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  1. No update sorry Wow, it's really been a year...
  2. It's boring playing alone but I'm having fun playing with a friend too. The game seems more stable now that less people overall are playing too haha
  3. I amassed a fortune just selling bulk junk to every vendor daily. 200 caps per vendor and there's 7 vendors (note vendor caps are shared between factions). With Charisma perks you can minimize fast travel cost (Travel Agent) and get more caps for selling to vendors (Hard Bargain). Pretty easy to get at least 1000 caps/day if you pick up and scrap everything. Map with all vendors and their factions:
  4. Melee build is the way to go. Max strength plus Super Sledge I never play melee in Fallout games but I had to in this one - the guns are crap unless you have two-shot explosive legendary guns. Armor piercing combat rifles and combat shotguns are semi-ok I've found. All energy weapons are absolutely useless.
  5. It's ok. Interesting enough to keep me playing for now. The latest patch is causing frequent crashes though which is really frustrating. I'm playing on a Pro and get crashes as often as every 10min
  6. Level 50 trophy didn't pop for me (was doing Monster Mash, didn't see the warnings til it was too late) I'm going to mop up all the other trophies apart from level 50/100 and wait until they fix it, hopefully retroactively - I really don't want to level another character.
  7. How did you do this one? I invited a dummy account and had them leave the team 20 times, and also having then invite me 20 times and leaving myself - no trophy. Do you have to join a game, join a team, then both quit to main menu 20 times? EDIT: finally popped after a random invited me to his team and I accepted
  8. I did a manual update after finishing Life Is Strange BTS today and now my profile here says it has no trophies. My profile is still updating fine on other sites (exophase, truetrophues), and I checked the privacy settings to make sure trophy info is visible to everyone. Any idea why my profile is broken here? Cheers.
  9. Congrats! I still have the 100% on expert to do. The calibration in this game is terrible.
  10. I tried manually after giving up on the mixer - my arm got too tired quickly. Maybe I'm just getting old😂 So I bought a cheap saw. I had the Xbox 360 & One versions to do also so it was worth the investment. 3 million strums... 😩
  11. I have it but haven't tried yet - don't want it on my profile if it can't be completed (and it's a pain to change profile on Vita). Would need a second copy anyway to test the multiplayer
  12. @Vladu24 The save corruption sounds painful. I have the game on PS3 and never had that problem. You'd think if anything the new gen version would be more stable. The random disconnects with Dolomite etc errors were a pain though, there doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to those.
  13. With the saw on the lowest speed I was getting about 60,000 strums/hr as a low estimate.
  14. I tried the mixer first but found it too difficult to keep it in a stable position - I had to adjust it often. The saw was much more reliable, and faster too. The noise from both methods is really annoying. I stayed in the same room to make sure the thing didn't catch on fire because I'm paranoid like that, so I played another console with headphones on. Just leave it to run nonstop on a channel. The strums between songs won't count
  15. If you're playing on PS4, watch out for the save corruption bug. If you start now you will still be able to complete the online parts, but I would suggest the mixer/reciprocating saw approach for Strumillionaire asap as that is the most time consuming. You will also need to optimize your Plays for Centurion - make sure you use up all your Plays before the daily reset so that you get 5 more.