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  1. Island Saver still showing free as of now at least. But Lego Ninjago is back to regular price.
  2. It is actually. In stage 1 it says to be sure to kill everything to not miss the defeat all monsters trophy. In tips and strategies it starts off again saying to kill every enemy and even mentions the highly missable enemy. The trophy itself says it's missable and to again kill everything. And it lists every enemy in game, where they at, and mentions that you should follow the order in the guide and compare it to your in game monster list as you go. So not sure what you after. Guide tells you 3 places to be sure to kill everything and says missable and says enemies will despawn. So it highly stresses to not miss any monsters and even gives the ordered list you'll come across them throughout the entire game. Not sure what more you want. It also mentions in the tips to always have a backup manual save file. The game also does auto saves and you can load one of those back up for recent misses. But yes, if you miss an enemy and he despawn and you don't have a manual save before that point in time, a new game will be needed. That's why it's tagged missable. It sucks and can be highly frustrating but it happens. The nice thing at least, it's an easier game and doesn't take that long at 25 hours to complete. And since most of the bugs are fixed, it's back to being a highly enjoyable game to boot. You'll get it I'm sure.
  3. Those are good titles to start on for sure. If you want to really try a mammoth of a title as Star Ocean Last Hope International then my personal recommendation is the Tales of titles. There are many to choose from, they all have a similar real time battle system but the older the game, the simpler the mechanics behind it. Personally I started with Tales of Symphonia and that's what got me hooked. It was originally a GameCube title so don't expect a lot for visuals but it still plays great. If you have access to a PS3 they did remake it, and with a UR Platinum to. Not horribly hard, does need several playthroughs with planning, and despite that, not a super long plat like Star Ocean. If you just have PS4 then I'd say maybe start with Tales of Berseria.
  4. Star Ocean the Last Hope International This game is a JRPG with a real time fast battle system. The story is good, the characters are good, basically everything about this game is good in my opinion with the exception of the trophies. They are difficult and extremely time consuming. This game can easily clock in as a 10/10 difficulty for most people, or at least a 9/10 if you really familiar with real time JRPG games like the Tales of series. (A few of the Tales games are also ultra rare Platinum, like both Symphonia ones on PS3) Plus not only is it very difficult, it'll take you a nice long while to complete it, around 400 hours if you highly efficient. Maybe up to 600 hours otherwise. The killer in this game are the battle trophies in game. Each character has 100 tasks, there are 9 characters, so 900 tasks. Some are easy that will come naturally, some will take serious planning and preparation for, and some are a grind fest. Oh, and while you do have multiple characters battling at the same time on your team, only the player controlled character can earn the battle tasks. So anything an AI controlled character does doesn't count. And going into any new game will also reset any progress towards a particular task. So if you have a kill 10,000 enemy one and you kill 8000, that progress is lost and you back at 0 if you start a new game. And it also has to be the controlled character that deals the final attack. So if one of your AI allies finishes a foe, that doesn't count towards the kill total either. Though each time you do have to start a new game, which will be a few, the already completed battle trophies do carry over. So yeah, that about sums up that beast of a title, but not only would you bag an ultra rare, it's still at less than 1% achievement rate. There are multiple guides for that game since many things are easily missable, from chests to recipes to enemies to materials. Good luck if you take this on.
  5. Azur Lane: Crosswave Comes with it's own music and custom icons. These pictures are copies from the web, not of my personal screen but this is what I got going. It comes with the DLC bundle for the game or with the deluxe version of the game, not available individually, at least in the US store.
  6. Is there a good way to farm them? I've killed 5 high dragons so far so I know I still have a few of them left. But where else can you farm them? Are there any respawning enemies where you can acquire them? And as far as I know, they fixed the crafting material duplication glitch as well. Unless I'm missing something there.
  7. So I have all the DLC and everything and was wondering if there was a way to keep getting more tier 4 materials? I bought all the tier 4 in the Descent DLC and Black Emporium DLC. Do either of these merchants ever restock their wares? Or is there another location I'm missing? Outside of the couple you get when you kill a high dragon. And while I know I can buy an infinite amount through the Trespassor DLC, I'm not looking to go there since that's post game. And not only is it post game, starting it locks you out from the vanilla game and all other DLC permanently. Thanks in advance.
  8. Looks fairly straight forward to me. Maybe a 10-15 hour plat if it's like their other games, Xenon Valkyrie and Riddled Corpses. Overall this game looks like a for sure buy from me as I personally loved both of the other two. Here is a trailer.
  9. Hmmm, a game that will have 2 discs. Haven't seen a lot of that since the PS1 era. And as for another large game, ESO was around 130GB before they made a mandatory restructuring of the game files. And that meant that every single player had to completely reinstall the entire game from scratch. Now it sits at about 100GB. And this is a 6 year old game that is still getting more and more DLC and updates every month. They actually have enough DLC packs that the game is listed twice on PSN to fit in all the separate DLC packs.
  10. Tutorial? What's that? I'm a gamer and just keep pressing buttons till something happens. And while I didn't use magic spells that much, all I remember is the twister one is awesome and beats high ingle in my opinion. But I played as magic archer.
  11. Thanks for the tip but something happened to where I'm not at love yet. I have every characters Awakening so they all now have the 200 level cap. And I did 10 fights with her in my fleet and as secretary and it's just at crush. I'll do a few more fights that way and see if it changes. Who knows, maybe I failed to count to 10. Anything possible when it's late at night and your dew supply runs out.
  12. While I haven't played this game yet, my suggestion is turn off cross play if you can. There are many that have learned to program in cheats before even having the game and these cheats can work on any FPS game. They are creating and programming in cheats in the kernal code of the OS. And since the cheat is in the kernal code, games can't detect this cheating since none of the code for the game itself was tampered. The most common one is essentially an aim bot that will almost always land head shots from just about anywhere. Some have gotten so bad they even going through walls. There are other possible cheats as well but it's got, ironically, a lot of people now asking to not have cross play.
  13. Ug, I made a mistake on this one kinda going in blind. The only thing I looked up in regards to trophies before starting was if there are any missable ones. Once I saw there were none, I dove in without looking at trophies again till today. And with that said, I wasn't rotating my secretary ship like, almost at all. Now here I am, I completed every mission in the game with S rank, unlocked all ships, and even have a couple ships at level 200. And in regards to affection, I have a lot of ships at "crush", and I do mean a lot. But then I read to get them to "love" they have to be your secretary ship for 10 fights. So now I'm looking at a loooong boring grind. So that leaves me with a question. Once I complete a mission I can just hit repeat after the fight to have it count as another mission right? Cause I've now done extreme 001 with U-81 as my secretary and while having her in my fleet and completed the mission 10 times this way. But when I went back to the dock it still says crush, did I miss something? Or do you actually have to exit out and go back in after each battle? Either way, don't do like me folks and rotate rotate rotate. Man this is gonna suck.
  14. For me there are a couple "maybes" but my backlog of backlogs is yelling no. Also, I see Death End Request and Crystar are both on there with good discounts. I just got the plat on both of them recently. If you want some crazy stories with some dark twists, then you can't go wrong with either. Both are fairly easy plats to. And Death End Request has the craziest battle system I've ever seen with the "change genre" feature. These are by no means AAA games, but they hold their own.
  15. Not really much to say here but Michael Mando, the guy that played Vaas in Far Cry 3, is talking about reprising the role. Maybe a prequel? A spin-off? I don't care just give me Vaas back. Personally my favorite villain of all time. Post on Reddit below...