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  1. What a pity. Was looking forward to killing some Rippers or Militia guys ot maybe even to finally be able to fight NERO. This player is not happy.☹️
  2. For 100%. Not required for Platinum. And you can of course finish the challenge without the glitch. Ton of videos out there that give hints.
  3. It's not that hard, don't worry. I had the impression it was a lot harder in the beginning as you will die significantly faster and have almost no stamina. But if you already played the game, you know pretty well what you are up against and I am sure you will get through that phase. Just very few things I did differently: 1. I used hordes against marauder or ambush camps. I alarmed hordes and coaxed them with my bike to meet the campers. Worked very well, you don't have to fire a single shot. 2. In line with that strategy, I used the arrow that made them fight each other more often than before. 3. As I did not clear all nests or do all side missions, money and reputation was lower until mid game. So I had to chose more carefully what to buy and where to get rep. Doesn't matter later in the game, you will earn enough. Once you have access to the good guns, things are not much different from "normal" difficulty. I did all the mission related hordes without dying once. I liked it. Brutal on Uncharted or grounded on TLOU are way more difficult. The most annoying thing is that you cannot fast-travel and you are constantly attacked on your bike. Especially during day time you will encounter a lot of snipers that will shoot you off your bike and damage it. There is not much you can do about it. Travelling at night almost felt safer, even though you will have to evade a lot of freakers. At least they do not shoot you or damage your bike.
  4. Since I liked Nitemares initial trolling comment, I am adding my 2 cents. English is not my first language and I need to give some context, so please bear with me: What I find annoying is that there is a lot of negativity when trophy hunters talk about their favorite pastime whenever something in a game doesn’t fit their style of trophy hunting. And often that style is like shoveling fast food down your throat: earning as many trophies in the most efficient way that is possible, short-cutting whatever possible and, oh my, never doing anything twice, because the next hundred games are already in the dreaded backlog…! So, the reaction towards anything extra is usually not something like “Oh shit, it has coop trophies. I will not get them. Bye Platinum”. It is usually a long rant about how unfair the devs have made all of that and how could someone expect to spend hundreds of hours just for a bronze and … well … nobody expects anything like that. But never mind. You have all that when it comes to Days Gone: why is there no NG+, takes too long, too boring, too many bugs, horrible this, I don’t want to do it, but I must … yaddayaddayadda. I usually couldn’t care less about that, it is in somebody elses’s problem field. So where does this have anything to do with me? Not very much, granted. But I tend to read the forum entries for games I like. Because sometimes you get a good hint, sometimes you can help someone out with a simple comment, sometimes there are just really good exchanges going on. But sadly, you usually have to work through complaint after complaint about trophies … and that is where I tend to agree with Nitemares---- childish, spiteful remark to punish all of the above. But which, I also imagine, is of course a joke, because there is nothing any of us can do about it.
  5. No. No NG+.
  6. Oh, ok. I thought that is common knowledge. But yes, that is the way it is.
  7. If I remember correctly you lose progress if you quit or die during a mission. You can verify if you are in a mission if the screen with the load and save option gives you the additional option that you can also restart a checkpoint. You do not have that option in the open world. You usually lose all progress in a mission if you quit the game while doing it. Not 100% sure about the last one, because I usually completed every mission in one go. But I think that happened to me once.
  8. I cannot think of an easy solution post game. If you do an additional survivor playthrough you can try again and make sure you focus on this. I have 1.11 and as of today there are no challenges, only survivor mode. So that part of the question cannot be answered as of today.
  9. I started day 1 and installed all Updates whenever they were available. I did encounter minor issues with late rendering and some lagging. But I had exactly 1 crash during my platinum run - during the end credits the game crashed with a blue screen. But apart from that I did not encounter any major problems. I really enjoyed it and I am right now enjoying my current survival run. I know that a lot of people here are complaining about lost saves, game breaking bugs and major lagging and rendering problems. But apart from the one crash and some minor issues (as mentioned above), it worked pretty well for me (on my 4.5 years old PS4)
  10. Sorry for you. I got the game day 1, took a couple of weeks to platinum it and had no issues with the trophies at all.
  11. Since I finished the game before Survival was available I do not have first hand experience, but as far as I read here, you don't have to beat the game first on a lower difficulty. If you start the game now, it should be available from the start.
  12. As you are asking: survivor difficulty was not available from the start and was added last week or so. And agreed. Way easier than Grounded on TLOU.
  13. I think it is a glitch. I wasn't so lucky and am currently doing my survival run with the old bike...
  14. #50 - Platinum: Rayman Legends Legendary Win all trophies in the game! I am not a genius at platformers, but I still enjoy playing them and I really like Rayman. But making the online challenges a daily routine to get this trophy made me doubt my sanity. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the challenges, but doing this for several months just because you can only do two challenges per day (plus two per week)? I made this my number 50 platinum and it was supposed to be a real milestone. I am happy to have it, but to be honest I do not feel a real sense of accomplishment. I mean, this is not difficult. It just takes a very long time to get it (at least if you are not good enough for those diamond cups). So if you have completionist tendencies, be sure you know what you are up to before you start this.😵 But on the other hand, for me, it killed any completionist thinking I might have had. That's a good thing! I will now happily jump into any game that comes my way, ignoring trophies and statistics and just focus on them in the games were I really really want to earn them. To each his own, but I am already feeling better.😜
  15. I finished the game and I am not sure, but my interpretation of that screen was that one mission can add to more than one story. Made sense to me as everything is a little bit intertwined. But since I had planned to do everything anyway I did not pay too much attention. So might be wrong.