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  1. Thanksgiving: Project Diva F2nd. Black Friday: Metal Wolf Chaos XD. Saint Lucia's Day: Lollipop Chainsaw Las Posadas: Journey. Winter Solstice: Metro 2033. Hanukkah: The Game Paradise: Cruisin' Mix. Christmas: God of War (The Original) Kwanzaa: Assassin's Creed Liberation. Boxing Day: Skullgirls Encore. (100%) New Years Day: Persona 3 Dancing in Moonlight Got Lollipop Chainsaw done for Saint Lucia's Day, and it was really good! Highly recommend! Also, I replaced Tearaway with The Game Paradise: Cruisin' Mix because I started Tearaway and realized that I didn't really care for it. The Game Paradise seems like a goofy shoot-em-up and I've wanted to play it for awhile so I'mma do that instead!
  2. There isn't really much of a definitive way to check what got updated, so the closest thing I can imagine would be scrolling through the new DLC page ( and seeing if any of the games you own have had anything added recently. Not the fastest method by any means and you may forget what you've completed or played, but luckily DLC doesn't come out as frequently as games so it shouldn't take too long to see what's been added since you last visited.
  3. Throw on some videos, streams, or podcasts while you play and half focus on that. If the game is putting you to sleep then you probably aren't really that invested in the story, so might as well just enjoy something else and multitask. Just an idea.
  4. They've done it before and they'll do it again. They realize that the console players will put up with this and they'll still make money so they figure why bother. If people keep buying, they'll keep scamming, and since "vote with your wallet" doesn't work, there isn't much we can do but ignore the games and pray that the company thinks about the players for once (and if you believe that they will, I have some snake oil that you may be interested in).
  5. Flagged Mortal Kombat X as well. Was anything here actually legit? Regardless, easy ban.
  6. Boy, when threads online say that Assassin's Creed 3 Liberation is buggy...they weren't kidding. Didn't even get through the first chapter of the game and lost my save because I got the game stuck in a state that wouldn't let me past the loading screen!


    Future note for future gamers, don't;

    1. Unlock all the dressing chambers in the first city before finishing mission 1-6

    2. Go back to 1-5 to get full sync (which causes the game to relock the chambers as buying your first chamber is a part of mission 1-6)

    3. And then go back to rebuy them.


    The counter for how many dressing chambers you bought will never go back down and once you unlock as many dressing chambers as the game has, buying another will cause the game will show only show the minimap and other HUD elements and you have to walk around in the dark to try to find a trigger to turn the lights back on! And if you try to restart the game, it will never let you out of the loading thing where you can walk around again, thus ruining the game file.


    At least I didn't have to restart that far, and now I don't have to worry about the "Unlock all dressing chambers trophy"!

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    2. SeedersPhD


      Yup, the Vita version. Now that I restarted, my new playthrough is going much better so I assume the bug was just a weird issue that the devs overlooked. I'll probably end up buying all the chambers again anyway (especially because they're actually pretty cheap), but I'm glad you commented so now I know a major bug-free playthrough is possible. Let's hope for the best for round 2!

    3. Copanele


      Do not worry kind sir, they ported all the bugs on ps4 too. Gotta have the full experience xD

      What bugged at me was finding all those suckers to beat in the swamp, the ones that were drugged and dancing, and the bayou itself... I fell through the map so many times it wasn't even funny. And only once Aveline got stuck into a dressing chamber and had to reload. 

    4. SeedersPhD


      Ubisoft? Not patching their bugs in rereleases? Color me surprised 😑


      I'm hardly even into the swamp yet so I'm sure I'll be looking forward to that eventually. Right now I'm just going to rush through the main story so I don't lose all my progress again though, then I'll back the game up and have plenty of fun with attempting collectables 😂

  7. Ubisoft had literally gone back and changed the requirements for a majority of the trophies for Rainbow Six Siege, making some easier and some harder. Here is the updated list we have now: Playstationlifestyle has screenshots of the original list: Brain Surgeon got easier, Master is completely different, etc.
  8. Holy crap, the Steam versions achievements are atrocious! You have to do 20 songs over a hundred times each! ( The PS4 list is pretty tame in comparison. Doing what looks like 10 songs on repeat 100 times is a bit tedious, but not unrealistic. Getting the DLC will make that a bit better and it seems to be a 35 dollar package for 20 songs. Not terrible by all means for a VR game, but still a bit on the pricier side. I'm interested, but unless there will be Dualshock 4 support I'll have to get move controllers.
  9. Love the idea of this contest, had fun looking for answers! As for a favorite Christmas memory, the time I got an Xbox 360 w/ Halo Reach & Call of Duty: Black Ops and once I got set up, I finally got to play online with some friends in my middle school and their friends from about an hour away. That group of friends were some of the best friends I've ever had and those were some of the best days of my life. Been all downhill from there. Also, there was the Christmas Eve where my cat was put down and my only coping mechanism as a 9/10 year old was to play my new copy of Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games.
  10. I didn't bother with the speedrun stuff on the Switch because it's pretty obnoxious and finicky, but hopefully a plat should be enough reason for me to actually 100% the game. Luckily it's just a "complete the game" plat since you just have to fill out the objectives in the game, and completion platinums have always been my favorite. Also, definitely interested to see what the fastest plat times are gonna look like because this game can be done pretty fast with the right strats.
  11. Akiba's Trip: Undead and Undressed 😎 (Specifically the JP PS3 version)
  12. It says I only got 160.00 instead of 160.01 but apparently I'm still on my way to earning the diamond cup, so I don't know who to trust but I'mma just go with it. Already have the diamond cup trophy, I just want the points!
  13. Thanksgiving: Project Diva F2nd. Black Friday: Metal Wolf Chaos XD. Saint Lucia's Day: Lollipop Chainsaw. Las Posadas: Journey. Winter Solstice: Metro 2033. Hanukkah: Tearaway. It's cute and wholesome. Christmas: Unless I can think of anything else, I'll do a God of War title. Kwanzaa: Assassin's Creed Liberation. Boxing Day: Skullgirls Encore. (100%) New Years Day: Persona 3 Dancing in Moonlight It's finally Thanksgiving so I was finally able to pop the Project Diva F2nd plat! Four years and 11 months in the making and 69 1/2 hours total playtime, the game was great but I just never bothered with the grind until now (which the Diva Room grind was at least a half of the game because of needing 78 requests!). I'm thankful for Vocaloids and how it's impacted my life and I'm thankful that the grind is over. I also managed to get Lollipop Chainsaw ready to plat, just waiting for Saint Lucia's Day to leap over a zombie 10 times in a row and I'll be all set! Completed: 2 Completed on the holiday: 1 Ready to be completed: 1
  14. The Bigs kicks so much ass. Played so many hours of that with my neighbor when we were younger, wish the franchise would come back in some form when the PS5 comes around.