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  1. ah yes thanks, that means the "upgrade everything" trophy was grindy as hell back then and might be unbeliveable grindy & hard today.
  2. I was there 3000 years ago... I played it after i got it on ps+, servers were crowded and it was alot of fun, well never 100% it because I was to lazy to farm this drone? thingies needed to upgrade all weapons. as far as i remember it took 60-70h for the regular trophies and i kept my console running while driven in circles, squishing alien bugs for the kill a lot of enemies trophy. 100-120h might be realistic. but that was years ago and as far as i know this game got some updates making upgrade all weapons trophy a grinding fest. (i think i read that sonewhere, correct me if i am wrong) and i dont know if anyone is still playing this game, i dont know if this is possible to achieve without additional coop partners.
  3. Trophies sync now on PS5, can be deleted from this list
  4. thanks for the info my friend. 😊 can confirm, syncing works fine now
  5. UPDATE: Devs responded to my DM: Hi! Thanks for playing our game! Thank you for the feedback, we have already contacted the publisher and requested that this bug be corrected. not much, but enough for me to wait another week.
  6. they tweeted that they will give away a key for the game, if you retweet and name the console you'd like the key for. maybe we should tweet: PS4, because PS5 is still broken!
  7. same on twitter 🤪
  8. long story short: no sorry
  9. I already messaged Yaw Studios and Silesia Games on Twitter short after release, no response so far. but they responded to another players tweet.
  10. devs are aware and try to fix it. since trophies are poping but not syncing you already timestamped them the moment you popped them. therefor i guess the timestamps will stay the same when the trophylist will be uploaded by the devs.
  11. click through the missions with R1
  12. can confirm, did PS5 version today, game runs smooth. plated it but still no trophies synced. started PS4 and had problems with the framerate too (played PS4 version on PS5 though)
  13. the price on release is good for the game, give it a shot.
  14. the game is simple but really nice so far. it's not hard but challenging it's like an interactive hidden object picture. if you were good in finding waldo as a kid (or with your kids), you won't have any big issues. there are different game modes. in adventure you start with a "briefing" find and hit the specific target(s) with a timer running. with progression you will get indirect hints, like someone famous will be assasinated and you have to find and hit the assassin. the other modes will be unlocked with progression in adventure mode. find mode: find 15 sunglasses within 2 minutes, something like that. the locations of the objects are rng and can be tricky to find. looking at the trophies there is an elite mode, i guess this will be unlocked after finishing the adventure mode. *WARNING* FYI: I started on PS5 and the trophylist wasn't uploaded yet, means no syncing trophies for the PS5 version so far. hope that will be fixed in the next days. UPDATE: Elite mode is unlocked after successfully completing all 12 adventure missons. its basically a second playthrough without the additional functions of your scope. (zoom, holding breath) *SPOILER* - different death 1st mission: shoot the air condition above the target (works only in one spot of the map, maybe, you have to restart mission 1 a few times) - different death 8th mission: shoot the balloon not the assassin. - different death 10th mission: shoot the waiter (poisoner) before he delivers the poisened drink.
  15. Best way is to reroll your game, find the random item in the first area on earth. if its not the strange coin, reroll and repeat until you eventually find it. boring but effective. or try to join randon online games on earth. not that boring but not that effective
  16. oof, a tough list. I am not into 100%, I missed that chance a long time ago anyway, but I appreciate your effort with this project and i like the listed games. einfach kann jeder. viel Glück!
  17. Quake PS5. when the game was released (on ps4); entering any secret area crashed the save on ps4 and (later) on ps5, they patched it later but somehow the patch glitched a trophy to unobtainable, long story short a complete mess. Anyway I started with ps4 version at release and demons ate my save after 15h into game and a second time with ~5h into game. I was sad and the game sank into oblivion... ... until ps5 was released, I started again on ps5 and demons ate my save ...again. I was sad and angry. I deactivated the automatic upload function on ps5 and started all over again. I saved the game every 5mins dropped out of the game uploaded my save manually, at this point I was just angry. I loved this game 25years ago but the real drive to finish this game was my infernal fury. well ps4 is still unfinished... to be continued EDIT: Almost forgot: my 64GB vita memory card died once, autoupload not activated. 🧘
  18. no flapmaster, no satisfaction 🤣
  19. cat tail plant counts towards happy harvester trophy. I got the trophy while collecting a cat tail plant.
  20. customized, but based on voyageur. I activated parasites, higher spawn chance for moose and bear but lowered the scent increase and attacks during. rest.
  21. ok that should be doable with another 100-150 ingame days.
  22. yeah i've seen your incredible roadmap, helps a lot to get started into this complex game. thanks for that. I am at day 39 rn maybe I'll just proceed to day 50 without firing a gun and wait for the DLC to start from the scratch. its such a nice game.
  23. Thank you for this vital information, i started the game last week and will turn off auto update immediately.
  24. true, its kind of a mindset, if i dont expect anything i can only be surprised in a positive way. far worse are so called AAA games that doesnt even fit your worst expectations
  25. nice 😏