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  1. Very easy list, only got Biological Weaponry and Raccoon City Recruit left to do, but they have turned off the new map haha
  2. Finally got adept trickster! Now to get his other trophy and I never have to play this trash killer again lol
  3. On a game like this with loads of grindy trophies, why would you want to do it all over again? Especially that huntress hatchet trophy lol
  4. Haven't they made it ever harder over time though? I don't remember it being this difficult, plus I think the end game ranking is glitched right now
  5. Yeah it’s not fair, you should just have to sacrifice 4 survivors not max out each category
  6. I wonder why trophy progression isn’t carried over?
  7. The requirements for getting adept on killers needs to be changed!
  8. What about all the bloodpoints and perks ive put into characters?
  9. What’s the best way to get 50 survivors suffering maximum lacerations?
  10. This is good news! Hope I can finally get it haha
  11. What region? Cause I haven’t received anything
  12. That's a shame, at least online play isn't affected!