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  1. Once my copy arrives from a friend in Canada, who bought 5 consoles, I'm just gonna get back into the swing of gaming more frequently. I have a bad habit of once I finish a game I don't start a new one for like at least a week, and that gotta end.
  2. I don't think you can do the arcade in co-op but I might be wrong, it's been a while. The leveling up of Harry and Judy go on a player by player system. While in co-op you can control just one of the two, and in doing so, level up that one character. The exp that the other player gets with the other character does not count for you. So each player will have to fully level up each character on their own. This can be done in co-op but may require more play through as you will need to exit and switch characters. EDIT: The same applies to the character specific skill trophies. If your partner gets one for their character, you do not. So you each must complete all the skill trophies with the character in question as only the player controlling said character gets the trophy.
  3. As the title suggests, I'm wondering how this game is in terms of difficulty and the amount of time needed to get the plat? I have both plats for the Hotline Miami games and this looks like something very similar to those games. So I guess as a reference point, is it easier or harder than Hotline Miami? Edit: Ok, I've now gone through the game and have the plat. To answer my own question, I'd give it a 5/10 personally. It's for sure easier than Hotline Miami games. Time to complete for me was between 10-20 hours.
  4. Nothing is missable in this game. There is a chapter/level select so you can go back and work on getting the collectibles and S grade. All the skill related kills can be farmed. The hardest trophy IMO is the one for beating the game in co-op. Though it can also be fairly fun, especially the final stage. That's as far as I'll go there to not spoil anything. As for tips on the S grade, you are rated on time, deaths, and combo. With that, I just say be very aggressive in every level and you'll get the S grade. You can die a few times so you don't have to play each level perfectly to get that S score. But moving quickly and killing enemies quickly (to get that combo) is the key to S grade. There is also a perk you can unlock to increase the time between kills to still have it combo if you having a hard time on combos. Or there is one that'll allow you to survive 1 hit that would otherwise kill you if having a hard time surviving. And don't forget to use your character skills and get proficient at switching characters on the fly and you shouldn't have any problems. Not a long plat as you can do it in 10-20 hours. Difficulty I personally give it a 5 as a few sections can be tricky but nothing that can't be done after a few tries once you figure out a good strategy that works for you.
  5. I pulled the Flute today. It's a 4* sword. What makes it so special?
  6. I've done 3 of the 10x pulls and doing ok I think. Noelle Beidou Ningguang Along with a few 4* weapons such as the Bell. I'm still very new to all this so not sure if that's honestly good or not.
  7. I'm about 25 hours into the game and didn't know this. So thank you very much for posting. I'm sure it was in a tutorial somewhere but who listens to those things?
  8. I was gonna say Doom 1 and 2 classic. Then I read the online part. Though if you are capable of doing couch co-op, then I'd say go for it.
  9. Looking forward to this one. I really enjoyed the first one as it was better than I anticipated going in. So much better, that I'll likely buy this at launch or very close to it. Trophy list looks fine. May require several play through or maybe just some timely save files, we'll see I guess.
  10. So I was going through working on the speed run trophy and realized late that I was going to slow and wasn't going to make the 2:30 time frame. I decided to continue anyway just to unlock the "The Fat and the Furious" trophy and had already given in to the fact that I'll have to redo it all over again. However, when I beat the game, the "Need for Speed" trophy unlocked and I don't believe it was supposed to. Has this happened to anyone else? Or have any ideas as to why this happened? There are only a couple reasons I can think of as to why this occurred... It's just a straight up glitch and I was lucky The game didn't count the time for all my deaths/restarting check points (which I did die more than I'll ever admit to) The game doesn't count the cut scenes where the timer is still running I attached a screenshot from my game showing my time and the trophy unlocking.
  11. For me it's missable Trophies that require a second playthrough. Or, even worse, are those trophies that just straight up require playing the game a second, third, or even more times over. Looking at games like you Tales of Symphonia.
  12. Maybe they giving it to those that don't really shop on PSN at all or rarely. To get those people shopping there more now and maybe into the future. And those that do spend money regularly on PSN? Well, they getting your money already as is so....
  13. I wouldn't necessarily call myself loyal to a particular console. I get the console that will give me the best return value for my money. And in regards to return value, that boils down to the games that I like and that I'll drop lots of time into. And looking at present and ahead, Sony is still the major winner to me. I love the J games, I like indies, and the PS exclusives are more up my ally than the xbox ones are. I'm not really into FPS games much (Halo, Gears) or Racing titles (Forza) so Xbox doesn't really have anything that interests me much. I did think about going Xbox 360 at one point but they were basically FPS or bust so I went with the more expensive $600 PS3 console. I also own a Nintendo Switch but don't play it to much. I'm still a huge fan of Pokemon and bought the console for that one IP. I'm regretting that decision a little as the Sword/Shield have so many bugs and exploits that it's kinda lost it's appeal of no two Pokemon are the same. Plus, they didn't include all the Pokemon. How the heck you gonna "catch them all" if they not all there? But I do tend to buy just about every Nintendo console, particularly the handheld ones. So basically as long as Sony continues to have the J games and more exclusives that I like (R&C, GoW, Ghosts, TLoU, Horizon, LBP, etc) I'm gonna follow them. Plus I don't like the xbox controller, it's to large.
  14. So, as with all unofficial news, this should be taken with a grain of salt. But reportedly we'll see a Far Cry 6 reveal come July 12th during Ubisoft Forward show. And it'll take place outside the US for a change.
  15. Elder Scrolls Online Emperor Trophy...
  16. Well after watching the videos, I'm looking forward to it all. And while I might be in the minority, I'm ok with them not changing up the formula much. Most series out there don't do much different from game to game and this is no exception. Tweaking up some things and throwing in a new story and environment and I'm all good. If they kept changing the formula, the IP will lose it's identity.
  17. Ok, it finally leaked as most games do now days. Set to release Feb 18th, 2021 if it all holds up.
  18. I would recommend Granblue Fantasy Versus. It does have a few online trophies but they can all be done very quickly and easily in literally just a couple matches. Then that game also has an RPG mode which I found really fun and different for a fighter game. I also made a trophy guide for it if you're interested. Otherwise I'd say something like Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax or it's sequel Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax Ignition. Both are fairly easy with a lot of story/arcade fights. The first game just has 1 online trophy for playing literally just 1 match online. The second game has no multiplayer trophies. And I've seen Dead or Alive 5 LR and Dead or Alive 6 both being mentioned. While these aren't technically hard they aren't easy either. Both of these games have several trophies related to training mode where you have to complete combos with characters. These combos range from easy to very complex with precise button input timing. If you are not good at fighting games and are unable to pull off complex combos even with the button prompts on screen, avoid these games. Also, they both have trophies for fighting in 100 matches online and if you don't want to fight online much as also stated in the OP, avoid these games. Plus DoA6 has a trophy for winning 5 online matches in a row which can be a real pain given how they match you up.
  19. The Last of Us Part 2 currently is my top game hands down. Though it could be dethroned by Ghosts coming up or if it releases this year, Granblue Fantasy Relink.
  20. I'm starting this thread in hopes of creating a way for players to help other players out essentially through trading. When you enlist someone else's pawn and go to release them, the game will ask if you want to gift an item which enables you to essentially give an item to another player. There are a lot of items that can NOT be gifted such as purified BBI gear but there are a lot of items that can be gifted. For a complete guide on how this all works see this link. If anyone would like to take part in the item gifting please be sure to put down your PSN ID and desired gift or items that your willing to give to others. Keep in mind while using this process it's NOT an in game trade, it's a one way deal. However you can get something from someone else and then return the favor and give them something back, so this goes off the trust system. For easiest and best results be sure to add people to your friends list, this will make finding their respected pawns far easier and also makes it easy to communicate about what items to send. PSN: champ147 Pawn Name: Rukia Desired Items: Unidentified BBI Weapons level 3 and a gold idol. I'll also be happy with anything BBI level 3 but I really want that Blackwing Bow. (Yes I know it's a small chance of actually getting one but it's a risk I'm willing to take) Items offered: Arisen Bond, seekers tokens, veteran periapt, and more.
  21. The Last of Us Part 2 I'm having a great time playing this and I don't care what those haters say about story or "agenda" crap. I'm having fun and that's what important. This game is deserving of that 96 Metacritic Score. Other older titles: GoW, ESO, Uncharted series, Tales of series, and so many more
  22. As the title states, I'm just wondering if there are any missable Trophies in this game? Also, how many playthroughs are required for the Platinum? I'm kinda surprised there are no other threads for this game, it's been out for around 9 months now.
  23. The last two, or one depending on how you look at it, are in the United States. Far Cry 5 and Far Cry New Dawn. Otherwise the United States I think it's at least mentioned in some way in every game. Edit: Either way, I'm excited if true. Love the FC games.
  24. So if I already got the plat like 6 years ago on the Vita, I can't get any more new trophies on the rerelease? That stinks. While I might end up getting it again anyway despite still having the CE from the original Vita release. It still stings a little not dinging in any more trophies. Great game btw for anyone that hasn't played it, I recommend it.
  25. I'll say that I am. It's been what feels like forever since I earned it to. Sports Champions Platinum trophy titled Living Legend. It's at 0.57% on PSNP currently. This game was actually really fun IMO and I actually got a work out playing it since it required PS Move. But I got this thing back in April 2011, might be time for a new rarest trophy. 🤔