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  1. I got "The Boss" and 3600 zone one, I was changing my time so the first time I didn't get it on the latest patch, what I did was ascend and then wait until 3599, I set it to farm mode quit my game and set the date/time back to auto, I went back in and it popped the trophy, same for "The Boss" I used the time until I had enough money to unlock Astrea, and then I reversed it and quit the game and went back in and bought her and then the trophy unlocked. So if it wont unlock on the latest patch its probably due to you not having it set to automatic, and if it still didn't unlock and you never did any date changes then i'm not sure what to tell ya.
  2. Sorry, there is a problem You do not have permission to view this content. Error code: 2S136/V Saw this on a thread I think I created a week ago, I forgot about it and came to check on it, but I keep getting this message. I assume the thread was deleted or removed of some sorts, I have been an Administrator so that's the only reason I could come up with.
  3. how you gonna hate from outside of the club? you cant even get in.....
  4. Yes, unfortunately if you admit the truth you go to jail, I would know. (Never telling the truth/trying to help anybody anymore, that's for damn sure)
  5. Yeah, this one was pretty cancerous for me, I didn't know there was a video though. I just did his whole combo and would use if I got a bunch of enemies together, I was running on 5 seconds left and sometimes 2
  6. It was going to be sarcastic if you didn't make the guide before I got the platinum, it wasn't going to be sarcastic if you did.
  7. Damn Straight, realest Super Sand i've ever seen. I'm still wondering why this thread was made, nobody actually cares about anyone's opinion IRL or on the IRL internet, yet if I post a video trying to help people it gets blocked and deleted by admins, what a deliciously terrible world I live in.
  8. I was expecting a yes or no answer but never mind, you got this.
  9. You want help?
  10. I would just do that if you have a level 59 orc and just wanna get them to level 60, otherwise training orders are less efficient than just having them do pit fights and quests. (Unless you got the lvl up 5 times training order)
  11. I actually got the game when it released on PC, and then I got it again when it released for PS4, I just got bored and i'm not a trophy hunter or completionist so I didn't care to beat the game. And I most likely will never come back to this game on PS4, i'll go back to Godzilla before I try this.
  12. You are actually right, a guy on this site "https://www.playstationtrophies.org/forum/past-cure/322022-god-damn-no-platinum-trophy-list.html" said he emailed them and got a response that they picked the smaller trophy system, they probably just didn't think their game deserved a bigger one, it might be a short game. And the way some of ya'll are talking about "Platinum this, and Platinum that" has me thinking i'm around a bunch of crack heads needing their next dose: it sounds like a damn addiction honestly.
  13. This sucks really hard for this gamer, I for one am a HUGE Digital buyer and I couldn't even imagine if this happened to me. I would honestly raise hell though, I would not like to describe the shit I would do if this happened to me.
  14. Yeah, lots of bugs/glitches had me restart 5 times before I realized that the second player "Dancing" as a star lord was causing the error, like really? This is the worst lego game thus far for me right up there with Star Wars the force Awakens, and i've played the Lego Games since they were on PS2/PS3, I didn't even bother to finish it, but then again....I'm not a 100%er or a trophy hunter. Ninjago was great though, I just hope the quality is as good as their Lego Sets, because I own more of those then I do Video Games.
  15. How the hell do you attack deer? I get close and go right through them, and then I slow down all the way to fucking hell. And I can't find a damn windmill or a house, and I can't find any doe's.
  16. It's good, I know one of the games will not get unflagged but I could care less.
  17. It sucks people are having all these problems with the trophies and encountering bugs, last time I played was when they released the first DLC Pack, and before that I had never encountered any glitched trophies, even the trophy I thought was glitched was just a VERY Hidden collectible that said it was marked. I am going to get the platinum on my other account when I have the time, the single player is awesome, and I used to coop with "friends" and with my brother, its honestly not as bad as people make it seem, if you didn't like something, it just probably wasn't for you.
  18. I finally got it on my 15th Ability unlocked with all the DLC. Clocked in over 106 hours grinding, with only 921 bronze boxes and around 600+ silver/gold and 295 platinum and 177 diamond. I would not recommend setting character bias, I feel like I got even less for catwoman when I had it on and played her for over 1000 in-game minutes, I do reccomend however playing Character based worlds in Multiverse, and after you beat their four fight zones go and repeat the 12 fights, you'll earn over 10k+ credits and you'll get a Platinum box or more every time. EDIT: Time for round two on my bro's account
  19. Are you skipping really fast? EDIT: So turns out what worked for me was exiting the game and playing other games if a trophy didn't pop, then later it would pop, not sure if its just random or what, but it has worked so far for a majority of my trophies.
  20. I never thought about it like that, but I guess if you had it as a milestone trophy/platinum and you see it has "50th" platinum and what not then you would see the image/trophy name. And luckily I answered my own question, you can play without VR. Pentadimensional Games SLVR and non-VR modes included. Turn on your PlayStation®VR before launching the game to experience VR functionality.
  21. I think the list fits this game pretty good, I like the whole gold instead of a platinum. Dumb question, been looking forward to this game but i'm not sure if I can play it without VR, I keep seeing things saying this game is for PS4/VR so I assume I can play it without a VR? If yes then that is great. If no then i'll just use another vr, it don't work that good though.
  22. The worst part about all of this? By people talking about something you give it publicity, if you really don't like something and really do not want anybody to play it, just never talk about it, thus its almost like nobody ever knew it existed. Now I gotta play it after seeing the OP's hate for it. P.S My extended family sucks a giant cock, sister is another story. After playing this game I actually find it kinda fun and relaxing, nobody is yelling over a microphone, i'm not getting assraped by 30 orcs. And I like monster trucks, and this game is probably for kids, I would say this is just a normal bargain game, besides the controls being kinda weird on the skill tracks/stunt tracks
  23. HAHA, thank you for the great laugh, I really needed this.
  24. Just played multiplayer, it has more players than rise of the dark spark on ps4, that's a damn shame.
  25. So, on mission 5 after the cut scene where you follow the flying worm-like creatures through the tunnel and out to a more open/rock like area, once I get here and move forward the background disappears along with everyone/everything else including my character, and it just goes into a black screen with my health/energy bar on the top left remaining, apparently i'm suppose to fight a boss at this point but I can't get there. I tried cleaning the disk, I tried letting it sit on this screen, I tried coop, I tried dying but everyone has storm trooper aim and wont shoot me, I tried replaying mission 4 but after completing that for 19 minutes I didn't realize that it just goes back to the main menu, all that's left to do is delete the save data, which I really don't wanna do because if the problem persists on a new save I might kill this game.