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  1. Plus, I think some packages require you to fire some bullets, or to go to some areas of the game where it's very likely that a gang will start shooting, and even those bullets go towards the count.
  2. Numbers and letters are only for reference, when it says "SAVE A" it means you need to make a separate save and keep it until it tells you to load it. I guess the problem is remembering which of your save files is the one it told you to keep. If you go step by step with the guide, it shouldn't be too difficult to keep up with the number of saves, since the numbered ones (apart from save 1) are only made to see the various endings, and are then loaded back after you finish them, and not used anymore. The ones with letters refer to other miscellaneous trophies if I remember correctly. Basically, even if there are multiple saves to keep, the important ones are only a few, and some you can ditch almost immediately.
  3. Are we talking about the same game? The one that managed to develop and explain one of the things left almost undiscovered in the first game without creating any plotholes whatsoever in what is a very complex and intricate storyline? I guess we're not.
  4. Little update here, I've added a few reviews as well as this new platinum (some minor spoilers will be present): 61th Platinum - Life is Strange 2 All Roads Traveled As I do with almost every TV series, anime or manga that I don't directly follow or enjoy a lot, I put off playing this game until the last episode came out: the point being, I don't like waiting. And since this is a Life is Strange game, at least some of the episode were bound to finish with a plot twist cliffhanger that would leave you waiting excitedly for the next one, for months on end. Even though I knew that no matter how good and impressive this game was, it almost certainly wouldn't live up to the first LiS in my opinion both in the story and also gameplay (it's almost identical to the first apart from Max's power), it was a good story nonetheless, one that led me to start the next episode as soon as I finished the previous one (imagine if I had to wait months in between), and wanting to see the next step in Sean and Daniel's adventure away from Seattle. The ending varies depending on what you choose at the end, but also on what choices you made overall in the story, which I thought was a nice touch to the story of the two brothers, since the whole game is about the management of Daniel's powers and the relationship between him and Sean. It was worth the wait overall, and a nice break from "tedious" platinums.
  5. 2) Yes, it never hurts to open a shiv door. 3) I think there's a thread in this forum about the 36/37 conversation problem, it might help you solve it.
  6. 1) Yeah, the Scavenger trophy is buggy and pops randomly as you're collecting everything. 2) If you missed a shiv door you only need to open it in NG+ to unlock the trophy, the progress carries over. 3) How many conversations do you have registered in the bonus menu?
  7. Little update while playing Pokemon Sword and Shield: 60th Platinum - Marvel's Spiderman Be Greater Well, Spiderman is my favourite superhero, so sooner or later I had to play this game. And I'm glad I did. When I started playing, I literally did nothing other than swinging through the city, and this is one of the few games I've played recently where I wouldn't proceed with the main story, not before doing every sidequest or collectible available. There aren't many games that make me do that anymore, since I usually want to enjoy the story first and do the clean up afterwards. Since I did almost every side thing as I went along, doing 165 crimes wasn't that hard or boring (I can imagine that doing them all in one take would be a tiresome task), and since I enjoyed swinging around the city, doing every collectable wasn't too taxing either. The story was great, since I don't really know much about Spiderman comics (I only watched the movies), and I only know some of the main villains, so experiencing them firsthand was really enjoyable. I'll come back to this game to finish the DLCs and doing a NG+ run on Ultimate difficulty, since Pokemon SS came out while I was playing it and I put it on stall for now.
  8. PSN - Godot from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trials & Tribulations, because he's the best character. PSNP - Okabe from Steins;Gate (the avatar is specifically from Steins;Gate 0), because he's the best character. Need I add more?
  9. Thanks! 😁 You're right, it does give more personality to it, but it takes time if you didn't do them as you went along, so I can understand if some people don't bother with it.
  10. Added some reviews of previous games, as well as the latest platinum. Also with this game, I finally have a momentarily 100% profile again after some time (I think ever since I started FFXV), so yeah, let's hope I can keep it this way. 59th Platinum - The Last of Us Remastered It can't be for nothing I finally decided to play this game after it came out on PS+ last month, since I thought the MP was going to be more active in case it hadn't been; turns out it didn't really die out during the years, as I was able to get matches to play very easily compared to other games. The single player story was great, and even though I don't play many shooter games, I was able to enjoy the gameplay to the point that I didn't feel tired of it when doing two and a half playthroughs for the platinum. Grounded difficulty wasn't that hard overall, since I had already done a NG+ playthrough at easy to finish up all collectibles, so I did it in reverse. The only difficult point where I died like 20 times was in chapter 9 with Ellie (what a surprise, right?) during the first encounter with the zombies. The whole chapter was harder than most but that bit at the start beats everything. Oh great, another multiplayer hidden in a single player game. If you read some of my reviews for AC games, you'll know that I really don't like MPs, so I probably won't play full MP games and will only have to deal with these kinds of MP. And this was no different: I ended up doing the skip method to finish the 12 weeks quicker and got the hell out of there as soon as I was finished. The DLC trophies are easy to obtain when you have to play 168 matches for the platinum anyway, so I got almost all of them at the start, and was left only with the two gold trophies in the main game. I'm done with single player games with MP trophies for a while, since this did tire me out quite a bit. So glad TLOU2 won't have a MP.
  11. Oh I see, I'll try it on the next update, thanks! 👍
  12. First things first, thank you for everything you've done, this feature really helps me sorting my backlog and stuff, it's very helpful. Speaking of updating, when you release a new version, how do I get the update? I ask this because normally it updates automatically, but sometimes the update gets delayed for some reason and I don't understand why, meaning that if you release for example v1.13, I'm stuck at v1.10 for a while and then it updates. Pretty sure it's a problem of my browser (using Firefox btw), but I thought I'd ask anyway.
  13. Yeah, your style as well as a few other were the ones I liked the most, so sorry if it looks like an obvious rip-off, maybe I will modify it a bit in the future. 😅 I made this kinda on a hurry but I'll surely fill up the empty reviews, as well as post new ones from now on. Since I don't have much time to play anymore, I won't have problems with having too many reviews to write. 😂
  14. Hello everyone, and welcome to my own trophy checklist thread. Seeing other threads like this one made me want to make one as well, so I thought: why not bore every person who is foolish enough to enter this thread and willing to read my scrambled thoughts about the games I played, just because I didn't have anything better to do? And while I do that, that also lets me take note of all the games I've played so far, and collect my thoughts about them. All joking aside, I'll be listing the platinums I earned in order and expressing a few comments about them. Hopefully even after some years I still remember enough to do a "review" discussion. If you notice some graphic similarities to other checklists (*cough* Arcesius *cough*) on how the games are listed out, it's because I'm a lazy person without an inch of creativity, so I hope you'll forgive me for that. 100% without platinums: Platinums: 1-10: 11-20: 21-30: 31-40: 41-50: 51-60: 61-70: Backlog: Changelog: Work still in progress, should be completed in the next few millennia or so; if you're still alive by the time it's complete, I hope you'll be able to appreciate it.
  15. 2015 - 1 Steins;Gate [42.72%] 2016 - 3 Most common: Steins;Gate 0 [70.12%] Rarest: Final Fantasy X-2 [6.12%] 2017 - 13 Most common: God of War: Ghost of Sparta [36.15%] Rarest: Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood [3.95%] 2018 - 23 Most common: Life is Strange: Before the Storm [64.15%] Rarest: Tales of Symphonia [2.71%] 2019 - 18 Most common: The Walking Dead [72.98%] Rarest: Dragon Ball Xenoverse [3.61%]