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  1. Yeah, it's all good. I forgot about this actually as I had a nasty string of unfortunate life events. It's all yours if you want. And if you want help I can do that.
  2. Ok, maybe wrong terminology. But talk about Gamepass sales figures vs Google. And even talk about Stadia, Amazon doing cloud gaming, and how Sony/MS don't really compete with Nintendo and so on. These are all mentioned in recent posts. None of that is on topic. How companies want to run their business is another topic. Those super long posts don't even mention Bioshock specifically. And my thoughts on Bioshock timed exclusively on PS. I don't really care either way. Could be good for Sony short term, just like any other timed exclusives. But I understand the business side of it and the needs for exclusive titles.
  3. Just throwing it out there but it seems like we falling off topic. This thread about Bioshock 4 and it's potential to be exclusive, not console wars or various sales figures and stuff. Thank you.
  4. When I posted it I also had Quantum Break and the Gears series in my head, on top of the two you listed. Not that 3-4 titles is a lot but what does Sony have? I can only think of Uncharted as the last one and it's been wrapped up and done with no more planned. And even that was still years ago.
  5. Tales of Zestiria theme song This song was specifically made for this game by the band called Superfly in Japan. Song is named White Light. It's just such a powerful song for this game, and that music just sticks in my head, not a bad thing. Edit, I posted the version which has the lyrics but there is a music video for this song as well. The game uses a shortened musical version for it's introduction animation.
  6. I'd love to see more Killzone and Resistance. Though I wasn't a big fan of the last Killzone, all the Resistance games on the other hand I enjoyed. As for Bioshock, my guess is timed exclusive. And I'm also guessing anything Bethesda will also be timed exclusive for MS. MS will still make money by selling Bethesda games on other platforms after all, and not putting them on the leading console seller would be stupid.
  7. As the title states, thoughts? Here is one of now many articles out there. Personally I don't mind this. While Sony does have tons more exclusive titles overall, they are lacking a little in the FPS genre compared to MS. Another article...
  8. I hear ya on that one. I just got pass the Crusher level solo and it's already a royal pain. I don't picture myself getting any further really without help. This is why I'm wondering if you can get more than 2 people through Share play. But believe me, I to, wish that this had online support.
  9. I already earned my Doom Classic plat and did most levels solo. There were a few that gave me a hard time so I set up gaming session to do share play. On PS4 you can share play the game with 1 other person. I did this to get by those tough levels, like the before mentioned E1M6. Just saying that is also an option for you so you can play the game in multi player
  10. So I've tried surfing the web for an answer but I haven't found one yet. I'm basically wondering if the PS5 Share Play allows for more consoles to join the host console and play a game together? I know the PS4 only allowed one other console to join you. Does the 5 allow more? You can share your screen with more than 1 person now. Anyway, if this is possible, I'd start up a game session on the site and hopefully get a group of people to all team up to beat Doom 2 nightmare run. I'm a decent skilled player but not good enough to handle this trophy without help. Being able to possibly set up a 3 or 4 player run will make this trophy far more obtainable, even if it has to be through Share Play.
  11. Once my copy arrives from a friend in Canada, who bought 5 consoles, I'm just gonna get back into the swing of gaming more frequently. I have a bad habit of once I finish a game I don't start a new one for like at least a week, and that gotta end.
  12. I don't think you can do the arcade in co-op but I might be wrong, it's been a while. The leveling up of Harry and Judy go on a player by player system. While in co-op you can control just one of the two, and in doing so, level up that one character. The exp that the other player gets with the other character does not count for you. So each player will have to fully level up each character on their own. This can be done in co-op but may require more play through as you will need to exit and switch characters. EDIT: The same applies to the character specific skill trophies. If your partner gets one for their character, you do not. So you each must complete all the skill trophies with the character in question as only the player controlling said character gets the trophy.
  13. Nothing is missable in this game. There is a chapter/level select so you can go back and work on getting the collectibles and S grade. All the skill related kills can be farmed. The hardest trophy IMO is the one for beating the game in co-op. Though it can also be fairly fun, especially the final stage. That's as far as I'll go there to not spoil anything. As for tips on the S grade, you are rated on time, deaths, and combo. With that, I just say be very aggressive in every level and you'll get the S grade. You can die a few times so you don't have to play each level perfectly to get that S score. But moving quickly and killing enemies quickly (to get that combo) is the key to S grade. There is also a perk you can unlock to increase the time between kills to still have it combo if you having a hard time on combos. Or there is one that'll allow you to survive 1 hit that would otherwise kill you if having a hard time surviving. And don't forget to use your character skills and get proficient at switching characters on the fly and you shouldn't have any problems. Not a long plat as you can do it in 10-20 hours. Difficulty I personally give it a 5 as a few sections can be tricky but nothing that can't be done after a few tries once you figure out a good strategy that works for you.
  14. I pulled the Flute today. It's a 4* sword. What makes it so special?
  15. I've done 3 of the 10x pulls and doing ok I think. Noelle Beidou Ningguang Along with a few 4* weapons such as the Bell. I'm still very new to all this so not sure if that's honestly good or not.