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  1. Thank you for the information! Claimed it via the App as well.
  2. Same for me.
  3. #58 - Platinum: Far Cry 3 - Classic Edition Mastered the Jungle This was good clean fun and an easy platinum. No multiplayer trophies, no multiple walkthroughs needed. And I seem to have been lucky: no glitches as well (or at least nothing I noticed....)
  4. Exactly the same happened to me. Sad but true.😖
  5. Interesting. Never did this before. I usually do not buy many games as PS+ gives me enough stuff to play for the year. This year was a little different, because I really wanted the special edition of TLOU2 and I was really looking forward to the Tony Hawk remaster. These plus PS+ make up 70% of my spending. That I bought CoD2 was bad luck as it came out on PS+ later that year, but c'est la vie. All games for PS4, all prices in Euro. January Firewatch 3,99 February The Walking Dead: Definitive Collection 19,89 March Walking Dead Theme 0,99 April Shadow of the Tomb Raider Definitive Collection 17,99 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare2 24,99 May One Night Stand 3,49 Nubla 4,99 July PS+ 59,99 The Last of Us 2 Special Edition 89,99 Far Cry3 2,99 September Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 43,86 Total: 273,16 €
  6. Yes, you can use them, including "invisible while prone/crawling" and it does not void any trophy.
  7. Yep. Got disconnected so often and finally deleted the game yesterday. Pity, but other games are already waiting so no big deal.
  8. I'd recommend you start saving your bombs so you go in with a complete set and make sure you have the flamethrower loaded to maximum. Saving Shotgun Ammo or building the fire ammo surely helps as well. I was afraid that this would be too hard so I really started saving for that encounter from the first minute. The whole saving made all the earlier encounters more difficult, but it worked for me.
  9. Not interested. But still got loads in my backlog, so don't care this months
  10. I need to learn.

    Do not read anything related to TLOU2 on this forum.


    I usually try to not give a damn for haters, but they are spamming every discussion here.

    Is this really what this has become?  Hating creative people and hating virtual characters?


    There are really a lot of folks out there that must lead so sad lives that their only joy is in hating fiction and trying to ruin it for everybody else. Real little children do this sometimes: when they do not understand something, some get annoying or "aggressive": Same behavour here.  This is not about taste or having an opinion. It is just about antagonizing others. It causes almost physical pain to read these unbelievably stupid comments.


    Moderators are doing their best on this site, closing down one toxic discussion after the other. But still.

    What is the point in being on a forum site if you cannot read the entries anymore?

    I have avoided forum sites for many years because of exactly this.

    When I joined psnprofiles 5 years ago I was really happy to have found a community that seemed to work in a more or less decent manner. Sigh.


    This is so sad. And I know that if the decent people always give in, the stupid will rule the world some day.

    1. DaivRules


      Stay out of the Fall Guys threads too, then. :ninja:

  11. No. Just got it to have fun with the gameplay and don't care about the trophies in this one at all.
  12. Damn. Bought COD MW2 in April. But then - still playing COD WW2 anyway. But Fall Guys looks really fun, so all good here 😎
  13. Online coop trophies. Chances are that I will not even try to get them. Even more, if I have any doubts about starting a game, having coop trophies in it will probably tip the scales to not getting or playing it at all.
  14. I got "Arms Master" in Chapter 25 (On foot) and "Survival Expert" in Chapter 30 (The Forest). Played the first time without a guide, but with what I think was a pretty exhaustive search everywhere as well. Grabbed the last colletibles after that via Chapter select and with a guide. To get these trophy I did more of a speedrun with spamming the "enhanced listening mode" to make sure I get those parts and pills. Platinum done.😎
  15. #57 - Platinum: The Last of Us 2 Every Last One of Them Loved TLOU 1, preordered this, avoided the spoilers, enjoyed the game very much, beautifully done, encountered no bugs and had no issues with trophies, Also, I don't get the hate (not at all, not even a tiny little bit) Easy platinum, but getting all upgrades feels a little grindy