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  1. I haven't played the vr version yet, but i doubt this would be an issue. it's the same principle in every doom/quake and just practice, once you know how to do it its an automatism, but getting there is trial and error.
  2. you use the rocket explosion radius to propel yourself. theory: you have to shoot, let the rocket hit the ground to explode then jump. practice: that should happen pretty much at the same time, but yes, you have to shoot before you jump.
  3. Rocketjump is an old Doom/Quake thing. Historical it was a bug in Quake 1 the players exploited to get to high "unreachable" places similar to the strafe jump to gain speed. since players used rocketjumps like an intended game function in multiplayergames, id software never patched it, but implemented it in every sequel of Doom and Quake title they released. basically you shoot a rocket straight into ground and jump at the same time that should push you high into the air to reach higher ground. you will get (reduced) damage but also the benefit of a higher jump, if done right. timing is crucial or you will rest in pieces.
  4. you don't even need to kill the first one, just shoot your primary and secondary gun until they are empty. 😉
  5. Can confirm. I've found one too last night. Even if they rarely spawned for me the last weeks, statistically I am still on track.
  6. I have to admit I haven't found any of the items the last 2 weeks. maybe it's bad luck, but I found 7Bittergems,16 Gold, 3 Errorcubes, in the first 2 weeks of playing. 😬
  7. We could do that, just DM me. @Kratosaur
  8. I started playing Quake short after release in Aug 21 in my holidays on my "travel" ps4, but stopped since the game kept constantly crashing my save files. I gave it a second shot and finished it on ps5, but never touched the game on ps4 ever since. long story short, I took a look on my ps4 and my update history shows version 1.04. Is it actually possible to start and play the game without an inet connection/ connection to bethesda servers to prevent updating the game and get this single trophy? I am not overwhelmingly motivated to finish it on ps4, this buggy, savecrashing demon of a game is a pain in the a, but... 🤔 EDIT: Yep it worked. btw the discription of Version 1.04 reads: - Version for physical disc I guess buying the disc version of the game would bypass the problem, but yes I am aware that almost everyone in here owns the digital version.
  9. Players reported reseted progression counters after an update. there was an update on friday i guess, but this is odd. maybe your savegame is damaged.
  10. nice idea! beside the already mentioned games: ALVO Pancake house the perfect sniper Wraith (VR) honor and duty
  11. you get a daily reward if you just log into the game once per day for a month. you can earn the ingame currency you'll need to buy the mechs that way. there is no need to buy MC for real money. these trophies can be earned pretty quick with a boosting partner (with an additional console) , proper planning and preperation. (just in case nobody knew about that)
  12. as far as I remember you can get it from a native in your group that dies after a wound was infected and not treated. he/she will give you an amulet and the quest to return it to his/her family in the village. btw. congratulations to your progression in this great, grindy game
  13. fun fact: i just realized devs messed up the trophy pics of roller coaster and drill by shooting on ps4 😅
  14. I got it without the final connection to the pump, but the pipes where fully build and I started at the loose end. I dont know if it also works with the prebuild pipe scaffolds. my buddy on ps4 also got it riding the same pipeline, means it should work on ps4 and ps5. ride was 2minutes 6 seconds and it took us ~1,5hours to build; engineers platforms were pretty helpful.
  15. nice! now I want a PSVR 2 I want a PSVR 2 now 🤩
  16. Same issues with the EU Version of the game. It also resets the settings every time you restart the game and if you change settings during the game you have to restart the level.
  17. I started a lot of games, got 1 Trophy as a precaution or played to a certain point and never came back due to multiple reasons, mostly because, the game became boring or always was boring. used that "fast" plats for compensation, but almost all of them are boring aswell (there are a few exceptions though). In the end I still have a huge backlog of games I will finish "later", but I never played for 100% anyway in the past and I dont mind much over that. switching the genre of games I usually played, helped me a lot with this boreout issue. I almost stopped playing so called AAA games, started to buy some Indie games and played a lot of VR the last year. I usually play one "long term project" that fascinates an grips me and a lot of side games I play for amusement or progress whenever I am not motivated to do the big project. From time to time I open my backlog and whenever I am "mentally ready for it" I procede with a game. Another thing I can recommend is: don't waste a game you really liked, only because you got plat or 100%. there are a few pearls I already finished but still play them whenever I feel like it.
  18. thanks @PhyrxianLibrarin I think I will come back to this game during xmas holidays.
  19. I try to answer both of you. I played 70-80 in game hours, played almost every day for at least one afterlife (run). the difficulty is hard to say. its grindy, very grindy and you have to play it over and over again without any measurable progress, you only know for sure if you got an achievement/trophy after you died and you get the summary of your run. the in game achievements can be seen in the starting area and some achievments, for instance killing a certain amount of enemies, show a progression bar, but only rudimentary, like: "great I am about half way there, only about 2000 more to go". summing that up, the grindy part is more a thing of motivation. But there are hard parts of course; beside the grind, progression in this game is made step by step, shoot the first enemies without dying get to the first reliquary without dying get to the first boss without dying defeat the first boss without dying and so on... means there is no general "thats the hardest part of the game" since you'll constantly progress in the game, you get better weapons, arrows, more health, more money, deal more overall damage, etc. the more you actually play the game and fail of course. on the other hand harder enemies will spawn. Anakim is extremly hard to deal with the first times you get there and there is a good chance that you will fail a lot before you even manage to shoot his health to 70%, which unlocks a health boost in the area right before the fight starts, next time you will get there. same with Gabriel. I can fell your pain and struggle, I was like the happiest person on earth the first time I beat anakim and entering paradise lost, because it was so hard to even get there, but after playing it over and over again, getting comfortable with the controls, different type of arrows and knowing what will likely await me around the next corner, I was able to rush through purgatory I, the pits I and paradise lost I without even be worried about losing a single health bar. Its a mixture of knowing the levels and enemies, practice and skill and since it is a RNG, a bit of luck. But there is no mercy in this game and you will literally suffer in purgatory for an eternity. "I have beaten the boss and got a new type of arrows woohoo, wait did the enemies grow stronger, faster and harder and why keeps this one type arrow I recently completed droping instead of health what I would actually need right now ?" I would rate the overall difficulty with a 8-9/10 to speak in numbers. hard and grindy but doable with motivation, practice/skill and luck. but these ratings are a subjective opinion anyway. some tips you requested: - headshots, headshots, headshots - Anakim: teleport to the bottom of the stairs, move backwards as soon as he moves, beat him fast and easy by spamming cataclysm or incursion - Gabriel: get as close as you can, but stay behind a pillar to get cover fast if he attacks, beat him fast and easy by spamming tempest or hail of arrows. tempest can shoot through walls and pillars, just saying... - headshots, headshots and headshots - be sneaky and use your surroundings for cover. - be fast if there is more than one enemy close to you, shoot the ranged enemies first - starting with the strongest enemy, then shoot the melee enemies - starting with the weakest enemies, you will get a feeling with crowd control over time. - watch your back; just because you are paranoid doesnt mean you are not being followed. - learn how the different types of arrows work and use what you get, even if it doesnt perfectly fit rn it will give you an advantage, you have to kill thousands of enemies anyway with specific arrows. Also, dont "save" your arrows for later, you will die before you ever shot a single arrow you "saved", trust me... - to kill 21 enemies fast you have to kill an enemy at least every 3 seconds 21 times. a bit frustrating in the beginning but gets easier the more you play. - beating a boss without spending money means you actually must not enter the reliquary in that afterlife, I had to learn that the hard way. - beating a boss/pit with full health means, you must not loose a single health bar in this afterlife, again I had to learn that the hard way. you can lose armor, if you where lucky and got one though. - try to beat every ingame achievement even if its not relevant for trophies. - use your shield as a last resort to avoid damage. you can also use the shield as a melee weapon, it doesnt deal much damage but it stuns enemies for a short period of time. - you can dodge attacks by ducking or step to the sides. - know the behaviour of your enemies, imho the hardest enemy in the game are the skeleton archers in the pits. they will longshot you, teleport behind you and longshot you again in lightspeed, if you dont get rid of them fast. - never underestimate any type of enemy, they are all bad in their own way. getting 666 headshots: a headshot doesnt mean you have to kill the enemy, means you can get multiple headshots with stronger enemies like black knights, incubi, bosses. be aware you deal more damage at closer range. nevertheless 666hs,1000k damage and the 7 orphans in 1 afterlife are longterm projects and cant be accomplished by beating purgatiry, the pit and paradise lost once. since orphans only spawn in purgatory and the pit (never seen one in paradise lost) you have to beat the two bosses at least three times to get the 7th orphan earliest in purgatory IV. watch gameplay videos on youtube, they helped me a lot. I also want to thank @[email protected], I contacted him, because he provides a great video how to do the bane trophy, eternal rapture can be done almost the same way. In the end, in death is a sweet and completly underrated psvr gem. you will hate and love it.
  20. I can't tell you what's best, because it depends on your preferences and individual playstyle. BUT I can tell you what I did: Started with the DS4, using the analogsticks for movement was great, but i realised pretty quick that, beside of the advantages of the movement, aiming/shooting/reloading is faster and longterm gameplay got more comfortable the more I got used to the move sticks. There are not many options for movement but I played with the parameters to find my final settings: - Free movement - turning: 135°/s - walk in direction where the weapon is pointing I teleported with the arrow when ever i needed fast movement (or escape 😁) , and used the much slower, free movement for sneaking through the levels and peeking around corners. I almost never used the teleport shard. I choose the walk where the weapon is pointing option over walk where you are looking, that way i was pointing right to an enemy if I have overseen one when walking around corners. I used the crossbow as soon as i got it, I can recommend the crossbow over the bow, but that's a personal choice, I preferred a very offensive gameplay therefore the crossbow was the better option for me, there are pros and cons on both weapons, use the one that fits better on your playstyle. This game is hard and grindy as hell (purgatory actually) and the success of each "afterlife" highly depends on which arrows you get, but it was getting easier the more I "failed", the more I get used to the controls and with the completion of the ingame achievements.
  21. you have to rate 25 different maps after finishing a game on it and the map needs to be stored on your console. maybe it helps to download it and open a server with 25 maps. nevertheless @HuntingFever is right, this trophy was bugged, then worked again... and so on. the whole game is a huge mess 😑
  22. thank you for the info @drlight66 much appreciated 😊
  23. Don't know where to post that that's why I do it here! change your PWs boys and girls
  24. Start with the classics Uncharted Assassins Creed God of war. Bioshock last of us is impossible to plat since the servers were shut down, but a nice sp game though. duke nukem is a mess, but they only had 14 years of development,you cant make the devs an accusation my favorite game of the last year was stranded deep, can recommend that one if you into this kind of genre. ... and like @Shaun1094 already said: good luck with the COD games
  25. Its actually possible to play Quake 64, it has to be activated in the main menu. - choose add ons - choose download - choose activate - back out, start a new game, play Quake 64 seems like its a filter to get a nostalgic 90ies experience of the game. This is just FYI, I didnt try if N64 cheatcodes work, or if trophies pop when activated, etc.