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  1. nice 😏
  2. FYI I just tried it and started the game with a dualshock controller and NO its not possible to do it with dualshock, move only.
  3. nah with my VR headset of course. the thing why i mentioned the 5 is that i started the game with the dualsense controller active and then the message showed up. i was busy looking for an micro usb cable to activate the move controllers on my ps5 while the game already started 😉
  4. I started it on ps5 and I was asked to plug in a dualshock controller, because PSVR needs to recognize the lightbar for the game, this might be an indication that it could be done with dsc aswell, anyway this message showed before I activated the move sticks on ps5 and actually did it with the sticks.
  5. It still works at the moment. Got the (possibly) affected trophies in my lunch break. 😤 it takes like 5mins, depending on your performance in the community level and how long it will take to create a level. If you're looking for an easy&fast community level, search for: Messknecht its literally only a start and exit point. thanks @Prometheous101
  6. What a mess... I am installing it rn, any idea how much time left until shutdown?
  7. oO Thank you, any further info regarding the shutdown, are other (VR) games affected too?
  8. can confirm, the game only shows in the ps4 library.
  9. it's the unbearable pressure of the community 😝
  10. Remnant from the ashes Friends asked me if I want to join them with the coop mode. I looked over the game I never heared of and complained about another souls like clone. Well little I knew; now I am at ~300h, I love to play the "story mode", I love to play the survival mode. a friend bestowed me the korean disk which I completed in summer and I try to get my hands on the japanese version. not only is it a game i would never paid attention to, it also became one of my all time favorite games to play. thanks to psn plus and of course my crew.
  11. I played my first video game in the early 1980ies on the IBM 5150 of my father, it was called Big Top; climbing leaders, collecting things, jumping over ledges, compared to todays games a joke, but it left a lasting impression and paved my way to become a lifelong gamer. my first own console was a nintendo gameboy, i bought it in january 1991with the money my grandmum gave me for christmas. I had only one game, Tetris of course and i played it literally day and night (at least as long as the batteries lasted). i saved money for 6 months to buy a second game, super mario land. I changed games with my friends in school everyone was happy. my christmas present 1992 was a super Nintendo. I loved this console. I asked the older brother of a friend to buy mortal kombat II (it was rated 18) after its release and we were thrilled, we secretly played it the whole summer, and tried every finishing move (we had a sheet of paper where we noted them). I also played games on my dads PC, the Lucas Arts Adventures, Civilization, Sim City, Doom, we shared tons of game copies on floppy disks in school, everybody who could get his hands on a new game and share it with the boys was king. the first DOS game i actually bought was UFO Enemy unknown (xcom). hardware and graphics became better almost every year and a big thing (for me) happend in 1996. id Software released Quake, the first "real" fps with mouse aim. this game changed a lot, we started to build our first gaming PCs, we overclocked our cpus, we bought bigger monitors, 3D graphic cards (3dfx voodoo) and badass 64Mb ram modules. We organized LAN parties, played Quake I, II, III Arena, Halflife, Unreal Turnament, counter strike and Command and Conquer (red alert mostly). at this point consoles were something kiddies play with. at the time when i moved to my first own apartment I found my nintendo consoles again in a box. i played the old games every now and then and started to buy games and consoles on ebay, they were cheap and I enjoyed it to get my hands on things that were unaffordable in my youth. My collection includes about 5k+ games (I dont know exactly) on different systems, Nintendo, Sega, Neo Geo, atari... and Playstation*, which makes me the coolest dad for my kids friends. I always enjoyed playing games as long as I can remember and I always enjoyed to play with other people independently of their age. Meeting older (my age or older) gamers is strange even for me (in rl) , not like the "weirdo living in mums basement with 40+ years" strange, more like I am astonished how many of my age still playing on a regular basis and call it a hobby. funfact: almost all of them are very reserved with this information in the first moment, because they think it doesnt fit an adult, but they begin to shine in the moment they realize someone their age has the same interests. "Nice coffee cup! whats that? Black Mesa, I loved Half-Life and still do!" "What?? it was 'um a present from my nephew... 'um, how do you even know??? " *and Xbox *shame shame shame*
  12. As far as I remember you have a wind indication in the upper part of the HUD. In your scope you can see the cross hair with a scale for the distance of your target and to compensate the parabola flight of the bullet. You have to estimtimate the targets distance and windforce and compensate the (theoretical) deviation, (by actually aligning the shot with the dots of the cross hair scale) of the bullet to successfully hit the target under "realistic" circumstances. If you make a quick search on the Inet you can find multiple explanations how a scope works.
  13. No, you're doing nothing wrong. The controller drift is an issue since the release, they patched some things, which made the gameplay slightly better, but never got rid of it completely. What helped me was playing in a sitting position and don't move the aim controller much.
  14. What if I tell you: You don't have to buy and/or play such games! *note to myself
  15. Yes, everything works fine rn.