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  1. Yeah, it might be that: 70k might seem a lot but if you're pressing the X button every half a second, it stops after 9-10 hours. Dunno why that 70.000 is there to begin with. As for the rest, pretty much what the people above said, it's best on the Lost Continent since the rate of encounters with many monsters is higher. Personally I think it took me 16+ hours to pop it.
  2. Damn, I'd almost managed to forget about this hideous mini-game, probably the reason I didn't mention it in my review πŸ˜… I remember some hackable objects towards the end of the game being almost impossible to hack because either the liquid would flow too quickly or I could not for the life of me find the correct tube I needed... So I'd just waste an auto-hack tool and be done with it. I'll tell you though, the hacking mini-game in the sequel is much more manageable than this one, although not too easy sometimes. πŸ˜‚ I can imagine what the situation would look like to an outsider, probably some sense of dΓ©jΓ  vu.
  3. A bit late on this, but I'll comment either way even though I don't remember much about the game. If you think about it, what you're saying is the same thing from different perspectives: the probability is only there because you don't know where the bullet is, but if you knew it wouldn't be 1/6 for certain. It all depends on your point of view, because if you were a time traveller who has already seen the outcome, of course you wouldn't say the probability is 1/6. I don't remember how the concept is played in the game, but the same logic should apply, it's just not an absolute matter, it's relative. I hope that's what you were intending and didn't state the obvious. Good job completing this game without a guide by the way, I don't think I would've managed.
  4. I was surprised at first as well, but if you keep trying eventually you'll complete it; we should be thankful that the Platinum Relics are not required for the platinum, because that would've made it UR for sure. At least that's the most difficult one out of the trilogy, in my opinion. Fun note: you're not required to get all Gold Relics, you only need to get 26 if I remember correctly (which is the number of all relics, excluding the DLC one); that means that The Highroad's (or any other main level you are having trouble with, but it's usually that) Gold Relic can be skipped by doing the Stormy Ascent's one, while getting the platinum and 100% (if you've got the Gem) with it. To this day I still don't have the relic for that level. Well, some people say Stormy Ascent is easier, while others say The Highroad is: I'm for the former, it's just a matter of endurance since the level is very long.
  5. You turn around one second and you have five reviews to write... Ugh. 74th Platinum - Dragon Ball Fighterz Trophy Triumphant Well you know, it's Dragon Ball, the platinum rarity is like that only because of a stupid Zeni grind that lately hasn't been all that bad since they gave away 5 million, then 3.5 million, then someone discovered how to continuously gain the same amount over and over and reach 20 million in like five minutes. So why not jump in when there's an opportunity? And so I did. Of course I wasn't interested in this game only because it had an ultra rare platinum: it's Dragon Ball, and I've always wanted to try it after playing Dragon Ball Xenoverse 1 & 2 and really enjoying them; turns out it wasn't all that good since it's quite different than those two previous games. First of all, I'm not an expert of fighting games, so I was thankful that completing all the challenges for all characters is not required, since for most I couldn't do the harder ones; second, unlike XV1&2 it's a 2D fighting game (if that's how they're called), and I found out that I suck at those, badly. Fortunately, to platinum this game you don't require mad skills, since most things are easy. Another thing is that most of the time, I couldn't connect the combo for the finishing moves, since I was using the D-Pad as instructed by the tutorials in the game: now, I don't know how pro fighting gamers play, whether they use the analog stick or the D-Pad, but I almost burned the skin off my left thumb slinding it onto the D-Pad. I'm sure it's just me being an incompetent fuck, but I much preferred the combos in XV1&2 (something like L2+R2+square). That said, the story felt quite boring at some point, since you need to sit through it three times from different perspectives with minor changes, with Android 21 being the only satisfaction (and I know you know which of her assets brought that satisfaction). I also enjoyed the banter between good and evil characters based on which ones you use in story battles. The online is the only thing other than, previously, the Zeni grind which could be considered a bother, since it requires 9-10 hours of boosting (if you choose to do so, otherwise well, good luck) with you and your partner taking it in turns by winning 3 matches each: despite the frequent connection errors, I managed to get through it in one sitting, so it wasn't a bigger deal than I thought. One little note about the S rank in Arcade mode: fuck you. It's not enough that I'm a stupid piece of shit that didn't realize for an entire day that if you lose one of the matches and don't restart the whole gauntlet, the next match doesn't give you full scores (despite there being a notification message when you lose which I always skipped without reading too much of it), and that didn't pay too much attention on the scores and then wondering why the hell I was always getting C rank on the last match; no, the CPU also has the audacity to spam you with 300 combo moves the moment you're not attacking or failing to connect a hit, with Cell always firing a point blank Super Kamehameha in my fucking character's face. Again, I'm bad as fuck at this game so it's to be expected, but come on. 75th Platinum - BioShock Infinite: The Complete Edition Platinum Columbia Concluding the trilogy of BioShock, this is the best of the three in my opinion: there is always a lighthouse. I can say that even though I'm not a fan of shooter games, I enjoyed this trilogy and this game in particular very much: the plot and the environment are very likeable and the interaction between Booker (which hey, now the MC talks unlike the previous games) and Elizabeth are priceless most of the time. It would seem that this game comes with a problematic bug, which is that if at any point when you're playing while signed in to PSN you get disconnected for whatever reason and continue playing regardless, the trophies will no longer unlock even if you satisfy the requirements: if you have bad connection or just don't want to risk having to replay entire sections of the game on harder difficulties, it's best just to turn the connection off before starting the game every time you play. By doing so I didn't have problems in those regards, and I don't know if this has been patched recently or not. Platinum-wise there are a few things one needs to watch out for: first, there are a lot of weapon-specific kill trophies, so keep one weapon long enough to reach the required amount of kills, then switch to a different one and so on. It's not that hard to accomplish most of the time (if you're not playing on 1999 mode from the get-go) apart from the weapon only dropped by Patriots. The other miscellaneous trophies can be cleaned up using chapter select, so they're not too troublesome. Second, the collectibles: I'd say to do them on your 1999 mode run because you will need all the extra cash you can get (there's a gear that nets you extra money when you pick up a Voxophone) in that mode and you might as well collect them all; there's the same problem as in the previous BioShock games where if you miss one, you can use chapter select to pick it up afterwards, but if you don't know precisely which one you haven't picked up you might end up collecting them all again because they respawn altogether. Lastly, 1999 mode: well, just don't purchase anything by mistake from a Dollar Bill machine, or you'll have to do another playthrough on that difficulty from the start. If you're thorough with the scavenging you won't need to purchase anything from it, and will have spare cash to use somewhere else. Also, the sniper rifle is your best friend in that mode. One thing that I didn't like and that in a way makes 1999 mode harder than it needs to be, is the fact that unlike the previous games the game only autosaves at fixed points, which are more frequent (since it only autosaved at the start of chapters before) but not enough, and most of the time I ended up dying during a two-part gap and having to repeat the first part over and over because there wasn't a checkpoint after it. Had there been the possibility to manually save as well (like previous games), it would've made the game much easier, and I wouldn't have had to wait for the game to auto-save to turn off the game when I didn't want to (or couldn't) continue. Quick notes on the DLCs: CitC's hardest trophy is cheeseable if you earn every other trophy first and your second to last trophy for the 100% isn't the platinum itself, because it autopops as the last trophy if those conditions are met; Burial at Sea was a nice conclusion to the story of BS Infinite and a nice connection with the first BioShock, and the two parts are not difficult to 100%. 76th Platinum - Metal Slug Anthology Metal Slug Master Well, sooner or later I knew I would have to play this collection: it's Metal Slug after all. Let's begin by saying, if you haven't read my brief review of Metal Slug 3, that I played a lot of MS when I was a kid: it all started with MS2 on an arcade cabinet in my town where all the kids would play while wasting away all their money on coins. Yeah, there was a time like that. I myself wasn't very good at it so I never got too far in the game, but then I had the opportunity, thanks to some connection and friends, to play it on PC with an emulator alongside MS1, X and 3. Needless to say, since at that time you didn't have many games to play but you had all the time in the world, I played those four games endlessly. I played the same four games again when they were released on Steam a few years ago and discovered that, well, I still got it, but not enough to clear the game flawlessly of course. I also played MS Anthology on PSP I think, and Metal Slug XX too on the same console. So yeah, I know a thing or two about MS. So I am somewhat of a veteran of the first four games, whereas I didn't play MS4, 5 and 6 more than two or three times, which is one of the reasons why I consider MS4 and MS5 the hardest among all games, and MS6 too on hard mode. All of this to say that while I know very well the first games, I pretty much cannot clear them with 5 or fewer continues, even on easy, which is what you're required to do for every single MS game in this anthology: the best I could manage were 7 continues on MS1, 2 and X. And why is that I couldn't manage? Well, one reason is obvious: I'm good, but not enough, so more practice is needed; the second reason, THE FUCKING INPUT LAG OF THIS PORT. Maybe if you practice for a very long time you can get used to it, but you really notice it when you need to jump or duck and the character does so at least half a second after you pushed the button, and in the middle of a bullet hell, it can cost you a life or even more. But don't worry folks, because we got them exploits! Turns out that if you have one more controller, you can sign in as a guest user for example and start with player 1 only, play until you die and the Continue screen shows up, then press start on the second controller and proceed with player 2 until another Continue screen shows up, and repeay the same process of alternating between players until you beat the game. By doing so you effectively never press start after a continue, the time runs out each time but it doesn't give you game over because you're playing with the other controller, so at the end it shows that you used 0 continues and thus you unlock the trophy effortlessly. I know there will be people who're gonna crucify me and everyone who used this exploit, as the majority of every glitch and bug exploit is unwelcomed between the pure trophy hunters, but I feel like this needs to get a pass: I'm sure there are those who did this entire platinum legitimately, and I tip off my hat to all of you, because that is not an easy thing to do as discussed until now. Fun fact: since I only have one PS4 controller and the PS3 one doesn't work on the PS4, I either needed to borrow my friend's controller or do another thing. I decided the latter, which was to connect my PSVita to the PS4 by Remote Play as Player 1, and then sign in with my controller as a guest for Player 2. The hard part was remember when to switch controllers and not mess up midway in, but I managed at the end. So with that out of the way, the only "real" challenge are the POW rescue trophies: then again, if you are doing the previous trophies somewhat legitimately, you will get almost all of these the first time you play because all you need to do is rescue 10 POWs and just not die until the end of the mission. I did all trophies first try except MS4 and MS5 for obvious reasons, since I know by heart the first missions of the first four games, which means I also know where the hidden POWs are; MS6 is also easy to achieve if you play on easy. For the remaining games I needed to get familiar with the first mission and the locations of the POWs, so I managed on the second try of each surprisingly, since I thought this was going to take a while. Guess I have enough skills to do that, at least. Overall, loved these games primarily because of nostalgia, but that doesn't mean they're bad for people who have never played them. Also, I don't think I'm going to play Metal Slug XX anytime soon, and that's gonna be another pain in the ass to platinum, since I don't know the game well this time. 77th Platinum - Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight Dancing in Moonlight A quick review here, since it's pretty much the same thing as Dancing in Starlight, only for Persona 3. I played P3FES on the PS3 as a port of the PS2 version without trophies, and boy will we talk about FES if Atlus ever realeases it on PS4 (or 5), because you know I'm gonna be playing it. As it was for its P5 counterpart there really isn't really much there to do, you just play the songs and see the Social events, all while enjoying the OSTs of Persona 3 and the interaction between characters. Overall a nice little break between games. P.S.: Elizabeth gets to be the best Velvet Room girl, surpassing maybe even Margaret of P4, just because of her weirdness and way of doing. 78th Platinum - Persona 4: Dancing All Night Dancing All Night I finally got around playing the original Persona Dancing, the one that actually has a canon story mode but still no Japanese dub. Oh well, at least the English one is acceptable in P4. First things first: did fucking Yu Narukami just talk out loud without it being a cutscene or a battle? And did the other characters just call him by his actual name and not only refer to him as "Leader" or just "him"? The answer to both of those question is: fuck yeah. I don't remember if I ever said it clearly in previous reviews, but a thing that has always kind of bothered me at the start of playing a dubbed JRPG game is when you have to name the MC: that leads to other characters never calling the MC by his default name because, you know, who knows what name you gave him. The same thing happened in FFX with Tidus: it was fine and all up until FFIX since there was no dub, but for some reason they decided you could still customize the MC's name in a dubbed game. Persona games in this are the "worst" because in addition to that, the game doesn't have a default name you can select, which leads to the MC having multiple names since in the manga and in the anime they're called differently most of the time: that is what happened to Minato Arisato or Makoto Yuuki (P3's MC) and to Akira Kurusu or Ren Amamiya (P5's MC). I guess Yu Narukami is primarily known as such because of this game and the Arenas. That said, this is the first time (I don't know about the Arena games but it must be like that as well) the MC got treated like other characters, and it's a bit of a shame that P3D and P5D are not like this, with the MC not talking at all like the original Persona games and his avatar only showing when there's a dialogue choice to make; well, at least they talk while dancing, right? After that selfish and almost not needed digression, the story is quite good and enjoyable despite not living up to P4G's standards, but there's not much you can do there; the new character Kanami Mashita is also a nice addition to the story (in more ways than one, if you know what I mean), as is her involvement and interaction with other known characters. The free dancing part is quicker to clear than it is in P3D or P5D just because the story takes the most part of the game, which is not a bad thing of course. The platinum isn't hard at all since you only need to clear a few tracks on hard, and even those can be cheesed if you have enough items and can just spam the buttons throughout the song. The only "boring" thing you need to do for the platinum is the money grind to purchase every item, costume and accessory in the shop; if you're willing to destroy your hands, you can just wait until you have all power up items and a few books, then you turn on all the former ones and the book that renders notes invisible and raises the money you earn by 800%, and then you just spam a D-Pad button, X or whatever button you prefer, and L1/R1 or an analog stick to clear the song on hard (or all night) difficulty with a full combo: that nets you 100k-200k every time, and you need about 1 million to buy everything.
  6. I suppose you mean the 1999 mode from the main game and not the 1998 mode from the second part of the Buried at Sea DLC. I did two playthroughs, one on normal and the following on 1999 mode, but if you've already played the game in the past I guess it's okay to go straight for the 1999 mode, since collecting voxophones nets you extra money anyway, and you need to be thorough anyway with your search since you don't get a lot of money and you can't purchase things from the Dollar Bill machines (if you're going for Scavenger Hunt in the same run, which is pretty much garanteed at this point).
  7. Even though I'm pretty mild and calm as a person (or at least I'd like to believe so), even when playing games, there are times where I got angry at some trophies: usually it's when I've been trying to do the required stuff and can't seem to manage, only building up rage and anger as a result. I think that's the most common behaviour, to get angry because you're not doing something you thought you could do. One example that comes to mind is God of War's Challenge of the Gods, the last one: those who know, know. Point is, the frustration of not being able to do the last challenge while being aware that if you stop at any point you need to do them all over again, brought me to rage levels I'm not sure I've ever been to before. Since I was home alone, I must've been shouting and cursing for hours before I actually managed to do it. One thing though: I don't break things when I'm raging, surprisingly. Maybe because I always remember that it's not really worth breaking something precious just to calm yourself a bit (which I don't think helps much), so I just end up punching the bed or something that doesn't break easily at least.
  8. Yes, I guess when people speak of "BioShock" in general they tend to mention those aspects instead of the first game's environment πŸ˜„ I heard about it too before playing and didn't really know that wasn't the case for the first BioShock. It's best to take your time with the other games, especially if you're planning on doing a legit Survivor run of the first game: it's supposed to be the hardest of the difficulty challenges out of all the three games. I did them pretty much one after the other and used the glitch for the first one, and I was feeling a little burnt off upon playing BS Infinite on 1999 mode, so I can imagine what it's like if you don't use it πŸ˜…
  9. Nice going! πŸ˜„ I pretty much had the same thoughts when I played it, since I much prefer the gameplay of BS Infinite than the first two games'. It's fine in my opinion if you want to use the glitch (I used it too), but if you decide to do it legit remember to save frequently and that the game has the tendency of sometimes resetting your difficulty setting to medium whenever you load up your save, which can screw you out of a legit Survivor playthough, and that is not good πŸ˜“
  10. Thanks! I tend to keep my reviews spoiler-free regarding the story with a few exceptions, but if you're going to play it in the near future then it's better not to risk it πŸ˜„ Good luck with the game, as I said I enjoyed even though FPS games are not my favourite, I hope you'll enjoy it too ☺️
  11. Back again while wrapping up the last trophies to 100% BioShock Infinite with some reviews: 72th Platinum - BioShock Remastered Platinum Trophy This is one of the series of games I've always heard of and never got around to play due to first person shooter not being among my favourite genres, so I decided to give it a go. The game in itself was quite enjoyable and it kind of reminds me of Portal, because the main character doesn't talk (except in the beginning) and is not seen due to the first person matter, plus throughout the majority of the game, you only see either enemies or allies after you've spent the entire game talking to them via radio. The story was good, you don't concentrate on it very much at the beginning, since you're busy killing every Splicer you come across, but after some major events it takes a central role in the game. After playing some shooter games with a controller I am more convinced every time that this type of games is better played on PC with keyboard and mouse. Either that, or I suck bad at shooter games, and I do, but I think the concept remains the same since I played Portal 2, which can be considered a FPS, on PC for the first time and you had a much easier time aiming than on PS3. The platinum is manageable since there are a few glitches that were fixed on the PS3 version but not on the remaster on PS4, the most important one being the difficulty glitch where you can change the difficulty to Survivor when you're done killing the last boss and it will count towards finishing the game on Survivor difficulty. If you didn't use any Vita-Chambers during your playthrough, you will get every difficulty related trophy at once. I used it because as I stated in some reviews before, I am a sneaky bastard SOB, but I think I can understand the difficulty of playing all the game on Survivor without the possibility of respawn; I heard that 1999 mode of BioShock Infinite isn't as hard as Survivor mode of BioShock 1, but at least in BS 1 you can manually save and plan ahead, whereas in BS Infinite you have to rely on the autosave which is not as frequent as you would like it to be. I know you can respawn by paying 100$ in 1999 mode but it's not worth the money and I was doing a comparison without respawning between the two difficulties. Other than that, the game has a tendency to reset your difficulty setting back to Medium whenever you load up your save, so it can screw you out of playing legitimately on Survivor if you're not checking every time you continue playing. Another thing to watch out for are, of course, missable trophies: BS 1 is the most lenient of the three since you can go back to any area in the game apart from two specific areas, provided you have a manual save from before beating the last boss: thanks to that I only checked the collectibles on the missable areas and went back at the end to collect everything I missed the first time. The other matter is managing the ADAM you have, but you just need to save every little sister instead of harvesting them (which you need to do anyway for the related trophies) and be careful not to buy Plasmids or Tonics that you can find elsewhere for free; plus, it seems that the trophy that requires you to buy every Plasmid and Tonic is bugged in a good way, since it unlocked way before I had everything. The last thing are the research trophies, which I think can be missed if you don't use the camera enough: I always had the camera out when going around and snapped everything before killing, but I was still anxious throughout the playthrough about it. The Challenge Rooms of the DLC were not so bad, especially since, again, there's an exploit for the difficulty related ones: were it not for these exploits, the rarity percentage would've been much lower. 73th Platinum - BioShock 2 Remastered Platinum Trophy After playing the first game I jumped right into the sequel since I was curious because the story of Rapture already ends with the first BioShock, and this kind of sequel rarely lives up to the first game in terms of quality. Of course there are exceptions, but that is not the case this time around: the story is enjoyable but doesn't hold a candle to the story of the first game, the gameplay is for the most part the same as the previous game with some additions and the missable trophies are a pain to deal with if you don't concentrate on them from the beginning. Speaking of missable trophies, remember how in BS 1 most of the trophies were not missables because in the end you could go back to almost any area? Yeah, that is not the case in BS 2: when you leave an area you leave it for good, so if you missed a collectible you have to start another playthrough to get it. Granted, the audio daries required for the trophy this time around are not all of them, only 100 out of 129, and if you miss one and you collect it on your second playthrough, it gets added to the total without you having to find all the other diaries again, but the game doesn't tell you which diares you've already picked up, so unless you wrote it down you'll have to get them all again just to be sure. The fact that you can't backtrack to the previous areas means most of the trophies regarding Tonics, Plasmid and Weapon Upgrades are missable as well, so one needs to be careful about those as well. The last remaining missable trophies are easier to get, especially since progress is tracked across multiple playthroughs, but they are always a source of anxiety. Difficulty-wise, I found this more difficult than the first BioShock: since you have to complete one playthrough on any difficulty without Vita-Chambers and one on Hard, I did the first on Normal without Vita-Chambers as I did with BS 1, but I felt that the enemies in this game were more fierce than ever, always getting up on your face damaging you, and towards the end there are a lot of enemies at once; I can't tell you how hard it is to do it on Hard mode because I used the infinite health glitch since I was getting annoyed of this behaviour, though before you can use it you have to complete about half of the game, so at least I experienced some suffering. Quick (lol) note on the DLCs: Minerva's Den was interesting, though it's on the same level of the main game's one: enjoyable but auto-conclusive and not on par with BS1's story. There's the usual issue of having to get everything before moving on to the next area otherwise you miss things, but other than that it's pretty straightforward. Protector Trials: boy did I not like these. Maybe I hated them because they are centered around the new mechanic of the game which I absolutely dreaded, the ADAM collecting done by the little sister while enemies are attracted to her and you have to protect her (hence, the "Protector" trials), or maybe because they are also time trials per se, since you need to hold on until the little sister has finished collecting all the ADAM. Or both. Definitely both. And the fact that some enemies completely ignore you or the decoy you place and go straight for the little sister hurting her and diminishing the amount of ADAM you collect overall, preventing you from getting A rank in that trial which of course you need to get for every single one of them, didn't help me liking this DLC any more than before. 4. Uno Collector Quick 100% of the card game Uno which I think everyone at some point in their life has played with their friends, sometimes (or all the time) leading to frustration and termination of said friendship due to some rules of the game. Since I haven't played it in a while, I did so with the excuse of the game being on sale and it having a trophy list, plus I played online with a friend in order to earn all the online trophies. Nothing much to say about the 100%, except some trophies will require you to play a good amount of games if you're not planning to boost Flying Higher and Nerves of Steel, and winning 5 matches against the AI at first can be frustrating since the game seems to be a 3-on-1 instead of free for all. Despite all that I had fun playing the game and I'll probably continue playing when I want to take a break from challenging stuff.
  12. Pretty much what the post above said, you need to either disarm them or kick them in order for them to be vulnerable.
  13. Does anyone know if this exploit has been patched with the latest patch? Unlikely, but just in case I thought I'd ask.
  14. Yeah, I saw that. Still, it's a long way before I unlock ultra instinct to do it legitimately πŸ˜‚ Agreed. As I said, I much prefer FFVIII's Triple Triad to FFIX's Tetra Master: it's more integrated in the game since, as you said, they don't really tell you much about the rules of Tetra Master in FFIX and overall I came to like Triple Triad's gameplay more, given the fact that if you want to get strong easily and quickly you need to play a lot of card games. In FFIX it's just out there and gives you near to no benefits by playing it aside from the Treno Tournament and well, those three trophies. Exactly. If, like me, you play all 100 games almost in a row at the end of the game, you pretty much see that recurrence over and over again, especially when you're winning 6-4 and the opponent wins a conflict by RNG and turns every other card making you lose on the last turn. Really not funny πŸ˜‘
  15. Let's get the latest games out of the way before I forget: 69th Platinum - Assassin's Creed Liberation HD Platinum Trophy I intended to play this game before ACIV since it kind of comes with ACIII but never got around to play it until now, and coming back to it after playing some of the later games in the franchise wasn't really a good idea, but what can you do. The story is pretty basic and short, the platinum isn't hard if you're playing or PS3 (or PS4) as you don't have to engage the MP on PSVita, there's just a lot of collectibles and side missions; but if you did the collectibles in Unity, then these are not too bad. Other than that, I guess it was nice to play as a woman for a change (except I've played Syndicate so it's not really new stuff), but you need to get used to the three main "persona" outfits: I started the game and then paused it for some time only to come back without restarting and at first I tried every time to climb buildings with the Lady persona wondering why I wasn't able to. 70th Platinum - Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight Dancing in Starlight Not much to say here, it's just a rhythm game of Persona 5: if you like Persona 5, you'll enjoy playing the OSTs and see some bonus interactions between the main characters. There really isn't much else and the platinum is pretty simple, even playing the some of the songs on hard isn't difficult once you get to enable some support modifiers, and I enjoyed swapping outfits and accessories and have the characters dressed like clowns for the most part. Looking forward to play P3 Dancing in Moonlight and P4 Dancing All Night, the latter of which seems to also have a story mode unlike the other two. 71th Platinum - Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Remastered Platinum Ah, the Uncharted series: I'm not a fan nor do I play too many shooter games, but sooner or later I knew I would play this game since all the good things I heard about it. It's good, and considering that this is only the first one, I can tell that the series will probably only get better with the sequels. But the platinum, or should I say the 100%, is a fucking pain in the ass. Let's start from the beginning: being the amateur that I am with shooting games and the fact that aiming with a controller is, more often than not, not as good as you would with a PC mouse, I completed the first run on Normal difficulty while enjoying the story, collecting more than half of the treasures and realizing mid-way that it would've saved me one more run had I played on Hard or Crushing from the start. But on the other hand I probably wouldn't have kept my sanity, so I'm happy I did not. Why is it faster to start with a harder difficulty? Well for starters, to get the 100% you need to finish the game at least twice: once on Crushing and once on Brutal, since Brutal isn't unlocked at the start, but only after you beat the game on Crushing. Crushing difficulty is, unsurprisingly, very hard, where most enemies will kill you with 2-3 shots and take much more ammo to kill if you don't headshot them; plus, they seem to run on caffeine most of the time and will run towards you while shooting, making you switch cover place or kill them with blind fire... or die. The important thing is that this game has some tweaks unlocked after beating the game that enable you to simplify other runs on the same or lower difficulty by, for example, giving you infinite ammo or making you oneshot almost every enemy; and being the incredible SOB that I am, you bet your ass I was gonna use them. But what's the problem? Well, there's two: one, the tweaks cannot be enabled on speedruns or on a difficulty you haven't previously beaten; two, to unlock the most significant ones (infinite ammo and oneshot kill) you need to have beaten the game on Hard. The first problem isn't really one because there's a workaround that lets you enable the tweaks even on a difficulty you haven't beaten, so it's ok; the real problem was that I had finished the first run on Normal and I wasn't willing to play on Crushing at all. So again, being the asshole that I am, I played on Hard first to unlock the tweaks, and then on Crushing and Brutal, BOTH with tweaks enabled. And even with those some points in the game were still a challenge. Now, Crushing difficulty is hard, but I think it's somewhat acceptable: you're gonna die many times, especially if you don't use tweaks, but by persevering it can be done. Brutal difficulty? That mode can go fuck itself. I had to go through that difficulty by spamming blind fire from cover because even the early enemies kill you in two shots, and unless you're using the corner trick (and sometimes you just can't) going out of cover to shoot will instantly result in you dying, because the enemies can hit you in between the eyes with a fucking pistol from 5 km. Even then, if you don't have tweaks enable you can't just keep spamming blind fire because you're gonna run out of ammo, and in this mode ammo drops aren't as frequent as other modes, and you most likely will not kill the enemy that will go around and hit you in the back, two-shotting you. I really don't want to think what it would be like to play Brutal mode without tweaks, since it can't be described as a "fair" difficulty mode, because spending two hours at minimum on one shooting sequence only to finally manage to get past it and get stuck again on the next one for another two hours, even if the game isn't that long, is not what I call fair, and certainly not fun. And I read that some people said that Grounded difficulty of TLOU is way harder than any Brutal difficulty of the Uncharted Collection: haha, no it fucking is not. Even if you don't play Grounded in reverse and you don't have as many ammo and items as you'd want, 75-80% of the game can be done with stealth, which puts you in a way safer position; have you seen any points in Uncharted where you can stealth your way through? I don't know about U2 and U3 of course, but in U1 there is none. Even the trophy for taking out 50 enemies with stealth can pretty much only be done by farming one of the two enemies in the entire game you can stealth kill and then reload the checkpoint. Other than that, the other trophies are all kill-related and come naturally as you play the game many times to complete it in various difficulties, and the speedrun trophies are not that hard: I managed to do all of them (DLC included) by doing a complete speedrun with Doughnut Drake while clearing certain chapters in the required time. The important thing is to finish the game with the costume and under 2:30 hours if you want the 100%: if you don't get the right times on the three chapters you can just retry them one by one with chapter select. So I read that the "glitch" for the tweaks in U2 is patched and the only way to do it is by having a physical copy of the first Uncharted Collection, and guess what, I have the latest digital version. So yeah, because of that, the fact that I won't ever be playing Brutal difficulty legit and the fact that I played U1 four times back to back and got burned off by it, I won't be playing Uncharted 2 any time soon.