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  1. I recognise the "white noise" mission name, and it's not bringing back good memories for me.
  2. While I did play this game ages ago, I don't remember how hard it was. So I'd say on a scale of 1-10, how hard is this platinum gonna be? I'm looking mainly at the Ace difficulty trophy as none of the others "seem" bad.
  3. Here is my picture So Far I now have 3 squares done... G3 - Sega Genesis Classics (Game with 50+ old Sega games) O5 - 2064: Read Only Memories (Mystery game where you try to find missing person that leads to much more) G4 - Resogun (Developed by Housemarque which is located in Finland) Plans thus far... N1 - Crash Bandicoot O1 - God of War (game had massive hype coming in and they lived up to it I hear) N2 - Horizon Zero Dawn G2 - Not a clue, not to many of these left for me O3 - I don't play many sports games but it's usually Hockey, which all have like <1% plat rate B4 - Cosmic Star Heroine or who knows, there are a lot of these now days O5 - Was recommended Tales of Zesteria or Trials of Cold Steel, we'll see which I5 - Backlog is old as dirt with 60+ games, not sure what is oldest any more but I'll do what I think is oldest
  4. Completed my second game for this month's madness, Resogun. Started it the other day and just finished. This will also be used for the Bingo game as well. Thinking about doing the HC challenge now, got Skyforce, Qbert, or Darksiders 2 as my only options as those are the only ones I actually bought instead of getting free.
  5. I don't believe I got the Cult Classic square but the first game that comes to mind for me is Wild Arms. And they did a PS2 to PS4 re-release of it as well. But yea, a Cult Classic is basically a game that never made it big (in terms of sales) but those that have played them, love them, and follow them to the ends of the world. Going back to the Wild Arms, none of them ever sold well but they kept making them due to those loyal fans of the series demand. And these people will always love the said game/s and not care at all what others think. Wild Arms > FF VII
  6. @XX_FTW I think you missed my card as I'm not listed as a participant. My first post was on page 15 with a link to my card, thank you. And I'm currently working on my next title, Resogun. If anyone wants to co-op it with me to knock out that 1CC trophy, hit me up.
  7. Got my second box, O5. Game is 2064: Read Only Memories Square is with mystery or Detective Theme The game is about, in short and without spoilers, you teaming up with others to find a missing person.
  8. Completed my first game today, 2064: Read Only Memories. The game has a platinum. This game is also being used for the Bingo event on this site so that's one challenge down. I also started it this month so that should complete a second challenge.
  9. While I never got the chance to play it since it was Xbox 360 exclusive in the States years ago, I'm looking forward to this challenge. The list looks difficult to me in that you really have to pay attention to what you have and have not done. Will also likely take a long time to complete fully but that's ok, it's a Tales of game and I play the hell out of those anyway. I'm guessing it'll be similar to the Tales of Symphonia which took forever to complete with all the skits, items, and titles and like 6 or 7 playthroughs, but I got the platinum in Symphonia so I should be able to get this one as well. Now I'm just waiting for my Tales of Vesperia Collectors Edition to arrive and we are set to go.
  10. Glad that works with the link. And I notice you also have the PSNP suggestion box, might I suggest a game I just got for Xmas myself, Shining Resonance Refrain? I notice you already have many JRPG titles so I figure this might be right up your alley. Otherwise I could name off many Tales of titles as that's my personal favorite series all time. I could go on and on but I'll stick with the stand alone title Shining Resonance Refrain. If you want more, PM me, and thanks for the image and your suggestions again.
  11. Thanks for the suggestions. I've been pondering about going back to both of those games to at some point but I might just have to move them higher up on list. And is there a nice way to upload a picture on this site? I'm using my phone and it just isn't going well
  12. I have a decent card that I might be able to fill out at least somewhat. Anyway I completed a box now. G3 - Sega Genesis Classics - Game with 50+ old school Sega games And anyone got any recommendations for my O4 square; Recommended by a PSNP member?
  13. Thanks for clarifying. I'll still likely do the added challenge and play one I bought that went free later. So I guess my starting stats are 122 plats 125 completed games (I need to complete more PSN titles) 70.54% completion I'm hoping to knock down my backlog of 60+ games, so hope this helps motivate me towards that
  14. I'd like to join if possible still. I'm not sure what my completion stat was on Jan 1st though as I've earned several trophies already this year. My current stats are... Plats/completed games- As of Jan 1st I had 119 platinums and 123 completed (100%) games. I've already earned 3 platinums this year as I finished off some titles I started last year and beyond. So as of right now, I'm now up to 122 platinums and 125 completed games. These are my 2019 plats.. Sega Genesis Classics Crash Bandicoot 2 (started this game 18 months ago plus it's a 10+ year old game) Skyrim Special Edition (started 26 months ago) My completion percentage as of Jan 1st is unknown exactly as I earned already said trophies this year. Currently it's at 70.54% And if I'm reading things right there are two challenges this month? Play a game that was either nominated for or won a GOTY award. If so, I may pop GoW in or maybe Horizon since both qualify I think, not sure if either won an award though. Second challenge is play a game that was a free PS+ title at some point but instead of getting it free, you paid for it? If so, I'll have to check up on a few in my library. Edit, looked at library, I only have 2 titles that I bought instead of getting free via PS+, Resogun and Darksiders 2 Definitive Edition. Decisions decisions...
  15. Also, I'd say they are best viewed while looking at your trophies on the Vita. Unlike the PS4 or here online, the Vita will have the pictures literally right next to each other with no space or lines in between giving you a clear full picture. And Ragnarok Odyssey Ace does a really good job of it to, the best in my opinion.