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  1. #68: Life is Strange: True colors Haven Maven Collect all Trophies in Life is Strange: True Colors™ This is of course an easy platinum, but a beautifully made story-telling game. These kind of games are relaxing for me. I enjoy them very much, even though they might be a little shorter. Looking forward to the DLC and the remastered versions of LiS and LiS: Before the storm next year.
  2. Life is strange True Colors on PS5 ... loved it even though it is a little short ... but as I bought the ultimate edition I am so looking forward to the DLC with Steph and the remastered versions of LiS and Before the storm. It has been some time since I played them one PS4 (2016 and 2018).

    I enjoyed them all tremendously. Next thing I am looking forward to diving back  into (the director's cut of) Death Standing.

    I love well made alternate realities 😁

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    2. TrozRules


      Didn't know it came with the remastered games! Do the other games come with trophy lists because I might buy that

    3. Captain_Bone_666


      They will be released beginning 2022 (had been postponed) and will then be for free if you bought the right version. I am surely counting on getting those trophies. As PS5 remastered version I plainly expect that I can collect them again.

      But check in which version the remastered versions are included before buying. It is probably not necessary to buy the ultimate version....

    4. TrozRules
  3. The german Playstation.Blog says that cross-save is supported: Link : Quote: Bevor wir auf die PS5-Funktionen eingehen, möchten wir den vielen Boten, die entweder gerade ihre erste Lieferung gemacht haben oder gerade dabei sind, eine Menge Strukturen zu bauen, um anderen Boten zu helfen – Vereine die Getrennten! –, bestätigen, dass die Speicherdaten von PlayStation 4-Konsolen übertragbar sein werden. Wir wollten sicherstellen, dass Spieler, egal wo sie sich auf ihrer Reise befinden, nach dem Spielen der PS4™-Version relativ in dem gleichen Gebiet wieder anknüpfen können, in dem sie aufgehört haben. Gleichzeitig wollten wir Nutzern, die das Spiel bereits abgeschlossen haben, die Möglichkeit geben, in die Gebiete zu springen, in denen neue Inhalte und Ausrüstung entdeckt werden können. Quick and dirty translation: Before we discuss the PS5 functions we would like to confirm to all porters that might have either only done their first delivery or that are right now building a lot of structures to support other porters - unite what is apart! - that save files will be transferable from PlayStation 4. We want to ensure that players can continue their journey seamlessly from more or less the same territory after playing the PS4 version. At the same time we would like to give the users that already completed the game the opportunity to jump directly into those areas where they can explore new content and equiptment. As for the original question, I am not sure right now where the data is saved by default. But it sounds like you have it in the cloud , which should be a preferred way to transfer save files anyway.
  4. #67: A Plague Tale: Innocence Innocence Earn all "A Plague Tale: Innocence" trophies I liked this a lot. The game play, the characters, the story. Plays like an interactive story and I mean this in an all positive way. It is fairly easy with just a few minor challenges. The trophy are not grindy although I would recommend to follow the guide to get all the collectibles in the first run. Clean up after the story is possible with chapter select and guides, but this can be a little time consuming if you really did not collect anything. Most of the collectibles are not hard to find. Although the story and the setting is kind of sad, Amicia, Hugo and the allies they meet on the way are trying to do their best to remain optimistic. And even though Amicia is not a fighter, she is fierce in the defense of her little brother. I wish her all the best in future endeavours.
  5. #66: God of War Father and Son - Obtain all other trophies God of War At the beginning, I was kind of confused with the runic attacks and what is the best loadout, but after a few hours I think I got it. I really liked the scalable difficulty that did not affect the trophies.. I did the Valkyries on easy (or "Story") difficulty and was nevertheless struggling with their queen. I think I needed like 20 tries to finally take her down. I would have liked a better fast travel option, especially for the clean up at the end. It was a little tedious to get all the collectibles. But I have seen worse. As for the story, well, it is what it is and I personally didn't care very much about the protagonists until very late in the game. I liked it. Good game.
  6. Platinum #65: Horizon Zero Dawn All trophies obtained Obtained all Horizon Zero Dawn trophies. Another enjoyable game! I didn't care enough to get the Platinums for Battlefield V, Subnautica or FF VII and started into this one without knowing much about it. It is fairly easy, offers a lot of content, not too grindy, it is lacking annoying multiplayer trophies and all trophies popped flawlessly, so trophywise all good. I played the PS+ release which included the DLCs. And even though I did not plan it, I went for the 100% and completed it today. It took me around 75 hours to get the 100%.
  7. I think they need to die from burning. Just keep using the fire arrows until they are destroyed and chances are you will get the kill. Will come naturally. As for the maps, they will be under special items, but I think not all merchants had them.
  8. This. First three skill trees worked for me as well.
  9. #64: Battlefield 1 World War One Hero Battlefield 1. I was not sure if I wanted to get it, but it was very enjoyable. I liked the single player campaign very much. Short, but well made levels. The challenges took a little longer too complete, but there was nothing problematic or frustrating. The multiplayer was nice as you can complete the trophies without any coop support. (I hate coop multiplayer trophies...) All in all, a nice and not very difficult experience.
  10. No problem here when I got the trophy a few days ago. No waiting necessary.
  11. Just wanted to add that it is perfectly possible with a fully patched digital version of the game. Took me like 5 tries after watching 2 videos to help me see where the planes were.
  12. #63: Maneater Platinum - Obtain all other trophies Easy, bloody, a little strange, but somehow fun. It took only 12 hours to complete, no guide necessary. There were a lot of warnings of game breaking glitches, corrupted saves and more. I was probably lucky, but I had no glitch, no problems with any trophies, and overall only one game crash that did not have any negative consequences. I was not a particular fan of the controls, but as the game is really very easy it was no problem for beating the game. I would not buy it for a full price, but it was enjoyable as a PS+ game.
  13. #61 Concrete Genie The Artist of Denska What an enjoyable little game! After the long journey as Sam in Death Stranding I wanted something nice, positive, short and fun. This ticked all the boxes. A great little game that was much more fun than I imagined. #62 Astro's Playroom You've only done everything My first PS5 game and my first platinum. Short, but fun. So much more than just a demo. If you ever get a PS5, do not dismiss this one too easily. Good fun with a touch of nostalgia.
  14. Platinum #60 - Death Stranding "Greatest of Great Deliverers" I did it! Even though it took me 104 hours. It had a strange story, but ... the isolated people you met that were hiding in their bunkers had an eerie similiarity to our pandemic world where you sometimes get the feeling that the delivery services are the only connection between us. I really enjoyed the whole experience. My only issue was with the unbelievable number and length of the cut scenes and the sheer number of information bits you can read. It got to a point where I thought please not another scene, please just let me play the game. But that is really a minor complaint. I liked the game play, no glitches, no issues with trophies and an overall beautifully crafted world. The post game world and the uncountable deliveries I did to grind out the trophies did not feel as a grind to me. Walking, driving, zipping around the world had a soothing, relaxing effect. Even though I feel I am finished with the game, it makes me a little sad to leave that world. This feels good as my 60th platinum milestone. Keep on keeping on!
  15. My first trophy of 2021 is Death Stranding BBs: A Bridge Between This World and the One Beyond Complete Episode 6: Deadman. Working on this platinum will take a while, but I really enjoy delivering supplies to isolated people... especially whereever I already have my zip network in place.