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  1. Congrats on the league wins guys! Bit late to comment as I've been on a big Path of Exile session with the latest patch and just remembered the season finished
  2. Looks like you just pipped me at the end Pushed you enough to draw out a couple of your ace cards that would of been nice to save for the CWC instead Good match though!
  3. Hardly cost anything so I couldn't resist buying it
  4. #56 N.E.R.O: Nothing Ever Remains Obscure Our Journey ends Climb to the top. Quite an enjoyable experience overall but walking is a little slow at times I've been waiting for Thursday to get to time related trophy but kept forgetting until I finally remembered to pop it
  5. Couldn't resist the £14.99 price tag Amazon dropped it to, Thought it was worth trying at that price
  6. For those who are interested the Just Cause 3 expansion pass is actually on sale at the moment through to 18th August for £7.99 to complement getting the game
  7. Skin Like a Prune Bathe in the Pool of Purity 50 times. Tycoon Acquire a total of 1 million Haku. Two Toukiden trophies in a day is a rare sight
  8. #55 PaRappa The Rapper Remastered Hip Hop Hero Unlock all other trophies. You've gotta believe! Uncommon 22.46% Was a fairly enjoyable platinum to earn other than getting Cool on Stage 4 Cheap Cheap took longer than getting every other trophy in the game until I finally managed to get into Cool mode and that time I did it just felt so easy hah Spent many hours playing this years ago when it first released so it was good to play it again and I somehow remembered all the songs
  9. #54 Late Shift Platinum TrophyAcquire all trophies Whilst short I rather enjoyed my play through of this and after this and The Bunker I'm looking forward to more Live action stuff which we will hopefully get and having picked this up in the summer sale for a fairly low price I would recommend it to others to grab it at some point
  10. At the start of the season I was going to push to challenge for the Bronze title but some things got in the way of me scoring points for a couple of rounds, I will just have to settle for a promotion to Silver this season instead
  11. #54 Dead Synchronicity Tomorrow Comes Today Not much to say about the game but It was quite good
  12. #52 World of Final Fantasy True Grymoirian Obtained every trophy. Rare - 11.84% A pretty good adventure overall it took me way to long to finish it up due to somewhat of a break from gaming earlier this year but glad I got around to finishing it up The platinum was a smooth ride for me really and the only gripe I have was the master 100 mirage boards trophy been kinda pointless as you don't need to grind to beat any of the end game bosses so you just do it for the trophy rather than to clear up all the end game content as we are used to in FF games. Difficulty 3/10 Enjoyment - 7.5/10
  13. Armor Collector Acquire 50 different types of armour. Trophies are very few and far between on this games I just have to post each time i get one of them
  14. Trophy popping begins in around 8 hours|!! To much beer to pop any before then