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  1. I'd say the Persona Dancing games are a lot easier to platinum.
  2. Two top quality games and 1 poor quality camera.
  3. Thanks! My life is now complete.
  4. I could see some companies doing that knowing some trophies hunters will pay $10 to insta pop a completed list with the upgrade
  5. #63 Horizon Zero Dawn All trophies obtainedObtained all Horizon Zero Dawn trophies. 31.76% UNCOMMON
  6. Holy shit this just went live for me in the UK and it's worse than the screenshots made it to be like wtf were Sony smoking when they decided to release this garbage.
  7. Every console I've purchased online which was from the PS3 and including PS4, PS4 Pro, Vita, Switch, Xbox One X have all came in a shipping box that doesn't show off any of the console and required a signature. So no I'm not worried.
  8. Looks terrible from what I've seen so far and it's missing many basic features which is a shame because the current web store is amazing and practically everything I purchased this gen was through the website which is so easy to browse and buy stuff on and blows away both Microsoft and Nintendo's web offering by a mile, This just looks like a step back.
  9. I'll have to take a skip this month, I got to hung up no Rocket League and Pokémon to complete anything
  10. Finally it seems forever ago I backed this.
  11. I failed at October I didn't play anything other than a bit of MP on older games never mind ones that fit the theme, Hopefully I will be back on track for November's Supernatural theme.
  12. Other than locking people into paying for PS+ to play online it's quite redundant now with PS Now costing the exact same for a year as PS+ considering you have the "evergreen library" along with the new marquee games each month it paints PS+ as very poor value now to me. I wouldn't be surprised if next gen PS+ goes away along with a $10-20 price rise for PS Now which keeps the cloud storage and online play etc that PS+ previously had.
  13. Very nice total! Glad to see the event was a great success!
  14. This are the new prices going forward, Not a sale price. I paid out of the balance from PSN cards but I already had a payment registered at the time so not sure if you need to input details.
  15. Ok that's good news, I didn't see that on the US site when I first checked it out, Will update the OP with details.