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  1. I'm a sneaky predator that lurks in the shadows and stealth kills via bow and arrow. It's kinda sad my prey can't at least see that they were just killed by a hot Bosmor (wood elf) in light armor.
  2. I would love to have something to add to my posts. If possible, can someone make one with Asuna Yuuki from Sword Art Online for me? A depiction of something cute but bad ass at the same time. Yes, she's MY waifu, lol. I'm not picky who makes it though, and thanks in advance. For those wondering, Sword Art Online is an anime about a group of people that get trapped inside a VRMMORPG and have to beat the game to escape. And if that's not bad enough, you die in the game, you die in real life. Also has some romance and comedy.
  3. I'm just asking for people to please hire my pawn and go kick some serious Daimon/enemy butt cause I'm in need of lots of rift crystals. I'm willing to take your pawn as well if you also need RC. My pawn is currently a ranger but might change to a fighter or strider in near future. She is a good fighter though and can deal good damage to enemies while keeping them engaged on her. Send me a friend request so that we can find each others pawns very easily and hire them for free regardless of level differences. PSN: Champ147 Arisen name: Asuna Pawn name: Rukia (Ranger currently level 133ish) (yes, I like anime, lol)
  4. I'm starting this thread in hopes of creating a way for players to help other players out essentially through trading. When you enlist someone else's pawn and go to release them, the game will ask if you want to gift an item which enables you to essentially give an item to another player. There are a lot of items that can NOT be gifted such as purified BBI gear but there are a lot of items that can be gifted. For a complete guide on how this all works see this link. If anyone would like to take part in the item gifting please be sure to put down your PSN ID and desired gift or items that your willing to give to others. Keep in mind while using this process it's NOT an in game trade, it's a one way deal. However you can get something from someone else and then return the favor and give them something back, so this goes off the trust system. For easiest and best results be sure to add people to your friends list, this will make finding their respected pawns far easier and also makes it easy to communicate about what items to send. PSN: champ147 Pawn Name: Rukia Desired Items: Unidentified BBI Weapons level 3 and a gold idol. I'll also be happy with anything BBI level 3 but I really want that Blackwing Bow. (Yes I know it's a small chance of actually getting one but it's a risk I'm willing to take) Items offered: Arisen Bond, seekers tokens, veteran periapt, and more.
  5. Good to know on the other added caveats as I just originally heard of no online features. And 14 minutes??? Seriously how is that possible? Did this person defeat the dragon on the beach at the beginning or something? So while you can start a speed run using all of your main characters stuff is sweet but what about after the speed run? Can you still go back to that main character in that game and continue off of it if you desired after you completed the speed run? Or at least be able to go back to that character again and maybe do NG+? I think I already know the answer to the question since you can't save in the speed run but I'd like to double check.
  6. So looking at the trophies can the platinum be completed in just two runs. There are 4 trophies associated with beating the game... The Sprinter: completed game in speed run mode Hardened Veteran: completed game in hard mode The Ever-Turning Wheel: completed the game a second time Closure: put an end to all things (earned once you beat the game for the first time I think) So I was thinking of having my first run be on hard mode and complete the game, that should unlock both hardened veteran and closure. Next, complete the game in speed run mode which I think should net you the sprinter and the ever-turning wheel. So instead of what might appear to be a 3 run plat could maybe be done in two?
  7. So going through the trophies and seeing this trophy I have a curious question. Since looking at the trophy description which simply reads "Completed game in speed run mode", does that mean there is no time to beat? Essentially does that mean that we can still take our time and NOT rush the game at all so long as it's done in that mode and still get that trophy? I know the speed run mode doesn't allow you to use any online features, meaning you can't borrow pawns from others and your stuck with the default ones the game gives you. But based off that description and knowing how the wording of trophies can be vague a lot of times, this seems completely possible based off that description. What are your thoughts on this?
  8. Leveling up will take work but I completely agree that it won't be terrible thanks to the BBI. And I always used magic archer in the ps3 version, I had no problem with death as I was farming him for his potential drops, plus he gives great exp if I recall. I just didn't like how he would run away at times. As for his attacks, just gotta watch out for his instant death attack but as you also mention, it's easy to read. I'm just hoping to get that 9 Bolt upgrade a lot faster this time, had to farm Damion forever for that. But once you get those nicer skills from him, death will be easy regardless of class.
  9. Just a couple thoughts. First with online pawns not being available in speed run mode, is that going to be the only change in that mode, or at least the only one we know of at this point in time? And in regards to the speed run trophy, I don't see a time to beat or anything, it just simply says beat the game in speed run mode, nothing more. Based off of that I'm thinking it may be possible to take your time and beat the game at your leisure so long it's done in that mode with whatever all the restrictions may be. Yea the true speed run fanatics out there will be shooting for the fastest time but for us trophy fanatics, I'm just interested in that shiny trophy and having fun so this may not be nearly as bad of a trophy as people are making it out to be. I could be wrong, but that's what I'm thinking based off the trophy description.
  10. Since this will have NO online play at all, only local co-op if desired, I guess that means we'll be seeing people, including myself, using that little used feature called shareplay. And I personally loved this game way back when it came out on SNES, looking forward to playing it again and this time I get to bring the wife into the action as well, can't wait.
  11. Wild Arms PS1 classic on 12-6-07. I had never purchased a game online before and when I heard my favorite PS1 game was going to be available on my PS3...
  12. I was about to start this and was wondering if any trophies were missable or can I get them all in a single play through without worries? Thanks a bunch.
  13. I guess I'll have to go with Brink. I started it but never really got into it, great concept, horrible execution.
  14. Well in my opinion, I think if ND did the remake we would be looking at a similar product that VV made. Sure there would be some differences between them, such as visuals may get altered slightly and I'm sure they would have tried to keep the jumping mechanics true to the original. But I'll try throwing a different idea in the mix. Given what VV has made, what would ND do, if they could which obviously they can't, change now? With adding running shoes to the second game, would they do the same for the first? Would they adjust these sometimes crazy platinum relic times? Would they add more levels altogether? I'm sure there were many level ideas that were never actually made, so revisit the drawing board sort of speak there.
  15. I would have to go with Destiny. It was a fun game when it came out but it got so boring so fast for me so I never went back to it. Kudos for completing it though.