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  1. Cool feature and by looking at the time OP suggested it and it's implementation it wasn't to complicated Or it was and Sly is just a beast at coding
  2. I don't start them I usually just pop the disc in or install the digital copy so I can play them when I feel like it (Good job they added external HDD support) as there is nothing worse than keeping a game on your shelf then deciding to play it only to see a 20GB patch is required.
  3. #57 XBLAZE Code: Embryo Successor to the Azure Completed XBLAZE Uncommon 45.05%
  4. I enjoy reading through the stats so thanks for putting the time into them
  5. Oh they actually confirmed more content for Horizon going into 2018? Seems daft to make a "complete edition" at the moment since the game is still selling and people will want to buy the Frozen wastes anyway. They could of rode out the sales of the standard copy and revenue from the Frozen Wastes DLC without this and then released the "complete" edition mid-late next year when the sales of the standard version have dropped off and then you would be putting it out there for people who purchased the day one copy but haven't played the DLC to drop another $40-50 to replay it and enjoy the new content. Might just be me but it seems like a missed opportunity to not only get sales from people who haven't played it yet but to pick up from double dip buyers who want to revisit the title 12-18 months later on.
  6. Going to have fun with this when I can get away from Destiny 2
  7. Man your crazy 300+ plat and 87% completion! You can't get much better than that
  8. I'm glad season 20 hasn't started yet as I've been busy with other things and mostly gaming on the PC and not popped a trophy in a month and then saw this thread on the homepage earlier and was like oh shit I knew there was something I forgot and was expecting I'm like 0-8 already or something
  9. Congrats on the league wins guys! Bit late to comment as I've been on a big Path of Exile session with the latest patch and just remembered the season finished
  10. Looks like you just pipped me at the end Pushed you enough to draw out a couple of your ace cards that would of been nice to save for the CWC instead Good match though!
  11. Hardly cost anything so I couldn't resist buying it
  12. #56 N.E.R.O: Nothing Ever Remains Obscure Our Journey ends Climb to the top. Quite an enjoyable experience overall but walking is a little slow at times I've been waiting for Thursday to get to time related trophy but kept forgetting until I finally remembered to pop it
  13. Couldn't resist the £14.99 price tag Amazon dropped it to, Thought it was worth trying at that price
  14. For those who are interested the Just Cause 3 expansion pass is actually on sale at the moment through to 18th August for £7.99 to complement getting the game