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  1. "Why don't people just spend days playing a game they don't want to all over again instead of just checking a forum page every once in a while?"
  2. Yes, Spoils of Conquest are only able to be obtained through typically the newer raids or (maybe the ones on rotation as well) and from each place they drop from, you can only get them once per character per week. Two of the sources are technically obtainable solo (first secret chest of VoG and first secret chest of VOTD (needs Witch Queen expansion) but it is still only a max of 30 per week. And no problem, happy to help.
  3. Fuck, I hadn't considered that Acrius was in the Kiosk now, that bites. I also hadn't considered your DLC's...Yea, that's the Beyond Light one... It is grindy and luck-based but if you do go with that instead of the next one, I wish you the best. Just remember to keep in mind what the loot pools are in Dares for the week with the guide above as well as keep checking in on what Xur sells each week. That's actually really fucking close, I didn't consider your progress on that one. Those both drop through The Shattered Throne dungeon with one being guaranteed through an exotic quest and the other being I believe a 20% drop rate on I believe 3 different encounters in the dungeon. Mind you, this is a three-man, non-matchmade activity so you'll either need friends or an LFG. Wish-Ender: Here is a guide that goes through how to unlock the quest in 2022. Since the Tangled Shore no longer exists, the quest is now reduced to the parts within the dungeon. Pallas Galliot: As mentioned prior, it has what I've seen online to be a 20% drop rate on three encounters in the dungeon, the first, the boss, and another I can't remember off the top of my head. You can only go for it once per either account or character per week (couldn't figure out which after a quick google) so it isn't exactly farmable but eventually you will get it and it should take far less play time then the other options. It's up to you what to do, but Destinations: Red War is the easiest option albeit a bit grindy and Destination: Dreaming City will be a decent bit more challenging but hopefully should come much quicker.
  4. This game really should've just gone up on one of the higher PS+ tiers as a free drop considering how little it offers to consumers. I can literally buy The Last of Us Remastered (the PS4 one) for less then a month of PS+ Essential. Sony really lost their nut with this one...which isn't actually all that unusual for Sony but I'd like to believe they know better...
  5. Extra note: Totally just realized that the other armor for the Destination: Red War collection also can come from Dares of Eternity. The activity has three different loot pools and moves between 'em weekly. The armor for the planet Titan is in pool 2 and the loot for Io is in week 3 (which is the current week). Here are the loot pools:
  6. There's a few different possibilities depending on how much you've played and where you're at. I do see you played in 2017, did you ever get the full armor sets for Io and Titan (planet, not class)? If so, Destination: Red War is super easy as it just requires the armor sets for the four original planets and the EDZ set and Nessus set are still for purchase from Devrim Kay and Failsafe respectively. If you didn't completely finish the original sets or if you just wanna be reaaaallly patient, Xur comes around with gone armor sets every weekend and can sometimes bring the Io and Titan ones. Otherwise, step 2. How filled out for a class are your Exotics: Red War or Exotics: Forsaken? If you're close, you can try using Xur's exotic engrams which DO NOT GIVE DUPLICATES as well as grinding out legend lost sectors on specific days to try to fill out missing exotic armor. If you don't wanna do this, you got one other good option. Europan Collector can take a bit of grinding but everything in that badge is not hard to get. Outside of the easy to get stuff, it's primarily grinding Empire Hunts to get triumphs and Cloudstrike, getting collectables, two exotic quests (one an absolute dogshit weapon, the other pretty damn good for DPS), and then grinding Europa triumph score to 1,400. I linked a guide that says what you need to do for each part. It's technically a guide for the title but it lists each item in the badge since you need the badge for the title anyway. So it's up to you depending on where you're at and what you wanna do, but these are your best bets.
  7. Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland. The first game that ever gave me a completionist urge and it's easily in my top 10 games of all time. Also, some of y'alls may be interested in People get together to make achievements for old games. Not perfect but it is pretty nifty!
  8. In their defense, I think only the PEGI version has the "Free PS5 Upgrade" on the case for some reason? Stole this pic from Twitter to show it. In comparison to what I think the English one looks like (could be placeholder though, I took it from Best Buy's website).
  9. Yes it is! That's how I did it 😁 Whether they're digital or physical doesn't matter, I used one of each. If I'm not mistaken, you can be logged in on both as I think that I was. I have screenshots at home and I can double check when I get outta work. Edit: Yup, I was the same login, save AND character for aiding myself so that should do fine!
  10. I had a 360 as a kid and only switched over to the PS3 when I started trophy hunting so while the PS3 isn't nostalgic, many of the memories I have of the 360 were. The time spent with friends on MW2, Black Ops, MW3, and Black Ops 2 were irreplacable. Luckily they're still friends and we talk regularly again after I got a gaming PC after college, but it was the thoughtless days spent away on COD are some of my fondest, most nostalgic memories...even if at the time I was a mindless middle/early high schooler with rage issues lmao
  11. I originally got infallible when the game came out during the first season when you could just leave to negate any losses counting against you and I never did it legit since. With the Yeetus clan trials though, I actually did it by total accident, this event is pretty damn easy once you get used to the mallets. Definitely recommend doing it now!
  12. Luckily, most of the trophies for that DLC were never tied to the expansion itself but rather content that came out during that period. Those being Legends Grow, Seal the Deal, Fashion Statement, and High Stakes Play. Then there were trophies tied to Forsaken from content that was NOT removed like Last Wish for Wishing for the Best, collecting exotics from the expansion for Exotique, entering the Dreaming City for Heart of the Awoken, and technically defeating a Forsaken boss in a nightfall for Darkness Falls (all strikes from the Tangled Shore are gone except Warden of Nothing, but you still also have Dreaming City strikes). That leaves completing a Forsaken exotic quest for An Exotic Journey and doing the Forsaken campaign for Nothing Left to Say, which have both been sunset. Bungie however thought ahead and changed the requirements for these (which reflects on the PS5 list's descriptions but not the PS4's?). An Exotic Journey now just requires 15 Forsaken exotics, a bump up from Exotique's 10 and Nothing Left to Say now requires you to complete the Shattered Throne dungeon. Both of these are technically harder then prior, but the former is just a bit tedious and the latter is perfectly doable with a team and a guide. Additional note: The next two nightfalls are Forsaken ones with Warden of Nothing followed by The Corrupted. So if you wanna get em out of the way, you can starting on Tuesday.
  13. Yeah, I'm sure being extremely rude to them and stating that this bug """NEEDS TO BE FIXED NOW""" despite you having literally zero idea what the problem is or how to fix it is going to really get their butt into gear 🙄 How 'bout you just be patient and realize that game development is difficult? It'll get done, give em time...
  14. Me checking into Fall Guys daily to see if they've fixed the trophy bugs:
  15. There are technically two shops in the game that will sell exotics, one being random and resetting weekly and the other costing a lot of resources but being set and always avaliable. No exotics are for sale for real dough (at least for the Red War, some exotics have come from the monetary shop like Osteo Striga with the Witch Queen deluxe edition). Xur arrives on Fridays at either the Tower, Nessus, or the EDZ and leaves on Mondays and sells four exotics (1 weapons + 1 armor per class) and these can be from the Red War. In addition, they will have an exotic engram that will give something you don't own, but again it is no guarentee. You can also technically buy a second one of those but you need and exotic cypher for it, which he gives the quest to get. What he sells is affordable but you aren't guarenteed to get what you need. He also has legendary armor for each class, weapons of old, and a random Hawkmoon and Dead Man's Tale each week but those last two are not from the Red War. The Kiosk is the other store and needs has a higher cost to nab the Red War weapons in there but they are not going anywhere. Outside of that, exotics aren't too rare anymore (like D1) but there are a lot now, so specifically Red War ones can be hard to guarentee. Some of the harder content like Legend/Master Lost Sectors can have decent drop chances (still not great though) but they'll certainly come eventually!
  16. Today's reminder on why physical is king 👑
  17. True, though I would still consider Prestige Calus harder than half of the GM nightfalls.
  18. On one hand, it's definitely easier. A grandmaster version of the easier strikes will take you far less effort then Prestige Levi, especially considering that every player had to participate in the Prestige version of Levi for basically every step. On the other hand, the fact that there is a pretty significant minimum light level for being able to get into the grandmaster nightfall is where it gets a bit more obnoxious. You'll basically get near max light gear by the time you can even get in. If you just want to do pinnacles each week though once you get to that point, that's all you'll really need to do and you don't have to play the rest of the week. The easy grandmaster nightfalls are luckily pretty simple once it comes down it. Make sure to have the champion mods and don't play like an idiot. You don't have to do well, you just have to finish it. Use basic logic, abuse your abilities, use a smart armor exotic, don't be afraid to use your super to clear multiple champions (Thundercrash Titan go brrrrr), be smart with handling match game, etc.
  19. I nabbed Ion Driver for $3.59 without looking much into it since it was less then the price of 10 chicken mcnuggets and it looked neat from the screenshots. Even only having spent that, I still feel kinda scammed... It's a racing game with two tracks. TWO. And despite being advertised as a intergalactic race, the only tracks are one in a futuristic city and one off stranded in the ocean. The collision detection is just as terrible, getting stuck in the rails is about as common as bouncing off of them. The AI are a joke too but that I am less offended by. I wouldn't normally have much of a reaction as I've played plenty of terrible and/or empty games but this game screams potential, just as an early build and not the FINAL PRODUCT. The characters are real cool and the driving (when not hitting anything) feels fantastic, so I'm kind of just left disappointed. Platinum is easy and >1 hour at least but I was hoping to have a little more then just that...
  20. This series has bounced back and forth like shitty ball physics in an early-2010's FPS. Prior to the Playstation it was a Nintendo franchise, then 7 and 8 were Playstation titles, 9 and 10 were back to Nintendo, 11 was back to Playstation with a 3DS port in Japan but the enhanced port going to Nintendo first and Playstation a bit later, and now we know these two are gonna at least be on Switch. I wouldn't go trusting Play-Asia as a sole source until we have confirmation but even if, it's not like they've been consistent and that's fine. Even if it's Nintendo Switch exclusive for now, I'd be HIGHLY shocked if PS didn't get a port down the road. Dragon Quest is massive, it would take some serious dough to convince Squenix not to 🤣
  21. Season Six has introduced being able to link between platforms (currently just PC and Playstation) to an Epic Games account in order to share items, currencies, and everything else between the platforms. I can confirm that this will take your trophies and pop the associated Steam achievements, but I can't check to see if the other way works since...well...I've already done them. I would assume that it would but if someone else could confirm that would be wonderful. In addition, it's worth noting that a handful of trophies were exempt for me so perhaps some don't transfer based on how they're calculated or it may just be buggy. These included: Fall Bae Share a hug with a Fall Guy Style Points Fall for at least 3 seconds before landing on your head Big Bully Knock someone over Troublemaker Bump into 3 people while rolling on the ground before getting up Fall Throttle Reach terminal velocity Big Tease Perform an emote just before coming first in a race round If it does work going from Steam to Playstation, then this'll definitely impact the fastest 100% leaderboard and we'll probably see some false reports from people who don't know. Figure it would be wise to document this now just in case.
  22. I haven't had any recently despite having my messages open and I don't know whether I'm happy to not get spam or sad that not even robots wanna talk to me...
  23. He didn't explicitly say it was him in the post but he's not trying to deceive us or anything, he's got PSN info visible in other posts. He just wanted to post the video...
  24. Glad I managed to get Antisocial Networking in Freedom Wars before the servers shut down. I was worried about the other two online trophies but apparently you can ad-hoc em with your own account so I'mma just nab a second copy and run the fifteen missions with myself between my Vita and my PSTV 😆.


    Having to not be deadweight for 15 missions gave me an anxiety attack 😅


    Doing the rest of the game solo will be tough, but I managed to platinum Barbie and Her Sisters Puppy Resuce so I think I can manage this!

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      Lol people online are so OP they'll just carry you regardless of your gear. 

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      The trophy for defeating the Peltatum, and the other trophies for defeating the other special abductors are singleplayer only, you can't earn them with another people. You'll beed resucitators, big health packs, and a high dps elemental (electricty or another effect) barbra rifle for you and your avatar.

    4. ThatMuttGuy


      I was just talking about the 15 missions online/adhoc.