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  1. Thank you so much .. It did work for me on the first try after 3 days of searching for Blvck and White .. I found the same woman wearing the same cloth and she did have the last song
  2. I have an active PS Plus membership with dozen of PS Vita games .. On my PS3 & PS4 I could share those games with my brother so he could play them on the same console ,, Now I got the vita and can't find out how to make this happen , So if anyone could help me on this matter or had the same issue please tell me what Isould do to make it work .
  3. Yup I just figured that out .. I can't believe that sony had screwed this one so badly like this , I have been always a sony fan and I hope they fix this on the next handheld platform . Anyway , we will have to stick to my account on the vita and I'll play from it the games I want and he will play on the remote play some of the Plus inde games with remote play from the PS4 AFTER WE FORMAT THE VITA EVERY SINGLE TIME WE WANT TO SWITCH USERS . this is so frustrating . He won't be able to play on his account then , Why would he care so much about playing on his account ?? Trophies
  4. So I got this idea but don't know if it will work and I can't test it now but will do it on sunday .. anyway maybe you know if it won't work , so here it is : 1-download the games from my account to the PS3 2-transfer them with a usb cable to the PS Vita with my brother account on it 3- He could play them this way and if I wanted I could delete every thing and do it with my account on the Vita have this been tested before ??