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  1. No problem, make sure to find the legendary weapons. Plus there isn't a time limit
  2. Yeah haha I did the mission on my first try, so I wasn’t planning on doing commentary
  3. Hello, I just completed Chapter 5 on my first try to unlock Lord Arthur, this one is easier than it seems. Make sure to get the legendary weapons and use the dodge button against Evil Ash. Heavy melee attacks do the most damage, good luck!
  4. If anyone is struggling here is how I beat chapter 4 on my first try, the key is to find the legendary weapons as they do not change spawn location.
  5. I still need to go back and finish this game, doesn't help that there isn't a platinum trophy haha
  6. Finally got this trophy, back to 100%! haha
  7. It's a free platinum though, it's like those easy games such as My name is Mayo
  8. Why do people hate auto popping trophies? I'd much rather it be this way, then have to win 5 games in a row again haha
  9. Such a stupid trophy haha
  10. I have the same issue! Unlocked both adept trophies but can’t sync them
  11. Very easy list, only got Biological Weaponry and Raccoon City Recruit left to do, but they have turned off the new map haha
  12. Finally got adept trickster! Now to get his other trophy and I never have to play this trash killer again lol
  13. On a game like this with loads of grindy trophies, why would you want to do it all over again? Especially that huntress hatchet trophy lol
  14. Haven't they made it ever harder over time though? I don't remember it being this difficult, plus I think the end game ranking is glitched right now
  15. Yeah it’s not fair, you should just have to sacrifice 4 survivors not max out each category