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  1. No. Repo man was fixed. You can get platinum whithout problems
  2. There is only one forum for all different regions trophy lists in russian for example. Btw this is the only site with additional hardcore leadersboard
  3. No. As every seaman officer i speak 5+ langs. I am a bit in stress now. But i am a man in my house:)
  4. We are speak not about sessions. We speak is it allowed for bad people to do business here
  5. Is any limits? O_O I WANT IT BE LIMITED
  6. My guide is written for your grandmothers, for ppl without any pvp experience. Check it guys
  7. Is It was ps plus for ps3?:) Cool game but something distracted me from getting platinum trophy:)
  8. I created session with guide to help ppl to get trophies legit. I helped hundreds ppl to get trophies in many games just joinining their sessions. Host MUST have responsibility. Do u agree?
  9. Sorry. You have to read Bible to understand what i mean. I want to expell illegal business from Psnprofiles
  10. Ok. To boost The last of us you need 8 ppl. You create fake account and session with unlimited players to join. After 1,5 year after creating the session you have 120+ppl without trophies. You state in yr session what you cant help everyone but you continue to attract new players. Why? What was the reason to create this session using fake account?
  11. You can play Harriet's missions after rank 5. Thats all. There are no "currently released animals" at all. I met Zizi beaver first time freetoam when i was rank 1
  12. What do you mean "hunted"? Did you compete compendium for every legendary animal? We had a week with broken online. Only ppl (cheaters) who played solo could do it for youtube videoes Can you post screenshots?
  13. I say the host create session to promote his channel only. He dont have responsibility to help everyone who joined his session. So i want to reform the Gaming sessions. You can promote yr discord channel but help everyone and let ppl to vote Some discord cheaters prolong sessions for months. I talk about them. If you changed time 3 times and stil unhappy - create new session. What is the problem? I want drives traders from the temple. You?
  14. MGS 2. But i will try. I dont give up