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  1. I think it might be fixed now as the trophy is 0.1%
  2. Noticed the saloon trophy is 0.1% now, is it fixed?
  3. I think the generator saloon trophy is glitched
  4. Overall seems like an easy list
  5. I must suck at this game, I can’t even beat hard mode never mind any of the time trials lol
  6. Maybe the entries inside the encyclopaedia
  7. Got this trophy a while ago thankfully! Now taking one for the team
  8. Can bloodbath be earned by downing survivors in any way during blood fury?
  9. Finally got Wounded Healer! Now onto Taking One For The Team!
  10. Glad to hear No Mither can be used, I know what I’m gonna be doing haha
  11. I wonder if No Mither can be used for Wounded Healer? Also getting downs with Oni is hard
  12. The patch notes say that progression is now saved after closing the game, guess we have to wait until someone hits the number haha
  13. The trophy list aint too bad, Broken Bodies might take a while
  14. The update is finally out! I think they have fixed the glitch
  15. Was Engineer a glitched trophy? Cause I just unlocked it on my girlfriends account