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  1. Anyone else notice it now says Dead By Daylight 1/2?
  2. I cannot get Left Behind trophy at all, considering deranking to 20 and see if that helps
  3. I’m sure I read a comment on there suggesting they are looking into changing the Left Behind trophy requirement
  4. Thats true, its just if the situation is right and you have enough time to fix last gen before killer closes hatch. trophy progression would be amazing, not just on this game but with every games trophies,hopefully ps5 adds this feature
  5. these are gonna take a while!
  6. I got the trophy yesterday on Discovery Mode, people were quitting throughout
  7. Cant even play a match as ghostface! Too many people trying to play
  8. Cool, good to know! What button is it to grab them?
  9. Grabbing people off generators might take a while,
  10. Thanks, any tips for getting gold medals in blue spheres mode? Really struggling
  11. Okay cool, so i can just replay through them again?
  12. How do i go back and earn emeralds or blue sphere medals?
  13. So no cheats work for trophies?
  14. Great lists everyone!
  15. Finally got it