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  1. How do I backup? Just in case
  2. I do have the disc! will uninstalling the game delete all my saves? should I delete them anyway? cause for the glitch to work I need to have finished the game
  3. I just missed it by a couple of minutes on my 3rd playthrough 😭😭 There's no way I'm doing it again, does the glitch still work? Do I need to delete all my saves for it and leave just one?
  4. serious completionist, and a MGS fan with some impressive plats of the series!
  5. But there's no way to get around it? :\
  6. If I got an American PS+, is it possible to get Asia's free games? Would be happy to get this month's Killzone
  7. Hi, can we obtain the DLC pack trophies when it's free? It says these maps don't give XP, so I was wondering
  8. Should the trophy pop if I started the levels with one player and added ther other towards the end? Because I didn't get it 😭 I really don't understand why...
  9. Thanks, is there any way of knowing I'm in the last checkpoint except for a video for a every level?
  10. Hi, if I want to ace all levels, and also to get this trophy for playing all of them with a partner, will I get the ace if my partner dies? Also, how exactly can I get this with an extra controller? Won't I need a partner anyway?
  11. Limbo, since you're missing just one trophy
  12. Is there a non-spoiler video I can use just for the collectibles then?
  13. Isn't there a trophy for keeping everyone alive and a trophy for killing all? won't it require 2 more play-throughs?
  14. Hey everyone, Got this on PS+ and noticed the Plat is quite simple, but I'm wondering: Will I enjoy the game if I'm using a guide on my first playthrough? Or should I play naturally on my first go? Is the game worth it? How many hours will it take to finish it naturally, and how many more for the plat? (Is it 3 playthroughs that way?) Thanks :-)
  15. Pokemon Red and Blue on Game Boy 😀