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  1. LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens These always seem to be fun and I enjoyed this, whether you’re a fan or not. DLC is pretty good as well if you wanna fully 100% it
  2. Brilliant stuff there, and seeing as you’ve done the first one Final Fantasy XIII-2
  3. FIFA 15 for the Vita.
  4. Nah, I never really gotten into Digimon.
  5. Nope. Resident Evil 0?
  6. It seems like a lot of the trophies glitched, like playing a song in karaoke mode (which didn’t unlock for me) can only be unlocked via disc version w/o patches installed. I’m playing the digital version of this as I go through and trying some trophies for last through the disc version instead. As for the 90k score and other score based trophies, I’d suggest playing the disc based copy without patches too as knowing with the other We Sing game, getting 90k score trophy was more easier that way. I’ll keep you all posted on there as to what I’ve tried and see if there’s any workarounds through both physical and digital copies
  7. - Jet Set Radio (have it ported over from PS3 to PS4) and JSRF - Dead Space Trilogy - Obscure 1 and 2 - Silent Hill 4 - Need For Speed Underground - Tony Hawk’s Underground - GTA Liberty City Stories & VCS - Mortal Kombat Deception - Sonic Heroes
  8. To rebuild my PS1 collection, the Ready 2 Rumble games.
  9. Yes, you guessed correctly! Tekken Tag Tournament HD?
  10. Rise Against
  11. Yes Did you ever fail a subject in school?
  12. Resident Evil 0 While I believe it’s the hardest in the series of having to control two characters, it’s also one that I’ve never been able to finish
  13. I may have done but can’t remember
  14. Hi, I noticed that you have platinum in "we sing" and I have serious trouble getting there bc of the 90K highscore trophy. Do you remember if you had issues as well and how you did it?


    I would appreciate any help!


    1. KiDdViRuS53


      Hi there. If you had bought the game through the PSN Store which I originally did, then it’s impossible to get the 90K score trophy as I’ve tried many ways to get it. However, I got in touch with the previous people who Platinum this and they said to buy the disc based version of the game without installing the patches, as that’s somehow what made this game difficult. You’re able to rack up points much easier without the patches installed on disc as therefore you cannot do that on digital copies. The best song I suggest is “Dancing Queen” to get this trophy. 

      Hope this helps, and happy hunting!


  15. Has anyone else encountered a bug in WWE 2K18 MyCareer where regardless if you win or lose the promo with Kevin Owens and hit continue, you’d end up getting a black screen with the audio of the crowd still going on? I’ve tried waiting and starting up the game again but nothing seems to fix it