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  1. If you don't have Luck you won't be able to hit most if any of the Dark Aeons, since their Luck is really high and with high Luck you have almost no need for Evasion or Accuracy. Improving agility beyond 170 has little purpose as it only determines the rate of the turn gain, but with Auto-Haste, Agility 170+ and Quick Hit, you'll have no need to max it. So I'd say improving Luck is necessary, at least up to 95ish or so if you can't bear the grind for Fortune Spheres. You'll be able to constantly hit almost all Dark Aeons, and even the ones with higher Luck with some buff like 5x Aim or some of Rikku's Mixes. So overall the easiest and most important stats to improve are Strength, Defense and Magic Defense all at 255, Agility at 170 at least and Luck at 95ish. If you don't use Aeons or magic characters you can ignore Magic stat, since some Aeons have pretty high Magic Defense, so even with 255 in Magic you'll be doing little damage, while physical hitting with 255 Strength and the Celestial Weapons that ignore defense will be doing max damage almost every hit. The celestial weapons are good enough for everything in the post game when they have their full potential; for armors it depends on who you're taking on: for all Dark Aeons, if you're not breaking the HP limit, you can go with Auto-Phoenix, Auto-Haste, Auto-Protect and Stoneproof/Ribbon (if you are able to sustain the insane grinding for 99x Dark Matters). If you have 99x Phoenix Downs and this setup, Aeons and enemies that do not have attacks that hit all party members will have no chance to take you down. Of course you'd also have to be maxed out in the stats as I mentioned above.
  2. 1 - Tales of Symphonia (2,70%) 2 - Dragon Ball Xenoverse (3,63%) 3 - Assassin's Creed Brotherhood (3,96%) 4 - Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World (4,27%) 5 - Assassin's Creed III (5,52%)
  3. To re-enter Besaid you need to beat Dark Valefor.
  4. 😂 Well, since Arceus is pretty much the god of the Pokemon universe, I think you're better off with a name that resembles that instead of some of the other ones 😅 I honestly didn't notice that, what are the odds? 😁 I graduated as an electronic engineer, and now I work as a PLC programmer, so pretty much digital electronics. There's little maths involved in my everyday work, but I've always preferred that over other subjects and that is part of the reason why I chose to study engineering, the other one being physics and that's also why I love Steins;Gate (which you totally can't figure out by looking at my trophy list or profile 😅).
  5. I would go with Arcesius7, which is neater than having a number in the middle of the name in my opinion; it also dipends on what you want it to be and what you mean by "doing it right" 😁 Arkeisios sounds cool as well, though I wouldn't know how to pronounce it in greek 😅 To be honest though, the first time I read your PSN name I thought it was a misspelling of Arceus, the pokemon. So you're a mathematician? I guess being a completionist is partly due to that (I should somewhat know, I'm an engineer myself...) 😁
  6. Go back to the Ragnarok and talk to the characters in the cockpit. When you go back where Bahamut was there should be the save point.
  7. I am. I tend to complete every game I play, even though right now I have some left (The time relics in Crash 2 because at the time I couldn't be asked to do them, even though I had 100%'d Crash 1, and the trophy for the Hero Colosseum in DBXV2 because I don't like that minigame, but I will come back to those sometimes in the future). Whether I fully 100% a game (meaning doing requirements that are outside of the platinum or 100% with DLCs) or just go for the 100% related to trophies, it depends on the game itself: if I really enjoyed it and feel like it, I will, otherwise I won't. People tend to think that someone that is "obsessed" with profile completion usually avoids difficult games in fear of not being able to fully complete them, or just plays games that are very easy and quick to platinum; for me (and many other people I've seen on this site) it's just an extra that doesn't stop me from playing the games I want to. I almost never pick a game to play just because of the trophies or their rarity: because of that I don't have any "easy", quick platinum games on my profile. Not that having them is a bad thing.
  8. KN_Kirai - The Choice of Steins Gate
  9. No, it unlocked normally when I was doing it.