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  1. According to some threads I found online, correct. Luckily it makes sense since these passes were made to curb losses from pre-owned physical sales but I can't blame ya for checking since game companies can be pretty stupid lmao
  2. The best part of Injustice 2 having the AI loadouts that you can use for the Endless tower is that I can make progress for the last trophy for Injustice 2 without having to actually play Injustice 2. Thank goodness...



    1. LancashireLad87


      Mortal Kombat 11 has the same thing ^^

  3. Out of the five people with these trophies, three of them make mention of being people from media outlets who would be likely to get it early. For the other list, the users seem less notable we know the game has made its way into the hands of other players from early copies getting out from stupid retailers and early orders. Since digital copies are sent out for reviews and retailers only ship out and deal with physical copies, this is probably a case of split trophies between digital and physical like with Shaq Fu 2.
  4. Finally bothered finishing the Nickelodeon Kart Racers 2 platinum! I was dreading doing the grind for the currency after everything else but then I looked it up and realized I could just do challenge 5-4 and leave a turbo controller with X and R2 for an hour and got the money I needed lol. Was faster then playing the game normally!


    Probably the second best kart racer on the PS4 behind Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled. Well-made tracks, good roster, well-done mechanics, and a shockingly great soundtrack.

  5. Trophy list certainly exists and has trophies. Not much to talk about, just play the game lol. It's getting a physical release in Japan as a special edition, but that's it. Not even a normal standalone printing in the east 😢 Best we can do is hope for a complete edition!
  6. My assumption is the publisher rushing the upgrade out the door but Xbox players also seem to be having issues with the Series series upgrade so the devs should (hopefully) be working on it.
  7. Wait a sec... Amazon US is still at a placeholder of Dec 31st, Best Buy and Amazon Canada both share a date of Nov 2nd, and Play-Asia has the Japanese versions with English subs for Oct 7th. Other than Play-Asia's short blurb about the game with their version, NintendoEverything seems to have the only related article stating the physical release should be out day of. Then the game's own website has still failed to update with the price, release info, or where to buy... What the fuck is going on here???????????
  8. Does the first Zone of the Enders game have an NG+? The second game lets you start the game over with upgrades but you don't continue from the old file in that one and instead go through the normal new game process and select the upgrades you want in some additional prompts.
  9. Worms Rumble is a decent game to play for maybe a couple of hours but unfortunately, the platinum is 100+ hours (I think I was at like 119 or something). The servers are horrendous to the point that hit reg was constantly its own fight, the game launched with three maps and three game modes, it's too much of a clusterfuck for there to be any semblance of strategy (especially with 32-player matches), and some of the weapons you had to grind levels on were both hard to keep and straight up useless to kill with. At least the movement was pretty satisfying. The Fallout series has giant cockroaches, so they are all bad. I normally don't experience buyer's remorse as I tend to love even a bad game and I know to avoid most boring ones (Worms Rumble being an exception since it was free) but my one exception is Caligula Effect. I only played it for roughly an hour but even then, I found the plot, the characters, and everything else to just be so unappealing that I just dropped it. Is it fair to judge a JRPG so quick? Probably not. But I did it anyway 🤷‍♂️
  10. ...right...30 dollars...that would be outrageous...couldn't imagine it being something like $10 more then that...
  11. So while the Hotel Transylvania 3's tie-in was a Pikmin-styled game, this seems to be more so just going for a co-op platformer with combat and puzzle elements which, while a bit too safe, fits for a children's movie tie-in game. Graphics look pretty poor but the gameplay might have some value, may nab it to see how it is if it gets to something like <$15. Luckily it's not a complete movie tie-in since it is basically the pure opposite of the plot of the movie but it does use the same character designs which is fair since they're actually solid designs (sans maybe Pugsley). Here's the trailer for anyone who doesn't wanna bother looking it up:
  12. So I looked into everything behind the companies involved but the situation is certainly odd. Coilworks developed both games, doing the first one solo and getting publishing from Rising Star Games while the second game was a joint effort between Coilworks and Double Eleven with DE handling the publishing. As of 2019, Coilworks is no longer a functioning company but employees did continue to work on the original Cloudbuilt and push out a significant update in 2020. This update also included some new revenue deal with another company though I believe that is only sales in their website and not on Steam, but don't quote me on that. The employees have all since moved on to various careers elsewhere and I assume revenue gets split (not enough revenue to keep the company afloat though). This is likely a contract ending between Coilworks, Double Eleven, and Steam and the game will very likely make its way off of Playstation and Xbox as well over time. Unfortunately, these contract details are not publicly available so there's no way to know when. Long story short, grab it now if you want this one on console or otherwise buy the original on PC. Also, I confirm nothing so don't quote me on any of this or get mad at me if I am wrong.
  13. He's only done it twice, I don't really find it much to complain about. Especially since it's only two posts in an entire forum, worst thing it does is stimulate extra conversation...
  14. It should be there soon enough, nobody knows how the Sony database works and no one ever will...
  15. I'm kinda glad that the trophy list is terrible, any less incentive to buy ActiBlizzard products is a win in my books.