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  1. just wondering if the level up to 99 trophy or any other trophy i may have missed require an online connection or could you get all the trophies without an internet connection? Thanks
  2. Does anyone know if the Bad Blood DLC contracts require an online connection? I know I need online to get the 10 co-op contracts but is an internet connection required for the other contracts? Thanks.
  3. Holding aim with bow or throw weapon is the best tip I got when doing this for clicker sections.
  4. so if there is not enough challenges to reach max level is it still possible to do? is there other ways to earn level up points or would "hit the ceiling" become unobtainable? Wondering is i should pick this game up. thanks
  5. Same happened to me ^. Was playing as a lolb in franchise and I’ve done it twice on rookie and no trophy :(. Am I missing something ?
  6. I think this is a great idea, maybe a filter as well that’ll help prioritize online trophies that require the servers to be up or other players in order to achieve.
  7. Im pretty sure any item with a placement requirement won't show up in ground war, such as finish in top 5 for Reznov.
  8. Hey everyone, just thinking about starting this game with the disc version so I don't have to do automatic updates. Does anyone who has already played the game know if 100% is still doable.
  9. I would also be grateful for some coin to get my draft trophy over with, I can send you a message with the player listing a little later today. Thanks friend
  10. I could also use some help, anyone out there still available to help? If so add BryBurgess on psn and send me a message. Any help is much appreciated.
  11. Add me to help find events on PS4. BryBurgess