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  1. Online is up and working for me on PS4.
  2. The Power Paladins seem quite a necessity to me, I managed to get my team to level 99 and pick up 9 flags from battle rewards during that time which took 12 hours couldn't imagine doing that without the 300% Exp boost and 1 hit screen clear Paladins whilst the online timer is ticking down.
  3. I'm presuming you need to be with the Landrath (blue guys) war contract to get access to your character sicne I joined up with the Fiel (green guys) to have access to the power Paladins. I know you said earlier you could recruit it from different nations but after following you it doesn't show up in the alliance section like the Fiel guys I follow do. Did anyone else in a different nation manage to recruit her? Got another 4 days with Fiel on the contract so that should give me time to pick it up later.
  4. Looks like I should have plenty of free time that day so I will pop as many trophies as I can
  5. A lot of people are fast to throw away E3 as been dead, Pointless or irreverent but I think the games industry would be in a worse place without it. It always creates a buzz that nothing else has managed to do and brings gaming into the limelight, You don't just get the E3 booths but just a whole lot of publishers just drop gaming news during that week all feeds off each other. I for one will continue to look forward to E3 each year and all the buzz and news it brings along with it.
  6. 2nd update: I finished up the main story of MHW and that just leaves the grind trophies left and I just started into Iceborne and it looks great so far. Not much else happening with all my time going into Monster Hunter at the moment. Obscure Ale's Autumn/Winter Backlog challenge
  7. First update time! I cracked on with Guardians of the Galaxy and final got the platinum for it a little over 2 years sicne I started it and completed the first episode. I also picked up Monster Hunter World Iceborne Master Edition and plan to play an whole bunch with a friend so I'm adding these 2 games to my list. Monster Hunter World Monster Hunter World: Iceborne I must be mad adding in 2x 250+ hour games especially since I'm starting from scratch after putting 200 hours into the base game on a different platform but I should have plenty of time over the next 6 months to work towards both of these platinum. The currently plan is to start and gradually play Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight but since my HDD is currently full I may need to finish up a bunch of other stuff hogging space. Obscure Ale's Autumn/Winter Backlog challenge
  8. Here goes any spare time I had
  9. The disc version of Iceborne initial install totalled 41GB then you download a 7.9GB day one patch and after installed your Monster Hunter World total space taken is 49GB.
  10. "Note: After purchasing the physical version of Monster Hunter: World or Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Master Edition, about 50GB (PS4) or about 45GB (Xbox One) are required for the initial update." Just a heads up if your on short of HDD Space like myself after the disc installed it's initial 41GB I tried installing the update and I had 54GB spare and it still gave me an error for not enough space, I then proceeded to deleted stuff until I had 68GB of free space and ran into the error again, It eventually let me download the 7.9GB update when I had 74GB of free space. I'm on a PS4 Pro so maybe there was extra to download I'm not sure. Installed total after the patch is 49GB.
  11. #59 Guardians of the Galaxy A Little Help From My Friends Completed Guardians of the Galaxy 69.39%Common
  12. Death's DoorUnlock the Alchemist Room in Monster Ball Ultra Rare: 4.95%
  13. Looks a lot better than the Steam list with that 10,000 kills it had, You only have like 1000 through a normal playthrough so a large amount of that grind is gone. Looks very reasonable now.
  14. It's a little late in the year and in August as well for me to really accomplish anything but I would like to sign up. So here are my current stats at sign up: Platinum trophies: 58 100% completed: 58 Completion %: 75.23% I think that covers the stats but let me know if I missed anything and Hopefully I will enjoy my stay
  15. Senran kagura Bon-Appetit! Awakening to MaternityCompleted Ryobi's story.