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  1. Another key note, if you have the PS app on your phone. You can check to see if this message exists on your account and delete it off your account from your phone. By doing this, and never actually having to even turn on the console, you can completely avoid any hassle and eliminate the threat.
  2. Well they say all PS4 games since April 1st will be good to go. And they are going to release a list of compatible games that released before April 1st so that we are not guessing which games are good and which won't be. I'm personally more concerned about the Vita games as I still use that thing from time to time. And if I'm reading everything right, it won't be nearly as bad as people make it out to be. Trophies are tied to an account which is tied to the ID Name. Once the ID name changes, the trophies are going to follow. Essentially trophies are tracked through account holders on the Playstation Network as a whole and have no ties to any individual game. You shouldn't lose any trophies. If anything, I'm picturing the opposite could occur for those games that don't for say support change. You might be able to get duplicate games on your PSN trophy count. The initial one that had your original ID, and if the game can't follow your ID change and sees a new ID, it might unlock more trophies and send that to your account, thus adding another copy of the same game to said account. For those currently worried they won't be able to download their games on their library, again I wouldn't worry about that. That's a Playstation Network issue, not an individual game issue. Everything from the PSN as a whole should be fine, so trophies and libraries. They only say individual games might have an issue and that's while your are playing said game. Says nothing about not being able to play anything anymore. But anyway, in the end, right now everything is just speculation. The only thing we know for sure is that you will be able to change your ID and that it'll have no effect on any game post April 1st, 2018. After that it's a crap shoot and we'll have to see how it goes when it actually comes out.
  3. Played a little myself with the update and had no issues. Trophy guide has been updated with a note stating the game crashes have more or less been fixed.
  4. I personally started with Symphonia back on the Gamecube. So Symphonia is a good one, after that I would say Graces or maybe Xillia.
  5. OK, I just finished my run and got the Ace Pilot trophy. I ended up using both restart options in my run. I was at 97.8% in stage 7 so I hit restart stage and did that one over. I also used the restart scene a few times cause I'd start being dumb all of a sudden and can't dodge a beach ball. In both cases, I was reset to the same condition I was in when I started said scene or chapter. So neither my shield or bombs were replenished, they just went back to what I had when I started. The trophy does still unlock despite using restart, so use it as much as you want.
  6. OK, I just tried the restart thing and it did not work. I would make my way part way through the scene and then hit restart scene. It does restart the scene but leaves you in the exact same condition you were in when you entered the scene. Do you actually have to hit exit to main menu? I fear this might make you lose your progress.
  7. In ESO, the Emperor trophy. This one takes series dedication, skill, and some luck. Plus the game has millions of players and literally only one person can have this title at a time.
  8. Just checked it out for that trophy. Just one question then, when you hit restart, does it reset the whole chapter or just the scene you're on? That part a little confusing. I like how you get back to full health doing this to, so I can picture entering a scene all beat up and hitting restart at beginning just to refill shields with no loss on progress. Does it do anything for bombs to?
  9. Looking for any tips or helpful advice to get the Ace Pilot trophy. I heard one tip, yet to confirm, that you can hit restart after a scene and it'll restart that scene with you at full shields and won't negate the trophy. So looking for confirmation on that as well. And does it restart just the scene, or the whole chapter?
  10. I just made it to Bunnyland and struggling greatly. Any really good build set ups out there that can help carry me?
  11. Thanks for clearing that up. So then if the games on Vita are account locked and you somehow play a digital only game from a region your Vita has no access to? Yea, to me it sounds like some kind of system hack. I could be wrong though. Seeing as there is no simple clarification as to how they got these trophies. My vote is to simply ask these people how they got said trophies. If they don't have a good answer, and by good answer I mean giving a honest legit way to get said game, then they should be removed from the leader boards as the rules clearly state. Otherwise if they do have a good valid legit way of getting them, then they are all good and move on.
  12. Not to try to throw some wrench into this whole conversation but I have a question. Since we are talking about the Vita, could it be possible that these people were able to buy these games through their PS3, download them onto said PS3, transfer them into a portable hard drive of some such, then install said game on the Vita off the hard drive? PS3 allows players to have multiple accounts and it's possible that those players set up accounts in different regions. This would allow that player to download digital only games from any said regions that they have accounts for. PS3 also allows you to download any Vita title to its hard drive, even those Vita only games. And then just do as I mentioned above and wouldn't that make it possible for let's say a USA Vita game to make its way into a EU region Vita?
  13. Wow, uh yea, I kinda screwed that up a bit didn't I? I was thinking a different game when I put in that reply. Ignore that post of mine everyone. 😂
  14. I was thinking of picking this game up since its on sale now and looks somewhat interesting. I was wondering two things though; how hard of a platinum is this? (1-10 scale) And how long of a platinum is this? (approx how many hours) It's been out for a long time now and I can't seem to find any guides on this, or I'm just missing them, either way any info is appreciated.