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  1. I'm starting this thread in hopes of creating a way for players to help other players out essentially through trading. When you enlist someone else's pawn and go to release them, the game will ask if you want to gift an item which enables you to essentially give an item to another player. There are a lot of items that can NOT be gifted such as purified BBI gear but there are a lot of items that can be gifted. For a complete guide on how this all works see this link. If anyone would like to take part in the item gifting please be sure to put down your PSN ID and desired gift or items that your willing to give to others. Keep in mind while using this process it's NOT an in game trade, it's a one way deal. However you can get something from someone else and then return the favor and give them something back, so this goes off the trust system. For easiest and best results be sure to add people to your friends list, this will make finding their respected pawns far easier and also makes it easy to communicate about what items to send. PSN: champ147 Pawn Name: Rukia Desired Items: Unidentified BBI Weapons level 3 and a gold idol. I'll also be happy with anything BBI level 3 but I really want that Blackwing Bow. (Yes I know it's a small chance of actually getting one but it's a risk I'm willing to take) Items offered: Arisen Bond, seekers tokens, veteran periapt, and more.
  2. I decided to look up Batman since that one peeked my interest. Based off what I've read and the little I've seen you work with Alfred here and there throughout and you team up with Catwoman mid way through. So that series should count to. I'll try to start that soon, obviously.
  3. I didn't even think of the Telltale games, those all count eh? I might squeak one of them in then. It's been a busy month where I've not done much gaming at all, maybe an hour or two per week. So as it stands at moment, I got no games at all completed for the month, let alone one that fits the theme. Wife birthday is on the 31st and her wish list consisted of nothing but home improvement projects that all need to get done. List started small, and has grown exponentially since starting.
  4. I was going off the first post in this thread where he said to stay low level and play survival and that would reduce the number of stages you have to play before the game ends. With my normal play there was 6 stages in medium unit mode, not sure how many you can possibly cut off.
  5. For the 1cc on medium unit I'm having trouble. To make the game end sooner, or earliest possible, what level should you be at for each stage? I can't seem to be low enough level or something. I get up to level 6-7 and stage 4 before I die. For those interested in buying the game I know it's available via physical at stores. It's a bit rare though so may want to call or look up your stores inventory before you go. And it's not available on PSN.
  6. So it's the end of the month in a few days and it doesn't look like I'll be able to finish Wolfenstein or Psyvariar Delta in time. Any really quick titles I could do to knock out this challenge so I don't have to use a skip?
  7. This is great news. Outside of Sony acquiring an excellent studio with many IP's I'd like to see more of (Ratchet and Clank and Resistance especially) this, more than anything shows they not getting to complacent. Sony is still working to try and stay on top in this so called gaming battleground. Microsoft and even Nintendo started picking up additional third party developers to better their portfolios, now it's Sony's turn.
  8. While I did play this game ages ago, I don't remember how hard it was. So I'd say on a scale of 1-10, how hard is this platinum gonna be? I'm looking mainly at the Ace difficulty trophy as none of the others "seem" bad.
  9. Pokemon is definitely at the top for me but if you gotta pick a couple specific Pokemon... Dragonite - gen 1 Pokemon that had literally just 1 dragon type move in that gen, Dragon Rage. Latios, Lugia, Alakazam, Houndoom, ahhhh so many. Other charters that have had a big part, Crash Bandicoot, Wild Arms Jack Rudy Cecilia, Lloyd Irving from ToS
  10. @MarkusT1992 I finished Hyperdimension Neptunia U. Went on a binge run to finish it off. Fun little game but the to get the plat it just requires way to much boring grinding.
  11. Ok, I got an idea for the September theme, might be kinda crazy but here goes... Be Yourself (working title) Play a game where you can play as multiple characters. So I can see fighting games with big rosters, shooter games like Borderlands, and even RPGs where you can fight as multiple characters like Tales of series (excluding turn based where you just giving commands). HC- playing a game where you can create your own character through some kind of character creation system. Examples like Skyrim, Fallout, SAO Fatal Bullet and so on. Anyway, just an idea, let me know what you guys think.
  12. I'm working on my fourth game now and I'm just 1 mindless grind trophy away from getting it. Anyway, currently I got... MegaTagmension Blanc + Neptune VS Zombies Not sure if this goes down as HC or not. There are stages where you battle in a school lab that may/may not have been underground. I wasn't paying that much attention to story. So I'll just say regular challenge complete as you are in a school. Riddled Corpses EX Started this month HC - underground cave levels METAGAL Started this month HC - underground stage with lava Hyperdimension Action Neptunia U This one I'm technically not done with yet as I still have 1 trophy left for raising "Lily Ranks" which is basically an affection system. I will finish it in next day or two so if you can count it that would be great, if not I understand. HC - cave levels Started this month 4th game of the month if you count it
  13. Yea, Skyrim should be good. Otherwise there is Derkeethus which is an Argonian follower you can acquire after clearing Darkwater Pass. Then there is Kharjo (Khajit) that can hired from the band of traveling Khajit merchants. And while I forgot about it before, there is also Barbas, which is the dog from one of the Daedric Princes that can become a follower as well.
  14. For Sly Cooper I'd say it counts. While most of the game you play solo, there are missions were the team members, well, team up together to complete heists. So while you the player does one thing, another team member is doing something else to assist you. And since the team consists of a hippo, fox, and turtle, it's all good. Skyrim I'd say can also count. True while you can play as a Khajit or Argonian that part doesn't matter for the challenge. Challenge is your companion is an animal, not necessarily you. But in Skyrim you can hire companions and acquire thane's, and some of those followers that you can have are of the Khajit or Argonian race, so all good.
  15. B1 - Far Cry 3 Classic B4 - Gravity Rush Remastered B5 - Sky Force Anniversary I4 - Strider N1 - Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped N2 - God of War (has essentially 255,000 players and I finally played it) G2 - Dragon Quest Heroes: The World's Tree Woe and the Blight Below G3 - Sega Genesis Classics G4 - Resogun O5 - 2064: Read Only Memories New... O3 - Burnout Paradise Remastered (Racing)
  16. Ok, I got in two games this month Burnout Paradise Remastered started over 1 year ago HC completed as it has 95 trophies (has more than double required, should count twice 😜) Using for another event Bingo Bonanza All DLC completed 10 year old game, initially released Jan 2008 Darksiders 3 HC completed, 59 trophies All DLC completed Good fun month, managed to knock two more off the backlog.
  17. With the new update having tasks that require making friends, I'm asking again if anyone else out there wants to be my friend. My code 7101 0071 7546
  18. Sports Champions 2 for me it looks like. It took 9 days and has a 2.98% rarity. I'm sure that and a couple others on my list could have been faster if I played games daily like I did 20+ years ago while I was still in school but I'm still happy with it. And my rarest is the first game, Sports Champions at 0.58% done in 7 months 1 week. I took long breaks from that game though.
  19. Just finished my one and only game for the month of May, God of War! Started this month HC as it won GOTY award Used for another event, Bingo Truly a great game if anyone hasn't played it yet. I was skeptical as I am with all reboots but this one is a gem, possibly even better than the original IMO.
  20. B1 - Far Cry 3 Classic B4 - Gravity Rush Remastered B5 - Sky Force Anniversary I4 - Strider N1 - Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped G2 - Dragon Quest Heroes: The World's Tree Woe and the Blight Below G3 - Sega Genesis Classics G4 - Resogun O5 - 2064: Read Only Memories NEW... N2 - God of War (has essentially 255,000 players and I finally played it)
  21. For me it was Star Ocean: The Last Hope International. I beat that game like 5 times already and no where close to the platinum, all thanks to 1 trophy for earning all 900 battle medals. There are 9 characters in the game and each have 100 battle medals in the game that have to be earned. Some are extremely easy and will come naturally, some are weird but will most likely come at some point, while others are a pain in the you know what. The worst ones would be some of the grind ones and the extremely easily missable ones. By grind ones there are a couple characters that have a battle medal for killing like 30,000 enemies. That's a lot of kills that will take a long time to do. Then there are crap shoot ones like Faize having to kill 6 of a particular type of enemy. Doesn't sound bad until you realize that there are only 6 in the entire game, and that they are all bosses, with a few being after long optional quest stuff. And to add salt to the wound, you can only earn battle medals for the character you are controlling for the fight. So any AI kills, assists, or anything at all does not count towards their respected medals. So that kill 30,000 enemies, you have to control that character and get all those kills yourself. And it has to be that character that lands the killing blow, if you wound it and another AI controlled ally kills it, that doesn't count. There is a reason why this game was labeled as a 600+ hour platinum, with some saying it's 800+ hours to get through it all. Might have to do a good 10+ playthroughs so that you can re fight so many bosses that are all required for some battle trophy off another character and so on. Then you know, open every chest in a game 2-3 times, kill every optional boss another good 3-4 times and so on as well, cause each playthrough will also force you to do most of all the side quest stuff every run as well. Fun game to play, but anyone that has that platinum, congrats and sorry you lost so much of your life on a single game. Honorable mentions would be White Knight Chronicles 1 and 2, those are both other 600 hour platinum that I just said nope to.
  22. 124/133 for me. So 9 total have greater than 50% platinum for me.
  23. I already submitted Crash Bandicoot DLC earlier this month along with Crash Bandicoot 3. Now to go with those, since the last update I've completed... Spyro the Dragon 10 Year old game HC challenge complete Started and finished this month Spyro the Dragon 2 10 year old game HC challenge complete Started and finished this month Spyro the Dragon 3 10 year old game HC challenge complete Started and finished this month 4 game challenge complete (Crash 3, Spyro 1, Spyro 2, Spyro 3) And so many choices for game of the year category. I've fairly certain these games have at least been nominated but not sure how many winners I have. Can someone let me know if any of the following games count for the HC challenge for May, or if it counts at all? I know they have all been hyped up and have generally had positive reviews but not sure if GOTY worthy. Thanks God of War Horizon Zero Dawn Far Cry 5 Bloodborne
  24. Energy Invasion Sound Shapes Arcania Venetica 2064 Read Only Memories Honorable mention Lara Croft Go Hitman Go Trine 2
  25. If anyone doing signature's I'd love one with Asuna from SAO. Something that says sexy badass in terms of picture. As for text, just my PSN name Champ147. Thank you very much in advance to whomever takes this up.