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  1. Nice looking game. I still have to play the first one, it's been gathering dust for ages.
  2. - Abzu CD Soundtrack - flOw vinyl record - Shovel Knight CD Soundtrack Not the biggest fan of vinyl, but I've been dying to own the soundtrack to flOw in some form of physical media.
  3. Noein: The Complete Series Blu-ray
  4. PSN ID: Lauriferous Feel free to send a request, always looking for more people to add and compare trophies.
  5. PSN ID: Lauriferous Systems: PS3, PS4, Vita Accepts Blank Requests: Just write PSNP in the request. Looking to fill out my friend list a bit and compare trophies, I mainly play JRPGs and visual novels.
  6. Daria, Freakazoid!, The Simpsons, Kids in the Hall, name a few.
  7. Awesome Aksys strikes again! Out of all the games, Bad Apple's story description has me the most intrigued. The art style is great too. Looking forward to playing all four games.
  8. Must really love the Hyperdimension Neptunia games.
  9. Yup, sure do. I'm trying to replay a lot of my older PS3 games.
  10. Breakfast..eggs and toast. =)
  11. 10/10 So tranquil and relaxing.
  12. Hi Riley, nice to meet you. 'Grats on scoring a Vita and PS3 for yourself. You've already got a really great selection of games on your profile which is awesome. Good luck with all that trophy hunting you'll be doing this summer too.
  13. 9.5/10 Very cute name that has a pleasant ring to it. Great avatar too.
  14. Lazy
  15. Chika Hakozaki Hi Chika! =D