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  1. Thanks for clearing that up. So then if the games on Vita are account locked and you somehow play a digital only game from a region your Vita has no access to? Yea, to me it sounds like some kind of system hack. I could be wrong though. Seeing as there is no simple clarification as to how they got these trophies. My vote is to simply ask these people how they got said trophies. If they don't have a good answer, and by good answer I mean giving a honest legit way to get said game, then they should be removed from the leader boards as the rules clearly state. Otherwise if they do have a good valid legit way of getting them, then they are all good and move on.
  2. Not to try to throw some wrench into this whole conversation but I have a question. Since we are talking about the Vita, could it be possible that these people were able to buy these games through their PS3, download them onto said PS3, transfer them into a portable hard drive of some such, then install said game on the Vita off the hard drive? PS3 allows players to have multiple accounts and it's possible that those players set up accounts in different regions. This would allow that player to download digital only games from any said regions that they have accounts for. PS3 also allows you to download any Vita title to its hard drive, even those Vita only games. And then just do as I mentioned above and wouldn't that make it possible for let's say a USA Vita game to make its way into a EU region Vita?
  3. Wow, uh yea, I kinda screwed that up a bit didn't I? I was thinking a different game when I put in that reply. Ignore that post of mine everyone. 😂
  4. I was thinking of picking this game up since its on sale now and looks somewhat interesting. I was wondering two things though; how hard of a platinum is this? (1-10 scale) And how long of a platinum is this? (approx how many hours) It's been out for a long time now and I can't seem to find any guides on this, or I'm just missing them, either way any info is appreciated.
  5. I've beaten the original version who knows how many times and after going through this one, there isn't much in terms of differences. They did keep the maps and story and everything identical to the original. Only main differences is the music, voice acting, the complete over hall on visuals, and bugs galore. I'm now working on the trophy guide and there are a few things you want to keep in mind for a one play through platinum as a few of those trophies are missable and some are a real grind. The monster trophy can be missed, so kill everything everywhere and you should generally be fine. Just make sure to get that Ma Goblin spawn from the Goblin enemy. Make sure to get all three of the rare drop equipment pieces while in the Pure Land cause once you finish that area, it becomes locked out and you can't get those drops any more, which will lock you out from a couple trophies and need another play through. Other than that, just basically a grind fest on other rare drops and the plat is yours.
  6. So outside of crashes still going on, anyone having any other problems since the patch? Things like the characters falling through the floor, black screens, enemies not ever dying, etc? While that sucks I'm sure you'll likely get more Faerie Rings. Those are his common drop item and I must have gotten like 20 of them before I ever saw one glove orb drop from him. Then I had about another 10-15 faerie rings before I got his second glove orb. Took like an hour alone grinding just wolf lords for me. I'm glad I got some of the others really quick, but I guess it depends if the Mana Gods like you or not if you get the drop.
  7. I'm posting a link to an article that talks about many bug fixes for this game. Essentially, they are planning to release a patch likely in the next week, maybe two, that will fix crashes, black screens, and more, check it out.
  8. Do you still need to go to Watts, the blacksmith, to have your weapons upgraded after obtaining the orbs first or do you just simply need to have all the orbs in your possession? So is it possible to get the trophy for just getting the final orbs in the Mana Fortress and then upgrade the sword in final fight to have the trophy pop. Or do you need to get those orbs, then leave the Mana Fortress to upgrade the weapons with Watts, then go back to the Mana Fortress and do that final sword upgrade in the final boss to have the trophy pop? It's great you don't actually have to grind out the weapons to level 9 proficiency though. And as a side note, it doesn't appear you can even take your weapons to level 9 if you wanted to. I've fully upgraded all the weapons, minus the sword, with Watts and used them and they don't gain any experience past level 8. So you can't get them to level 8 and even 1% towards level 9. EDIT: After doing a little testing it appears that you only need to acquire all the orbs and do not need to upgrade the weapons with Watts for the trophy. If anyone can confirm this that would be appreciated. Because if accurate, that would mean that you do not have to exit the Mana Fortress to upgrade after obtaining all the orbs and you could just fight and defeat the final boss and still get the trophy.
  9. I'm looking for I guess some of both. There will be some long lists in the guide that I plan on putting in as a detailed checklist sort of speak. There are trophies that require you to obtain every item in many categories of both equipment and monsters (monster list will be 100+ long). And since all those trophies are missable, I feel it all has to be put in there. Then about 75% of the trophies are all story related defeat "x" boss trophies. I want to put down more than just a simple, defeat this boss to get this trophy description. So I was wondering about adding somewhat of a general strategy for each or something. So the help I was looking for was in boss strategies and formatting. I do realize that this is a trophy guide and not a strategy guide/walk through so I guess I'm wondering how far should I go/say in regards to a trophy that is unmissable for defeating particular story related bosses? Should I just stick with defeat this boss at such and such location and call it good? or should I say that and put in a small strategy for each one to?
  10. I've officially decided to try making my second guide ever it's gonna be for SECRET OF MANA. Since I would like this guide to be great and with my limited experience, I'm asking if anyone would be interested in helping with the guide? My only guide I've ever made was for the game Gauntlet, which turned out well but it in comparison is an easier game to write one for. So I'm open to experienced and new writers alike, as they say, two heads are better than one.
  11. Thank you for the tip, will do.
  12. I've officially decided to try making my second guide ever and this is going to be the game. Since I would like this guide to be great and with my limited experience, I'm asking if anyone would be interested in helping with the guide? My only guide I've ever made was for the game Gauntlet, which turned out well but it in comparison is an easier game to write one for. So I'm open to experienced and new writers alike, as they say, two heads are better than one.
  13. So once you beat the game, are you able to load that save file again and continue playing? I know this game doesn't have NG+ but I guess I'm asking if, let's say, you forgot to buy a piece of armor somewhere and you beat the game. Can you reload that file and go around buying equipment and maybe raise weapon/magic levels to get the trophies? Or is it once you beat the game that's it, have to start over if you don't have an earlier save handy?
  14. So if all you have to do is acquire all 9 stages of each weapon for the trophy, does it work the same way with the magic? So do I just need to collect all the seeds to up my magic or do I really have to grind out the sprits magic to 8? The girl is easy to level up but that sprite is a pain. And if so, are there any nice little tricks to level her magic up faster?
  15. There are a lot of crashes for sure. But I at least don't mind them a great deal for a couple reasons. First, the game auto saves every time you change screens when you see it say "loading" in lower right corner. So you essentially never really lose any progress, even if you haven't made a hard save in a while. And second, once it crashes at least it doesn't take but less than a minute to completely reload the game and resume playing. I'm not saying the crashes are OK by any standard but at least it's not making you lose progress.