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  1. World of Final Fantasy Zip Zip WHACK! Thwack a whole bunch of cactuars in a single thrashing. Aiming at the Cactuar especial the diagonal ones really made me realise how inaccurate the Vita Analog sticks are
  2. World of Final Fantasy Turn Those Corners Up Reached the true ending. Really enjoyed playing through WoFF and now that the true ending has been cleared time for all the post game clear up and onto the Platinum
  3. Congrats on the #100 I'm halfway there myself and should probably pick a game to aim to be my 100th sometime ...and having such a great game in Bloodborne forever engraved in as you #100 is a great accomplishment.😎
  4. Upgraded to a PS4 Pro and grabbed a bundle that came with the above games for free and was to good to resist
  5. Congrats @MStalker58 on the win, They were some very competitive round in the CWC which is nice to see
  6. wow that' a nice first round of the CWC!! Makes me wan't to get back into competing in the league again Infact I would love to join again in the next season or be added onto the waiting list if there is no room Not done much on PS this year and going to be getting back into popping trophies again
  7. Funny that you picked Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution.

    I completely forgot I had Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 to Platinum,it's just insanely hard,If you get and need help with Revolution feel free to ask!  

    1. Obscure_Ale


      Sure will when I ever get around to them, Played the first game many years ago and been meaning to playthrough them all again and grab the platinums but they just keep getting further down my backlog list hah :P

  8. Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution
  9. Congrats to the winners! I wasn't competing but I checked what was going on occasionally, Psy gets my vote for the CWC
  10. I no longer own a PS4 and just play my Vita once in a while so you can remove me from the roster if there are people waiting to join the league if not I can stay as a punching bag but my scores are likely to be binary 0101010101
  11. Congrats on the win! Was close I almsot had you
  12. Best JRPG of last generation and a serious contender for all time best, If you haven't played it and own a 360 or X1 grab this and start it right away!
  13. Doesn't affect the results but I believe I got 14 points
  14. World of Final fantasy Gateway to Adventure Arrived in Grymoire. and it begins...
  15. Star Trek: The Next generation - I've never had a streaming subscription before and I took a months trial on Netflix and all I did was re-watch the first 4 seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generation again I was supposed to be getting the trial to watch new stuff *shrug*