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  1. It's a purposefully misleading headline. The feedback was that the game literally always had the player at fear without break, which made the mistake of lessening the impact of scares and dragging the whole game with it. Outlast 2 made the same mistakes. Gaming journalism is a joke when all you have to do is get people riled up for clicks 🙄
  2. At this point with what's going on with Sony, I'm debating on just giving up trophy hunting and Playstaion as a whole given that I can't even count on any of their products working down the road. Might as well just sell the PS5 for slightly under MSRP and upgrade my PC with it. Steam may be shit but at least Valve is more reliable then Sony.

    1. AihaLoveleaf


      I know how you feel. For sure, if Sony cuts me off before I can catch up on my PS3 and Vita trophies, I'm done. No more trophy hunting and very likely no more Sony. Came to the trophy hunting game a bit late. Since I know what Sony's "game" is going to be like moving forward, I'll consider keeping pace if I can catch up. 

  3. Welcome to capitalism, where the money is made up and the people don't matter. Once you learn that corporations ruin everything they touch, you'll start to realize why you can't get attached to things like this.
  4. If I'm not mistaken, can't you download patches for games from USB? Is there an archive of game patches? Should one be made?
  5. Looks to be hidden again, your rank should be back soon and all should be good (assuming this is your only flag).
  6. The Grandmaster Nightfall is the one that requires 1325 light level (maximum being 1310 and artifact providing additional light levels over time). The others are the regular Nightfall: The Ordeal and the Master Nightfall. I don't think you'll need the Beyond Light expansion but some of the things there might help. It's not the worst grind in the world (by an MMO standpoint, definitely long from a trophy hunter standpoint) but grinding experience so you can chew through that artifact will speed up the process. Luckily, once you reach that rank all you have to do is complete the nightfall instead of reaching 100,000 points like pinnacle gear wants so as long as you have the right weapons, you'll get through it..eventually. My recommendation would be to wait until the Season of the Chosen is done, which ends in May, so that you have an entire season where the power level won't increase. I can't remember the specific numbers but I think everything goes up 50 light level? 1375 GM and 1360 cap? Don't quote me on that though, but you'll definitely have a harder time rushing Season of the Chosen instead of waiting another season.
  7. As much as I dislike the people who offer these kinds of services, I at least understand their goals. For the people who order these, I'd only have one question:
  8. Man, some of y'alls are really throwing a hissyfit over something like thus, huh? The VOLUNTEER team approved a flag they shouldn't have. Just let them get into it to fix it and stop crying like the world is ending.
  9. Rest in Peace to the Sony that used to bring us quality unique and interesting titles. Unfortunately, they'd rather divert all of their staff and money towards the development of "Mute Colored Cinematic Movie Game 9: Brotherhood Legends". Guess third parties are the only things left to give us the good stuff.



    1. SnowxSakura


      They can start remaking it every year together with EA, maybe have loot boxes for cards

    2. SeedersPhD


      @SnowxSakura I can't wait for The Last of Us '22 next year! I'm going to spend $50 on five loot boxes and hope I get the rare golden golf club weapon!

    3. SnowxSakura
  10. If they put 1.00 on disc, then you won't be able to boot up the game as the sign-in nonsense will stop you from booting up the game without connecting to the internet, which you won't be able to do without updating so you'll be SOL. If they put 1.07 on disc, you're SOL. If you're on an update from August 15th, 2019 or beyond but before 1.07, you should be cool beans. You can probably reach out to LRG on Twitter and ask what build they'll submit, they're usually good about that kind of thing.
  11. That was EDF 2025
  12. It's on disc for the limited edition version of Medal of Honor. Like, the reboot one before Warfighter. <$10 on ebay.
  13. Depends on the game. Games aren't really hosted on Sony servers so if the company that runs it wants it to continue, then so be it. There are still Wii games with their servers up.
  14. Not really immoral at this point if the products aren't going to be for sale anyway, it's like getting mad that someone ate a bag of Skittles you were gonna throw away
  15. Honestly, not much of a loss at this point. If Sony doesn't want to give a shit anymore and Jim Ryan wants to drive Playstation straight into Generic AAA City, no skin off my bones 🤷‍♂️