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  1. I am. I tend to complete every game I play, even though right now I have some left (The time relics in Crash 2 because at the time I couldn't be asked to do them, even though I had 100%'d Crash 1, and the trophy for the Hero Colosseum in DBXV2 because I don't like that minigame, but I will come back to those sometimes in the future). Whether I fully 100% a game (meaning doing requirements that are outside of the platinum or 100% with DLCs) or just go for the 100% related to trophies, it depends on the game itself: if I really enjoyed it and feel like it, I will, otherwise I won't. People tend to think that someone that is "obsessed" with profile completion usually avoids difficult games in fear of not being able to fully complete them, or just plays games that are very easy and quick to platinum; for me (and many other people I've seen on this site) it's just an extra that doesn't stop me from playing the games I want to. I almost never pick a game to play just because of the trophies or their rarity: because of that I don't have any "easy", quick platinum games on my profile. Not that having them is a bad thing.
  2. KN_Kirai - The Choice of Steins Gate
  3. No, it unlocked normally when I was doing it.