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  1. So just a heads up. Daily online tournaments for whatever reason are not available. I've tested everyday for a week. Weekly tournaments are available and working but daily ones are not. The pannel of the tournament shows "no information" .
  2. thank you CL5INTON2 said I will wait as we are getting near Halloween and it's likely they will go on sale and buy them.
  3. thanks. so even the definitive version has bugs and glitches? thanks. so I think i should try it. I love Mirror's Edge. I platinum-ed catalyst recently.
  4. thanks for the quick response. do you recommend riptide also?
  5. I pretty much Love dying light. I have completed it on pc and I'm now playing it on Ps4 and it's still so much fun. I don't play coop and I don't mind fetch quests Like the ones in dying light. so should I try it? trophy wise can I boost coop trophies easily?