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  1. Can I be updated to Lord of Spirits please. I have every Tales of except the one I can't get my hands on, Tales of Innocence. Thank you
  2. I'm only guessing here but I think it has to be later in the game. I read somewhere that a lot of stuff becomes unlockable post Aurnion rebuild. For example, I'm on my second playthough where I'm doing speed run and collected my one and only missing monster from the first run. Initially I only received the trophy the moment I filled the monster book. Then I didn't get anything further till act 3 start when I got the skit for completing the monster book. (I completed the book act 1). Then I read around and found out that I can't get the title till after Aurnion is fully rebuilt. I know this has nothing to do with fatal strikes but I think both are tied to game events is all I'm saying, and that game event could be as far as Aurnion. I know this isn't a solid answer to your question but just hoping to shed some light on the issue
  3. Persona 5 Royal is a turn based system. I'm guessing maybe you looked at Persona 5 Strikers which does run a real time action battle system. Strikers is more of a spin off title on this series but I hear it's still good. Strikers does play a lot like a Dynasty Warriors title but better IMO. Also, this game may need lots of grinding to proceed through it. I forgot about Neir but it's also a solid action RPG. I'd go with Neir Automata as a good start here. Tales of Arise is a brilliant game (personal bias showing) but it really is a good game. As I mentioned above, it did win RPG of the year in the West, which is a rare feat for any J game winning a major prize in the West. Unlike the other action RPG's here, the system they use is called a Linear Motion Battle System. Unlike most action RPG games where you can just go around and fight enemies throughout the world right on the map, Tales games goes into a separate battle screen, just like a turn based one does. However, it's here that the magic occurs where the battle system is like a cross between a fighting game and an action RPG and goes at a fast pace. An other side note, the Tales of series has probably the greatest NG+ system I've seen. Out of the list of other less notably known RPGs I mentioned above, and going off your interest in a real time system, I'd suggest... Death End Request, Crosscode, or Tokyo Xanadu Edit: Depending on how you feel or how fast you want to get into it, you could also be looking into future titles. Of the action RPG, I'm looking into the likes of Elden Ring, Granblue Fantasy Relink, Soulstice, Project Eve
  4. I'm a huge JRPG gamer myself and would highly recommend the Tales of series. If you go this route, I'd personally recommend starting with the likes of Xillia or maybe Graces F if you have access to a PS3. If not, like many of us now days, that leaves Zestiria, Berseria, and Arise. Of these, I'd start with Berseria then Arise. Only go to Zestiria once you know the general Tales of formula. I say this because of a very overly complicated weapon/skill system in Zestiria. Tales of Arise did just win RPG of the year to, which is nice. Tales of runs a very fast paced real time battle system that is this series bread and butter. With the exception of Tales of Arise (and going back to just the HD world) every Tales of game was purposely given lower graphics than all of the other games I'll mention just to ensure that the battle system can run a smooth 60 FPS. That's how fast and insane some of these battles can get and shows how much they pride on their excellent real time battles. Tales of Arise still runs 60 FPS battles but with the new engine they using coupled with rise in their studios abilities, they didn't have to sacrifice as much visually. Then there are the ones that have been getting lots of attention lately like Final Fantasy and Persona. For Final Fantasy, that's a series that I think is trying to rediscover itself. It was forever a straight up turn based game, now it's a real time combat system with the last couple releases. Depending on what you prefer will likely determine your take on the FF series as a whole. But the main thing with that series is the story, characters, and visuals. Combat was always just at par IMO. And this I think shows seeing how a series can suddenly jump so drastically in battle systems and not really falter much. Persona is a really deep RPG series with great story and some of the best character development. It runs a turn based battle system. There may be some advantage to playing these in order however, but not necessary to get through them. Dark Souls series is another good one to try. These aren't the easiest games as I'm sure you heard but they are good action RPG's. There are a bunch of other really good smaller titles out there to which I don't think anyone has really mentioned much. I'll just touch on a few of them but they all good in their own respected ways. --Tokyo Xanadu: Plays a lot like Persona but I think has a better battle system, I personally prefer this over Persona. --Blue Reflection: A magical girls turn based RPG. The magic girls genre has kinda died out over recent years but this ones gives it some good justice. It also just had a sequel released called Blue Reflection: Second Light. I haven't tried the sequel yet but I will. --Death End Request: This is one of those games where you make decisions that actually matter. Like you decide on a wrong outcome, you may find yourself in a game over very quickly resulting in you literally having to reload an earlier save. It's a take on a finding a "dead end" but instead resulting in death and having to start over, hence the request. So the name really says it all. Very interesting story as well. This one also has an extremely unique battle system that actually lets you choose the battle system itself. But you could be in a turn based battle that can turn into a fighting game like battle to a shooter and so on. Not just talking turn based or real time, but full on genre changes outside of RPG's. --Crystar: Another one with a different perspective not typically seen where you turn tears/sadness into power. This one can really pull at the heart strings to. Real time combat system here --Crosscode: Ok, this one is a smaller indie game but I ended up putting in over 100 hours cause I loved the hell outta it. It a top down action RPG like old school Zelda but with very fast combat and some of the most tricky puzzles I've seen in a game. Lots of side quests and multiple endings all put the cherry on top. They do make the battles rather hard in this one (though you can lower difficulty) and that was half the fun. Not many good fast top down RPG's out there. There are plenty more and I could go on, but these are some to think about. There are tons of various JRPG's out there and with varying different battle systems. I think the best first step would be to figure out which battle system you prefer. You have everything from Tactical, Strategy, Real Time battles, turn based battles, and action RPG's out there. So instead of figuring out "what game should I play", I start by figuring out what battle system sounds like the most fun to you. Some games may have great stories and characters and everything, but if you don't like the battle system, that won't make for a very fun game in the end, especially when you'll be spending so much time in said battles. Hope this helps and have fun
  5. Sorry, but that's a solid no.
  6. I have Scarlet Nexus now and 2 games on pre-order, Deathloop and Tales of Arise. So depending on how you look at it, either 1 or 3. So looking forward to ToA, could become my personal GotY.
  7. My worst is probably Arcania. Horrible RPG
  8. I started off with Killzone and Hotline Miami
  9. Give it a go. I loved the PS4 version and sank probably close to 100 hours on this game. Game has an excellent balance between puzzles and action, along with a fair amount of difficulty. And the puzzles I think are actually good, and by good, they'll make even long time gamers stop and think for a min to figure out. I know it's a smaller indie game but I probably enjoyed this more than any AAA game last year. And I'd love to see a save file import option. So hopefully one day. I've heard of other games adding this feature after release
  10. After reading all these comments it sounds fairly easy in terms of difficultly but just have to be constantly weary of missable quests/tasks. Any idea on how long of a plat this one is? Either way I'll likely get this at some point. Currently I have a backlog of backlogs so it might be a while, though it'll likely be on sale when I'm ready. Thanks for the info all, loved the other Mana games, I'm sure this no different. If no one else beats me to the punch, which will likely be months from now, who knows, I might try making my second Mana trophy guide. Good luck all
  11. Looks like a good mix of tasks to me. Some may be a grind, a few story ones. A couple for playing through a couple times and seeing both characters stories. Toss in what appears to be a few misc ones and there you go. Looks fine to me, though it may take a while to compete.
  12. Yeah, it's all good. I forgot about this actually as I had a nasty string of unfortunate life events. It's all yours if you want. And if you want help I can do that.
  13. Ok, maybe wrong terminology. But talk about Gamepass sales figures vs Google. And even talk about Stadia, Amazon doing cloud gaming, and how Sony/MS don't really compete with Nintendo and so on. These are all mentioned in recent posts. None of that is on topic. How companies want to run their business is another topic. Those super long posts don't even mention Bioshock specifically. And my thoughts on Bioshock timed exclusively on PS. I don't really care either way. Could be good for Sony short term, just like any other timed exclusives. But I understand the business side of it and the needs for exclusive titles.
  14. Just throwing it out there but it seems like we falling off topic. This thread about Bioshock 4 and it's potential to be exclusive, not console wars or various sales figures and stuff. Thank you.
  15. When I posted it I also had Quantum Break and the Gears series in my head, on top of the two you listed. Not that 3-4 titles is a lot but what does Sony have? I can only think of Uncharted as the last one and it's been wrapped up and done with no more planned. And even that was still years ago.