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  1. I’ve not had the 10 wins pop up yet, I hope they count because this mode is barely active
  2. Same here just glad its getting fixed, I managed to get left for dead trophy finally haha
  3. Will the survivor series event count as a win?
  4. Finally! I wonder if we will have to redo all 50 though?
  5. I think it was mainly used to advertise the game for pc
  6. I wrote a comment too, I hope they can address the issues. Btw, does anyone have any tips for the left for dead trophy
  7. Any news on wounded healer?
  8. At least they are aware of the problems! I hope they get fixed
  9. Any news on trophy fixes?
  10. Damn I’m rank 6, guess I’ll have to wait until rank reset. how long did it take for you to find the same game?
  11. What rank were both accounts? I’ll have to try this for the trophy! i hope they fix wounded healer
  12. So you can’t use No Mither?
  13. Wait Wounded Healer can only be obtained by healing 50 times in one game?? No wonder it hasn’t popped up for me yet
  14. Anyone else notice it now says Dead By Daylight 1/2?
  15. I cannot get Left Behind trophy at all, considering deranking to 20 and see if that helps