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  1. I started day 1 and installed all Updates whenever they were available. I did encounter minor issues with late rendering and some lagging. But I had exactly 1 crash during my platinum run - during the end credits the game crashed with a blue screen. But apart from that I did not encounter any major problems. I really enjoyed it and I am right now enjoying my current survival run. I know that a lot of people here are complaining about lost saves, game breaking bugs and major lagging and rendering problems. But apart from the one crash and some minor issues (as mentioned above), it worked pretty well for me (on my 4.5 years old PS4)
  2. Sorry for you. I got the game day 1, took a couple of weeks to platinum it and had no issues with the trophies at all.
  3. Since I finished the game before Survival was available I do not have first hand experience, but as far as I read here, you don't have to beat the game first on a lower difficulty. If you start the game now, it should be available from the start.
  4. As you are asking: survivor difficulty was not available from the start and was added last week or so. And agreed. Way easier than Grounded on TLOU.
  5. I think it is a glitch. I wasn't so lucky and am currently doing my survival run with the old bike...
  6. #50 - Platinum: Rayman Legends Legendary Win all trophies in the game! I am not a genius at platformers, but I still enjoy playing them and I really like Rayman. But making the online challenges a daily routine to get this trophy made me doubt my sanity. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the challenges, but doing this for several months just because you can only do two challenges per day (plus two per week)? I made this my number 50 platinum and it was supposed to be a real milestone. I am happy to have it, but to be honest I do not feel a real sense of accomplishment. I mean, this is not difficult. It just takes a very long time to get it (at least if you are not good enough for those diamond cups). So if you have completionist tendencies, be sure you know what you are up to before you start this.😵 But on the other hand, for me, it killed any completionist thinking I might have had. That's a good thing! I will now happily jump into any game that comes my way, ignoring trophies and statistics and just focus on them in the games were I really really want to earn them. To each his own, but I am already feeling better.😜
  7. I finished the game and I am not sure, but my interpretation of that screen was that one mission can add to more than one story. Made sense to me as everything is a little bit intertwined. But since I had planned to do everything anyway I did not pay too much attention. So might be wrong.
  8. I don't mind doing it again and I don't care about new game plus. Just started on survival and I still like it. BUT they removed fast travel .... that might really kill the fun later in the game. I don't mind a little grind in a game I like, but this might really get annoying.
  9. Exactly what he said. I was disappointed in the beginning as well, but after a few hoursI really started to enjoy it. Got the platinum and basically did everything you could do after the story had ended, looking for every collectible, killing all hordes, just because I wanted to stay a little longer. Now I am really looking forward to the DLCs. (And I really liked that there were no multiplayer trophies)
  10. Same here. My PS4 is 4.5 years old and it can get a little noisy sometimes with some games. But usually all good. But Days Gone (Disc version) is really loud. First game I almost only played with headphones, because of the noise.
  11. Sorry to hear. All trophies popped perfectly for me.
  12. Platinum #49 -Days Gone One Percenter Go above and BEYOND, unlocking every trophy in Days Gone Another easy platinum, alas one that takes a while. For me, the game started slow and after the first 1 or 2 hours I was disappointed. But after that it became more and more fun and I started to enjoy it very much. I am kinda sad that it ended and am now hoping for some decent DLCs. I very much liked that there were no multiplayer trophies and no missable trophies. The tracking of the trophies was also pretty convient as it has an integrated tracking for all trophies. Next platinum one will be #50! And it will be Rayman Legends, the grind for "Truly awesome!" will end soon :-) !!
  13. 41 out of 48 (or 85.41%) are not so common platinums. The 6 very common ones are Burly Men at Sea (67.85%) Life is strange (64.08%) Telltale Batman (64.46%) Telltale Walking Dead (73.15%) Telltale Walking Dead A new frontier (81.33%) Telltale Wolf Among Us (57.75%) Telltale Tales From The Borderland (53,96%) All good for me as I do enjoy these simple story-like games once in a while. Currently working on Rayman Legends (just need to get that level of awesomness), which is still UR and on Days gone, whose platinum will probably be achieved by a large percentage of players.
  14. I felt the same way and I am not an ace at FPS games, but then I used The Blakk Vultures approach and tried to perfect it. You can see in this video. After a lot of tries I was able to do to all elements well : move smoothly, shoot the targets precisely, shoot blindly at the last two, get a good timing with the flashbangs etcetera. But I always messed up one of those things until I finally had my "perfect" run - or at least sufficiently perfect enough... If that doesn't work for you, you can try it with the grenade launcher that you can get from the grenade training. Some report that they were able to shave of 2 seconds by using it to knock down the three targets in the first room. (But it didn't really work for me.) Good luck!
  15. Platinum #48- Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Don't Ruin The Moment Collect all the Trophies Relatively easy and straightforward plat. It was something to relax, not too long, not very grindy, no annoying multiplayer co-op trophies and even on crushing not too difficult. The puzzles were so simple, I sometimes asked myself why they included them at all. Also, Chloe and Nadine will probably never be my favourite characters, but, hey, I knew that when I got the game. And while I didn't care one bit about the characters when I started the game, I kinda started to like them by the end of it. With this being my 48th platinum I need to start thinking about what should become #50 milestone.
  16. If you are new to that genre, I'd say this is an excellent choice. Yes, you can glitch your way through most hard parts of the game, but to enjoy it I would strongly suggest to do at least one playthrough without the glitch on an average difficulty, even though that will mean an additional walkthrough to make it on veteran difficulty (with glitch or without). The game is worth it. But please note that there is at least one trophy (best of the best) that needs skill and cannot be glitched. But practice will get you there as well. It's all very feasible (and no multiplayer trophies!!)
  17. Platinum #47 - Call of Duty- Modern Warfare Remastered Just another day at the office Earn all available trophies for Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® Remastered I really enjoyed this game. I am not sure if I can really recommend to start on Veteran though. I did it and there were some parts were I was struggling so much that I was on the verge of giving up. Of course, that is the most efficient way to get all the trophies, but I wonder if it would have been more fun to play the game on an easier difficulty first and then go back to a full veteran run. Game is great enough for two runs. Be it as it may, at the end I was getting mad because I couldn't get the Best of the Best trophy. I found that one really annoying, even though definitely I spend more time at the ferris wheel in the "One shot, one kill" level. But I did it and I am happy and I recommend this game to anyone that is into this sort of game.
  18. I got it! I did it! I am sooo happy! 14.9 seconds! Not great, but sufficient I guess. Platinum done! Thanks Blakk Vulture. Followed the pistol only suggestion, worked best for me
  19. Very helpful guide. Thank you! A few comments (without much context to avoid spoilers), if you are there, you will know what I am talking about. Maybe these are glitches, but I have the hunch that this applies in general for these three trophies: Rythmic - You can move the lever on the train into three positions (Up, middle and down). I tried 2 times to move it up, middle, down, middle, up etcetera. Seemed right to me. But did not work. It worked for me when I just moved the lever down, middle, down etcetera. Not going into the full up position. You will notice that Fig is not doing that as well. Alma Mater - If you go back to Fig before you have instilled all the rebels, you will not be able to instill the ones you have missed. You need to complete this before moving on. Diarist - I thought it glitched on me, because I was moving through way more than 10 entries and when I tried to get the trophy I just moved through my whole diary. The trophy did not pop. What worked for me was to turn ten pages exactly (no less, but also no more) and then exit the diary. That did the trick.
  20. #46 - Forgotten Anne Thank You For Playing! - You've been all around the Forgotten Lands. Thank you for your time! I started this wile playing Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris, after which I started Call of Duty - Modern Warfare Remastered. And while CoD demanded almost my full attention I sometimes needed a break from the frustration of my veteran run (Yes, there is a glitch that you can use for that and no I did not want to use it). Forgotten Anne is an original story-driven game with platforming elements plus a bitter-sweet ending.Very enjoyable. (And now I also just need the damned "Best of the Best trophy" to get the CoD platinum ....)
  21. Sounds exactly like my controllers 😆and I could rant about those doors for hours ... but I am sure we will beat it eventually ✊
  22. Great run😎 !... I am one of those struggling ... But maybe because I am getting old ... Its the last trophy I need
  23. Burly Men At Sea - it's not tedious. It does not take very long. Going through it for the first time was even nice. But the second time, I already got bored. But it was so easy and the way to platinum was so clear I thought, wtf I finish it. And I walked through all the storylines, but ... it was boring, no challenge at all, almost no fun and really just a waste of precious time.
  24. Yes, the time limit starts only after shooting the last tank.
  25. That part was bad on Veteran ... (but there are more like that) ... I tried leaving one tank and moving through the shed and to the right ... but enemies kept respawning and I couldn't reach any checkpoints. So at the end I destroyed all 4 tanks, used two airstrikes on the field in front of me, ran along the left side, crouched in the pipe/drain there and quickly fought my way to a small wooden shed at the end of that pipe (also the end of the field), lying down when needed. I got a checkpoint in that small shed! After that it's not too bad to finish.