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  1. #91 - Mortal Kombat 11 Fantastic title with an excellent story (well, excellent for what MK fans want out of an MK story), plenty of side-modes and kustomization, the best gameplay in the franchise, a pretty stacked kharacter roster, the first time the series has ever had good facial animations, and no harmful microtransactions (there are only the time crystals, which the game throws at you like a horny drunk at a strip klub). The only trophies that were annoying were unlocking five kharacter victories (which you have to either reach stage 3 of the kharacter tower or get a kharacter's severed head for the krypt) and kompleting 250 Towers of Time. I highly recommend this game. Time to platinum: 20-30 hours Enjoyment: 9.5/10 Grind Annoyance: 3/10 Best Girl: Frost
  2. The final Catwoman Legendary Multiverse grants you an ability per completion, which can be a guaranteed way to get the ability. Unfortunately, the grind can be a fair amount obnoxious but it's still less up in the air than the lootboxes. Alternatively, the tiny planet towards the middle-right that usually has event costs and one boss challenge can be the other way to go through a lot of lootboxes. You'll get diamonds, platinums, and the occasional ability challenge, so this is also a good way to go. It will be guaranteed to you eventually as you can only unlock each ability once (delete the DLC if you can unless you really like one of those characters, as their abilities won't be in the ability pool). This is how I did it, as I got Cat Call randomly from an ability event It's up to you, as it depends on your luck and how you wanna approach the grind, neither method is necessarily better than the other. Put in the time and you'll get it! Don't get discouraged even if this game is garbage
  3. I don't particularly buy games that I know I wouldn't like for trophies, but some games I did/ I planned to tackle have been absolutely abominations that sucked the joy outta my soul. Still did most of them anyway though because they were simple enough to do while watching Youtube. 5. Coffin Dodgers: I was kind of excited for this game because it was a cheap kart racer with an interesting premise on a console that had (and still has for a bit longer) a severe lack of kart racers. Unfortunately though, it was sluggish as fuck when it came out (and maybe now, I haven't gone back to check). The frame rate could never make 30fps and the game wasn't as comfortable as something like Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. Luckily it was short so I got the platinum, deleted it, and never looked back. 4. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive: I'll be honest, I bought this game as a joke. i had a friend who played a lot of CS:GO on PC so I was gonna be like "well you may think you're good but you don't have the platinum for it, do ya?" The PS3 version is arse though. My audio didn't work the entire time I had the game, the map pool is extremely small, and the online servers were pretty poor (still populated though...). CS:GO is a good game, just the PS3 version is a shit port. Still got the platinum though with decent AI bots and keyboard support. 3. Injustice 2: This is the worst fighting game I've ever played. The controls are stiffer than Kevin Spacey at a children's hockey game, the hitboxes are fifty shades of terrible, the story is nonsense and completely uninteresting, and the lootbox system is abysmal (not pay-to-win though, luckily). The trophy requiring Cat Call has no business being as hard to obtain as it is and the game just feels like a bootleg Mortal Kombat. Luckily I am almost done but man, I had way higher hopes for this game then what I got. 2. Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD: This game is a worse cash grab than Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5. The controls are worse than 5, the physics are extremely poor and often screw you over for no reason, and the graphics look like shit. There aren't really any redeeming factors, just play the older titles because this is more of a demake then anything. 1. The Caligula Effect: I will admit, I only put in an hour or two, so this may not be fair. However, what I did play just felt soulless. I heard that the game wasn't good, but I figured the game could be a fun kind of bad like Duke Nukem Forever but instead it was just empty. I don't know how to put it into words and I'm not really gonna try, but other reviews by other people will give you similar answers. I've played plenty of bad games, but this is the one and only time that I have ever experienced true buyer's remorse.
  4. You're right that everyone is entitled to their opinion, and if I wrote otherwise (which going over what I wrote, it did sound a bit like I did), I apologize because I don't mind people that hate Ratalaika games. I hate people who attack others for liking, or at least not hating, Ratalaika games. Healthy discussion with good conversation about differing opinions is fantastic, and everyone agreeing in some sort of bland circlejerk would be bland and worthless, but when people get hostile or antagonistic about their differing opinions, whether it be about Ratalaika or Mein Leben or hacking consequences or the value of trophy hunting or the toppings of pizza, that's when I find that things get problematic. I would say that elitism isn't what the community should be shooting for but instead a strong sense of pride in accomplishing what many haven't or can't. I can be proud to platinum "John Madden's Elite Dance & Dunk 3: Advanced Edition Featuring Shaq from the Shaq-Fu Series" when others can't, but to hold it above those who are struggling and put them down is a different story. But trophy hunting will go on and people will discuss in good and bad ways, so I can just hope that people don't get too antagonistic. Sorry if my posts are scatterbrained or hard to follow, the end of this college semester is kicking my ass and forcing me to call it daddy.
  5. Man, every thread about Ratalaika always tries as hard as possible to be whinier and more pathetic than the last. Some people care about how many platinum trophies a person has and others care about the quality of each platinum trophy a person has. Ultimately, if someone has a lot of Ratalaika plats, then you can hold that against them, but the opinion about them varies from person to person. If you detest these plats, then just make note of that when you judge a person's trophy list and have fun doing what you wanna do without exploiting Ratalaika plats. I have some of them, and if others care about that, then that's fine and you can judge me accordingly to your ideals, but getting up in arms about it isn't helping anybody. We aren't doing ourselves any favors by getting hostile every time that Ratalaika comes up, so instead let's act more positive as a community and let things go and accept that Ratalaika is gonna Ratalaika, especially since us talking about it does nothing more than provide them with more free advertising.
  6. Yes, the servers are online and occasionally there are players online. However, I'd recommend using the gaming sessions on this website ( in order to find people to do the three required online trophies.
  7. Platinum 88: Ziggurat Difficulty: 4/10 Fun: 8/10 The game was a lot of fun. Its got an aesthetic and attacks like Heretic, gameplay like Quake, but it's a rougelite like Binding of Isaac with its equipment and ability system as well as its floor-based progression and its permadeath. The trophies weren't hard, with the exception of winning on hard mode, which you can cheese by using the cloud to back up your save after every floor to reduce the consequences of death, and completing the first floor without getting hit, which just takes awhile to get a decent run and you'll spend an hour or two figuring out the fine details of the first-floor bosses. Everything else was just a small grind that wasn't too long or painful, and the core gameplay remained fun even until the end. Glad to be done, but also glad that the game was real good.
  8. Overall, it's a solid list. Hardest difficulty will likely provide a good challenge and a lot of the other trophies seem aimed towards giving everything a try. I don't know how long the PvE matches are, but that could end up being quite the long grind...Other than that though, it's not the most original list but it should be a fun time so long as the game is good!