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  1. I'll have to take a skip this month, I got to hung up no Rocket League and Pokémon to complete anything
  2. Finally it seems forever ago I backed this.
  3. I failed at October I didn't play anything other than a bit of MP on older games never mind ones that fit the theme, Hopefully I will be back on track for November's Supernatural theme.
  4. Other than locking people into paying for PS+ to play online it's quite redundant now with PS Now costing the exact same for a year as PS+ considering you have the "evergreen library" along with the new marquee games each month it paints PS+ as very poor value now to me. I wouldn't be surprised if next gen PS+ goes away along with a $10-20 price rise for PS Now which keeps the cloud storage and online play etc that PS+ previously had.
  5. Very nice total! Glad to see the event was a great success!
  6. This are the new prices going forward, Not a sale price. I paid out of the balance from PSN cards but I already had a payment registered at the time so not sure if you need to input details.
  7. Ok that's good news, I didn't see that on the US site when I first checked it out, Will update the OP with details.
  8. Sony just announced new pricing for PS Now in multiple regions starting today: US: $9.99 – monthly / $24.99 – quarterly / $59.99 – yearly (from $19.99/ $44.99/ $99.99) CAN: $12.99 – monthly / $34.99 – quarterly / $79.99 – yearly (from $19.99/ $44.99/ $99.99) EU: €9.99 – monthly / €24.99 – quarterly / €59.99 – yearly (from €14.99/ (N/A)/ €99.99) UK: £8.99 – monthly / £22.99 – quarterly / £49.99 – yearly (from £12.99 / (N/A) / £84.99) JP: ¥1,180 – monthly / ¥2,980 – quarterly / ¥6,980 yearly (from ¥2,500 / ¥5,900/ (N/A)) Also there is 4 games joining the line-up from today: God of War Grand Theft Auto V** inFAMOUS Second Son Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End "These games will be available from 1st October, 2019 until 2nd January, 2020. Each month, the service will add a new selection of popular games that will be available for a limited period. This selection of content is on top of the existing offering of popular evergreen titles that are added to PS Now on a regular basis." Source: PlayStation Blog That now makes the yearly sub price the exact same cost of what PS+ currently does, I think I'm definitely going to pick up a years subscription at the new price.
  9. Well I managed to finish up my first platinum for the event Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight - Started this month - HC with there been plenty of Persona games - Different Event - Autumn/Winter Backlog Challenge Stats when joined > Current Total Platinum trophies: 58 > 62 (+4100% completed: 58 > 62 (+4)Completion: 75.23% > 76.11% (++0.88%)
  10. #62 Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight Dancing in Moonlight Obtained all trophies. 52.69%Common Always been a big fan of Persona 3 and it's cast so along with enjoying P4 Dancing All Night I was always going to have a great time playing this. it was also a very enjoyable platinum to work towards and unlock.
  11. Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkhuni Because I'm terrible at the Survival/Challenge mode.
  12. Managed to finish the Platinum for both Grand Kingdom and Burly Men at Sea and made a great start on Persona 3 Dancing in Moonlight. Not sure what my next game to start will be yet. Obscure Ale's Autumn/Winter Backlog challenge
  13. Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight Fashion Monster Obtained all the costumes. Getting closer to the platinum
  14. Seems like I finished up with 55 across 3 games, Persona 3 Dancing in Starlight, Burly Men at Sea and Senran kagura Bon Appetit. I was looking to get a little more than that but a decent haul none the less.
  15. Just for the 99 hit combo you only need to get Combo Boost, Cost Down, Spark Lance and Assault Dive that are unlocked by level 47. Then set up your formation so your other 3 teammates are in a line as far left as you can place them and keep ending turn a few times to build up action/movement gauge then alternate Spark Lance/Assault Dive. If My memory serves with full bars you end up with a 99 combo and a few skill uses extra to spare.