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  1. I get less text messages here than in real life, what the fuck. Still unable to purchase 11 vehicles as I'm not getting any text/prompt from fixers to buy them.
  2. Marias Executioner's Sword was the one bugged for me. Leaving it on the ground then picking it up did the trick.
  3. I've done it by hosting the game with any of my PC sessions then joining with from PS5 and the remaining PC sessions.
  4. Done all spec ops missions plenty of times, trophy never unlocked. Quite sure it's bugged for me (and my friends aswell).
  5. Bring a bike yourself to the starting point. Place it exactly where it would normally be, then jump on it. It *should* work. I'm saying "should" because this port is so dead broken I'm not even sure what works and what doesn't.
  6. Has anybody tried obtaining the Godfather rating on mobile? It looks like this "remaster" is based on the mobile editions, so if the sparrow trick worked on mobile, it'll work here too most likely.
  7. Tested on PS5 a couple minutes ago, still working! Only needed to do it thrice since I won 2 legitimately ages ago when the mode was still alive. No need to deploy or anything, just enter the server (with no flag) and quit as soon as done loading. Good luck.
  8. I can see it flop terribly if they don't go the F2P route by this summer, lol
  9. No it doesn't. Cheating is cheating, the rules are the same for everybody.
  10. Done all the missions in recruit as intented. No friendly fire, no failing missions, if I died I reloaded the mission. No trophy. Replayed S.S.D.D. too, but nope, nothing. I'm replaying the Endgame mission now, let's see if it pops after that one. If it doesn't...
  11. I'm going crazy after this. It's been 2 hours and the best one I could get is 20.00. Trying now using only the M9 + reload checkpoint trick. Man, COD4 really did not give me so much trouble.
  12. If you find them annoying then it's most likely not worth it. This seems like to be the case, judging from what you're saying.
  13. If you haven’t logged into RD Online's beta at all, today is the deadline so log in for some good, free cash and gold bars! They're going to be very useful for all us trophy hunters (it'll surely ease the grind for the Horses for Courses trophy).
  14. So, the official guide has several maps for every animal species in the game. But what about the different races for some of them, like the Pronghorn, Big Horn Rams etc.? Is there any map online which shows where they spawn?