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  1. Since this will have NO online play at all, only local co-op if desired, I guess that means we'll be seeing people, including myself, using that little used feature called shareplay. And I personally loved this game way back when it came out on SNES, looking forward to playing it again and this time I get to bring the wife into the action as well, can't wait.
  2. Wild Arms PS1 classic on 12-6-07. I had never purchased a game online before and when I heard my favorite PS1 game was going to be available on my PS3...
  3. I was about to start this and was wondering if any trophies were missable or can I get them all in a single play through without worries? Thanks a bunch.
  4. I guess I'll have to go with Brink. I started it but never really got into it, great concept, horrible execution.
  5. Well in my opinion, I think if ND did the remake we would be looking at a similar product that VV made. Sure there would be some differences between them, such as visuals may get altered slightly and I'm sure they would have tried to keep the jumping mechanics true to the original. But I'll try throwing a different idea in the mix. Given what VV has made, what would ND do, if they could which obviously they can't, change now? With adding running shoes to the second game, would they do the same for the first? Would they adjust these sometimes crazy platinum relic times? Would they add more levels altogether? I'm sure there were many level ideas that were never actually made, so revisit the drawing board sort of speak there.
  6. I would have to go with Destiny. It was a fun game when it came out but it got so boring so fast for me so I never went back to it. Kudos for completing it though.
  7. Seeing how I believe That's You is one of the ultra few mobile games and that the percentage is low, I'll give it a 8/10 mostly for having it come from a very unique game.
  8. Mine hands down is the Wild Arms series. The series has 5 games (6 if you included Alter Code F) and I don't think the entire series combined has sold more than 1 million units. That doesn't matter to me though, I have them all and I love that series.
  9. I know it's been said many times before but I'd like to see a few things... PSN Name Change, ability to delete trophy lists even if they have trophies already earned, and trophy progress tracker on the trophy list. While I know many of these aren't likely to happen yet again, I can dream can't I?
  10. There are a ton of moments in gaming that really get me going but I'll just name off one that worked me up recently and that I don't think anyone else has mentioned. This one was in Uncharted 4... Then there are other moments that aren't for say from the games story or anything, but what that game just means to you as a gamer in general. For example I've been playing the remake of the Crash Bandicoot series and while the games themselves don't bring any special moments or feelings, the fact that I'm replaying a series of games that helped shape me as a gamer and just had so much fun with in the past coming back and being able to play them again brings such joy and emotion to my gaming.
  11. I think I'd like to join in on this fun, here is my list at the moment.... # - 3D Dot Game Heroes A - Assassin's Creed Syndicate B - Bayonetta C - Crash Bandicoot D - Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax E - Enslaved: Odyssey to the West F - Fallout 4 G - God of War III H - Hotline Miami I - Infamous J - Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy K - Killzone 2 L - LittleBigPlanet M - Midway Arcade Origins N - Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch O - P - Phineas and Ferb: Across the 2nd Dimension Q - R - Ragnarok Odyssey Ace S - Sports Champions T - Tales of Symphonia U - Uncharted: Drake's Fortune V - Virtue's Last Reward W - Wolfenstein: The New Order X - Y - Y's: Memories of Celceta Z - Zotrix Currently working on アクセル・ワールド VS ソードアート・オンライン 千年の黄昏 which may count towards a Japanese Game. But the game is called Accel World VS Sword Art Online: Millennium Twilight I don't believe "The Order" counts towards the letter O. Since the game starts with the word "the", that is what counts for the first letter. Just like how Skyrim can't count for S since the game starts with, again, "the". Nice list though so far, keep it up.
  12. I would say it's worth it for sure. There are lots of really good games for the system, especially if you like RPG's. I find myself taking my Vita every time I go out of town or on vacation or whatever where I can't get to my PS4. As for games... Y's Memories of Celceta is great Legend of Heroes 1 and 2 I hear this little game called Persona is good Ragnarok Odyssey Ace Tales of Hearts Uncharted the Golden Abyss Gravity Rush (first came out on Vita long ago but now on PS4 as well) Batman plays well on the system to and last but not least, Tokyo Xanadu (I have the Japanese version but US version is about to come out, great game) Also, you could try looking on eBay to buy one. Many people have them listed for less than $100 for just the console and maybe a game in good condition. Most are around 125-175 but with that, most of them also come with a few games.
  13. And I'll start it off, I'm looking for worms bait, so if anyone is willing to give them away or trade for them, I'm interested. I also have lots of guts, crawlers, and insect parts, along with a few perfect roe PSN champ147 I'm on the North American servers
  14. Just as the name implies, I'd like to start this thread dedicated to those that want to go for that master angler trophy. This thread can be used for those that simply want to trade bait, so please no posts about any trade not including bait.
  15. Seeing how this is more or less a port of an old arcade game, I'm highly doubtful this will have any kind of online co-op. However you may still be able to co-op online without it technically being online co-op through the PS4 Share Play.