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  1. - 100% backwards compatibility with the PS4 (pop the disc in or download your digital library onto it) - New UI design that's a lot faster/responsive and shows more useful stuff across my screen, I thought the PS4 UI was great at launch but after the X1 UI changes my PS4 feels slow and unresponsive at times to get anywhere, I actually would love to see them refining the UI now on the PS4 ready to carry over to the PS5 actually. - $499 price point, I see a lot wanting a $399 PS5 but I feel it will be very lacking in the power department that the PS5 needs to go launch with a $499 price point (X1X just launched with that) but 2-3 years after should be enough for a good boost in power.
  2. Terrible season for me points wise finishing rock bottom Got sucked into to many mulitplayer games and not only that spread myself to thin across multiple platforms throughout the season For those who won the leagues good luck with the CWC
  3. Damn I only just popped my first trophy of the season on the day before the break starts, There goes all my momentum
  4. Woah it's happening again already I need to step up my game as the latter part of my season went down the pan when Mario Odyssey and X1X arrived my trophy count went to zero Need to get that trophy popping going once again!
  5. wow that is crazy how we some how managed all the stats to match up
  6. Some good tips there As I picked the "Intermediate" presets (I presume a lot of people will pick this) when the game first prompted me to do so I did my first 10 or so races with them and wondered how I could be so much slower than everyone else when it flet like I was pushing it to my limit. Then I looked over the settings and tweaked them to a custom setting and the biggest thing that did help me improve my times was Turning off the Auto-Drive setting of brakes (Dunno why this was even on the intermediate presets really) and this alone has saved me around 1 second on my lap times on current and previous N300 daily race along with setting Traction control from 3 > Off which since doing I manged to squeeze a couple of tenth's off my times. I would say that actually having the intermediate settings compared to expert/custom makes it not only slower to drive but harder as the driving aids get in the way of what you want to do and mess up your lines and corner timings.
  7. Yea that about sums up my experience with Sport mode, Not only do I get rammed off the track I get a 10 second penalty to boot!
  8. #58 Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice Done Collect all of the other trophies Uncommon 39.94% Probably the most enjoyment I've had out of a linear single player game in quite some time.
  9. Wow that is annoying I spent an hour in qualifying to beat a new record of myself around 59:700 from my previous of 1:00:038 and it hasn't counted. as I thought it may get the the odd pole or maybe in a position to take a win or two, Best I've done is 2 seconds from 5 and 6th on the grid Yea I have noticed this my time of 1:00.038 on the brands hatch civic race has got me between 4th and 17th on the grid which really seems to be just random and luck based on who you match with.
  10. I have to love to hate For Honour at times myself, One of the most fun things about For Honour is the 4v4 Elimination matches but only when people fight with honour as there is no feeling better than been the last guy on your team versus 3-4 enemies who stand circling you waiting for their turn to 1v1 you as you beat each of the others to eventually earn victory. Sadly though this probably only happens once in 4 or 5 games. The other thing that gets annoying is people quitting when you beat them, The match below I played the 2v2 with Honour in the first round only for them to throw it back in the next round so Honour went down the drain in the next rounds to eventually my team winning only for them to rage quit and break the servers wiping out any progress for the game we had which also happens a lot more than it really should and gets quite annoying at times.
  11. Cool feature and by looking at the time OP suggested it and it's implementation it wasn't to complicated Or it was and Sly is just a beast at coding
  12. I don't start them I usually just pop the disc in or install the digital copy so I can play them when I feel like it (Good job they added external HDD support) as there is nothing worse than keeping a game on your shelf then deciding to play it only to see a 20GB patch is required.
  13. #57 XBLAZE Code: Embryo Successor to the Azure Completed XBLAZE Uncommon 45.05%
  14. I enjoy reading through the stats so thanks for putting the time into them
  15. Oh they actually confirmed more content for Horizon going into 2018? Seems daft to make a "complete edition" at the moment since the game is still selling and people will want to buy the Frozen wastes anyway. They could of rode out the sales of the standard copy and revenue from the Frozen Wastes DLC without this and then released the "complete" edition mid-late next year when the sales of the standard version have dropped off and then you would be putting it out there for people who purchased the day one copy but haven't played the DLC to drop another $40-50 to replay it and enjoy the new content. Might just be me but it seems like a missed opportunity to not only get sales from people who haven't played it yet but to pick up from double dip buyers who want to revisit the title 12-18 months later on.