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  1. Yup, people been asking this on pubg forum everyday since the vikendi updated and the only thing we got right now is "The team are still investigating this issue. Apologies for any inconvenience." I've seen some people got the trophy in around 1800-2700 kills...
  2. Kill 3 squads by myself in one area yesterday one of them got a gold helmet and another gold armour and my useless random teammate just come in and loot gold armor from me. i wrote a pm to him nicely that i want to borrow it for a moment but no response even a fight is already done... i hate these luck base trophies so much, especially in online game. Sorry, just want to let my frustration out somewhere.
  3. Have a few trophies left before a platinum now it start to getting buggy for me for some reason. Already blowing peoples up with a nade more than 30 kills by now that i already stopped counting it at this point (yes, i counted it) and still no trophy... same with trigonometry novice already have more than 10 headshots with : Win94 : 5 heads kar98k : 5 heads m24 : 3 heads and stil no trophy, or just win94 doesn't count? I saw a guild from trueachievement and says it does count as a sniper too. This is why playstation should have a trophy progression tracker like xbox1 and steam where it tracking how many things that you've already done not just doing all these blindly and also to get to know that it glitch or not...
  4. Hello just need to know when this contract available i never see this contract from arinbjorn notice board. This is my last contract to get trophy or i do something wrong ? Thanks