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  1. Deleting the save and repeat the trophy prequesites did the trick, the Hailstorm trophy is a bit tricky because you have to be still in air while getting the kill.
  2. Finally I got the buggy trophies. If you are facing problems with the trophies, delete your save, start from the scratch and redo the prequesites for all missing trophies. ***old post*** FYI: I have some issue with trophies that didn't pop. Two 4 one - I counted at least 6 times I accomplished the prequesites since the trophy didn't pop the first time I did it. Tick Tock - I planted the bomb far more than 100 times so far but didn't get the Trophy. Red or blue wire? - I didn't get the trophy after I defused the bomb 10+ times. It finally popped after the release of patch 1.08 and I defused the bomb again. Hailstorm - is also broken. Counted 40+ kills while jumping from height so far. I reported the trophy issues to the developers but didn't get a response so far. Since I got robw after the last patch and the next patch release was announced by the developer I'm looking forward to a positive outcome. Nevertheless, please post issues you had with trophies in ALVO. Update: the last patch didn't unlock any of the issued trophies, meanwhile I unlocked big guns, I mention it because I heard of gamers that had issues with that one, as well as quack quack. I contacted one of the devs and he told me they will discuss it in their next team meeting.
  3. I tried it with jumping and it doesn't work. I think you have to get higher ground, like crates, walls, roofs and jump down.
  4. *the hunt was completed - work is done*
  5. A Videoguide made by @yFins Special Thanks to @yFins @Jookymondo @columbo980 and all the other guys who helped us finding the ducks.
  6. I started playing this game last night (with my aim controller) It's a lot of fun, but extremely dynamic and I think it will become really frustrating playing without an aim controller.
  7. Game disciption in the store mentions an optional move and dualshock controller support. Looking at the trophies, this will be an epic time consuming grind. So why not? give it a shot as long as the servers are crowded! 😉
  8. Honestly, I think VR shooters like this one only make sense with the aim controller. I can't imagine how games like farpoint should be played without one. Most of these games are pretty hard, even with an aim controller. It's expensive gear, yes. You can only use it for supported games, yes. You better keep that battery charged, yes. Yet I have fun playing VR games supporting the aim controller and its money well spent, at least in my opinion.
  9. I failed at the 6th boss last night caused by a laggy game, I could say it's very possible to get to the 10th boss with luck and a good combination of starting guns and mods and of course it depends on the first boss you get. I played with two random players, both were really good, we failed at the rider. I started with the ricochet rifle, very good boy mod, sold some things and bought the cultist hat aswell. I think the most important thing is rushing the areas, we were 3-4 levels above the enemies level at all time. The ricochet rifle is a monster when dealing with groups of enemies very very fast. The aftergame stats screen showed, that I did more damage than both of the other two players combined,BUT I wasn't the player with the highest weapon damage. Mods: I had the very good boy from the beginning on my mainweapon and bought the turrets for my secondary. I looted/wore ezlans band (gives health over time) and the black cat band (you get up with 1hp after get downed). And the black rose necklace (chest armor gets +1stack of abilities) I wore the labyrinth set on head/feed. And the cultist chest which stagged to 2 with the black rose. That way my mods refilled themself pretty fast (nearly didn't use my secondary weapon in later game, but I used the turret mod often) Our random group behavior was supportive, we tagged items if we knew someone in the group could use it. I tried like 30times and only made it to the second boss in best case. I have to say it's 90% pure luck to get a good starting combination, good and loot tolerant players and an easy first boss, but it's possible. Keep trying, have fun and good luck.
  10. Hope it works, worked for me.
  11. I had the same issues in multiple games on my main ps3 and it got worse after a time. What I did: - Enter the ps3 safe mode menu (turn on ps3, hold the power button until it is turned off, hold the power button again until you hear 2 beeps, that should open the menu) - choose 3. restore file system - choose 4. rebuild database DO NOT CHOOSE ANY OTHER OPTION! - it may reset your ps3 and you don't want that! It will take about 30mins and will clean all the corrupted files stored over years on the HD of your ps3. Hope it works Thank me later 😊
  12. I will test it on my third (and hopefully last) attempt to finish this nice and fulfilling game. I'll share my experience with the community. Wish me luck. 😬
  13. Great; that would mean that the online status is relevant for the trophy.
  14. I started with the first 3 missions (because they were easy😅) and played 10 random missions, I guess a few were part of the first 13 missons. I decided to complete the rest missions in sequence (1-13) since the trophy didn't pop after completing 13 (mostly random) dynamic missions. EDIT: I also replayed missions, just to be sure.
  15. Got it. I thought it would be triggered the first time I enter and rest in the village. That way I restarted and loaded my game again and again without any success. In fact, I got a standing of 10 rested 3 times in a row and got it with my first try this time. If anybody is facing issues, that's what I did: Like I said started my adempt with a standing of 10, medium difficulty, Polyglot perk and 5. Expedition. It was a standard jungle village/biome. I finished my previous expeditions with a negative standing and also lost some of my crewmembers in a previous expedition. Just as a basic information that finishing with a bad standing obviously doesn't make the event impossible to trigger. I also got the Yeti Paws. 😊 thank you @Eternal21