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  1. Here is a list of all the ocean biomes. 1. Regular Ocean 2. Deep Regular Ocean 3. Cold Ocean (darker colored water) 4. Deep Cold Ocean 5. Frozen Ocean (has ice on the surface) 6. Deep Frozen Ocean 7. Lukewarm Ocean (teal colored with coral and tropical fish) 8. Deep lukewarm Ocean 9. Warm Ocean (light green water + coral) https://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Ocean Let me know if anyone has found a seed with a deep frozen ocean because I think it is the last one I need.
  2. Someone unlocked the trophy and the platinum. Looks like its been fixed!
  3. 1.09 is here. Dead of the Night trophies are live! Need a status update for this one though...
  4. 1.08 just went live. Gonna need a status update.
  5. Patch 1.05 is now live. Someone that has met the requirements should check if the trophy is fixed.
  6. Here is the actual list. 12 trophies. All bronze. Earlier reports of ~45 trophies are false. Black Ops III now has 99 trophies. It's A Trap! - In Shi No Numa, kill at least one zombie with three different traps in a single round. The Eagle has Landers - In Ascension, escape on all three lunar landers. Chimp on the Barbie - In Ascension, kill a space monkey with a fire trap. Time Travel will Tell - In Shangri-La, acquire the Focusing Stone. Small Consolation - In Shangri-La, use the 31-79 JGb215 on each type of zombie. Cryogenic Slumber Party - In Moon, complete Richtofen's Grand Scheme. Ground Control - In Moon, prevent each excavator from breaching the base in one game. Little Lost Girl - In Origins, release Samantha. Overachiever - In Origins, complete all 4 challenges in one game. I said we're CLOSED! - In Nacht Der Untoten, do not let any zombie enter the building during the first round. Acted Alone - In Verruckt, headshot 20 zombies in the courtyard from the second floor of the Asylum I've seen some things... - In Kino Der Toten, visit every location the teleporter can take you to. Source (~28:00):
  7. Yes. That was the problem. You must be at version 1.41 for any of the trophies to pop. They must have been rolling the update out in waves even though the new trophies were already up.
  8. At the time of making this post my version was only at 1.40 (which was the most recent version available). As of a few seconds ago, I am now able to download 1.41 and I will check to see if that solves the problem.
  9. So trophies for expansions 3-5 have dropped for PS4 but for some reason the trophies will not pop for me. I have completed the requirements for 'Super Fuel', 'Saddle Up', 'Beam Me Up', 'Map Room' & 'You Need a Mint' but NONE of them popped. This is in SURVIVAL mode in the same world that I used for the expansion 1 trophies and I had no problem getting those trophies to pop. I thought it might be something wrong with my world since I created it a long time ago, so I started a new one. However on my brand new world that was started after the most recent patch, 'Super Fuel' still did NOT pop when I fulfilled the requirement. I have yet to try if the expansion 5 trophies work for me... but is anyone else experiencing these problems? I even reinstalled the game but none of the trophies will pop. Clearly people are getting the trophies according to this site but I'm curious what I'm doing wrong or if other people are having problems too.