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  1. Thanks for the tile, now my collection is complete 😁. Golden tiles you say?👀 Cool. And, I'm already start the PS4 version. Man, these RGG games is so addicting.
  2. Finaly, I get the platinum in Lost Judgment in PS5 + DLCs, What a game! A must play from RGG. The game have a lot to do, a lot... but none is too much, or repetitive, the game know how to balance this, iven if the minigame is "bad" you can do it whitout geting tired. The story is very cool, and keep you in there. The side cases, some are good and some are bad (like the others games lol). The school missions, is the point that I think is the most strange... almost all is cool to do, the only one i don't like, its the robotic, don't get me wrong, it's not bad, but if you don't know what are you doing, the minigame become boring... and you will need to farm somethings in this minigame, yea... take your time in there. The gamplay, is very good so far, I'm not a fan from Dragon engine, but here its works very well, and the figths is very satisfying. The map exploration is good too, come on, you can use a skateboard in Kamurocho or Ijincho... The dlcs... look, the "Detective Essential Pack" I think is a bad payed dlc, in Judgment we have the same thing for free. But the Kaito Files is good, it's have a nice story, a cool gameplay, and it's very well done, but here in Brazil, do not worth the price for a 10 hours game, unless if you buy in a sale, the "Digital Ultimate Edition" paying almost the half of the price. In general, it's a very, very good game, and I do recomend to the fans. Now, I will do a little break, and maybe next week I start the PS4 version. Sorry for the bad english, I'm still learnig how to write, and talk to you guys it's the best place to training✌️
  3. Thank you again for the tiles, it's realy cool. And a update, things have happened here, and I have start Lost Judgment, now I'm at 60% in Town Go. Maybe 2 or 3 weeks for platinum the game, and Jesus, this game have a lot to do. Loving the skate and bike missions, but the robotic... Is just there hahaha. Still, it's a awesome game.
  4. First of all, thanks a lot for the for recieve me...XD, in this topic, and thanks for the tiles, I love it. And yes, Lost Judgment, is planed to June or July, and if i have more time, judgment ps5 too. The HD versions, I have already done, in august 2021, these two, is my fisrt time playing a game in japanese for a pltinum trophy, in this case, I have only missed the "classic" history, but the fun, have keep me on the game.
  5. Hi. I have a friend who show me this topic, and if is possible, I want to participate too. Have someting I need to do? Here my collection
  6. Thanks for all answers, I got the platinum. For the first toten, I have found a way arround the map to get there. One more time, thanks
  7. Do you know if have more than 60 totens or a NG+? I have miss the first one, and don't wanna go to every location again
  8. Yep, to me took around same time, i have started 9am and get the platinum 1:51am, 16h:51m in total. Thanks for talking about the time taken by you, it gave me a bit of a sense
  9. I deleted my save game, started over and put the rubber band on for about 10 hours, and nothing happened. Now I'm trying to delete the game with the save, reinstall and start again with the rubber band, I'll let you know if it works