have to say that I have very fond memories of Napoleon Dynamite and - don't judge me - it was also the second movie that I once watched with a girl I had then known for about 2 weeks or so (the first one was an open-air night screening of 2001: A space odyssey) and I remember feeling a little nervous seeing that she didn't really laughed as hard as I thought she would But ultimately things worked out as despite these two initial questionable movie choices (maybe we were not quite in the mood for Kubrick's movie as we didn't enjoy it that much and got really cold during the screening) that girl is now my wife and we've seen loads of great movies together! As for mob movies, I am a real sucker for them and I like all those mentioned above (those not mentioned would include Carlito's Way, Once upon a time in America, Miller's Crossing and probably quite a few more) and The Sopranos is definitely in my all time top three. I also loved the first Mafia game that I played back in 2003. On a gaming-related note, I've started playing Darkest Dungeon on the Vita and I must say this game is really growing on me. I have very little experience with roguelike turn-based RPGs so there is a lot of new information that I'm learning but the game, although brutally punishing, is also very rewarding, so the chances are I will commit some time to it. For now, however, I have no plans of going for the platinum.
  14. These are actually excellent tips and the easiest way to check your controller is to play the custom track DUALSHOCK4 (I have two controllers and one only goes to 65% of full gas).
  15. His profile is hidden and I assume it wasn't so before, so.. you might be onto something In fairness, though, there may be more people like me in this game - I've completely ignored trophies for the past several months but haven't stopped playing custom tracks (it's insanely rewarding to see progress in this game) and yesterday when I tried Top Roach (arguably one of the hardest in-game challenges), I got 6 faults on my first attempt (the goal is to have zero, but when I first passed the track last year, I had 200+ on a better bike, so definitely improvement) which makes me think I may go back to getting the remaining trophies at some point. I don't know what this guy's situation was but I suppose it's possible that when people get really good, they may realize they can quite easily clean up the trophies.