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  1. For me it was Star Ocean: The Last Hope International. I beat that game like 5 times already and no where close to the platinum, all thanks to 1 trophy for earning all 900 battle medals. There are 9 characters in the game and each have 100 battle medals in the game that have to be earned. Some are extremely easy and will come naturally, some are weird but will most likely come at some point, while others are a pain in the you know what. The worst ones would be some of the grind ones and the extremely easily missable ones. By grind ones there are a couple characters that have a battle medal for killing like 30,000 enemies. That's a lot of kills that will take a long time to do. Then there are crap shoot ones like Faize having to kill 6 of a particular type of enemy. Doesn't sound bad until you realize that there are only 6 in the entire game, and that they are all bosses, with a few being after long optional quest stuff. And to add salt to the wound, you can only earn battle medals for the character you are controlling for the fight. So any AI kills, assists, or anything at all does not count towards their respected medals. So that kill 30,000 enemies, you have to control that character and get all those kills yourself. And it has to be that character that lands the killing blow, if you wound it and another AI controlled ally kills it, that doesn't count. There is a reason why this game was labeled as a 600+ hour platinum, with some saying it's 800+ hours to get through it all. Might have to do a good 10+ playthroughs so that you can re fight so many bosses that are all required for some battle trophy off another character and so on. Then you know, open every chest in a game 2-3 times, kill every optional boss another good 3-4 times and so on as well, cause each playthrough will also force you to do most of all the side quest stuff every run as well. Fun game to play, but anyone that has that platinum, congrats and sorry you lost so much of your life on a single game. Honorable mentions would be White Knight Chronicles 1 and 2, those are both other 600 hour platinum that I just said nope to.
  2. 124/133 for me. So 9 total have greater than 50% platinum for me.
  3. I already submitted Crash Bandicoot DLC earlier this month along with Crash Bandicoot 3. Now to go with those, since the last update I've completed... Spyro the Dragon 10 Year old game HC challenge complete Started and finished this month Spyro the Dragon 2 10 year old game HC challenge complete Started and finished this month Spyro the Dragon 3 10 year old game HC challenge complete Started and finished this month 4 game challenge complete (Crash 3, Spyro 1, Spyro 2, Spyro 3) And so many choices for game of the year category. I've fairly certain these games have at least been nominated but not sure how many winners I have. Can someone let me know if any of the following games count for the HC challenge for May, or if it counts at all? I know they have all been hyped up and have generally had positive reviews but not sure if GOTY worthy. Thanks God of War Horizon Zero Dawn Far Cry 5 Bloodborne
  4. Energy Invasion Sound Shapes Arcania Venetica 2064 Read Only Memories Honorable mention Lara Croft Go Hitman Go Trine 2
  5. If anyone doing signature's I'd love one with Asuna from SAO. Something that says sexy badass in terms of picture. As for text, just my PSN name Champ147. Thank you very much in advance to whomever takes this up.
  6. Woo-hoo, Dragon's back to making awesome covers. 😱😀 Was starting to think he forgot about them.
  7. 8K graphics at least on PS4 titles https://www.theverge.com/2019/4/16/18401209/sony-playstation-5-details-8k-graphics-ray-tracing-ssds-ps4-backward-compatibility
  8. Getting off to a decent start to April. Finished Crash Bandicoot. I just went back and finished up the DLC for the game so should be able to check of DLC challenge. Since it was just the DLC not sure if any other thing can count but if so then... DLC Complete Started over a year ago 10+ year old game (original back in 1996) HC Challenge complete I also finished up Crash Bandicoot 3 but this one I still had lots to do and earned vast majority of trophies over last couple days. DLC Complete 10+ year old game (original back in 1998) HC challenge complete using for another event: Bingo Just let me know what all counts for the first Crash game, thanks a bunch.
  9. B1 - Far Cry 3 Classic B4 - Gravity Rush Remastered B5 - Sky Force Anniversary I4 - Strider G2 - Dragon Quest Heroes: The World's Tree Woe and the Blight Below G3 - Sega Genesis Classics G4 - Resogun O5 - 2064: Read Only Memories NEW N1 - Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped
  10. 1 My Name is Mayo 2 My Name is Mayo 3 My Name is Mayo 4 My Name is Mayo 5 My Name is Mayo
  11. Finished my second game for this month, Far Cry Primal. This one goes for... Been over a year since I earned first trophy on 4-28-16. That was my only trophy coming into this game this month. HC complete, you can ride Mammoths Sabertooth Tigers, and Bears. Updated stats Completed games 132 Platinums 129 Completion percentage 71.00%
  12. Had to look back to see what I used and that was the Swing Vulcan and Catch Plasma. After playing the game a lot you'll learn the waves. Catch Plasma I liked to use when there were tons of small enemies as it tracked them down and killed them fast. Though ultimately I didn't use it a whole lot. My primary by far was the Swing Vulcan. It has awesome destructive power and can destroy large targets much faster than the other weapons while still having enough spread to be effective while many enemies present. Upgrade that and get right in the face of any enemy and it'll die extremely fast, including those very large planes and what not. And the Vulcan tore up bosses quickly to. So I first worked on upgrading the Vulcan a few levels while squeaking in one or two here and there for the catch plasma. That's what I used anyway as those were the guns that fit my play style. Keep at it and I'm sure you'll get it
  13. while I fully agree with you I want to just say that by doing it in patches, it does allow them the option to add more trophies. Anything added post launch has this option, as long as its adding meaningful additional content to the game. So here's hoping NG+ tosses in another gold trophy or something for completing NG+. Not bloody likely, but I can dream.
  14. So to clarify, ports don't count and only games that have been remastered or remade count? So stuff like the Crash and Spyro collections would count for HC since they all pre PS3 era. TLoU Remastered would count as just regular since it was PS3. Then games like Atari collection do NOT count since its just ports. Same can be said for any PS2 to PS4. Did I get all that right?
  15. It's been a long while but I feel it's time to finally update this. My completed squares are now... B1 - Far Cry 3 Classic B4 - Gravity Rush Remastered (Kat is protagonist) B5 - Sky Force Anniversary (Top down shooter that can be done in 30 min or so) I4 - Strider (Reboot of original game, side scroll hack n slash) G2 - Dragon Quest Heroes: The World's Tree Woe and the Blight Below (Fun little hack n slash that plays similar to a Dynasty Warriors) G3 - Sega Genesis Classics (50+ old school Sega Genesis games) G4 - Resogun (side scroll shooter) O5 - 2064: Read Only Memories (VN solving mystery of a missing person) While not a whole lot filled in, it's only March, still got tons of time.