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  1. I actually enjoyed platting the first one. Will grab this one too if it ever goes on sale at a very cheap price like the first game.
  2. Entry #2: The Strong First Aid Med from Resident Evil 7. To instantly heal injuries in real life.
  3. The device in Steins;Gate to send memories to my past self. I don't think I need to say why :).
  4. "- if you fail to activate the glitch, you must return to the title screen and then reload the save, because you can activate the glitch only once for reload" I still don't see how that makes sense. "If you fail to activate the glitch you must reload because you can activate the glitch only once per reload" In what world does failing to activate the glitch means you activated the glitch. I was just trying to be helpful and give more info to save someone else from wasting 15 mins like I had done. I had never got "now, you must press quickly L1 for 2 times AND, in between the 2 times, you must also hold down X to charge the Super Dash" (the very first step in activating the glitch) to work once so how in hell are you supposed to know you've failed to activate the glitch.
  5. I feel like you're diminishing the effort and skill it takes to actually get the plat legit. I wouldn't say someone suck because they can't do it ;).
  6. Sorry but "- if you fail to activate the glitch, you must return to the title screen and then reload the save, because you can activate the glitch only once for reload (listen Fishly in the video, to know why you must do this)." did not make much sense. I had not activated the glitch once. Like you can only bug the Super Dash once per loaded save and yet it wouldn't work despite having never done it once. If you're gonna detail everything step by step, I shouldn't have to watch a 5 minutes video for a 10 seconds glitch :). I just wanted to clarify this point to possibly save someone else wasting some of their time since personally you weren't clear enough if you were actually talking about what I just wrote about. Anyway cheers for posting about this "glitch".
  7. I'm using it right now. I wasted around 15 minutes trying to get the first part until I checked more comments on the youtube vid and realized that you can sometimes be randomly blocked from being able to do the glitch for no reason. Reloaded my save and was able to do the first part on the first try every time. The only tricky part is getting the timing right on the Dream gate.
  8. I wish people would stop giving useless tips. The trophy description is really self-explanatory. He even specified "always running through the gate and being the only one alive" We're also looking for a way to make sure this trophy pops. Our boosting team just had 3 random killers in a row help us get Left for dead and the trophy didn't pop for any of us. We also tried having everyone leave the match when they died so no one would still be in the match spectating. We just have no idea what to do to make sure it works. I was thinking maybe have the person going for left for dead actively participate in the repair of all 5 gens or have them finish repairing all 5 while being the last ones alive..
  9. I got it after about 10 tries with the D-Pad. After a couple failed tries with the D-Pad, I read this thread and tried the touchpad about 3 times and thought **** that. Like people mentioned, make sure you don't press to shoot too fast or you'll just end up shooting slower. The shooting pattern @Scarecrowsfate uses on the last wave in his video works very well.
  10. I was waiting for the part 2 to end to binge watch it, thanks for the spoiler Sony. Waiting a week for the next episode is way sillier.
  11. I feel so silly after wasting a couple hours trying everything I could think of after doing what the guide says did not work.. I finally realized that the default ball option says change your ball into a Giant Banana. All this time I had been using the advanced options using "Square" to turn off ball collision so the balls stay in and manually setting the bananas size. After realizing that, here's what I did : I used 4 players using 4 controllers (Using 2 controllers with the 8-player option turned on and then having a "buddy" on each controller and disabling AIs in the first option category should work as well. I started a quick play match, pressed the options button and changed a game setting, like the terrain. Then I pressed options and quit the match. Afterwards I was able to press Square to change any game settings. (It's probably same as just playing a Custom Mode but that's what I did) I pretty much just changed it to the round not ending until all balls are sunk. Got 2 balls in the hole and changed the balls into the Default banana ones that says Giant Banana with preset size. Making sure you turn the balls into bananas using the default Banana balls option is probably all you need but in case it doesn't work, there you go. Also for the "Quick Everyone!" trophy, a much simpler method is to just set the terrain to very flat, set the hole to be on the left. Line up all the balls next to each others on the flat ground next to the hole and then carefully push them all in using the ball that's the farthest.
  12. The method explained by @Spark-N and shown in his/her video works flawlessly. If you activate the boss by venturing too far from under the "ledge", just log out and back in with the change character option. I confirm that every kill counts. I did 1000 kills in under 6 hours on my own at level 68 with basic lvl66-68 gear with 0 enchantments.
  13. Personally I'm not gonna waste my time playing a game I'm not really interested in if it doesn't have a platinum. I will plat free games even if I don't even like them just cause they didn't cost me a thing. I don't mind buying a game that I really wanted to play even if it doesn't have a platinum. Thing is, there aren't that many single player games that fall in that category. Instead of paying for a game I'm only slightly interested in that doesn't have a platinum, I'm just gonna buy another game I'm equally interested in that does have a platinum. By example; the Siralim series, I really wanted to try one out but why would I buy a game I'm not actually sure I will like and that require hundreds of hours to 100%. To me, the risk is far greater than the reward. Platinum have me motivated to keep playing a game. I really liked Disgaea 5 but once I got the platinum I just had no motivation to keep playing 50-100+ hours just to beat the last extra boss. And as far as I'm concerned, buying a game just for the platinum is absolutely not a bad thing. I've purchased hundreds of games to get their platinums. Before I started trophy hunting, all I did was play the same multiplayer games all the time. Now I actually buy a ton more games and switch to them to get their plats. Maybe PSNP could add something to showcase 100%'s instead of only single trophies.
  14. Anomaly 2 The platinum is now pretty much unobtainable unless you have 2 systems since the servers won't match you with anyone anymore unless you're in LAN. You don't have to stress out, you have plenty of time to do everything on the two systems, even with only 1 tv switching inputs. Oh... Sir! Hollywood Roast You don't need to do anything for one of the 2 players, you only need to press rematch at the end and it will always be at the same place so you can easily rematch on the second system with only 1 tv. PixelJunk Nom Nom Galaxy Same thing as hollywood roast, one of the player doesn't have to do anything.
  15. I really hope it comes out with some "Dlc/update" trophies at release. The xbox list has 82 achievements. At least I really hope they add achievements with every new league. I'd really like to have extra trophies when playing new leagues. Regardless, I can't wait to play!! If you want to add me, it will be my pleasure to help you if you ever need help with anything in the game.