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  1. It's been a long while but I feel it's time to finally update this. My completed squares are now... B1 - Far Cry 3 Classic B4 - Gravity Rush Remastered (Kat is protagonist) B5 - Sky Force Anniversary (Top down shooter that can be done in 30 min or so) I4 - Strider (Reboot of original game, side scroll hack n slash) G2 - Dragon Quest Heroes: The World's Tree Woe and the Blight Below (Fun little hack n slash that plays similar to a Dynasty Warriors) G3 - Sega Genesis Classics (50+ old school Sega Genesis games) G4 - Resogun (side scroll shooter) O5 - 2064: Read Only Memories (VN solving mystery of a missing person) While not a whole lot filled in, it's only March, still got tons of time.
  2. Got my first for this month, Far Cry 3 Classic. This game qualifies for the HC challenge since you can travel by wingsuit, hang glider, or parachute as the non-mechanical means. I also started this game this month and will use it for the Bingo event. Next I might go back to Far Cry Primal.
  3. Looks like remakes is starting to pull away. If that one wins, next month will be a good time to knock out the Crash/Spyro games, all will qualify for HC to. I've only completed Crash 1 so I'll have the other 5 games lined up.
  4. I like the wide variety of choices. Most to me sounds really good and voting for just one is a bit difficult. I kinda hope that whichever ones don't get picked for next month end up popping up again the next time we can make up challenges again. And just to be fair, I did not vote for my own suggestion.
  5. Yea, I'm kinda weird that way. Original Symphonia, while it had like 6 play throughs, (I ended up doing 7) I thought was way more fun. As I mentioned I like the stories and the skits and the original game had a bunch new skits and character background stories to go with it, so it didn't feel really repetitive. Plus each play through didn't take that long. Always something new to see each time. DotNW didn't have over world map, both protagonists I found very annoying and hard to listen to, and lots of monster grinding to get them all, among other things that made that plat a chore.
  6. Tales of Symphonia Dawn of the New World is mine. Love the Tales of series but this one was just boring. Still gotta get back to Zesteria as I'm eventually gunning to have all Tales of games with a plat, minus any foreign one I can't read. Gotta know the story and that's what makes these games great, along with the characters. And those skits, looking at you Xillia
  7. For the themes, I'd say just throw them all up there. Many people might have missed a theme suggestion or two unless they read through all the posts. This way they are all up in one spot for all to see and decide upon.
  8. Theme idea, gotta go fast Basic requirement is any game where being fast is needed. Essentially this will cover all racing games or similar games. Can also include any game where you can drive or use something to help you go very fast. HC is any game that is NOT a racing game AND has something that requires you to move fast. Could be a game that has speed run trophies. Or maybe a game that has time trials. Examples, Gravity Rush or Crash Bandicoot 1-3 Not sure if it's a good idea but it's likely the best one I got, let me know what you guys think.
  9. Kat from Gravity Rush all the way. And need more Gravity Rush games to.
  10. Thank you very much. Yup, FC3 is indeed good for the HC challenge. Wingsuit and hang gliders are prominent. I might just try to FC myself out and hit all 3. Only 1 for HC but the others are still good games. It should most certainly be HC. The requirement doesn't go so far as having quests need specific clothes. The clothes just have to change your appearance while playing an important role in game. Since all armor in Skyrim can be seen on your character and having those armor pieces directly effect your stats and ability to do things, that's all it takes.
  11. I was looking for one that could satisfy the HC challenge. I have 3 FC games that I can pop in, FC3, 5, and New Dawn. I know they all have basic cars and trucks which satisfy the base requirement but I was hoping to get the HC challenge done. Also, do zip lines count for HC? They can help you cross ledges and stuff, or at least help get off a tall structure quickly. Otherwise I was trying to remember which ones had like riding animals, hang gliders, wingsuit, etc.
  12. I'm trying to remember but didn't Far Cry 3 have hang gliders, zip lines, and stuff that would qualify for HC for March? Or am I mixing it up with another FC? I still have FC3, FC5, and FC New Dawn to play and I know at least one of them have to get that HC challenge.
  13. I grinded this out end game. Through several web sites and forums, people seem to have no concrete answer to how to make them go faster. It seems to be completely random. All that is known is that there is a chance that a character will do puff puff after each completed quest. So all I did was repeatedly kill the Green Dragon challenge since that mission only takes 5-8 seconds with a leveled up party. Basically, kill Green Dragon (on regular, not veteran), talk to every character you need (ignored those I already seen), and rinse and repeat. And completing (no evac) a quest seems to give higher odds. Having certain members in your party or doing certain quests seem to have no effect. I got my last 5 characters I needed all in just under an hour doing it this way. Boring as hell, but works.
  14. I just completed my second game for this month's theme. I finished Gravity Rush Remastered. This game completes the HC challenge as well since there are several missions where you have to complete them while wearing certain costumes/outfits. It also applies for a different challenge on PSNP as I'm using it for Bingo. It was started this month, I completed all related DLC as well as main game.
  15. Adding square B4 to my completed list. The square is for playing a game with a female protagonist and I just completed Gravity Rush Remastered. The game features Kat as the protagonist.