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  1. Legit loved this film. Classic.
  2. Well, its just a hell of a grind and involves a load of RNG. If you’re a big Trekkie fan, I’d suggest it though as it’s a really good insight if you’re big on ST lore. It’s not very difficult though, I 100% it without a single guide, it’s just kinda buggy and cheap at times. (A lot could have been fixed since I last played) - Also the trophy images in this game are amazing. 5/10 difficulty (due to bugs) but expect a long, long, long grind.
  3. I still can’t believe how many people don’t appreciate how amazing IX is.. except for the last boss (still to this day I don’t understand where that thing came from or it’s relevance to anything) Then again, there’s people who enjoy The XIII trilogy.. 🧐 VIII was the weaker of the holy ps1 trio IMO, but still fantastic. Remake is great, but the original is where the true heart is at.
  4. Everything’s getting censored these days, mainly because people don’t live anymore. They exist in these boring lives with nothing unique about them so they find these groups online that not only accept them, but encourage them to be outraged by anything that’ll get a click or a like. It’s a popularity contest crossed with some tribal need. Everything snowballs and boom here we are - 2019. Just a shame that people are now upset by games too... real bottom of the barrel stuff. What’s next? #downwithcensorship
  5. From what I’ve seen, this game has a really intricate character creation screen at the start (even includes a way to use your camera to help design the players face) It’s pretty realistic though, so much so that if you drive too fast/crash into animals, vehicles or even people you will get pulled over then get fined which will lead to you going to court. missing that date, you can actually face prison. Upon arriving you join a gang based solely on your ethnic background then go on to learn the ins and outs of the prison system which opens up a lot of dialogue during your lengthy sentence. (If you change the clock time on your PS4 though, you can bypass a lot of that - also the same when you’re waiting for your driving ban to end as well.)
  6. I’ve got earthbound on my 2DS, it’s glorious! Virtual Console games on there are wonderful! Maybe even go for Pokemon R/B/Y or G/S/C from the gameboy/colour era (also on 2DS VC)
  7. Nope, new stuff just gets added to the reserve pool. So all old stuff that’s in there remains alongside any new items added
  8. • Star Trek Online (grind) • Umbrella Corps (grind) • Warhawk (mega grind) • Skyrim (my favourite game) • GTA3 (didn’t use any cheats, was the only game of the trilogy I never got 100% on back in my ps2 days) • Kung Fury: Street Rage (doesn’t have a platinum but god damn, it should have! *headache*)
  9. Doubtful, they’ll probably just cycle in them back, just like the game modes
  10. The lack of games this month is garbage, but atleast the platinum rarity for MWR will get bumped up to where it should be. “Very Rare” doesn’t seem to match up to those infuriating veteran moments waiting for that damn helicopter to pick me up, followed by the mile high club. *silver lining* 😅
  11. I literally bought all my new Romulus chips in one sitting for dirt cheap and ended up as the first person in the world on PS4 to get the trophy. I don’t envy anyone who’s still hunting these now.. it was bad enough around release. I’ve got so many dupes on my account new rom and 2409, I may just log in and put them all in the store for 1 credit each. It may cheer up someone’s day.
  12. Yep, completely scales. e.g., If you buy a collectors edition you can usually crank up the crying to maybe an 11/10 or a 12/10 depending on the publisher and or developers reputation. Sale/Discount price crying is also calculated - Terms and Conditions may apply.*
  13. But you’re ok with a “true ending” and scenario A or B for Leon and Claire?
  14. Oooo! 🤞🏻
  15. So who else is excited for this? Hopefully they’ll add some shiny new trophies too! 🏆💀